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This has been sitting on my desktop for months waiting to be unleashed... RAWR!!!
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ROFLMAO! It took me a second to get it!
I dunno. The Bible's tough to get through. I stopped at the begats.
It's is a tough read, so I think she would quit that too.
That is so incredibly full of win.
i still can't get past a few pages of Genesis, thinking to myself "who the F married CAIN?"
So... incredibly... epic!

Oh, and I read the bible, cover to cover... to prove a point. I can guarantee that 90% of the people who say this is all the truth we need haven't read more than 100 pages of it. And that's usually singular quotes, taken out of context, to prove their own point. :( Epic self-delusion.
snark is the answer. lots and lots of snark.
You are the Bible def. of a Fool
There's something oddly alluring about Sarah Palin on a T-Rex... I should probably be ashamed to admit that.
Sorry +Casey McKinnon ...actually, I think it's because creationism accounts for the world's existence at the behest of an Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God...which is far more plausible than man's faith in their own intellectual prowess..t'would be impressive enough if men evolved enough to figure out a cure..for the common cold after centuries of existence !!
+Allan Petersen, it's the fur dress. It works every time. See, that's why there was so much clubbing and pro-creatin' back in those caveman days. :D
+Michael Pate - Wait. Aren't you in danger of hell fire for that? See! I just made BibleSense(tm).
Why can't we have faith in or own intellectual prowess? God does. Otherwise, how would we know when to change what to believe from the bible?
Why do we never hear you bunch of Liberal Devils make fun of Allah, or Buddha? I’ll answer for you, in your heart you know Allah and Buddha are fake gods and deep in your heart in that empty place where God belongs you know that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are real. Email me if you want to learn how to be Born Again.
If I get born again can I have that T-Rex? and BTW Buddhism isn't about Buddha being a god or an omnipotent being. Soooooo.............

Can I ride the T-Rex?
God exists! I know it! Otherwise, why would all those girls shout his name over and over again....
The only thing that can fill that empty place deep in my heart is Rich, Sweet, Creamy Twinkie filling and now it's gone forever! What god would do this I ask you? Twinkie filling come back to me!
If you don't get saved you get to spend Eternity in Hell
+Michael Pate, see, that's the problem. You can call people fools and not be in danger of hell fire because you've conveniently set that argument aside for your own version of being born again.

(Sorry to spew all over your stream... +Casey McKinnon.)

Here's a challenge... In order for me to accept a Creationist Curriculum in school, you will need to take all religions, not just Christianity, and define them all from beginning to end and teach them exactly as they are taught by that religion. (But, unfortunately, we may have to call it Sociology, study of culture, not science.)

... or if you're not up for teaching other people's religions ... the other challenge is to get all of the churches who profess Christianity to agree on a single version of creation to present to students. And we're not talking the Adam and Eve story, something that'll take 10 minutes, but something as deep and complex as the current scientific explanations with all of the "major forces" in the story and their backgrounds defined ... then, hey, why not? Let's see who's willing to teach Catholicism alongside Baptist and Jehovah Witness. :)

I dare someone to try. :D
+Remy Romano Also, the Buddha once said ...
“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”
Which is pretty much the definition of skepticism.
Religion is merely large groups of people yelling "I REJECT YOUR REALITY, AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN!" at each other for a few hundred years, then killing each other over it, then starting over again. Christians think Atheists and Agnostics are violent, crazy, evil people who are out to hurt everyone who disagrees, but look at who starts wars, its almost never us, its always some religion that doesn't like the religion next door. When you believe something instead of think it, you do irrational things like hurt people. When you think and study reality, you see the nuance and the grey matter in the middle. You're at peace with the mess.
Leo T
hahahha !
Bible doesn't teach "Creationism". You need research in-depth Hebrew's language so you'll understand a HUGE difference between Creationism and a logical, scientific proved Genesis' narrative about Creation's "days" (not a literal 24 hour days), the correct order of those periods, and the purpose behind that.
it looks like a lot of ppl are spending eternity in hell
I hope you know there's such a thing as Evolutionary Creationism? Astonishing, I know! It's called contemporary theism.
+Michael Pate Because Muslims and Buddhists aren’t trying to undermine science by filling school textbooks with nonsense theories.
Unfortunately for scientists...every new discovery proves CREATIONISM...too bad you don't get that Kevin.
Creatonism dictates that there is simply an original Creator of everything, +Rachel Anders. Since there is literally no evidence whatsoever of there being a [God] of any sort, there is by default no evidence of Creationism. I'm an Evolutionary Creationist and a Theist and even I know that.
Hey! I like Sarah Palin... You guys rip on her too much. She says one thing and immediately it's used against her.
Okay, I believe in creation and I think this is funny.
+Rachel Anders!??! "every new discovery proves CREATIONISM" ????? WHICH discovery IS that?? :-o
+Will Stuart err... actually ANYTHING that ANY politician says is immediately used against them. It just WORKS BETTER with Sarah Palin :)
EVOLUTION, bitches!!! YEAH!!!!! lmao No, seriously. Loved this post.
soooooo stupid and about us being dumbwads well i bet i can prove to u that there is a God in less then a minuit.
I'm saying, I don't need to judge on them all religious, let's god take care of all them in the world.. my friends Muslim, JW, Jew, Buddhish, Bapistal, Catholic, Church of Christ, & non-Christian & Chrisitan if I judge neither criticizal them all wrong in the path in God, then my lord will punish me for I'm wrong to do thing on way. But I can teach them all religious if they're interesting it I don't have to figure out on force them how learn it though of my bible book say.. but I hard time I cannot able teach to NON-Christian any stuck it not figure out.. I've pay attention on my kids and job that's all..
Brothers and sisters, know that nobody will ever win an argument over the internet. Read Ephesians and see what Paul describes as the wrath of God. it is not being struck by lightning or killed in an earthquake, but exactly what you see here. 
Well, some folks are content with the fact that God's existence isn't dependent upon our belief in him.
+Steve Wharton I prefer to think of it as Humanity being a Festival rather than a board-room meeting :D it's just all over the damn place and people are goin NUTS!!
+Arvind Gautam I guess you're right. But I like Sarah. She's a hard worker and definitely not lazy like a lot of democrats....
The hero dies in the middle.
+Michael Pate Oh please I would like to be born again.....

Does the process involve crawling back into my mothers womb? I'd rather not do that.
Or would it be you birthing me? I hate to think what that implies....
@ Michael Pate,thank you.Enron investors made folly also,until the end.
+Will Stuart I'd disagree with you on the LAZY part!! I may not agree with most politicians.. but I can NOT in good conscience say that ANY of them is LAZY! If anything.. they're busy as HECK and working there butt off. It might all be in the WRONG DIRECTION for all that I hold dear...but yeah..working they are!
This stream is turning into Reddit Gold!! :D
the foolishness is easier to believe than things that actually make sense ...
+John Mink - Yeah, just ignore the one no one actually cares about, well, except for Genesis. But hey, you can pick and choose what you want anyway... :)

+David Greene - But can anyone equally represent all creationism theories? And, even better, actually agree on how to teach it without offending each other? Thousands of stories and everyone believes that their version is true.

+Rachel Anders - I bet scientists would love to prove Creationism. Many scientists have religious leanings and to assume otherwise is why you consider them the enemy. :( Unfortunate.
Surprised that nobody mentioned that the bible is made up of many books, written by many people...
The wise man knows when to keep his mouth shut.
I personally believe that Creationism shouldn't be "taught" because there is no secular evidence to support it. If anything, that should be left for Philosophy and Theology classes. As for evolution, however, that has been proven as a scientific fact and should be taught as such. Education is a secular field and should remain that way, therefore religious "teachings" should be reserved exclusively for those wishing to be "taught," +Erik Collett.

EDIT: Minor repetition corrected. Context remains largely the same.
Some people are very narrow minded, its nice to see that there are those who can think for themselves. Keep an open MIND
"'Do not lie. Do not deceive one another" -Leviticus 19:11 looks like your screwed. STONE HER!
When you read and believe the truth as written in scripture, you don't need to look for theories of men who reject the truth and believe lies.
At the risk of sounding contentious or rude, that's called blind faith and the rejection of reality, +Donald Cassidy. If you seriously see the writings of ignorant men claiming to be divinely inspired as superior to the proven claims and theories of professional experts, then I doubt anything I say will be acknowledged with an open mind from your end.
John 1:1-4 "In the beginning was the Word, (Jesus Christ) and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men." All beloved believers who confess that they believe in Jesus Christ receive the Holy Spirit who helps believers understand the Bible!
I have read the one book AND a bunch of hard ones. Still sticking with Creationism.
This is a sad day why because a picture of Sarah Pailin on a dinosaur sparks a religious debate this is how but hurt our society is YaY For America!!!!!!!!!
not to offend you but I'm jewish
Sweet baby Jesus, the Christians and Theists nowadays make me regret my association with them. It's like a normal guy in a room of millions and millions of retards: you're just going to assume I'm just like them since I'm a minority of one.

