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I am not okay with this. (via Todd Roy)

UPDATE: +The Huffington Post has an update saying various sources from Egypt say this is false. Thanks a lot to The Daily Mail for the frakking link bait! Jerks...
Egyptian men will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death.
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Dont you just love religion....
why the hell they are soooooooooooooooo desperate for sex?
זה בטח כואבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבבב
wow, may be not even using Viagra will help, it is crazy
What the hell is this??? such a disgusting, seems like law makers were gonna out of mind.
es ist zu heiss in Ägypten und dadurch schmilzt wohl das gehirn
that is so wrong, how on earth can someone even think of having sex with a dead person, i cant think of that with someone without any feelings,let alone being with someone being dead.
it´s too hot in egypt, and thus probably melt the brain
Yeesh. Wonder if there'll be any takers.
"WE" are all so word WEIRD!
I wonder how many will notice the difference? (it was getting to heavy in here)
כי פה אני לא מכיר אף אחד וקשה לי לדעת אם יש פה מישו שאני מכיר
Wikipedia says some cultures view necrophilia as a way of communicating with the dead. Apparently they used to have intercourse with dead virgins in ancient Egypt because they believed it would free their spirit and let them pass over into the next world. It depends on how you view sexual intercourse, I guess? If you are in an intense spiritual union with someone, I suppose it's just feasible that someone might use posthumous intercourse as way of saying a tender and intimate goodbye to someone they love? I could certainly understand the need to hold someone for one last time, perhaps it's an extension of that, I dunno? Better ask an Egyptian to explain this, rather than pander to The Mail's gratuitous propaganda, perhaps? Ok, I've said done my all-inclusive, sociological bit, I'm outta here... fight amongst yerselves...
אמלה מיזה כל האנשים האלה ואיך הגעתם לצאט הזה??
really? is it a must? i don't even have sex with my alive wife now
I hope this article has it's facts right,and if so,what a sick proposal by these 'law' makers.
I find it revolting. I have more of a problem with 14 year old girls getting married, at least the dead won't suffer.
In Islam, no necrophilia. It would not be allowed. How can you love that man / woman died?
Another place different laws. Remember we might think it sick,but well it is just sick. No respect for the dead!!!!! Or themselves apparently!!!!
It's really shamefull for the human being. Really sick.
Well at least she can't pull the "I have a headache" excuse. LOL
There is no official source for this, looks like a rumor. Above all, there is no such stupid clause in Islam and even if this is true, this is again another impostor who is upto bring shame in the name of Muslims. How come a husband has such feeling looking at the dead body of his wife?
This is not good... if a person is dead, his or her account is closed in the world..... I don't think so thay it could allowed in Egypt..
That is a Morbid thought... LOL
i can't understand how people can like this news? it means you too want .... ..?
this is self made story, no only Islam, but no religion can allow this.
I am Egyptian, and it is not true., Islam prohibits that and almost 95 % of Egyptains are Muslim and it is allowed,
A juice bat blow to the head of does who do that to dead wife's! That's my respect.
What irks me about this ruling is not the necrophilia. I mean, what the hell, there's worse things you can do. This doesn't hurt anybody. Well, maybe the body, but there's noone in it. What I don't like is that it's a country-wide ruling. This should be settled on an individual basis. Put it in the marriage contract: "I hereby allow my spouse to have sex with my dead corpse when I die, as long as I haven't been dead for more than six hours"
I expect that human beings are living in that country.God forgive them . They don't know what they are doing
อธิบายยากจริงๆๆ ค่ะ
If so............. then comes awful result
Yeew! Heck are they really that desperate already?!
the Daily Mail is aptly called "The Daily Fail"
Huffington Post got something right for once? They should throw a party. That happens once a decade or so?
Pretty low for trying to sell some news.
FFS, not this stupid Daily Fail bullshit again. How many people are going to post this crap without fact checking it first? Way to go people :(
bullshit! how can anyone have sex with his dead wife specially when he is full of sorrow and knows that he will never get his wife again....
Here's an option, you could...I don't know...NOT bang a corpse! Egypt...c'mon...
The Daily Mail and Huffington Post are normally so reliable ...
I just goggled same news in arabic, and did not found anything from offcial sources, it might be a hoax, how can a man who lost his wife thinks about that during DAYS after his lost ?
i would like to spit at his dead husband i think if any man do this it means he's also dead..........
mf! what the hell is this! Cock shit
arghh! y dont go for a harlot then
Hmmmm. Wonder if this is approved in their scriptures. Whatever they follow.
This is for me very difficult to accept.......No I do not think I can
legal necrophilia? OOOKAAAAYYYY now I have heard it all.
you don't need to be ok with that your husband should be ok with that.
just kidding
stupied ,, who believe that ,, it never happen ,,
so are the egyptian men speaking out for their rights to do this,
or what ? how did this get started?
شنو أنت من أنسان تريد أن تمراس الجنس مع واحد ميت وحسبي الله علي من فتوه حقيره ان يجوزلك ان تعمل هذا العمل وتأيد ان هذا ليس انسان اعتبره في نضري حقر وحتي الفتوه حقيره مثل الي فاتها حسبي الله ونعم الوكل في هذا الذي يجوز هذا الشيء
Now how backwards is that? Maybe they need to try the apple pie.
They justify every sick deed in the book in the name of Islam! Sick minds! :(
i cant understand what is its means
if any will do this he or she will be mad definetely
it is a wind up & just shows how gulible people are
They just couldn't stick the mummies. They always have to go beyond life lol... Not a fan of the idea. -1
bullshit propaganda,probably started by the Tea Party
This is false & gives Egypt and religion a bad name. The media reports are totally baseless
Yeah, if its legally endorse that should be their life cross it is letf to them to carry
This is the fault of the "Twilight" movies...those have sensationalized having sex with corpses and dogs, look no further than Hollywood for the root cause of why people think it's okay to have sex with animals and dead people...lmao...what a way to start the day!! Thanks for da post!
I really hope this is not true! Please God put fear in the idiots who come up with this crap.
plus who would want to "do" a dead person
كل الكلام ده شائعات وليس له أى أساس من الصحه ومحاوله لتشويه صورة مصر الخارجية
dont belive all what you hear
ultimate, awesome ,wow nice baby,your eyes is soooo beautiful i take to u my car wowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Ewwww. That is sick- the bad kind
I think that I just Vomited in my mouth a little bit at the thought of this
It's looks like everybody in this thread got trolled big time by Why would anyone believe an article from that trash?

