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Lucky cat!
Sugar survived a fall from her owner’s window on the 19th floor of a Storrow Drive high rise.
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well cats DO have nine lives so....
Wonder how many lives did he lost in that fall O_O
+Casey McKinnon this reminds me of Tim Burton's Catwoman origin story in Batman Returns... I hope the cat's name is not Celina Kyle..
Lucky indeed but! that cat better watch out, he probably only has 2 lives left!
I'd say at least lives 1-7 are gone with that one.
nice cat casey & u are lucky too with nice looking face & sexy eyes
Oh! I remember our pet a tri_color cat mommy (white maps black & orange) before my family attending of my 2 brothers (William & Ricardo Baladad), 2nd sacraments (confirmation). Cat mommy jumping our window's in 10 ft. only... My grandmother saying if I saw the cat in that scene. We're going outside of our home it's is sign of accident.. When my father's friend reported our parents our home falls a coconut tree and seesaw the trunk on the middle. I follow to my mother inside why the seesaw of coconut tree I pray to thank God, Senior Sto. Nino's Cross. A miracle Sto. Nino' Holds a lot of our things.. only our home shrink . but my father's build a new small house. it is amazing a miracle Sto. Nino and Cat signed & Tradition saying ''Myth' 'Epic', 'Fable', '
After 12 stories kitty suvival rates increase, something to do with terminal velocity. And the fact cats land on their feet and relax more the longer they fall.
That cat must have hit something to break the fall on the way down. Also, don't think a screen would really prevent this from happening they are not designed for that.
Zamir P
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that it survived
+Casey McKinnon Radiolab made an episode about falling, and falling cats was one of the topics. Listen to it if you haven't, it's very interesting :D

3. Falling Cats: David Quammen ponders the terminal velocity of a plummeting cat, teaches Jad a new word, and helps clear up some fallacies of feline physics.
I wonder did she land on her feet? .......and she must be part flying squirrel.
This all Gods doing. We should always remember Him.
Why does "God" have to creep up in everything "miraculous"? :^/ I agree that "supernatural" powers might have been at work, but it wasn't necessarily "God's hand" that saved the cat. The spirit realm is vast and we are both guided and assisted by human spirits more than you know.
Fantastic! He only has 8 more now.
Yea for the kitty! Does that me an the kitty only has 8 lives left ?????
it means that the cat had a 20 story life
A fall like that, you'd probably use up 2 or 3 lives in one go.
Lucky cat. My cat would never forgive me for letting him jump out a window.
whats with the hai dear?
I might be blonde but not dumb
lucky cat
its true nine lives
kitty needs a parachute.
She is beautiful. I am so glad she survived.
that's impressive. i am impressed. this cat has made an impression on me.
First of all, you should'nt be throwing cats out windows.
Touching story. I love cats! Apparently cats reach there terminal velocity from a fall of around 7 stories high. It is only once they've reached terminal velocity can they utilize this special cat technique.
Once going at about 60 mph they spread themselves out literally catching air and creating enough drag to slow themselves down enough to reduce the impact. They also spread the weight on impact which would explain why the kitty had lung bruising...
What if you overdose on catnip and fall off a building.
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