My virtual facepalms are through the roof.
lol im looking at the status pic
S Kord
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I can see the dino's tongue from here.
+David Greene - I misunderstood your point of Evolutionary Creationism in one of your earlier comments. :) Sorry! Honestly, if Scientists could attach a reasonable theory to it, I think it would be utterly groundbreaking.
What a dumb photo and a poor caption. Atheists really love to hate don't they. And force feed their agendas. Atheism is horribly trendy these days. Kind of like Apple rabbits.
That cavewoman bares a striking resemblance to Sarah Palin.
I celebrate your boldness, and hopefully you have really read a "bunch of books" on the subject. You might want to add some Ken Ham he has some interesting points of view as well. The case for evolution is not really as strong as you might think. It really isn't an emotional issue it is about holding your conclusion open until there is really enough evidence, you might want to also check out the Contrarian's Guide to Leadership. and think free or at least gray
+Nathaniel Estabrooks:

Evolution is a scientific fact. There is overwhelming evidence and proof to confirm this theory. If you were to actually familiarize yourself with what evolution is, it isn't that hard of a concept to comprehend. Oh, and fun fact: Charles Darwin was raised a Christian and retained an Agnostic Theist belief throughout his life. Even the "Father of Evolution" was a Theist.
+kevin Johnson Really? Muslims don't try to fill school textbooks with nonsense theories? Guess you haven't paid any attention to all the Wahhabist madrassas all over the middle east, Pakistan and Afghanistan
You guys are ALL crazy...but entertaining.
Truth can withstand scrutiny. Seems like those who knock Creationism spend most of their time lampooning it without doing the hard work of mining the evidence. Not necessarily directing this to the author of the original post, that would be unfair, but I've encountered plenty of people who slam Creationism just because it's the popular thing to do.
The argument that if the majority of the population teaches it, then it must be true is a logical fallacy because public opinion does not determine what the objective truth is, if any external absolutes even exist. My first thought when reading your comment was that of the dystopia portrayed in 1984 by George Orwell because that is exactly the type of thinking many of the people in the Inner Party used to validate their insanity. Creationism should be taught when the students are studying theology, religion, and metaphysical philosophy, but that's where it should end. Outside of those fields, Creationism has no secular basis and therefore should not be given thought in a secular establishment, +Joel Rauch.

As for evolution being proven on a microbial scale, that is essentially all the proof we need to confirm the theory because if that bacteria can evolve, then it can theoretically evolve into intelligent life over the course of [billions] of years, given the right environment.
Don't you mean "Creationism-the truth no one wants to except because it requires admitting to and submitting to a power higher than man?"
Fact, most scientists don't want to man up and face the truth, (even though they know their theories to be flawed) because life is "easier" without God.
Still easier to read one book that's hard to read than many.
At that level of language the fact that the one is full of jiberring rubbish and the others are full of testable, experimentally provable facts becomes irrelevant.
Even science proves that God exists.. inside protons and nutrons sound waves have been found..God spoke everything into existence in Genesis
I'm not sure if the buzz I'm getting from this comment thread is due to the overwhelming hilarity or a massive stroke...

I will say that Sarah Palin and Creationism do each have one thing in common: both are basically stupid.
+Joel Rauch - So, who's version should be taught? Go to Wikipedia, find a list of religions (including Christian and all of the others), and you can find a near equally diverse list of creation stories.

If you're going to teach one in school... you're going to have to decide if you have the time. :)
+Michael Pate FYI, Buddha is a man, not god. In fact, there is no such thing as god in Buddhism. Suggestion: it would be nice to learn a little about other religion before bashing them.
Creationism is backed by absolutely ZERO evidence. If you REALLY look into it, you would find that the universe was not "fine tuned" for humans, it is actually the most ideal universe for creating black holes. The whole debate is silly.
I don't have enough faith to believe in evolution.
+Shane Jackson madrassass are muslim religious schools. Are you saying the point here is Creationism should be taught in (Christian) religious schools?? Because if that's what you're saying - more power to you! But it looks like you're trying to compare very straightforwardly RELIGIOUS schools to apparently SECULAR bodies of education...oh my friend..tread carefully.
I tend to think the Bible is a pretty "hard" one and I'm less interested in what is easy or hard, and more interested in what is true
+Sierra Patterson, do you even know what you're talking about? That's not a fact by far. I'm trying to refrain from personal attacks out of respect for this discussion, but that was a laughable post. Most scientists don't believe in God because they find the concept irrational and fallacious. I personally disagree, but I'd never go as far as to claim any facts or truths like you did. I recommend memorizing just what those terms mean because you seem to be misusing them.
well true for a simple answer
So just because I am christian you are telling me that I cant understand how evolution works and the millions of years it took to perfect the human race.
Let's get something straight here before people just bash on Christianity. The basis of science is theories, while the basis of Christianity is faith. Both sides require the person's own understanding and it seems plenty of people here have their own bias ideas. I'm not saying science is wrong, but if you've done your research in the Bible as well, the 7 days God created earth doesn't exactly mean seven 24 hour days, even if many believe so. People can criticize Christianity all they want, but in the end, it's based on their faith, just like how people believe that the theories of science are true.
+Greg Ryals, science has actually given speculative scrutiny against the existence of a [God], so I have no idea what you're talking about.
+Adam Reed ... evolution doesn't work and it didn't take millions of years for for the human race to be perfected...Read Genesis
WAIT... You don't actually think these 'Intelligent Design' morans actually read their Bible do you?

They go to their church and have someone else tell them what is in the bible, what to think and say, and why everyone else is wrong if they don't do the same.
+Joel Rauch A "Scientific" theory is very different from a story that 2/3 of the world believes because its a pretty old story.
It's not a matter of which is more "true"... simply a matter of - Please only speak of what may have atleast some provable and supported EVIDENCE behind it. I won't even say HARD evidence. Just follow the chain of "how", "why", and "what" questions till you reach the point where all questions are answered.... most probably you'll keep going infintely.
The problem is.. the chain is much longer when talking of evolution than when talking about creationism.
Evolution is not touted as "true" because people or something "believes" in it.
+Sierra Patterson , creationism and belief in a higher power are very far from being synonymous. And the latter part of your post is not a fact, it's an analysis and a conclusion without evidence. Science and religion are not mutually exclusive.

And life without God is the same life as with God, but with different symbolic systems taking the role of "higher power," whether it be personal achievement, excellence demonstrated within one's own culture, or creative, lasting acts (art, architecture, fame, the great American novel). It's hard for everyone.

You think life is harder believing in a God? Life is much harder believing in no god and admitting that you will die and rot and be forgotten in the indifference of existence.
+Greg Ryals Three million years ago afarensis was well established. The split is more like 5 to 7 million years ago. So yes it is millions of years.
+Greg Ryals it took more than 3.5 billion years but probably less than 4 billion years for humans to evolve. The vast majority of that time was evolution as single celled organisms and most of that was as bacteria.
Well one thing is for sure. We are all guaranteed to find out the truth at some point. Why it has become such a fierce battle in the meantime I don't understand.
Religious people and non-religious people have one thing in common, "faith". The religious have faith they are right and there is a greater power than man. The non-religious have faith that they are correct that their is no God. Let each side have their own faith, void of name calling and moronic remarks. Let each believe as they see fit and both sides need to stop forcing their "faith" on the other.
+Adam Reed .. the human race was perfected when God himself created man
+Greg Ryals Does it not say in the bible that God could have used evolution over the billions of years necessary to create such a advanced humanoid? How long does God consider a day compared to the time on earth. The fact is the bible can go many ways. We just have to wait and find out.
As a progressive creationist, I do not believe in evolution. However, it is a valid belief system, and Theistic Evolutionists are free to believe it if they choose. After all, it may be the correct theory, and we cannot be dogmatic in our condemnation of it.
There is a great book called Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe. But I would cation you it is quite difficult (even with a degree in chemistry I found it weighty)
I agree that Creationism should be brought up at some point in an individual's life, however I disagree that it should be taught alongside proven scientific theories. Education and academic studies are, like I've already said, secular aspects of society and should remain as such. Introducing unfounded supernatural concepts based mainly in metaphysics would be contradicting the aims that schools are meant to achieve: informing students of the facts and scientific advances widely accepted in contemporary society.

Evolution can already be seen in nature with intelligent animals, +Joel Rauch, so there's no need to wait 10,000+ years. Even humans have evolved since the concepts of Creationism were popularized, actually.
Nathan, so you believe the world is 4000 years old, and was created in 7 days? Because everything in nature seems to indicate otherwise.
+John Mahler then you have the right start! Faith is exactly the WRONG tool to start researching evolution with :)
If you look in the Bible you'd see that the world was fine tuned for humans. Problems in the world come from mans sin. 
+Joel Rauch - So... if you want to go down this road. I'll just spell it out. You want your version to be taught in schools at the exclusion of all else. And you end up being a bigot in the process. :)

Do you really think that ... it's going to be permissible for a student to come back after class and ask the teacher about religion? I mean ... has anyone thought this process through? What's more, what if they came back and asked about Hinduism, or, my favorite, Norse, and thought that was more interesting? Is the teacher qualified to give an objective response?