Can't wait for people to start voicing their outrage when they find out that Obama is an alien. I saw it on the Internet, so it has to be true. 
Dailymail? People believe the dumbest shit. 
Next theyll pimp out the jane does
Is this where we put jokes about a stiffe?
Did someone make that one up. That is so gruesome to comtemplate.
Fundies. And remember boys and girls, fundies basically have the same ideas the world over.
I knew this wasn't the reason Obama insists on sending our tax money to finance The Muslim Brotherhood!
This is also known as the "Sex With a German Girl" simulator.
Zahra M
This can't be right.
So are there many people asking for this? If yes this is already a problem
Really disgusting. Sounds like some of those serial killers who kill and then have sex with the dead. I agree with Anton Wahlman.
If you look in a dictionary for 'stupidity ' you will find this as an example
Hoax ... Casey have update his status but no one read it :/
Im from egypt....that was a facebook gossip to express how people feel about the egyptian parlament's way of discussing laws since its being outrun by meaningless discussions and we have 2 major cities literally burning in flames..
It's amazing and alarming how many people responded to this without ever bothering to check to see if it was true or not. What nice wooly sheeple.
Wrong, so so wrong... If this becomes law in Egypt then I'm never visiting the country out of principle!
This is disgusting. A law to condone necrophilia? omg!
Do you really have to get that one in... one last time?
That is trully absurd,what are they trying to prove and to who,I feel like puking.Yak!
They are all very sick and demented if they want to have sex with a dead spouse!!!!!!!!!! They seriosly need some counseling or help of some kind for that F----ing S--t!!!!!!!!! That is just wrong,gross and it turns my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very sick - I don't know what to say, but that this is disgusting!
" Update: Several Egyptian sources are claiming via Twitter that the story below is false. It has been suggested by some that a rumour may have been placed by sources loyal to former dictator Hosni Mubarak"
+Casey McKinnon Which are you not okay with? The law discussed or the unfounded report?

