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TRUTH! So unfair!!! ;) (via +Matt Doubler)
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Preciso me reeducar a leitura novamente...muito bom
Oh, so you can already get HBO without the subscription?  Why is this news now coming out?  Apparently books are entertaining?  What is this nonsense you speak of?  It's not TV, it's HBO.... it's not HBO, it's Books!  Is that what you're saying?  Is this the truth of the ages?  WHY?!  Youth and the bliss of ignorance is gone.  Right here, in this moment.
but.. you cant read a book with out buying a bookstore, silly!
Now, just to make sure I'm understanding this....... you put the lime in the coconut?
There is nothing like discovering that book you know will keep you to the last page, or even better, a new writer. Sneaking away to spend hours reading is delicious!
Yup, good ol' dead-tree-format still exists...
Just waiting 'til they decide to develop Scalped.  Bookstores have a graphic novel section too. ;)
Books, books, love yo read!
Yeah, but they're just not as compelling :/
how do you get a post hear? 
Love books. But really Love the show "girls". 
We invent our own truth through our past history. Make sure yours is nothing to be ashamed of.
reading many books, more knowledge you can get. I love to read.
Who would've thought literacy could be so useful!
Me liking a fictional show makes me sexist!?? Lol. I hated Sex in the City....that was my first post ever on google+. I like it more already :)
i have read like 20 or so chapter book's in 2 years.
But how many do you have to read to be sure of getting the HBO programming?
there is no fight here. just stop and comment on the post.
i read like 300 books in a year and there all chapter books and im not trying to brag
T_T i'm not agreeing with you though.
+Eduard Kay    "there all chapter books"

Oh my sides!! The layers man ,the layers!
Books would be better if you didn't have to read them. 
The books don't have Peter Dinklage, so they're just spoilers to me. 
As someone whom has read all of the (published)  'Game of Thrones' books, I can't agree more :D
+jakle power If you really want to be an author, the only way to do so is to write. If you're looking for advice/inspiration, I suggest +Chuck Wendig 's blog and books, for starters.

I don't see how this is even remotely unfair.
And just think, better production values, better casting, more accurately envisioned scenes and characters....
And no advertising!!!!
Interesting Motivator. Movies are essentially the Visual versions of a lot of books and a lot of them are not accurate with the book.
Casey want to talk to me on here?
nice joke. :D (sarcastically.)
This also illustrates an important point about the myth that reading is a sign of intelligence; most of what is written and read in our culture is just for the purpose of entertainment.  For many who read as a hobby, what they read and learn amounts to nothing more than what you would see on HBO.
True. Oz and the Sopranos were much better in book form, because nothing good wasn't a book first. What a stupid and inaccurate meme.
Wow not true and I am not a fan of reading books all the time
That's an interesting theory, but it doesn't pan out. Readers are on the whole more literate, well-spoken, and capable of expressing their thoughts in a clear, concise manner. You learn a LOT more by reading than you do by passively letting someone tell you the story.
Books are like beauty more than skin beauty!
1. Readers are more literate - redundant
2. Readers are more well-spoken and better at expressing themselves - I've met too many readers who are not good speakers to believe this at all
3. You learn more by reading than passively letting someone tell you a story - This makes no sense because reading is literally passively letting someone tell you something.

I'm not saying all those who read are not intelligent, which would not be a logical inference from my statements. The problem we have is that not all readers are intelligent, but they think of themselves that way merely because they read.  There's more to it than that, especially since most of the best selling books in the United States are junk.

It's not at all about medium, but the information that is contained in the medium. The myth is that watching TV is bad for your intelligence and reading is good for your intelligence. In the case of comparing someone who watches educational TV programming compared to someone who only reads novels for entertainment, the TV watcher is better off.  In other words, just because something is in a book, it doesn't magically make it more valuable, or vice versa.
+Benyamin Lahestani As +Adam Wells stated, regular readers tend to have better vocabulary, style, and are more capable of thinking for themselves due to how reading requires you to unconsciously predict outcomes, analyze emotions, access spatial memory (especially during action), visualize, form relationships, and on a slower, more thought-provoking self-managed pace than with the generally quick mouth-feeding of mainstream TV and movies.