This is simply not information that should, or could, be taught in high school without causing an uproar.
+Steven Tang theories of science are basically 'discoveries' of the processes of how things happen or came about. They don't require your 'faith' or 'belief'. They just require you to question them and find out answers that go deeper than "God did that".
Thank God this thread exists. it's like a honey pot for idiots to put on my ignore list.
Let me put it this way - even if your answer is "God did that" - just ask "How?".
Why does anyone else's religion matter? Honestly trying to force whatever your belief is on someone else is completely pointless. People are so quick to cast judgement on one another. It's truly sad that we live on this beautiful planet and everyone refuses to just get over themselves and just accept everyone for who they are. If you don't agree just move on and let it be.
This photo nicely captures the inherent contradiction of the lunatic fringe of the republican party.
"Sin" isn't even shown to exist. Most of the previously-conceived "sins" aren't considered ones anymore, +Britts Rose Tyler. The world was "fine-tuned" for no one and nothing. The world just is. Man is an inhabitant of earth (and quite an unwelcome one at that) who evolved on this rock over the course of millions of years. I doubt volcanoes and hurricanes are attributed to "man's sin."
i could be wrong, but i'd wager that a lot of people reject Christ out of hand merely because they hold the belief that accepting Him would mean changing part of their lifestyle that they're not willing to give up. we can be very convincing when lying to ourselves, and can usually come up with a list of excuses as long as your arm.
HA! Just what I need; A person who pretends to be someone else by memorizing words written by someone else to insinuate all the "hard" books I read to get my degree in electrical engineering somehow disproves the Bible. Hmm... Go figure.
+Joel Rauch the fact that you CAN throw away scientific theories when they're proven wrong basically should tell you they're not based on blind belief - but are continuously tested and held up to scrutiny. If EVER they fail - they can be thrown away "like garbage" as you say. That is exactly as it SHOULD be.
How may we test this theory of "Creationism" my good sir? Because if that doesn't hold water on TESTING..I'd like to throw it away like garbage as well.

About the topic of teaching creationism in schools because people should keep an open mind etc. Well - Evolution is taught as a Scientific Theory. What should Creationism be taught as? Please don't say Scientific theory.
... or, they reject Christ for the same reasons they reject Zeus.
What the HELL are you talking about my man +Marshall Stanek ?!! How dare you say BRAHMA didn't create the universe and everything in it? Your beliefs are offensive to me sir.
Are there any examples you can provide at this time of "proven scientific theories" being invalidated "after a couple years," +Joel Rauch? Please note that information and progress is more accurate now than it has ever been and it will only continue to grow in precision. As for what happened with Pluto, that was merely a reclassification and nothing else. Pluto is still the same it's always been and it still does the same things it has been for thousands of years; the only difference now is that it's technically considered a dwarf planet. Pluto is still a planet by general definition, however it's been recategorized for scientific accuracy.

Of course we haven't seen "a pile of muck 'evolve' into an intelligent animal" because that is a process spanning over billions of years—millions of times longer than the human species has even existed. I understand your doubts and I've had the same suspicions before, but after a lot of studying, I've changed my views. I suggest you do the same and even if your views don't change, at least you'll know more about the topic and that can't hurt. :)
+Arvind Gautam They're discoveries, and there's support behind it, but it's still unproven. Theory of Gravity is still a theory, and there's no way to prove it's real, we just use an alternative way of "proving" it, even thought it's just support. The idea that God created everything in a seven days has it's own support even if it's not as clear cut, but the idea of macro evolution isn't stone hard evidence either, just a bunch of paper thin theories like the idea humans evolved from a monkey that could swim. I agree they have a reasonable theory on why we would've come from these monkeys that can swim, but it's still not proven.
The fact: Every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.
+Steven Tang WOW! Before this conversation continues - Please look up "Scientific Theory" from an established reputable source. Then we can talk :)
nearly every scientist who has set out to prove the Bible wrong has failed, and most turn to God. God is real, it's obvious. and the Bible really isn't hard to understand, especially when you ask God for wisdom on His Word. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." -James 1:5
God will show us during our walk with Him that He is real.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1
we have to have faith in what God's Word tells us. It's been proven to be true. Now the God of the universe is asking us to trust him.
"Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him." - Proverbs 30:5
When it comes to the end of your life, where will you go? there are only two places, Heaven, or Hell. And there's only one way to get to Heaven:
"Jesus said to him, 'I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Me." -John 14:6
"So they said, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved." - Acts 16:31
+Joel Rauch it's not ridiculous at all! To think that is ridiculous is to assume that we are the ultimate brilliant beings. WE are omniscient and KNOW the absolute truth which cannot be proven untrue!
Now since I realize THAT is not true - I'll say - yes - I can be proven wrong..and there's nothing wrong with THAT :D
The REALLY ridiculous thing is KNOWING that we're not omniscient ... and yet saying that being proven wrong is somehow ridiculous ;)
+Brianna Quimby whatever I say to you will just sound like trolling ... and in all honesty there's little else I can offer with a straight face as a response :D
+Emily McCartney Thank you!!! (no really! I'm not being sarcastic! You can SEE that through my previous responses here.)
+Arvind Gautam Honestly, I don't really want to because I've learned simply from being a Christian is that most people won't even consider the idea of God for anything until they're placed into a corner. Plus, when arguing about anything God related, both sides are stubborn and unwilling to accept either sides and continue to criticize each other, so I believe I'd rather end the conversation here anyway. God bless and and good night.
What book is the picture replying too? There are actually 73 books in the bible.
It's hard to argue about anything God related because one side of the argument is so asinine. I'll let you guess which.
It's funny because it assumes christians have read the Bible.
Ahhh, the spreading of hate and discontent. I love when open minded people pick at others beliefs, but if you disagree with theres they scream like little bitches. 
Many of the sources speaking of evolution being "disproved" are either illegitimate or heavily biased with little to no scientific support, if not outdated, +Joel Rauch. Trust me, I've even read Mind Siege: The Battle For the Truth by Tim LaHaye, so I'm quite aware of such opposing arguments. Also, adaptation and evolution are two separate scientific terms and are not to be used interchangeably. Here is one brief description of the difference:

Basically, adaptation is the mutation of genes and characteristics in order to habituate with a new environment, whereas evolution is distinguished as a mutation that is present in one generation, but not in the previous one(s). At least, that's how I understand it.
In Israel although they teach the old testament as a required class in school. Science class is also required... and science class teaches evolution and other scientifically proven facts.
...cause it's easier to bash Christians than to make factual statements about their worldview!
Lmoa. Arguing with poeple who believe in creationism is futile. Arguing requires reason and facts.
I never can understand why evolution and God can't coexist. If God exist would he not use the laws of physics and nature? You don't have to check your religion at the door of science class.
isn't the bible a collection of 66 books... more if you are Catholic? ;)
Haha okay I'm a Christian and I laughed :-) .... anyway, I don't subscribe to Creationism alone or Evolutionism alone..too many holes in both theories..for me, the theory that most makes sense is that God, using the Big Bang and Evolution, created the world from nothing. That's my opinion take it or leave it
I used to be a Christian. I believed wholeheartedly in it and tried to ignore how empty the whole idea was to believe in it blindly without testing it. And all the tests were "you'll realize it is true", but none of it worked. None of it made sense. I still want something, but I find that organized religion can't do it. Ideology slaps blinders on everyone.

+David Greene - I think we'd agree on a lot of things. My view is more based in mysticism and the power of thought, but I can't say I'm theist as I don't think it's that succinct. So I remain more of an Agnostic.

+Brianna Quimby - I consider what you did to be a self-perpetuating cycle. A system crash, memory dump that reasserts your belief as a sort of fail safe. It's not productive and, as David alluded to, makes you look like a non-thinking religibot.

+Joel Rauch - I can't help but point it out too bluntly but ... your view is clouded by your inexperience. If you feel like someone can just regurgitate someone else's theology, being true to it without deviation, then your understanding of what it is to both teach completely and correctly is ... flawed.

If you can explain Norse Creation Mythos and give it equal weight to that of the Christian creation, then you can't expect to teach any of it. But, I should assert, there is no place for creationism in school. It's just not for that... Talk to your religious adviser or seek it out yourself.

Just sample another creation story, give it a shot... Expand your horizons. I think the story is fascinating and it has a lot of character. Plus, the psychological and anthropological rewards are pretty incredible ... and if you look hard enough, you'll find that they have a lot of similarities to other creation myths. :D
wow so true it also says ask and you will receive beleive in the word,beleive in GOD---I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Erik Collett I guess that Christianity wasn't right for you. I mean, it's all based on faith, right? Some people have more faith than others. Organized religion sure as hell did it for me.
Organized religion is fine. But it shouldn't pretend to be organized science.
Creationism is magic fairy voodoo crap (god too btw).
The Bible is way more sophisticated than any book on evolution.
Too stupid to understand science? Try religion!
+Ian Joe Brackbill - Bold statement. Have your read "The Origin of the Species"? Or, better yet, have you read the entire Bible? I have.

And +Will Stuart, I don't hate my roots. In fact, I appreciate the experience I gained. I felt that it was an essential stepping stone for my personal growth.

The fact that both the science camps and religion camps decided to operate at each other's demise is just plain silly. And, like +David Greene had said earlier about Darwin, he never didn't believe, even if he was branded as a heretic. However, he made observations that remain validated today.

But even more important, Palin makes a hot dino-rider.
How many times am I allowed to plus one this?
+Brianna Quimby - I'd argue that if any scientists are "setting out to prove the Bible wrong" then they aren't doing science.
Science isn't about answering spiritual questions. It's not about proving religion wrong.
Science is about making observations about our world that aren't currently explained, coming up with an idea that might explain them, coming up with a test that should give a specific result if the idea is right, and then doing the test to see if you get the expected result. But, of course, it's more complex than that, and details differ depending on your field.

