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HOLY CRAP! This made me squeal. (via +Beau Ryan)
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That was a MUCH BIGGER WTF than I thought it would be!
That was amazing! 'Woman on Wire' needs to be made.
awsom would you do that casey i'll drive the truck
Jeez just play Russian roulette instead, its easier on the nerves.
I thought slackliners were the kind of people who aren't big fans of the internal combustion engine.
Speaking as a Volvo guy, I'm not sure thats really the type of publicity volvo wants. I'm surprised they went for it. lol.
That woman was nuts! I almost pissed myself before she got to the other end.
Girl has guts, I couldn't, and will not be trying that anytime soon.
i dont think i was even breathing watching that video.
Casey, You're too attractive to start us thinking about you squealing! Naughty girl!
hairy cow on a land bridge!!!!!!! :0
did anyone notice that girls last name is DICKey,but anyway this is crazy i would never do anything like this and she literaly almost fell wow this girl is brain damaged from drugs she is moving
i wish she would of fell and cracked her head and she would of died  a really painfull DEATH.
wow. amazing
Bullshit - Show me a camera that focuses on her and only her the whole time. Straight out of a movie.
Really daring. I just have to ask...why?
"This made me squeal"

Funniest expression I have ever heard. As for that video: Wow!
i dont know what made YOU squeal, but for me, it was the beautiful landscape :D
+akili porter Allow me to edit that sentence. I wish she would have fell, cracked her head, and died a really painful death.
ok hearts beating like crazy...what a nail biter that was!!
easter, we don't wish your eggs were cracked! Split in the middle but not in two, yes
Fili S
go croatia !
+Shelby Shum  With flawless logic and a proficiency in English, she certainly is going places ;) 
they have interstates in Croatia ?
easter, how special, you are promulgating cogitations! Beat it!
Pretty amazing balancing! But she is on a safety line, and those trucks have brakes and can easily stop before that tunnel, so she should be okay when she would have fallen off...
yeah they could of filmed it tons of times
She makes slack lining seam far easier than it actually is. 
S Reyna
why did this make u squeal it made me sad that she didnt die
Volvo is serious about testing and I believe its real!!!
Why not try something difficult or dangerous? 
Seriously ridiculous if you ask me. Talent and insanity all in a nice little package. Is it just me or, does she kind of look like a mad chimp when she is balancing on the rope?
HUGE kudos for both the driver's who drove with shear professionalism and nerves of steel!!!!
So who wants to start a pool on how long it takes to put that stunt in an action movie? Next summer blockbuster perhaps? Avengers sequel?
wow, all that effort for what? Anytime I see this shit I hope for an accident. When animals attack and worlds scariest police chases really make my day. Why not use all that effort for something that makes the world a better place. How much money was spent making this vid? All the people involved could have gone to a soup kitchen instead. Donated all the money to the poor or something. pfff...
I loved it..not too scary but at least she tried & she knews that she will make it..
Yeah OK...WOW!...but WTF? is there a reason why for this?  the closing credits indicate it had something to do with the Volvo trucks.  Exactly what was demonstrated about the trucks in this stunt?  Anyone care to inform me?

 PS- be on the watch for my upcoming video parody of this.
Nice helmet, gloves, and other body armor... idiot. 
That person is crazy and could be talented. 
Proof that some girls are more insane then crazy guys
amazing but you could tell she was going to make the jump
also one reason she was going to do this is for popularity if its getting this much attension it worked really well!
got better things too do then try killing myself for a trill
i was on the edge of my seat for that she is crazy
Alex H
ahhh esa mujer tiene cojones, por eso dicen que las mujeres son mas fuertes que los hombres y es verdad, por eso que vivan las hembras que son como las flores
Alex H
ahhh this woman has balls, so they say that women are stronger than men and it is true, why females live are like flowers
She could do it... Good for her... As for the critics well why do you care so much. Idk how this is going to affect you... Thumbs up for her courage...
+Jeff Smith I'm gonna attempt this at home. Just needa get two trucks and get a 10 kilometer highway built in my backyard.
That was crazy awsome!
This should be a show commercial or something...hahaha
i do that when i get out of bed
Aaahgh!  That was awesome!  Good for her
That was sweet. I love seeing people pushing themselves. She put thousands of hours to get that good at her job. Wish everyone would take that much pride in their work. 
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Oh my god that was insanely awesome
I peed a little when she went down at the beginning "iz krrazy" hee hee
I'm calling BS. Think about how would they keep both trucks the exact same distance to keep the line from either breaking or slacking? Even going around that last corner?  