I personally didn't fully buy into it when I first saw the link. Seemed like one of those "see how bad Muslims are?!?" stories.
this is so big , the only thing funny is you guys falling for it
I don't care if it's Jessica Alba (and I adore her) I couldn't do that with a dead woman. Why would anyone want to?
wow...people are commenting without noticing the update on the issue in Huffington post...its just fake...
this is sick sick sick what kind of Dr do you have saying dead people are not real dead for six hours lets just ask one OO no answer
I can't believe people would actually believe this kind of garbage. There is no way this is a real story. If you believe this you will believe practically anything.
Wow...what is wrong with the the people that allow it... and then the husbands that would do this? World is more messed than I thought!!
fuck that,this bad very bad what is one ment to can we stop this form happening
It's false. Says it right there. Go back to your lolcats.
yeah i saw this shit on news.... how could they let this crap happen!
D 1 who has made this law is completely out of his mind may b even sick!
Peace X
nice to see how as time moves on society gets more and more civilised...
are u crazy guys?!?! of course its bullshit .... u don have to beleive every thing written here ....Im sure its totaly bullshit thats cant happen !!!
Peace X
Not that I believe it tho...
omg that is just nasty isnt that rape she cant even say yes or no omg that is just ewww really . what about her rights
This is wrong, noo one can do this .I'm Egyptian & we Muslims are not allowed to leave dead person without bury him. We have to bury him very fast so how can this happen!!
Also, it will be legal to marry a 14 year old girl in Egypt. These lawmakers need to be voted out!
We the sheeple! Don't surprise me how many gullible people there are. Hey, at least nobody will get pregnant! xD
fundies, comment... ok, smart guy: Name one other "fundy" religion that allows and encourages marital intercourse after death???
Sick people.....:(
well they wont have 2 worry bout hiv lol
Sex on the way to afterlife .... a challenging proposition. Paying off karma even after death...
hey Dina and all egyptians answer about that....DON'T answer just smile to their stupid comment that means they are so limited and beleive anything leave them blablabla as they wish .......!!!
They just want to tell you by any means "Arabs are monstrous lust-filled creatures with no civilized attitude!!" so normal people awaiting to form a new perspective about Arabs after the Arabic spring, can just switch back to the old media-powered perspective.
The same shitty propaganda against Arabs and Islam ...
I think they have gone mad so many rules to follow made by dumbest of the lot. May god rot them hell
It sounds like the sort of hoax that would be planted to fuel Islamophobia. Given the degree to which Islam emphasizes cleanliness (literal and ritual), it seems incredibly implausible to me. I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't be disgusted by this. I certainly wouldn't believe it without multiple corroborating sources.
Kam Siu
uh that's really disturbing...
He is very disgust person.This happened for such a person.
This is a funny scam. Funny because it exposes amazing ignorance. Here we are in the 21St century, Islam is the world nbr 2 religion and yet in the age of the internet we see medieval ignorance. Muslims bury their dead as soon as they can, and their fundamental outlook on life is judeo-Christian. anyone who thought this was real needs to take this as a serious personal wakeup call.
Welcome to the new Islamic Egypt, where it is OK to have sex with your dead wife, marry a 14 year old girl, but not OK to be a Christian!
Maybe its the only way some of them can get laid...
Who are you to dictate what other cultures can do? Plain ignorance. Everyone has a free right to do what they want, as long as it doesn't cause harm to others.
that's fuxxing gross as hell!! people are so sick!!!
Islamic laws are not for Egyptian idiots to create. Islam is very clear that once dead, the woman cannot be seen naked by her husband. He is no more the "Mehram". It is either a media hoax or utter stupidity but in no way shape or form "Islam.
wow, disgusting... isnt that a crime in other countries and/or definitely frowned upon/taboo!??
atleast leave d women after peace..after der life ordeal being married to u
That really sick, whoever thought of that idea wants putting in a mental ward for serious treatment.
it is not true unhuman .the brain who created this false theory is sick.
You've all been trolled by their version of "National Enquirer". None of this crap is true.
this is sick.... cold, dry and creepy
The necrophilia is a distraction from the other parts of this law that lowers the marriage age to 14 and removes women's rights to education and employment.
bullshit..........i dnt blv dissssssss..................
You don't have to be okay with this. You live in America, land of the free and home of the hillbilly, who has sex with his sister. Not dead women. :D
Very sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can hardly believe this. Certainly will distract from other parts!
this is pure hoax and sick rumor spreading to ruin the imagine of Egyptians .. in Islam religion its a must do to honor the dead and rush with bury them not to do sick fucked up things like this .. even animals dont do such thing
Because 7 hours after death would be just gross.
Again discrimination! What if the husband dies?
What about the Wives, will they also have sex with their death husbands? this is not a good story.
There's a reason it's know as he Daily Fail.
That's so F'd up! Sick and demented!
It seems to be completely fake, so quit getting your undies in such a bunch.