So a Scientist wouldn't "set out to prove the bible wrong" since, well, there is no "observation" about the world relating to the bible. I suppose you could prove "facts" wrong. For example: Was there a flood that covered the entire world? If I wanted to approach that scientifically, I might look at the evidence we see in land that was once covered by the sea. So I might notice salt levels, mineral leeching, and fossils of sea animals. Now I might construct an initial theory that the world was NOT covered by the ocean. And I might come up with a test that will prove me wrong - I'd predict that if the world was not covered with water, I should not be able to find any sealife fossils in mountains and in deserts. I come up with that test BEFORE I know what I'll find. I then go searching, and if I find fossils of sea life in the desert or mountains, well, I've proven my theory wrong. At this point, I need to either give up my theory, or refine it. I might discover that there are theories of continental drift, and tectonic movement. So I realize that it's possible that certain areas were covered with oceans and seas that are now land. I might look at the predictions for where the ocean used to be, and come up with a theory for where I expect to find sea fossils, and where I shouldn't be able to find any. I can then go looking for fossils, again trying to "prove myself wrong" - if I only find fossils in the expected areas, then my theory MIGHT be right. Or there might be some other explanation that I haven't come up with yet. If I find fossils in areas I predicted that I wouldn't find them, then my theory still needs more work.

... and that, in a nutshell, is how science works. I never truly proves something is true. It just describes a way that reality MIGHT work, and then looks for ways that the description doesn't match the evidence. So that we can learn the parts of the thory that aren't entirely correct, and keep improving the theory (or throw it out entirely) until we have a better and better theory that is closer and closer to the absolute truth. Even if we never 100% get there.

It's very different to Faith. With Faith, we just decide to believe something. Not because there's any good reason to believe it. But just because. Because a book tells us it's true. Or because our parents believed it. Or because we saw that beautiful sunrise, and were filled with such a sense of completeness that we knew there was more to the world.
But we don't look for ways to PROVE our faith wrong. That's what sets it apart from science.

Faith is something that we believe despite the lack of evidence.
Scientific beliefs are things we believe because we find evidence that implies they are true, and can't find evidence showing that they are false.

Scientific beliefs might not be correct, but if they are wrong, we can slowly correct the mistakes, and get closer and closer to the truth.

Faith beliefs may or may not be correct. But if we believe the wrong thing, we have no way of correcting that mistake.

It's OK to have both types of beliefs. I can believe in Science, and still feel in my heart that there is a greater meaning to the world and my life.

Sometimes they conflict. If the evidence shows that a specific fact couldn't be true based on the biblical description, then either we've got to ignore the fact, or we've got to refine our belief for how the world worked. But even then, it only shows that specific "facts" are wrong. It doesn't "disprove the bible."

Science and religion are different things. They don't have to overlap. Leave science to explain how the world works. Leave religion to explain why we are here, what our purpose is. And teach them in DIFFERENT classrooms.
If science is based on inductive reasoning and its purpose is to observe and test the evidence....but not actually "prove" something beyond a doubt then there is still belief and faith... sure its faith based on the evidence that the scientific method provides... but in the end there is still faith.

Faith does not always have to be "blind"..and I would say that is is irresponsible to have blind faith... to trust in something, someone when there is no evidence for their trustworthiness.
For the creationists: If we admit that there was a big bang, if we read and understand that most of the facts of the universe can be mathematically proved; if we think there was dinosaurs, an evolution from the most basic form of life to the most advanced; if we admit that there may be aliens somewhere... Wouldn't that make God's work even MORE impressive? Consider that scientist are not against God... they're only fans of his work, and they're trying to understand it.

For the evolutionists: There is a lot of things that numbers cannot explain... I mean... Isn't it crazy that we're the result of an explosion, and we're energy vibrating two times speed of light... AND WE HAVE FEELINGS! Ain't that crazy? We are flying dust in cosmos that somehow can feel and love. God may not be as they describe him in religion, but our lives and consciousness are the proof that there's something bigger out there. It may suck when fanatics close their eyes to the light of science, but we have to remember that religious books are there for one reason... To keep a "peaceful" coexistence among humans... When you take the time to learn and experience serval religions, you understand that those are moral guides expressed through metaphors and believes from the time when were created. All religions will tell you the same "love all, love yourself, and love God above all that" or.. "Don't do to others what you don't expect them to do to you" or.. "Give equal importance even to the smallest creature".. Whatever!

It's simple a metaphor does not loose it's meaning through time... Literal arguments do.
+David Greene just because people don't consider something a sin doesn't mean it's not one. I might think its perfectly fine for me to murder anyone who disagrees with me, but telling that to the judge isn't going to change the fact that I'll be sent to jail. 
Actually, have you read The Lost World of Genesis One by John H. Walton, Ancient Near East literature scholar? He argues a different reading of the Genesis account that opens the way to science and faith. Several hardcore scientists are giving it props.
fill d.
This is all ill say if the universe is infinite how are we the only ones there is a high, bigger, more advanced call it whatever out there! Just sayn
+David Greene I believe that God tells us what sin is through the Bible. I also think that you have to read both the old and new testament as some if the biblical rules (such as sacrifices) were furfilled in the New Testament.
(hopefully that is readable! My phone is going unbearably slow for some reason ;)

That's so dumb! Seriously, a chick riding a t-rex? Everyone knows that they were reserved only for Jesus to ride...
this is stupid read the bible u pharisees
If you want to teach creationism, fine. You can start with the Mesopotamians, move on to the Egyptians and Sumerians, throw in a few Greek and Roman theories, give a passing mention to all those heathen religions that Christianity conquered and absorbed, and then end it all with how Christianity/Judaism stole it all from the guys that came before them.

At the very least, you can teach ALL of the religious theories if you want to teach creationism... Something that these Christian types don't seem too willing to entertain. I'm personally fond of the Egyptian ones. Only a theory of chaos can explain all of the irrational nutbags in the world...
I like it......................dude...
thanks this made my day perfect
thats what i'm talkin about
+Ryan Tillotson great point. Being a believer in evolution doesnt mean god doesnt exist. They arent mutually exclusive.
Once again we the creationist come out to push there ignorance. They say "Believe it because I do" The scientist says: "Do the experiment and find out for yourself".
I'd be an evolutionist if I had enough faith to believe those fairy tales..

"In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1
^that was satire, right?

...please tell me that was satire.
+Philip Martin No, but fantasy and science is. To be a creationist is to be anti-science. The science we use to make the computer you used to type in that message is the same science that we used to determine that the earth was around for a couple years longer than some mythology dictates. What did you think, we put all the dumb scientist who don't know what they are doing into palaeontology?
+Will Stuart My plumber is a really hard worker but I wouldn't want him running this country either. Im just sayin'.
Youve got the proof because you want it to be true
Evolution never happened
Nobody created the world in 7 days
Look at quantum physics
Chk outside the square
You place so much faith in time -- what an illusion
Read Einstein
Of course u have free will
I cant believe its hard 2 see
u can choose to love
u can choose not 2 love
How is that not free will???
Is that a prehistoric Sarah Palin!?
*whispers* I don't think they know that they're all actually on a reality TV show.
The point of the Bible and Christianity is simple faith. Science has proven certain things in the Bible to be true, and the more we learn, the more science and quantum physics point to a creator (research it). However, as Christians we should not rely on 'proof'. As non-Christians, you should educate yourselves enough to know such things and act accordingly. If you don't believe fine. If you want a discussion about proof fine, just don't expect every single point in the Bible to have solid undeniable proof in every aspect, because then that wouldn't require much faith and the point would kind of be lost. A popular saying comes to mind: 'don't knock it till you try it'. God never killed anyone's puppy when they were a kid, so there's no reason to be mad at Him, and if you don't believe there is a God then you really have nothing to lose. Instead of plowing through the Bible and saying there is nothing to it; instead, say a little prayer to a God you don't believe exists asking Him to show you if He really exists, then maybe read a little bit of that dusty Bible you have hiding away in your drawer and see if anything happens. If nothing, keep doing what your doing (maybe with a little more respect though). If something does happen, well... But why don't you who don't believe in God (which also requires faith to not believe, because you don't have proof God doesn't exist or of what happens when you die, you have faith in what you believe) use science and try this scientific experiment I am proposing. Take care :-)
The statement that god hasn't killed anyone's puppy doesn't trump the statement from the bible that he's killed every human on earth at some point.

By the way, the largest acts of faith in this century have been suicide terrorist attacks. I somehow doubt that blind faith will take anyone anywhere.
Nathan: You're full of rubbish. Nothing in the Bible has been backed up with a single scrap of evidence outside the Bible. Genesis never happened. The Flood never happened. The Exodus never happened. These things are so clear from the evidence that only a small group of fringe nutjobs cling to these ideas with the most ridiculous mental gymnastics required to try to fit the evidence to these Bible stories.

Those things which have not been explicitly disproven from evidence (e.g., the resurrection of Jesus) nevertheless has not been backed up in the slightest. Trying to claim that evidence backs up the Bible is simply false, and you've been misled by creationist "scientists" who have no expertise in the field which they happen to be attempting to provide evidence for.

