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Casey Monroe
Works at Toyota Motor Corporation
Attended Ashford University
Lives in Hawthorne, CA
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Community Manager
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
    Social Media Community Manager, 2015 - present
  • Google
    Content/Community Manager at Google, 2014 - 2015
  • Sourcebits
    Community Manager, 2013 - 2014
  • Spark Plug Games
    Community Manager (Part-Time), 2013 - 2013
  • Zynga
    Community Analyst/Audio Producer, 2011 - 2013
  •, ZAM Network
    Head of Community/Content, 2007 - 2011
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Hawthorne, CA
Oakland, CA - El Segundo, CA - Woodland Hills, CA - La Jolla, CA - Winnetka, CA - Hemet, CA
Curiously devoid of cynicism.
Social Media Community Manager at Toyota USA, working on the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Formerly at Google, Sourcebits, Zynga, and Clients include Hammer & Chisel (Fates Forever) and Spark Plug Games (Firefly Online), and Pixels Bar & Game Lounge.
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Once opened up for half of the Kinks at a club on Sunset.
  • Ashford University
    Marketing/Promotions, 2009 - 2011
  • Musicians Institute
    Recording, 2003 - 2004
  • Chaminade College Preparatory
    High School, 1996 - 2000
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John Casey Monroe


Casey Monroe

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Thank you +Casey Monroe
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Casey Monroe

Highlights  - 
From the benefits of offering free shipping to tools to help you stay organized, we had a lot of great discussions this week. Here's what you may have missed:


Create an electronic filing system:
Submit your questions for our #OfficeHours:
Do you offer free shipping? #PrimerWednesday: How familiar are you with SEM terms?
How can +TaskRabbit make you more productive?
Thursday Tip: Manage your time better:
Small Biz Spotlight: Tipton & Hurst:
RSVP for our next Hangout on Air:

Our favorite member posts

+lisa findley is opening up a bakery and received great advice from the community on marketing and promotion:

+Sarah Burke shared great insight using G+ communities to promote your small business:

Today's links

+Ballyhoo Creatives outlined how social media can help increase your company's value:

+Harry Stockton shared 10 mindsets that will radically improve your business:

What was your favorite discussion this week?
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Hanna Aquila 
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Casey Monroe

Building Relationships  - 
Thursday Tip: Manage your time better with Google Keep and Tasks

With this week’s +Google for Work #AppsShow, find out how you can improve your productivity and manage your schedule by making time-based reminders and using other features available in Google Keep, Tasks and Calendar.

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Casey Monroe

Highlights  - 
Google Small Business Community Week in Review

From your customers' mobile shopping habits to new additions to our
Community, we had a lot of great discussions this week. Here's what
you may have missed:


Business lessons from a cross-country road trip:
How your customers' mobile shopping habits impact the amount they
Did you know this about content marketing?
How have we helped you make the most of the web?
2014 Year-in-Review:
This week's Thursday Tip: Use Google Drive Offline:
Meet your new Advisors:
Meet our new Moderator:

Our favorite member posts

+Michael Erwin offered his digital marketing expertise to his fellow members:

+Jeff Denney received great advice on marketing a microbusiness:

Today's links

+Cameron Johnson shared 5 ways the internet can change retail:

+Funding Gates explored whether or not your small business should
offer delivery:

What was your favorite discussion this week?
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Gil Pac
I am a little behind on my reading and I will add these links to my reading list. Thanks, +Casey Monroe :)
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Casey Monroe

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Check out our live updates in the GSBC!
We’re bringing you live updates from a #SmallGoesBig chat with +U.S. Small Business Administration, +Twitter for Business  , +SCORE Mentors, +Infusionsoft, +Hootsuite, +HubSpot and +Rieva Lesonsky.

What advice would you give to #smallbiz owners that have just started marketing for the holidays?

Your customers have already started researching, so make sure your information is updated online. Use Google My Business Insights to help forecast & understand customer demand. 

Partner with other local small businesses to get the biggest bang for your combined marketing money and reach a larger audience. (SCORE Mentors)
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Oh really indeed so I like it very nice 
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Casey Monroe

Working Smarter  - 
Thanks for submitting your links. Here are today's best reads:

+Directv Authorized Wholesale Dealer shared 4
ways to have the most productive day ever:

+Devan Perine put
together the ultimate holiday gift guide for business owners:

+Alex Chaidaroglou 
outlined the 7 eCommerce mistakes to avoid at all costs:

RSVP for our Hangout on Air with Advisor +Ryan Smith:

Don't forget to interact with posts by your fellow community members
who are sharing these great articles.
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Well deserved, +Alex Chaidaroglou.
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Casey Monroe

Highlights  - 
It's been a pleasure.