This is irresponsible for the original poster to not remove this as there are no credible sources.
how about anyone's dead wife?????
I wasn't aware Egyptian men were that horny.
admitting that too many resources announced thats false doesn't make you right
please get a life n try to turn your grudges into somethin useful .......
Would they know the difference? Just curious...
religie is beautifull...I can't believe it.
Next they will be passing laws so they can hump their dead camels or some othet nonsense
thats disgusting, why would u have sex with something thats dead when there are plenty women alive and hot and above all moving!!!
This is totally not true. And totally against the Islamic Law.
Those damn Egyptians and their mummies....
why would they want to, or am I missing the point . .
RE: UPDATE... Goes to show you why it's NOT good to get your news from the Internet... Everyone seems to think they can change the world on their lousy laptop. Time to shut off and walk outside. Get off the damn computer.
Well you've only got yourself to blame, Believing something only the Daily Mail posted? Shame on you lot.
if you are not oke sea this is, but every one will be come like that in the future..hehehe iam sorry to remind you
ridiculous!!! Talk about sick people.
Sheeple gonna haaaaaate.
Idiots citing Daily as credible source material.
OMGWTFBBQ!!! No sexing my dead grammy.

No word can descried how sick this is, even if this is a joke.
Hahah this is so fucked up... fucking nuts
media bulshit, how can the daily mail even write such a report, sick if you ask me.
... who....would...want to have.......THAT...with a....dead..person..... (its 1 thing saying ur goodbyes and stuff and idk hugging or sometihng but this is just.....wha.....)
i mean every one will sick
Ewwwwwwww who the heck would want to have coitus with there dead wife who on earth would want to have coitus with any dead person the idea it self disgustes the hell out of me
I'm frankly amazed that the DM has never been prosecuted for inciting religious hatred. They're always racist and regularly verge into the criminal when it comes to the bilge they're allowed to pump into the world.
It's called the Daily Fail for a reason lol
Wtf!? I know and understand that love is strong but this is ridiculous. Who in the hell would wanna have sex with their "DEAD" wife?? Just nasty
yummy. hahahhahahahahaha. the appropriate question is why would anybody WANT TO?
Adds a new meaning to "having a stiffy"?
Read the update, folks! Nothing to see here, move on.
They also want to bring the minimum age of marriage down to 14 based on the article. I wonder if the law applies for dead husbands. If your 14 year old husband/wife dies, then what? All of this is very concerning.
What happens if husband dies first? Would wife have to have sex with him? Somehow?..
Haha thanks, I posted it yesterday really hoping it was false lol
Not our place to decide. Different culture, different point of view.
JP Lang
Why? That really is the only question: why would someone want to have sex with a corpse, female or male?