Have a look at any non-whacko source of information ( is a top source) to see just how ridiculous the creationist worldview is. If you want to believe in God based off faith then feel free, but don't pretend for a second that anything in the Bible is backed up with any evidence.
All Religion is a tool to control the masses. They basically say you can do bad things but if you go to church,mosque etc you can pray and say sorry to god and all will be forgiven. So someone who rapes kills steals etc all their life can repent and they can go to heaven. But if I live a good life help people and never do anything bad except for being a non beleiver than I won't go to heaven. What a bunch of hippo critical b.s. Being good is not about how many times you pray or how much you devote to your religion but about how you live your life and doing the right thing.
... did you all stop reading halfway through? Give it a sincere shot then spam your hate.... The more we learn about quantum physics the more it points to intelligent design of everything. Like a computer for example; you can tell the 1's and 0's to be random, but it requires someone to tell them to start being random. Turns out the universe/multiverse works similar (so its beginning to seem, and these are secular physicist's who are leading the charge. Again, instead of telling me how full of rubbish I am... Google it and do the research). And with string theory (which we are just beginning to get a handle on) and the differences with light speed, it can easily throw off any timetable we are capable of coming up with on earth, so with time and light speed all being relative, a million years on this earth could be a day elsewhere and vice versa. There is the science, beyond this I'm leaning on faith.
In the end, it's really evolution, not creation, that requires a huge of faith, in effect, belief in miracles without a miracle maker! "The invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse."
You drive me crazy
I just cant sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
+Dean Rizzoli don't shoot the messenger: everything you said is a non-point. Christianity teaches it is your belief that Jesus is God's son, died for humanity, and all that is required is your belief in Him and your commitment to follow him. It is that alone that seperates heaven attendees from hell attendees. Good or bad works have nothing to do with it. Once you become a 'believer' your goal is to live as good a life as possible, not because your buying your way into heaven but because your trying to live more like Jesus. The more you know (insert music).
+Nathan Cunningham I'm not gonna diss you on the basis for saying that intelligent design may have been what knocked the dominoes over to get this whole thing going (it may very well be the case) but, that is entirely different then what religion is preaching. Religion is saying that whatever knocked those dominoes over is so bored that it must trivialize itself with the mundane happenings of far lesser beings. That while being powerful enough to create life from nothing is petty enough to be wrathful and somehow needs the validation of the life it created. My hold up is not that some intelligent being may have kick started life but, that it is so petty. Though the real nail in the coffin for me is that religion is so selfish as to assume that in the truly grand scheme of things humanity is less then a blip on the radar but, more so that we are hand chosen by god (or insert any other equal deity) when this whole thing could come to an end in a few hundred years.
Nathan... just stop... Please. You're like a kindergartner with a thesaurus and it's hurting my sides. If I have to hold in any more laughter, I might have a heart attack.
You're right, but God will forgive a fool ..
I'm a creationist and a Born Again Christian and if any of you evolutionists really knew anything you would know that all that science you rely on to hypothesize evolution actually diproves it and proves the existence of a Creator which is Jesus Christ thank you and have a nice day
Sorry, you're going to have to show your sources. You mention quantum physics points to intelligent design. There is NO link between these two topics. I can find no information anywhere relating the two. You haven't even bothered to attempt to describe the link between these two topics. Sorry buddy but if you want to be shown to not be full of rubbish, you can't just say "oh you couldn't find the source online, but IT'S THERE". You have to provide a source to back up your claim, otherwise you're just making things up, and everyone can see it. A computer requires us to tell it to be random because the default state for computer memory is all 0. This is because that is the voltage which will sit across a register while it is unpowered. There is NO evidence that randomness anywhere else in the universe requires someone to tell the universe to be random. This is a theory that exists only in your head. In fact, second law of thermodynamics guarantees disorder and randomness.

The next thing you mention is that time is relative and that one day can equal a million years. Yes of course this is known. But firstly, what the hell does this have to do with anything the Bible says? Oh that's right, it's your idea that a "day" on the Bible can actually be a few million years, to try to justify the crazy idea that the Earth and all its species were created in 7 days as specified in the Bible. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but:
1) The Earth would have to be travelling at near light speed in order to dilate time enough such that a day could be a million years. Or it would need to feel gravitational force similar to the event horizon of a black hole
2) Even if that was the case, the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. This is a fact. If time were running at a different speed on Earth as the rest of the universe, we would still need 4.5 Billion years of time AS SEEN FROM EARTH. So it doesn't matter if time runs slower or faster on earth, you still can't use it to stretch a 6,000 day history to 4.5 billion years.

You believe quantum physics and string theory shows evidence of a creator but it's clear you don't even know what they are. Provide a source or even just a description of what you are talking about if you want to have your whacko opinions taken seriously.
+Mauritz van Heerden Of course you jumpt to the conclusion that anyone who decides God is a crock does so because they haven't taken the time to do the research but simply follow whatever the authority figures tell us.

I would like to buy that shiny mirror you have set up there.

I have examined the arguments from both sides. I have read the Bible. I have read creation "science" articles and read secular science articles. There is quite simply zero evidence to back up any of the biblical stories. All we have left is the imaginings of a group of bronze age people, in a world where people were inventing Gods left right and centre. Meanwhile we have the technology today (technology borne of hundreds of years of scientific discovery rather than any amount of godly inspiration) to look at the world and see how it truly is.

If I was to pick an authority figure I would definitely go with the one backed up by thousands of hours of experimentation, observation, using today's modern equipment, over the stories written by bronze age sheep herders who were behind on civilisation even in those days.
+Ramiro Fernandez It was a show on the science channel where I first heard of it. Though it sounded cool so I did some research. And the more I find out the cooler I think it is. I don't need to prove anything other than ill back up what I said about the string theory and whatever cause people should just know about it cause its awesome. I'm going to bed now though. I'll post back here with it tomorrow.
Evolution...because it is easier to ridicule the truth than to modify my selfish desires.
hooooooo u looking trazen girl
Fantastic! My wife is a school science teacher and this will make her giggle! Thanks for sharing.
And humans have not evolved at all. We are still on a par with ants and bees where the workers are given just enough to live on so they can work until they die just so the queen gets fatter and richer.
+Joel Rauch if u actually wanted to find the answer to that question you would have plenty of research and understanding of how DNA came about. Amino acids are carried asteroids and other objects crashing onto earth. Its a fact which has been proven in various ways. The problem is nobody is actually bothered to read and understand any of it. If the same dedication to faith was shown in other areas we would be far more advanced and a much better and more humanity rich society. How we still believe brainwashing stories from thousands of years ago is beyond me. Oh and do you suppose all humans came from an identical source "Adam" with an identical replica "eve" whose children would obviously be identical to "Adam" were obviously all identical an share the same DNA. It wasn't oj Simpson who did it, it was you!!!!!
So much for intelligent debate
+Neila Işık The amoeba or bacteria are also products of evolution. No one except creationist "scientists" think that the origins of life looked anything like the amoeba. A self-replicating RNA molecule can be built from as little as 6 amino acids. Note that the human genome can be fit uncompressed onto a single CD, which is smaller than a single copy of Encyclopedia Britannica. The origin of life is not part of the theory of Evolution, it is a completely seperate field called Abiogenesis, and is much earlier in their study (mainly because there is no evidence remaining)

The odds of life arising may be vanishingly small, but even a vanishingly small chance is enough. There are about 300 billion stars in our galaxy and about 80 billion galaxies in the universe, and we had about 1 billion years until life formed (at a guess). So there's plenty of room there for random chance, but of course, we don't need to rely on chance, as chemistry makes the creation of life in particular conditions actually not so random (have a read on abiogenesis. Michael Behe is a biologist and of course has no idea about chemistry, so I wouldn't trust his word. I don't trust his word on Biology either)

The battle is between religion and science, because creationism is not science. There is ZERO evidence for intelligent design. Even design "scientists" never provide a single piece of evidence to back their claim, they simply prop up a false dichtomy, find supposed "holes" in evolution, then claim that this proves creationism. This is complete nonsense. Even if these holes actually were true (they aren't), all they can do is poke holes in evolution, they don't strengthen creationism at all. There is no "theory of intelligent design" because there is no single unified idea that intelligent design poses, except that "evolution is wrong". And evolution has withstood scrutiny from the scientific community for 150 years without major modification, making it one of the strongest theories in scientific history. Learn a bit about science before spouting your anti-science propaganda.
If God does not exist then neither do the laws in our hearts therefore I am right in my own eyes to murder another human being. But we know in our hearts that murder is not right. That is because God placed that in our hearts as our conscience.

You will be judged by God on your conscience, therefore you need to decide for yourself ... for your self.

For today is the day of salvation. Call upon the Lord and he will hear you.

You will never know until you try. It is your pride that prevents you from trying. God will turn away the prideful, boastful, arrogant and self righteous man. Therefore humble yourself at the feet of Jesus, He will hear your prayer and save your soul. 
Kal El
My head hurts from all the God, Jesus debates... For all those believers get a life and believe in yourself and don't count on a none existant "entity" to save you and send you to a so-called place called "heaven". Be ready for the #zombieapocolypse because zombies wont give a fuck about God, Jesus and they will eat you... my katana, AR15 rifle, and AWP are locked and loaded and ready!
Josh B, I get the impression you are probably religious, and therefore someone who believes in that fairy tale involving an imaginary incestuous "god" and his incestuous children.. grow up.
Wow it looks as if world war 3 is about to kick off. All because of a funny picture +Casey McKinnon posted. I hope you're proud of yourself
+Mark Jones Please remain Christian if you need fear of God's judgement to tell you not to murder people.

the rest of humanity are more than capable of realising from our own empathy that murder is wrong.

