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I got to go on Inside Scoop with Kara today to talk about the updated Google app. Its voice input is the best I've seen on iOS -- check the app out if you haven't already!
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Now that Google Maps has Street View in a mobile browser, I wonder how far the leap is until we have a mobile-browser based turn by turn navigation system.  One of my primary use cases for Siri is asking it for directions to contact's address after I'm already in the car and don't want to type or touch.  Once that's on a Google app I don't have much of a reason for using Siri.  But, I guess if Maps had that, we might still be using it on iOS instead of Apple Maps.
Interesting point. I'd love to see turn by turn come to the mobile web. 
Good job of comparing Google Voice Search with Siri, but not highlighting the full backed in offering of Google Voice Search in Android and the full benefits of integration actions like setting reminders and making calls or sending emails/texts. I guess I'm saying that if you want all the cool features it may make sense to try the Nexus line :-) Plus bonus of having Google Now!
That's a good point Kesh! Should have mentioned it. 
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