"Hellllloooo McFly, anyone home?!?!?!?"
if you believe this story........ you are out of your mind and i have a bridge i want to sale you
I believe that, that's the problem with America. We need to follow the prime directive in Star Trek. Because its odd to our culture who are we to judge. Who is it hurting? I might not agree but its none of my business. If we would spend more time getting our house in order. We wouldn't have time to worry about others. I'm not condoning it but that's really none of my business.
So there's actually people believing what's written on Huffington?! Well, I shouldn't be surprised...
Sadly, this isn't nearly as disgusting as how they treat women while they're still alive.
Well...I guess I can finally put it were I've been wanting to. Lmao.
for wat wat is tat help and wat is tat prove y did tey introduced tis law
This is how the media is maligning the image of Islam. Women have a high status is Islam compared to all other religions.

According to the Quran, men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women. [Noble Quran 4:1, 7:189, 42:11]

There is no restriction in Islamic law that says a woman cannot work or have a profession, that her only place is in the home.

the approval and consent of the girl to marriage is a prerequisite for the validity of marriage in Islam. She has the right to say yes or no.

Husbands' and wives' duties are mutual responsibilities. They might not be identical duties, but the totality of rights and responsibilities are balanced. The Quran says:

"Women have the same rights (in relation to their husbands) as are expected in all decency from them, while men stand a step above them." [Noble Quran 2:228]

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Paradise is at the feet of mothers." Once a man came to him and asked, "O, Messenger, who among mankind is worthy of my kindness and love?" The Prophet answered, "Your mother." "Who next?" "Your mother." "Who next?" "Your mother." Only after the third time he said, "And your father."
+Casey McKinnon When he said he was going out for a cold one I thought it was beer, Dang this is yukky to even think about
that is very sick... it just shows what theyve been using their wife for if theyre not sad about it
what is the meaning of letting go even when it hurts, have sex with the dead wives, is not human at all its insane
Now this really sick, and where is God in there life?
"I take this woman to be my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until up to six hours after death do us part."
From Daily Hail? Whats next, Goebbles Today? :D
I am eyption and this fake and never come and sure forbbiden in islam no need to discussion this ramous fake
And yet our president welcomes these people into the White House!
you are a layer. That can't be true
When I first read this I laughed really loud. Then I got grossed out... Then I laughed again
Well at least the wife can't say NO!! This from the muslim brother hood that our tax money helped get into power!!! But, we should not bitch about this!!! Its the religion of "LOVE"&"PEACE". 
even the thought is yuck. but yes. this doesn't seem to be true...
the prohibition against necrophilia in Islam is so fundamental as to not even warrant a separate law - it's covered under basic decency. As it should be by everyone...
What is "wrong with people .!!!! Let the dead be dead. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Let the living live in Christ Jesus. Amen
This is not a serious problem to discuss. A corpse is just a corpse, if one wants to have sex with a corpse - that's his own problem. The serious problem to be concerned about new Egypt legislation is that they plan to limit women's rights on education and work and lower minimum allowed marriage age.
i don't know why any one would think this is ok,Amen
guess they can get the back door if she was stuck up before
How hard up do you have to be to wanna have sex with a corpse.
Does this also apply if the husband is the one to kill his wife???
كل الكلام ده شائعات وليس له أى أساس من الصحه ومحاوله لتشويه صورة مصر الخارجية
what type of "ANIMALS" law..............!!!!!!!!!
If Huffington said it was sunny at high noon I would have to go outside to see for myself.
there is no way that is going to happen ,shit ,stupid ldeal i think.. no human will support this madness
and what about the women?
Who would even want to do that i mean come on the person is dead
lack true knowledge about what really started in bible the holy letter from our creator God Jehovah.
this man is not inside of human category...!!!
there all kinda funny weird people loooolz lets make some jokes about it eh loooooooool
yeah thats nonsense,which style will they use,ha ha ha ha heeee!!
Is it muslim culture or some common mental sickness of egyptians?
+Ismail Bagdadi
what make you think she was plan tied one moment was missing in her life and was having sex
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