Please continue believing in judgement from God, as you are clearly a nutcase who wants to murder held back only by fear of hell
Hey ramiro there are some in humanity who don't think murder is wrong even more there are still tribes who eat eachother and think that is right so while you say its wrong to murder someone else might say its ok to murder and that is why God gave us the law to tell us what is right and wrong cause if you haven't noticed society isn't getting better its getting worse so evolution just with that point is proved wrong
+Steven Sandleben From the atheists I know, you're wrong. It's about the lack of evidence for the claim. Basically, the same reason we don't believe in leprechauns, santa clause, and the loch ness monster. People who believe god exists, want it to be true. It doesnt matter how unlikely it is, they'll still believe. 
"You cant use logic and reason against christians. If that method worked, they wouldn't be christians." -- Gregory House
a few points: attacking creationism is not attacking Christianity. It is what it says, it attacks the blieve that the reality as we now it was created in seven days.

The theory of evolution is proven. Evolution happens. Whether the biological diversity we see these days on earth happened through evolution is not proven beyond doubt, but it is the best working theorem at the moment, supported by endless facts. However, it would also work with a God in the background, God is just not necessary for it to work and therefore, in general, gets excluded.

Scientists don't choose to believe something. They accept observations and testable facts. They put them into a theory and revise this theory as soon a new facts or observations are not compatible with the current theory. Believers do not do that with their believes. They used to handle these situations by burning people who disagreed. In some countries and some religions this is still similarly handled to my knowledge.

Creationism shoudl not be told in school in science class. It just does not fulfill the slightest scientific standards. It should however be part of philosophy when all religions are discussed.
+Neila Işık The propaganda comes from the word "Darwinism", a word which simply ridicules 150 years of evolutionary biology which has built upon Darwin's original theory and provided humanity with countless benefits over 150 years. However, the term is used to invoke a sense of dogmatism whereby evolutionary biologists are seen as blindly following the words of the prophet Darwin, when this is simply untrue. This word is a beautiful piece of propaganda, which is why it is so commonly used by creationists.

As for your definition of science, it is incomplete. Wikipedia has a good definition of science: "Science (from Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe." Intelligent design fails on "systematic" "testable explanations" and "predictions". There is no underlying theory that forms the basis of intelligent design. It has not made a single prediction about the world. It has not provided any single testable explanation for anything. The only thing that the people working for Discovery Institute are able to do is futilely attempt to poke holes in evolution. This is why it is not science. It has been proven so in the court of law.

The Discovery institute, the premier source of Intelligent Design, has published 9 papers on the subject. Any single evolutionary biologist (such as Dawkins) has published hundreds. The Discovery Institute has not had a single paper appear in a reputable peer reviewed scientific journal. Rather than attempt to get their words heard in the usual circles of peer review, they try to force their opinions onto gullible school children by lobbying government officials. This is NOT science.

And then your snide comment that Darwinism may not be science, doesn't help you gain respect. You are right, of course. Evolutionary biology is science. Darwinism is nothing.

+James Muscari Yes James, some cultures eat their dead after they have been killed. Usually for religious reasons. Indeed some might say murder is ok, they are not functioning members of society. If our law came from God, then everyone would think that murder was wrong. Since clearly there are some people that are OK with murder, then it cannot be implanted in us from God. If it came from fear of God, then how do you describe the many Atheists who have no fear of Hell yet are capable of living their lives without the desire to murder people.

You cannot possibly postulate that it is the Bible and the laws of God which are the only possible source of morality. After all, the Bible condones rape, genocide, and slavery. The bible convicts many crimes with death by stoning. Yet in our enlightened society we know that is not moral. These ideas MUST have come from outside the Bible. They come from human society and our empathy which has been evolutionarily bred into us as the instinct to nurture - any animal which kills their kin will not have a selective advantage.
+Matthew Holloway How do you know it's impossible? I'm curious. Literally impossible, huh? How has that been proven? Who has recieved the award for this? When we prove that it's possible, what will you say then? I'm just curious again. How will you shift your defence of this unoroven god then? That's what always happens when an otherwise accepted claim of evidence for god is disproven. Are you working on a good rebuttal just in case we do it? You should. We're getting closer every day. Be ready.
LOL.....u r smart.......not many other people would actualy think of, say ,or remeber somethig like offense to anyone reading this
lady dabbang of dinasaur time
What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. This is even more true when the "evidence" eventually offered is so shoddy and self-interested.
Please, please stop! If you all want to stop Google+ hit the share button on this post. After all, isn't google plus one an irrational number 
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+Matthew Holloway I dont know all the science here but when hydrogen and oxygen bond, they form water right? My point here is that it's no longer oxygen. Once they bond on an atomic level, pure oxygen atoms aren't still present are they? I'm asking honestly. Doesn't the combination of the two become something else altogether? Wouldn't that mean that cells COULD survive at the bottom of the ocean? Could there have NOT been oxygen at the bottom of the ocean (the pure oxygen you speak of)? Once it's bonded to hydrogen, it's not oxygen anymore right? Just a thought. 
+chris currence Atoms remain the same when they bond with other atoms; hydrogen and oxygen bond to become water, but the hydrogen and oxygen are still present in that water molecule, and with enough energy the bonds can be broken again to get them both back.
What does that say about one's reading ability, if 1 book is all they can pull off?
I've heard alot about everything being seemingly calculated or designed. Just because there are rules to this universe, does that prove a designer? Could those rules not exist without a designer? Do we believe every complex thing to be designed simply because the things WE create as intelligent beings are complex and we know them to be designed (by us)? How do we get from "we design orderly and complex things" to "all orderly and complex things must have a designer"? Give this video a look. It's not very long and illustrates a very plausible exlpanation as to how we've come to the conclusion that there's a grand creator of everything.
There's no absolute truth in theories alone!
ako sana makitakona ang babaeng mag mamahal sa akin
+Brianna Quimby +Britts Rose Tyler +Joel Rauch +Steven Tang +Gibrán Abreu +Erik Collett +Bernard Hicks +Ian Joe Brackbill +Jarod Mellor +Jordan Fowler

+David Greene, - Sorry to burst your bubble but evolution is not fact, nor has it even come close to being proven its a fact. For you to say that we should be only teaching facts inside our school curriculum completely coincides with what you wrote. Evolution is still a theory, not fact. There has been no scientific, provable evidence supporting the theory of evolution since Charles Darwin popularized it in 1859. Hence if there is no support for the theory of evolution, why is there no alternative being taught? I spent countless hours examining these sources based on the theory of evolution & only ever came across a “circle of information,” with each document pointing to the next source as their “proof.” Ultimately, each document that I had found traced its beliefs back to Darwin’s theoretical writings. I will say this again, "there has been no scientific, provable evidence supporting the theory of evolution since Charles Darwin popularized the theory back in 1859".

For you to argue the theory of evolution, using microevolution as your proof or defence, clearly shows how much proof you do not have. What it does show, is how good you are at changing the subject and focus of the argument. You were arguing the theory of evolution where your topic and information should of consisted of macroevolution, abiogenesis or the theory of evolution. Microevolution is a different topic all together. If we were debating whether a species of oyster can develop larger ridges in its shell or that a frog could be varied in colour and size, then by all means use microevolution. This is clearly not the case.

There is more evidence to suggest that the bible is true then there is evidence on any person, text book, website or teaching you can find on evolution. One example of this is how the Bible described the shape of the earth centuries before people thought that the earth was spherical.

Isaiah 40:22
It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,
And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers,
Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain,
And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

The word translated “circle” here is the Hebrew word chuwg which is also translated “circuit,” or “compass” (depending on the context). It therefore, indicates something spherical, rounded, or arched—not something that is flat or square. The Book of Isaiah was written sometime between 740 and 680 BC. This is at least 300 years before Aristotle suggested that the earth might be a sphere in this book On the Heavens.

There are many examples of this of which i will not go into. If you want to see them just message me and i will gladly point them out for anyone interested. I'm not saying that every book of science should throw out the evolution model and stick in the Bible’s creation account instead. I'm saying that the Biblical model should be given a chance, at least mentioned and given “equal time,” with an unbiased treatment showing how it agrees with the facts. If we are taught in our schools that evolution is true without any evidence to prove this, then why can't we be taught that there was a creator that created this place we all call Earth.
Jesus promised the end of wicked people, Odin promised the end of ice giants. I don't see any ice giants...
they don't even actually read their fairy tales book!
Terry, genesis also says the earth is covered by a dome and that rain happens when this 'firmament' cracks and lets the water above it flow through.

Sorry, pal, but evolution is a fact. It's not documents. It's abundant evidence from all walks of science. And the ancient Egyptians were down with a spherical earth way back, too.