Brought to you by Volvo. 
Holy cow, millenium heroine. She must have been dosed with heroine 
Volvo trucks so what the drivers made this happen. Not the trucks I will stick with my renault. Brave girl to trust a trucker times 2
that is freakin crazy
She did not cross the line at all.. They joined several clips to show her on different points of the line... Watch the making of the add...
Crazy I will never encourage anyone to do it again!
Not convinced...I think there might have been some film editing going on here...BUT, I give her credit (if that's the right word) for tight-roping between two speeding trucks!
Someone said that woman she can't walk straight, she can only cat walk.
Nothing but a stupid way to die. 
Crazy! Mental! But superb. The last thing I was thinking about was the precision of the Volvo's. 
Some people are simple crazy. Why would she put herself through this!
Back to your original comment, Casey. That made ME squeal.
Verry good. o sea, vientos por esta chica. Emocionante.
Yeah.... Really crazy but she made it. Bravo!!!
Must have been quite an adrenalin rush.
Jim C
Insane video! 
anes kk
u must b crazzya but awesome ;)
u have guts...........OMG
Please excuse me as I go and change....oh the shame!
very brave women.
Thats crazy espically with those cars driving by!
creazy girl. :(, that's another reason why our health insurance is so expensive.
Wow.... Is freak after the first fall
This should be an Olympic event!
They need to fix the video the trucks would brake apart with the wires. 
Hmm damn one that i really can't try at home
Awesome skill's, that was to cool.
My kind of chick if u know what i mean.......!!!
too :L
its thats you??
so cool...haha
Olympics are so soft... 
Hopefully she makes it to the Merovingian.
that is insane.. amazing!
she's got "unas cojones" some balls!!!
cool!so awesome!!!!!!!!i'd totally fall if i tried that .dangerous!
I think thats going to be the new Olympic event in Rio.
All that to highlight the Volvo features? Bless the Volvo owners that subsidized the stunt with their purchases. :-D
Weak she has a safety line & she jumped at the end.
LOL, the greatest about the human race is there is an endless supply of NUTS
HOLY CRAP indeed +Casey McKinnon. That was amazing and best of all, I'm soooo glad to see a stunt done by a female (that's very rare). But I hope noone takes this one as encouragement. No need to risk life regardless of whether or not you have medics stand by.
wow that was wild.....great stunt tho.
Very nice and courageous.
that girl is insane....but it is sure sweeeet to watch!
I think that there are better ways to make a leaving.
Holy f... Made my adrenaline flow like a mother f... Stunt man that!!!! She's good!!!! Is all I have to say
Sweet. I want one of those volvo s now
well i think we.ll get a volvo
hi cedeno , where are r u from ?
I hope she was paid very well for that.
Wow! That's insane lol she had to be borrd...
Her ankle was attached to the rope but the girl has skills!!
Damn goose bumps! loca people ...
All I saw was a truck... and then, I lost interest. :/
J Ray
Looks fake
Why don't I feel the urge to buy a Volvo after seeing that?      
Small matter....
Really credit to Volvo.. I'd say credit to the drivers for not letting the cable drop while driving
Powerful stunt with perfect decision and timing. Really nice.
Say what? This was intense. Nice job
Love this! I hope they paid her well. Makes me think of all the stunts they did before TV like in the 20's walking a wire between skyscrapers and pulling tractors with your teeth. But this is totally the next level.
Maybe next time she can do this naked?
Never seen anything like it.....she's got some Big ones.
Awesome and dangerous.Can someone tell me where or the name of the highway?
Oh My God, Something that will happen once I guess
Great stunt. I wonder how many takes it took?
That has got to be staged, there is no way they would let it be that close to the tunnel
what a way to advertise....thrilling....
I agree with Anthony
i just lost some of my manhood after watching this.....
Beats a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning I guess.
wow you all need to grow up and stop sucking the life out of everyone else
Although impressive...extremely impreasive, what I got out of this video/stunt was...people will go to any lenghts to prove something. The video says it was conducted to show how the Volvo truck handles precisely. Well, my father drove big trucks like the ones in the videos across country all his life. At times I was fortunate enough to be able to take trips with him. I disagree with how Volvo makes it claim as to the handling of their trucks. Of course you when you put any vehicle (even a go-cart) on a closed course well paved will handle extremely well. But, most vehicles are not driven on these types of courses daily and real world events and roads dictate a vehicles ability to properly handle.
Crazy and fearful but very mind controlling 
Pagalo k Sar par Sing nahi hotay hahahaaaaaaa But Very Nice like it
Takes Skills and Imagination to pull something like that off
I wonder wat he was thinking when he was criss that rope
I can think of a better way to spend my time!
hay wonder your daring and dashing  i like 
So that's where my future wife is. I'm totally digging what she does.
How many "takes" were needed for this video???
double on Carl Spencer's comment....hahahaha
incredible !!! so cool ! I like it ! 
But she has a safety rope on her feet.. 
Why would Volvo pay for this? As gravity head and general adrenaline junkie, I just don't see any point. The wall at the tunnel is what mystifies me, rushing something like this is where mistakes get made. Just walking between two trucks OK, but if that's getting old take up base jumping or something new.....
My heart is still thumping, many minutes after watching this!
very daring indeed, better watch her step, and one false step she would be gone.
Lol PLZ FALL..... :))))))))))
Reza KB
This is sick :D
That is scary! I cannot imagine doing it once much less twice.
you're crazy u knw that :D
Holy cow that's my kinda girl wow!;
wooh trillful work carry on amazing, oosum
woohhhh its ooooosuuum.......that greet dare devil.
Yea that bitch got balance...2 thumbs up...
Tom Cruise direbbe che non lo pagano abbastanza per essere così scemo(e avrebbe ragione)!
cok harika ve büyük cesaret tebrik ederim
Made me CRY.  I was sooo happy she made it!!!!  My, My.......... the things people do.
Casey è ora di caricare qualcosa di nuovo!
et ben quel courage !! c pas moi qui m'y risquerait
Cool camera trick. Just like the Van Damn one.
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