Movies tell you what to think, but books make you think.
Book point aphabetically imagine.
Readers are Leaders as the wise saying goes
Sorry Muntoo, but what you're saying just isn't true. If you talk about comparing the novel to watching films or stage plays, there is no magic property that the written form has that requires "unconscious prediction of outcomes" (what the hell does that even mean?), "analyzing emotions", "accessing spacial memory", "visualization", "forming relationships" (Again, wtf? Do the characters in the book get to know you?).  You can't say that viewers don't also do these things because they do.  As for the pace being slower, some people read ridiculously fast, and some people watch things over long periods of time (for example a serial that spans across countless episodes), and none of this has any bearing on how thought-provoking it is.

If you're so literate and smart, then how can you be spouting this much nonsense?
Tim Lee
I don't get it.
+Benyami Lahestani, I think Oscar Wilde would be amazed how we now have greater access to books and knowledge then his generation, or any other time in history, yet we read less.
+Benyamin Lahestani I would disagree with your statement as I have learned a LOT about other cultures by reading "entertainment" books.  When you read the book you get SO much more - as, most of a book is left out of a movie/show.

However, I recognize my comment entirely relies upon what you read.

If one is reading, as my wife used to say "trashy romance novels" like she used to read, then this may not be the case.  :-)
I cancelled my HBO just because of games of thrones they truly don't have great content other than few shows and they cancel some other ones i liked too. 
+Paul Lawley-Jones , any best seller list is proof of your statement, however, television programming has declined in quality educational content in my opinion.
well i think that is a nice display.isn't ?
Paul, I didn't mean to recognize any difference between intelligence and knowledge here. No need to equivocate
Likely already been said, but here we go (spoken as an avid reader):

Books, as a broadly general category, are mediocre at best. Not to say they are to be avoided or that good books are over-appreciated, but in a world where you have finite (and perhaps shrinking) time, finding a good book is often a crap-shoot at best (best seller lists are littered with tripe). HBO, on the other hand, has a proven product that rarely misses and, if it does, only does so at half- or full-hour increments. If it's amazing, I'm then free to pick up the book.

So, congratulations to those of you that have all the time in the world and the fortitude to wade through days and pages of trash fiction to find the diamonds in the rough. You "win"; you're so intimidatingly hip and superior. Nonetheless, I'll be over here watching HBO and enjoying the finite free time I have to spend with nature, my family, my dogs and the books I choose to pick up (in part) because of rather than in spite of HBO. Reject the false dichotomy.
+Benyamin Lahestani Intelligence is "defined" as the "The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills."

Knowledge is your memory.
Intelligence is [very loosely] the ability to memorize and manipulate knowledge.

EDIT: Nevermind, I reread your comment.
On the "forming relationships" bit, I meant recognizing relationships between events [cause/effect] and between characters [not reader<->character... that's just creepy].

This type of thinking is generally not used to the same depth and extent as with TV. [Disclaimer: I rarely watch TV anymore.] The situation is far worse with movies.
Go Gems
I like audio-books by a golden voices myself and wish they would put more on the market.
+Benyamin Lahestani I think comparing educational TV to entertainment books is unfair.

How would you compare educational TV with 'educational writing'?

(Sorry for all these comments, BTW.)
Even better, write your own book and sell the story to HBO.
books. i collect them. you can find other things that you can't find on hbo. believe me :D
i love reading books,my favorite one is warriors,the author is erin hunter..and they are my favorite
+Benyamin Lahestani Unconscious prediction of outcomes is the process by which, your brain, without you being conscious of it, begins to predict the end of the book or s section within the book.
Very sight of books on a shelf fascinates so much ...
Never know when a certain book will catch hold of you and bring some very enjoyable entertainment. I love it when I get surprised! 
Now this one I love:) It's for the thinkers =)
all holy books are important for their 
The word book comes from one cover to another, then there is a a story. What makes you read it is in you.
"What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one."
More books ... More brain..................hahahaha
More like be greatly disappointed by ridiculous writing and boring plotlines ten years before everyone else.
do they have the new Breaking Bad?!?!
omg HEAVEN I L-O-V-E B-O-O-K-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILY BOOKS
If truth is unfair, then why is a lie so much more damaging?
ok mary lisa......i would never ever visit that it a comment?shame on you......
They're what trees turn into when they die.
"You know what I like about movies? 2 hours and I can take a nap!"-- +Jim Gaffigan 
..and ten years before HBO rewrites them.
For the record HBO, Robb marries Jeyne Westerling, not a nurse from Volantis
For people who don't know what ebooks are.
always trying to avoid mainstream media
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