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I've listened to this three times tonight. Sing with me now...
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Now it's stuck in my head! Dammit! But so funny!
hahaha, excellent. showing the lady wife later :)
love that show to death, that song was fuckin awsome
I <3 this show!!! .. I will start reading the books .. sooon..
it utterly ruins the real song, BTW. It is forever the unspoken lyrics you will hear.
Ah~! I've seen that series..though didn't get to finish it...
am fine dear, how r u and wer r u from
I love fucking game of thrones!! It's the only show I can think of that doesn't have that much action or comedy yet I could keep watching it for hours if I could. It's just so fucking entertaining! Like fuck and shit. . . . or fucking shit or something with the word fuck.
Not very good for this time and vulgar
Love it, great show!
so, what show is this? Game of.... dang I think I missed it. Have to watch it again now.
this is simply AMAZING! loving it
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