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This made tears GUSH from my eyeballs!!! (via +Tara Tiger Brown)
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Tearducts, but I see your point

Casey wow that was great, thank you for posting this are awesome
I thought it was exceedingly creative. Can you imagine how much time it took to coordinate? Awesome
Fantasticamente eccezzionali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I saw it this morning. I was married once and vowed never again...but now I feel the need to outdo this guy...maybe.
Casey very nice, I looked at your website that you designed pretty awesome...keep up the hard work that you love doing...I love following your posts on G+...
+Brian Boyer now I have to watch it..I keep seeing everyone posting it and i stayed away because i didnt want to get all mushy and think i want to be married again...but if it makes you change ur mind..i have to see it!! LOL
Welp, looks like my man-card just got revoked. Damn you, Casey.
ok. that's going to be difficult to top....
+Casey McKinnon He should've done that for 20 year anniversary!

What will his wife expect moving forward :)

It was creative 
+Chi Hatcher it is epic, as far as proposals go. I didn't get mushy but my competitive side was piqued ;)
Lol. Well Brian I got all mushy. No man to take it out on. So I cuddled my puppy. Lol
sniff sniff ......thats so touching
you know what... this couple will never get a divorce.
I'm not a sucker for sentiment, but damn that was good.
I mean, if you REALLY, REALLY, wanted a YES, that's the way to get one....
Wow, just a couple days ago it only had like 200 views. Awesome.
I agree, it's a great pick me up. I've watched it like 5 times since it went up.
If she said no, that would be a big, public, OUCH!!!!
I was getting chills the whole time! That was awesome!!!
One of the best peposals I have ever seen!
That's really special. I know my wife will cry, and I was starting to tear up.
I saw this! It was the sweetest proposal EVER!!!!
Wow, felt the emotions in my lifetime, but to act on them. Incredible.
I saw that today!!! Best proposal EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
this. is. amazing! :') congrats to them! :)
I'm a 71 year old goat and loved every note and step, good work guys and gals.
aww that was amazing and so beautiful
Guys like that always take a public chance that maybe, just maybe, she might say no. Remember, the basketball proposal? On the big screen? She said NO!
ok? nice to know wasn't asking but nice to know
that must've been a hard secret to keep
i wonder how long it took them to practice that dance
I had no intention of crying, but I did. That's the sweetest thing I've ever seen. :)
White people do some of the craziest things, Love, love them, this is awesome
Geese how many people are going to post this?
For all you debby downers out there I don't think it would have been posted if she said no.....
How original? Loved it. Well done and every happiness to you both.
awe ! tht was so sweet ! shes lucky ..
so great!
That is how to make a women feel special. Great video:)
more people in the world like this person please! more gestures, mores imagination! we need more like this!
Now this is is the most romantic proposal!!!!:)
Thanks so much for sharing, that was time well spent. Thanks for the inspiration, I will put the time and effort into expressing my passions daily.
Fantastic .... I' m an old Romantic .... and I did cry ...just a bit ...!!!
Good Luck to them !!!! That is what make Life go round ...!!!
this was so cute and romantic, i watched it on today show this morning, on the 28th of the 5th today
Didn't the song say its a 'dumb' idea to marry the lady? And she liked it? Wow, indeed.
It's one of those things that you want to stop watching, and but you can't bring yourself to hit stop... Good video
Best proposal I've ever seen. The guy must really mean it. 
Absolutely unreal.
Only someone who really cares about you is going to go through all that trouble and recruit all those people, just so he can say the four magic words.
This makes me feel like an assholes. Thanks freaking a lot
omg that is so cute. Omg i mean its also unfair; how would she say no. But still that was so nice of him
totaly cool!!! Whats Casey Mc Kinnon phone # Total Hotty
I so didn't want to like this, bus alas...
Me and my family absolutely love this. Well done !!!
damn personal flash mob? how can you top that awesome job
Even as a worthless, hopelessly, tragically single guy that normally feels crappy at these scenes, even I was laughing and was happier by the end. God bless this couple.
This is pretty cute, but America has got pretty screwed up around pop culture if you're going to propose with a pop song. It's a great way to express yourself, and I admit it's neat, but I find the whole Idea kind of sad, incorporating a certain song into marriage.
omg!!!! that was incredible that made me cry for hours strait!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Amazing :) but that mustache got to go!! :)
Wow - gooffriends! Thanks for pointing this one out!
The secret romantic in me loves this.
Mike K
That was awesome! Something blew into my eyes and made em water.
That was so sweet. Thank you for posting
Do you know how many people have done this type of proposal? I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubbles but it's been said and done many times before.
looks like a weird video. like broadway
Reay it is a very nice realy made tears from my eybslls
That was great!
And the best part was- she said YES!!!
So wonderful! Just imagine if every man proposed to their love lik this!
that was the best proposal i have ever seen in my life i just cant even say i so happy for that couple
You never know Olivia. There are plenty of others out there that would do that.
ok it is pretty cool, I think fresh unique ideas like this is what is needed in all relationships
P.R. B.
saw this last night, great! they have to be happy together with friends like that to help them...
I +1ed it again and I said I wanted to press stop... I cant
Corny... Super fuckin gay, omg! why!?
Wonderful. Alas at 50. I can only enjoy the genuine attempt. Oldies we lack this strength. 
oh my goodness! That;s so cute! Now men you have idea's on how to propose to a girl!
Sike... That's was like the cutest things in the world*** #congrats! You two!
What do you think the wedding will be like??
This was sooooo hot... He turned the proposal into a music video!!!!
oww wow why did she not thnk of dat (thinknoutloud).
May there marriage last a lifetime. May they always look back on the day she said yes to him and remember what a grand gesture that was.
Very original! Thanks for sharing!
War G
That was good....congrats!!!!
wow, it's awesome!
thats kool, nice to see so much effort into this proposal, I hope they have a great life.
aww so cute, even though im going through a separation with my husband I still think Love exists!!
lo ame'!!!!!!!!!!!! yo quiero hacer algo asiiiiiii!....
that was so amazing GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
Wow wut an awesome way to start their lives together. Dedication to pull this off.
I was balling like a baby too. Best proposal Eva known to man!!! :-/
I have already seen this. Very wonderful.
That's was nice, but definitely, I prefer the Atari-Portal proposition ;)
This was epic! congrats to both of you!
Yeah. I've seen it and was touched as well. Great idea.
Tear Not gonna lie. ... Amazing.
A No would have sucked...
plz help me blog book
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