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Any Jelly Bean users out there? You can now post to Google+ using your voice!
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Here's a potentially dumb/brilliant question from the "I'm only kidding if you think I am" department.

If you can just say "Google" to initiate a search on Google Now, doesn't that mean the phone's always listening? And if so, is that kinda creepy?
Good news -- your device isn't always listening. The voice features work only after you tap the microphone. 
+Casey Newton I would actually prefer to have the phone allways listening. Especially on the road pushing aka touching some buttons is tedious.
Google now is great, delivers answers very rapidly
You can say 'Google' when you're in the Google search app and it will listen
What am awesome feature to add to the list of already awesome features on the g+ mobile app..
I have a lot of trouble with Now getting "stuck" on Initialization after I activate the voice control... even when I have a perfect signal. Kind of dissapointing when I'm trying to showcase it to iFriends. Anyone else have that problem?!
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