I have to conclude, if you're hanging your argument on a phrase in isaiha that is clearly talking about the horizon (a circle) not a ball shaped earth, that your countless hours were not spent in unbiased contemplation. 
Sweet, somebody new to block. Thank you felicia day want-a-be for posting this.
Yes ramiro it is implanted in us as moral law but God gives us free will to choose to follow it and those who don't think murder is wrong God said he has given them up as reprobate and if evolution is fact then why can't they prove it when on the other hand you say nothing in the bible is fact but if you did research science proves that every account in it has been proven and no matter how much science tries to discredit Gods' word they prove it is true
+john brotzman seriously? "genesis also says the earth is covered by a dome and that rain happens when this 'firmament' cracks and lets the water above it flow through." Citation? That sounds like a pretty interpretive reading of the genesis account.
Evolution is a fact? You mean like testable, and observable, empirical science? Or you mean like documented historical fact?
In islamic relagion , the god is the creator , creating every thing in our life
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+Terry Terepai
"Sorry to burst your bubble but evolution is not fact, nor has it even come close to being proven its a fact."
Evolution is fact. Change over time is fact. A fact is simply something which is observed about the universe. It has been observed that animals change over time, or evolve. A scientific theory is a well tested model which explains the facts and is supported by evidence. The theory of evolution by natural selection is a scientific theory. Creationism and intelligent design are NOT scientific theories. They are at best a hypothesis, and even that is stretching it, because it makes no attempt to explain anything (mainly because it cannot)

"there has been no scientific, provable evidence supporting the theory of evolution since Charles Darwin popularized the theory back in 1859".
This is pure unadulterated bullshit. Evolution is absolutely backed up by scientific field of genetics (note that DNA had not been discovered in Darwin's time), and since then genetics has provided a mechanism for evolution and also proven beyond doubt our common ancestry. It has also been backed up by a number of other fields, geology, archeology, embryology, medicine, almost every field of biology has provided more and more evidence for evolution. The only reason people can keep saying "there's no evidence" is because their head is in the sand. All you need to do is google "evidence for evolution" and you will see it all in front of your face.

"For you to argue the theory of evolution, using microevolution as your proof or defence, clearly shows how much proof you do not have."
The difference between microevolution and macroevolution is a distinction invented by creationists with no evidence to determine their distinction. "Macroevolution" is simply "microevolution" over a long period of time. No creationist has ever given a proper definition of macroevolution other than "evolution we haven't seen yet". After all, we have observed speciation, creation of new traits, all in observed science (not even touching the fossil record). No creationist has ever provided a plausible mechanism for preventing small changes from accumulating, nor have they provided any evidence aside from "we haven't seen it yet". It is nonsense. Small changes over a large period of time add up to large changes. No creationist has ever EVER explained why this would not be the case, or even attempted it.

"There is more evidence to suggest that the bible is true then there is evidence on any person, text book, website or teaching you can find on evolution."
You are deluded. Where is the evidence for the flood? Strange, I live in Australia, but how the hell did all the animals get here after the flood? Where did the water come from? Where did it go? How can you possibly explain the order of the fossil record which was laid down in one giant flood event? Why do we have unbroken records of two great civilisations (Chinese and Egyptian) through the flood? How did the pytramids survive the flood? How do we have the genetic diversity we do now with all the chronic inbreeding which must have occurred post flood? Where is the evidence of exodus? How come there are no remains of a tribe of 600,000 people wandering through the desert for 40 years? How come there's no evidence of any plagues in Egypt? The honest truth is that no story of the Bible has ever been able to be backed up by independent evidence.

"Isaiah 40:22"
Sorry buddy, but the Greeks won here, positing that the earth was a sphere about 150 years before the Torah was put together. Not to mention that this is far from specifying a spherical Earth, it's easy to interpret it this way, but it is also equally valid to interpret it as a literal circle (the horizon would appear circular). There is no evidence that "sphere" is the correct interpretation except in the minds of creationist apologists who are desperately searching for anything scientifically accurate. And the bible makes mention of the ends of the Earth in numerous cases, but a sphere has no ends! Not to mention the "pillars of the Earth" are also mentioned. Using this verse to suggest the Bible is scientifically accurate when it is ambiguous at best, is a pretty big stretch.

"I'm saying that the Biblical model should be given a chance, at least mentioned and given “equal time,” with an unbiased treatment showing how it agrees with the facts."
The biblical model does not agree with the facts. Name one story in the Bible which is backed up with evidence.

Creationist arguments have NEVER withstood scientific peer review, so they try to convince judges and politicians. They try to teach kids rather than convince the scientific public. This is not because of some "conspiracy" in science. This is because creationism is a poor theory, it is not backed by evidence, and it is simply a game of apologetics by Christians to try to convert children by getting it forced into school curriculum. It should only ever be taught at school in the same way as astrology and alchemy, old ideas about the world which have since been proven false.
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there is no god because scientists have found fossils of beings from the past and god said that adam was the first living thing but scientists have proved that dinosaurs were the first living thing and thats coming from an 11 year old
+ James Wilson
So are you saying the destructive effect on cells by oxygen would also be present in water (H2O)? It doesnt take pure oxygen but any molecule with an oxygen atom being a part of it to destroy a cell? Am I getting your statement correct? I'll be looking it up but would just like to clarify YOUR statement.
Apart from being an amusing image, it also provides a wonderful service where we can filter out which religious folk are reasonable, and which ones are dyed-in-the-wool morons!
+Terry Terepai
Gravity is a theory also. Let's not forget that. Do you understand what that means? If not, pick up a book. Do you deny the theory of gravity also?
+john brotzman Or another explanation is that humans have a moral code borne from our nature as social animals and our instinct to nurture kin? Have you noticed that no other animal kills their own kind? But they don't have any God telling them what to do! If your God was laying down the law, explain why different people have different moral codes? Are some rejecting God? How can you tell what belief is rejecting God and what is not? Are we all rejecting God because we don't enslave, rape and kill non-believers?

Evolution is a scientific theory. You cannot prove a scientific theory as any single piece of evidence can overturn it. However, evolution has withstood 150 years of scientific scrutiny, and is one of the most tested, robust theories known to man. If it was such a rubbish theory, which creationists seem to claim, how come it is still accepted by the absolute majority of biologists (something like 500:1). Why is it that many Christian scientists accept evolution but not a single atheist biologist has ever EVER EVER been convinced by the evidence of intelligent design? If the evidence for evolution was so flimsy, and the evidence for creationism so great, then biologists would be flocking to creationism. However, there is not a single atheist biologist who has been convinced by the evidence to turn to God. The evidence is quite simply not there.

"no matter how much science tries to discredit Gods' word they prove it is true"
you all keep saying this. However, I have yet to see a single story from the bible backed up by a shred of evidence from any of you! Please tell me, where's the evidence from Noah's flood? Where's the evidence from Genesis? Where's the evidence of Exodus? Where's the evidence of Jesus's resurrection? Whenever the Bible has gone against evidence, the Bible always comes off the loser.
+Terry Terepai
There is no true difference between microevolution and macroevolution. It's a divide created by creationists to make it easier to deny the clear evidence that exists for evolution in general. What exactly do you think the difference between the two is? The process is PROVEN in a short time frame and can just as easily be applied to longer time frames. If you understand microevolution (as even creation scientists cant deny), then you understand evolution. In some cases it moves fast enough for us to directly observe and in others it takes longer. We dont need to directly observe a phenomena to be able to understand and calculate (to a great degree of certainty) its properties and its functions. Take Pluto for example. We know how long it takes Pluto to revolve around the sun despite the fact that we haven't been following it long enough to actually see it make a full revolution. We use physics and math to calculate this fairly accurately. The "theory" of gravity helps alot here. I know, I'm bringing up those crazy theories again. Is this what you meant by using one theory to prove another. I believe you said something similar earlier. Do you deny the accuracy of the "theory" of gravity. Its been pretty darn accurate so far.
Looks like Sarah Palin riding the Tyrannosaurus! It is rather interesting but the statement clearly lacks a very important detail - evidence, not books. It is the enormous presence of evidence that qualifies the Theory of Evolution and the lack of evidence that disqualifies Creationism. Basic scientific fact. That being said, why bring God down to our, physical level, that we may at last be gratified of His presence? We should strive to be better ourselves and seek the Divine by understanding our fellow human beings and living in harmony with them and our environment.
So, by this picture's explanation, it's easier to read a book full of lies and fairy tales than to read books that explains everything scientifically and actually learn something? Yay for creationism... not so much.
+Clayton Decker Scientists are not studying evolution "in an attempt to deny creation". Scientists are studying evolution in an attempt to explain the universe, and the life on our little speck of the world, so they can find ways to improve our lives. It is absolutely disgusting that you sit there and accept the benefits that science has brought you every single day of your life and then trivialise the work done by these people.