It's with regret that I announce that today is my last day here with Google, and with the Google Small Business Community, as I'm moving on to a new position with a new company. I'm excited about the opportunity, but I'm also deeply going to miss each and every member of this community.

Together we've had the opportunity to build something truly amazing. I'm confident that the community is in good hands with +Brielle Bullard, +Berrak Sarikaya, and +Lauren Kashuk, and the rest of the Google Small Business Community team—as well as each of you. You've made this community one of the most supportive, constructive, and positive places on the Internet, and I can't thank you enough.

Looking forward to seeing you around.
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Congrats on the move +Casey Monroe  !
You were a great part of the Google Small Business Team, always upbeat and having great inputs. We'll miss you!
Wishing you lots of success with Toyota. Sounds like a terrific job! Well done!
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Casey Monroe

Getting Found Online  - 
Tipton & Hurst, a florist that's been around for 125 years, gives us insight into how having an online presence and using #ecommerce can help your small business stay relevant:

Aiko at ToolMuse's profile photo
Also love the software part, obviously!

But in quite biased on that one! ;)
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Casey Monroe

Building Relationships  - 
+TaskRabbit can make you more productive by helping you manage small tasks for your small business.

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Hey +Rahshaanjamesking Rahshaanjamesking—if you need help, I encourage you to create a new post in the community using the box at the top of We offer all kinds of help, advice, and guidance.
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Casey Monroe

Introduce Yourself  - 
#AskAnAdvisor Please welcome our new Advisors: +Colin Donohue and +Noah Parsons

Colin Donohue is the Founder and Chief Strategist of +Root Deeper Marketing, a certified Google Partner and online marketing company. He's also Executive Director at the National Network of Forest Practitioners, a nonprofit organization promoting the mutual well being of workers, rural communities and forests. His expertise in online marketing, nonprofits and environmental causes makes him a great addition as an Advisor.

Noah Parsons is the COO of Palo Alto Software, creators of the business plan software +LivePlan, as well as a regular contributor to +Bplans, their business blog. Noah has been active in the Silicon Valley entrepreneur space since 1996, when he was one of the first 101 employees at Yahoo! Noah is your go-to source for information about building business plans and working with investors.

Please join me in giving them both a warm welcome to the community, and feel free to reach out to them with your questions right away.

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Casey Monroe

Building Relationships  - 
What the Biggest Community Conference in the World Taught Me About Small Business

Last week, I attended the CMX Summit (, a gathering of CEOs, founders, and leading community experts in San Francisco. Here are some of my favorite lessons from the CEOs and community professionals in attendance.

Always err on the side of transparency. When you’re building your product where people can see it and incorporating their feedback as you go, it makes them feel invested in you—like your success is their success too. — Ryan Hoover, Founder of ProductHunt

It’s okay to fail. The early days of a product involve a lot of trying things and making mistakes. That’s normal—own up to your mistakes and work with your customers to make them better. — Marcus Graham, Director of Community & Education at

If you want to grow your audience, the most reliable and genuine way to do it is to provide them with an experience so positive that they want to talk about it. — Jess Lee, CEO of Polyvore

Embody your principles. More than ever, people care about the principles of the businesses they patronize. If you don’t embody the principles you want your community to have, they’ll know. — Jenn Sander, Global Initiatives at Burning Man

You need to take action to define your brand and what you expect from your customers, but you also need to listen to them, and let their feedback steer your decisions. — Daria Topousis, Project Manager at NASA Engineering Network

Make sure your incentives match your audience. If you want to attract a certain type of customer, make sure that the incentives and offers you’re making are attractive to that audience. Do your homework. — Erica Kuhl, Sr. Director of Community at Salesforce

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hi....I think might gotten chance terrific awsome
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Casey Monroe

Highlights  - 
Google Small Business Community Week in Review

From setting up Google Alerts to the benefits of mobile payment processors, we had a lot of great discussions this week. Here's what you may have missed:


RSVP for our next Advisor Hangout on Air -
Hangout on Air: Introduction to Payments with +Square -
Benefits of accepting credit & debit cards -
Tuesday was Veterans Day -
Small Business Spotlight: Red Chair Salon -
This week’s Thursday Tip: Google Alerts -
Thursday was World Kindness Day -
Trivia question of the week -

Our favorite member posts

+RJ Jarecki received tips on creating a web presence:
+David Frank Gomes wants to know how you will make 2015 your year:

Today's links 

+Sarah Burke outlined 5 ways to encourage the word of mouth for your business:
+Marc Prosser shared this great article on planning your store layout:

What was your favorite discussion this week? 
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Good day cesar monroe pls add me to your circle thank you
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