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Possibly the greatest essay ever written. ;)
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Makes me want to deconstruct and  try something like this myself. Because I like knowing I did something clever that most people won't notice. >;-)
Impressive, I once tried to Rick-Roll someone in a Service-Level-Agreement, they saw right through it, but this is pure genius! 
Bwahaha! I wanna see a grade on that. A for awesome, baby.
Glad to see that rick-rolling is no longer constrained to the internet
2nd Rick Roll of the day. Smooth
sweet!! now that's text formatting!  =D
holy crap, that must have been hard to do. Formatting master!
Oh My Gosh, that is really beautiful
If this is a school paper then that kid had better of gotten an A+.
Good god woman, where do you find this stuff? Lol.. 
Was I expected to read all this 
/facepalm damn you orange highlighter.
if i tried to type a paper like that a majority of it wouldn't make sense! :P
OMGWTFBBQ!!! That, is the epicentre of awesome!!!
Best rick roll ever.
awesome, but that essay must have been repetitive
Very cool. That took an amazing amount of effort!
Lol that would be an easy essay to read lol
Wow this is the best Rick Roll ever! I got Rick Rolled worst than all the youtube videos combined!!! 
Impressive! The recipient was Rickrolled without even knowing it.
A camoflaged Rick-Roll. Now THAT is clever. :-)
That is really funny :)
Hahaha, Rick-rolling at its finest
dorio x
wow, amazing. This is new, our President still in the US.
Yeh the Rickster 
How did you do that and it's also awesome
You have just been Rickrolled - essay style!
LOL HOLY SHIT i wouldnt have notest that if you havint point that out
Wow. Malacañang. Was this a real essay?
Possibly the greatest essay I've ever read
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