Of course evolution has changed since Darwin's day. New evidence discovered since then has meant additions to the model proposed by Darwin, but the core of the theory has remained intact. This is the way that Science works. It happens in every field of science and is it's main strength, and is what has allowed you to go through your life in amazing comfort. This is why science is so successful at making our lives better, whereas religion has provided nothing of value in 2000 years (and in fact, impeded progress for most of that)

The paranormal didn't evolve. There is no evidence of "paranormal". That's why it's called paranormal. And what about the missing links? What missing link? Every single fossil that is found to fill a gap simply adds one more missing link for creationists. But of course we have an excellent series of "links" between our primate ancestor and Homo Sapiens. Creationists simply write them off as either "apes" or "humans". Of course, the hilarious fact is that not even the creationists agree on this!
If God doesn't exist, then how did everything come to be? I'm sure that you have a logical answer..Let's see Palin on a you must be a far left wing liberal evolutionist...Right?
You have to be a total moron to believe that.
Evolution: The equivalent of believing that an EF-5 tornado ripping through a junkyard can spit out a fully constructed 747. It takes more faith to believe in that than it does in creation.
I'm sure was posted by someome who never read the book anyway. Try reading the Bible.
How come so many creationists +1 their own posts? Is it to make their opinions appear more accepted? Anyway, since the creationists have run and hid, I'll add just one more thing before I go to bed.
So much of the bible has been shown to have not occurred. Genesis, Noah's Ark, Exodus. So where does that leave the bible? It's a bunch of mythical stories invented by Bronze Age priests to try to explain the world. It is clear they had no input from God. So why the hell are we listening to it? Why do we let it guide our morals? Why do we try to let it guide scientific discovery? We have advanced in so many ways since then, 2,500 years of morality, of culture, of science, of reason, of engineering. We have progressed so far since those days. Why should we believe that these bronze age men have some special knowledge about God that we do not have today? The stories where people talk to God directly have been shown to just be that, stories. So without any dialogue with God, they are simply writing from ignorance.
It's time to step into the 21st century, and stop letting ideas from 2 millennia ago hold us back.
It's amazing how people get so emotionally caught up in ideas. It all boils down to the ego's need to be right.
umm, yeah actually, +Aaliyah Love , it is totally believable. Would you rather believe that something exploded and you came from a monkey?
"But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall go into the ark-- you, your suns, your wife, and your sons' wives with you. And of every living thing of all flesh you shall bring two of every sort into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. Of the birds after their kind, of animals after their kind, and of every creeping thing of the earth after its kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive." - Genesis 6:18-20
So God actually said that the animals would come to Noah.
You can believe evolution if you want, but it makes no sense at all. I wouldn't want to believe in evolution, i like to think i have some purpose. And i know that I was created for a purpose. To serve my Lord, and to lead others to His Kingdom. And let me say, I serve a wonderful Lord! :)
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There seem to be a lot of people in need of imaginary friends in this thread. I used to have one myself, a little dog I called Timmy. We were inseparable, eating, playing just having fun; it was great, Timmy the Magnificent could do anything.
Then I turned four years old and realized it wasn't real.
"a bunch of hard ones"? lol, Yeah, someone once said that the Bible is so simple that a child can understand it; yet so profound that we'll be studying it for eternity.
+Trey Manus
And if I dont have an explanation for where it all came from, does that make your god assumption any more true? Some say yes. I say they dont understand what an argument from ignorance is. Why is it when a theist is criticized regarding their unproven assumptions about a grand creator, they respond with "You got anything better?" There are lots of other explanations we could discuss but why not just defend the claim youre making before diving into another claim. One at a time please, one at a time.
humans created gods not vice versa
+Curt Gustafson
I hate to break it to ya but atheists are more knowledgeable regarding the bible (and every other religion for that matter). Reading religious texts is the fastest way to become atheist. Not just one though. Have you dismissed those other religions without reading and studying them? Why? The same reasons you dismiss those other extraordinary religious claims is the same reason you should dismiss your extraordinary religious claims. Give it some thought. If you start with "which one do I choose", you've already skipped a step. "Should I pick one at all" should be the first question.
Pathetic of all the atheist assholes on the internet. Smh
its sad to read all the comments and realize that a lot more people are still lost
Most anti-religious folk are just anti-church. There is no difference between the dogma of an atheist and the dogma of a cleric. No difference between the respective prejudices of skeptics and 'believers'- both are forms of zealotry. Just watch a skeptic cling to their own disbelief, like their opponents they will sabotage opposing ideas to promote the 'validity' of their own instead of just evaluating it as information.
And ideas like Darwinism and Creationism are just fan club promotions.
Darwin, Einstein and the like are no more than mere celebrities, really. And this is the bottom line.
True education comes from gathering information and weighing their values. Not from the promotion of subjective paradigms- Which is what the various "systems" do.
+Brianna Quimby Your god sounds like a human. Your lord is indeed good, good in killing people; at least 2 million according to the bible. Fear and punishment create your purpose you so desperately seek.
You do seem to not understand evolution at all, hence the monkey card you played. Let us for simplicity call it a common ancestor and a messy process taking millions of years, not really rocket science.
+Terry Terepai you seem fairly intelligent however you might want to revise your understanding of theory. Look it up in a dictionary.
So unrealistic! Palin's chest is just not that hefty...
Mormonism (too young to remember) -> Presbyterian (still too young, but the doughnuts were really good) -> Catholic (understood more but I was not moved) -> Atheist (my enlightenment throughout's all dancing atoms, chemistry, physics, what a relief!) -> non-denominational Christian (acknowledged my religious bigotry and roots of my disbelief but still by no means convinced, starting reading C.S. Lewis's theological works (Problem of Pain, Mere Christianity, etc) and faced the REAL arguments for and against Christianity).

Yes, there are real arguments for Christianity that are held by some incredibly intelligent people, many of which are very high in academic and scientific circles. Any objections you may think are novel, witty, whatever have been thought about for a very long time, trust me. So if you're interested in more than putting people down then I encourage you to look into it.
Who is up for writing a new religion that starts with "And then G+ created the ripple, and it was good"?
+Kevin Bak My God was human for a time, He came to earth, working miracles. He came to earth knowing well what He was here for, which was to die a horrible death so that He could pay for your sins, and everybody else's sins. He was mocked, (and is still being mocked in this post!) beaten, and nailed to a cross, just so that people like you and me Heaven when we don't deserve it at all. He rose again on the third day, because He is God.
my Lord loves His children who seek to follow after Him.
He has shown me time, and time again that He is real. Through answered prayer, through His Word, (the Bible) and in so many other ways.
+Brianna Quimby speaking in your very language - it's not a 'choice' regarding what is actually true. What happened - happened! It cannot be changed merely because you don't like how it happened.
You'd rather believe that God did all this through "magic" rather than try to find out exactly HOW? Let's for a minute say I'm not taking away from "God" what he's supposed to have done (created everything... blah etc. everything great). Now getting over the hurdle - we can focus on what's REALLY interesting to "Science" - even if GOD did it - HOW did he DO it?
I don't suppose God took the easy way just because human beings are too lazy to research HOW the natural order of things actually came about.
I know God is real because He reveals Himself to me. When that happens, you don't start demanding that He explain the details you misunderstood. Instead, you humble yourself. It wasn't too long ago that you peacocks were strutting around talkin bout how the world is flat. If God-fearing people hadn't brought on the Enlightenment, all you cocky bastards would still be having sex with your cousins and throwing your feces. The problem is most often pride. God tells us that we need only ask in order to receive. But no, that is just too much. You won't seek the truth because you instinctively KNOW that God is real. That's why you cling to clever slogans that invariably blaspheme God, and spew insults at believers. If God is so inconsequential, why don't you religion-bashers go get a life? Really?? Is making fun of 'idiots' the best thing you can come up with to make your life meaningful? Please wake up, retards. The people you so readily judge may well save your life one day.
Morons all have one thing in common, whether they be Creationist, Evolutionist or Whateverist, they choose not to read or think for themselves, they just imprint and parrot the first idiot that crosses their path and tells them what and how to think. For the rest of use who choose to read and think for ourselves there is the Anthropic principle.
+Steven Sandleben Funny how "God shows himself to you" and then you go and call people retards. You're really living by the word of the book, huh? You are a perfect example of "Christian Tolerance". Whatta joke.
+David Herrick : Good point, except that creation don't think for themselves. Those who study and understand science and how it works ARE thinking for themselves. There is no hypothesis to test that will show the bible is the literally from God.
It is true of some people who for their own reasons don't like religion or the religious and they are not all that educated in the sciences. However, who they believe are the ones with the education and knowledge on the subject.
+Steven Sandleben : As for the religious bashing post, if I remember right, the Christian is suppose to "turn the other cheek" not engage in name calling. Also, you seem to assume morality = religion. This is demonstrability not true.
Additionally the original post is only about making fun of Creationist ... not God or the bible. Nothing is inherently wrong with believing in whatever you wish. It's only those who deny the facts of Evolution who would push their ignorance on other people, especially the uninitiated, that is galling and wrong. Please, believe what you will but leave facts of science to those who actual know what they are talking about. The lies of Creationist are well documented and, to my mind, have nothing to do with what Christ would have wanted.
Now with the comment limit reached, people can't debate further. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
I find it disappointing that the 500 comment limit exists, it was reached so quickly and leaves us with an unfinished argument. Questions are left unanswered and someone might actually think that creationists still have a hole to crawl into...
More to the heavens and earth than in man's philosophies. I think that's in the Bible or Oprah said it.
let jesus get his own dinosaur..
Atheism, because it's easier, to don't try to learn the whole thing, and read all the philosophy and theology that is supposed to be read. Atheists doesn' t know Kant, Augustine of Hippo, William Craig, Alvin Plantinga, etc. At least try to learn what you are talking about, it isn't logical to criticize a thing that you don't even know anything about... and every single atheist come with the same fallacies...
god may or may not exist.

but i'm thoroughly convinced that organized religion is unecessary
Oh how my views have changed. +Alexi Baptiste's comment necrobumped this post back to my attention. Rereading my old comments, it's astonishing how my views have evolved.

No longer an evolutionary creationist. Not even much of a theist anymore. I'm not wrong in what I said, but I certainly don't believe the same anymore.
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