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I love Philosoraptor...
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Can I disagree with the Philosoraptor for a moment?... I would say it's more of an acknowledgement that man will create his own gods.
why should I listen to him? he can't even turn a door handle!
is he also saying you can have other gods after him and at the same time as him, but just not before him ?
We can "Flag as inappropriate."
I believe he was speaking about the "man made Gods" Idol worship, Bael and the like.
Well, as I recall, the ancient religion of Israel was not monotheistic as modern Judaism is, but henotheistic. That is, the existence of other gods were acknowledged by the ancient Israelites, but they worshipped one god. From that point of view, then, the statement, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" makes perfect sense.
While my own faith has been what some would consider shaky this particular statement is one of the statements that those who wish not to believe always point to. The point being made in the Commandment when taken in context of the time of Moses and Egypt makes it a very logical commandment. The people of Egypt had a god for everyday of the week and every event. If we are to keep the theory of creation according to the Bible in mind and that God created us all and that we are fallible. Our fallibility led men to invent new gods and God is trying to bring people back into the fold and say there are no others but me.

It is interesting how Christians even twist the words of there own Bible to justify there bad behaviors. If we were to keep all of the old laws of god people would be stoned every hour of every day still.
Actually, there's a lot of very interesting history and subtlety behind how that is phrased. Judaism didn't adopt outright universalist monotheism until the Babylonian period, several hundred years after most of the Tanakh was written. Prior to that, it was mainly monolatrous -- "we have our god, you have your god, and our god can BEAT UP your god."

I can go on about this subject for hours on end. :)

Also note the subtlety of "before me" -- does that mean "in my sight," i.e. "at all," or "ahead of me?" (It's exactly the same ambiguity in Hebrew)
It was written by some old dude back when there were many gods and they were competing for consumers loyalty. :)
Nomads tended toward polytheism. Yahweh was a god of war and the desert- a column of smoke on the horizon. Sedentary groups adopted written languages and monotheism
Other gods were real, as was/is the ability to perform magic (Pharoahs mages were able to match Moses' miracles). Worshipping any god is a choice.
Actually it means there is no other god before me thus stating there is no other god at all
+Laura Brumback that is mostly true. Pharaohs mages were eventually stopped dead in there tracks and said umm we can't do that one Pharaoh. Pharaoh still hardened his heart and ignored Moses.
+Yonatan Zunger It's pretty easy to see the motive. Everyone is a sinner and I'm the only one that can save you. Create the perfect market. i.e. everyone must use my product or else...
+Ray Saucedo I can't wait until you get reported enough that your account gets removed. WTF is wrong with you? Did you forget to take your medication this morning?
Does anyone here have Ray's medication?
It was pointed out to me that +Ray Saucedo isn't even a troll. Trolls can make sentences that actually make sense to the normal person... he's more akin to an escaped mental patient.
not really but i think they are more god
Or, alternately, the humans who write these so-called Commandments forgot to fact-check for internal consistency of the overall narrative.
+Jesse Slicer well lets not forget that 6000+ years of translations tend to produce internal consistancy errors.
Yeah - "Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife" - that's got to be a misprint.
+Keenan Casey and, of course, the intentional bits put in thereby monarchs during translations to keep themselves in power.
+Jesse Slicer Well like I said my own faith has been always towards the general side and it was not until a year ago I started back to church because of a few friends of mine one of which is a minister. We've had some long discussions about meaning vs what is written most of them he and I have agreed upon. That being that what is written has been taken out of context frequently.
I've heard Odin vowed to rid the world of ice giants. Abraham's god vowed to rid the world of wickedness. I don't see any ice giants ;)
girl you are crazzy and very out of place. read fine
+Keely Hudson that is much easier said then practiced or done in todays modern age. However if you truly have read scripture you would know that many of the heroes of the old testament questioned there own faith and doubted God until God proved himself to them. Abraham, Joseph, & Israel all questioned and doubted God. Heck God gave Israel his name after Israel fought with and wrestled with him all night long.
That means that you shouldn't worship idols, like what happened in the Moses story.
+Oscar Barajas Actually he is he even says so in the Commandments. "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a Jealous God," Yep he even states it as fact in there.
There are some translations, I believe, that have it as "Thou shalt have no other gods EXCEPT me", but even that acknowledges other gods. It also points to a distinct possibility that the Israelites were polytheistic.
he is talking about false gods aka idols that people made with there own hands , hence false gods and false idols
demons arent gods but fallen angels that believe there gods
logic? if he is the only one, than he can't believe in a god, no?
Makes a theory I had that I keep to myself possible.
nothing like religion bashing. kinda makes you awesome to laugh at people of faith.
Anything that you put undo focus on can be a god to you. Hense, if you spend all your time trying to make money, then that has become your god. The TV can be your god, the internet can be your god, etc.
+Rachel Marie And the Christian god wasn't made by man in the same sense? He was only introduced 2000 years ago (probably less), meanwhile civilizations have worshipped other gods for many years before that. So, logically, there would be "other gods" that he is refuting, I mean the men who wrote it are refuting.
+Jacob Sears Correction The Christian god was established over 6000+ years ago they called the religion Judaism. Christ came about 2000 years ago as the perfect sacrifice to atone for mans sins.
+Keenan Casey So before that there was no savior for your sins? Wouldn't that mean that every person living before that point would be damned to hell?
+Jacob Sears To say the Christian God was introduced 2000 years ago is not true at all. Christ lived 2000 years ago, but the writings and events from Genesis through the entire old testament happened over thousands of years before Christ was born. Proof: Dead Sea Scrolls. Prophecies of the same Christian God fulfilled by Jesus hundreds of years after they were written.
+Keenan Casey That's incredibly depressing. So for thousands upon thousands of years, people lived under the control of a malicious, hateful god? At least, thats what it sounds like to me, since he would condemn all people for so long until one man (himself, oddly enough) was to come along and make everyone forgiven. He didn't let everyone be "forgiven" until he felt like it it seems.
no what some translations say is "you shall believe in no other god but me"
+Alan Davies you mention another big problem with the bible, the sheer amount of different translations associated with it, all with their own revisions and cuts.
+Jacob Sears Oh most certainly God of the bible is many things including "Wrathful", he is also "Forgiving".

Speaking as one who refused to take the time to go to church and study the bible until recent years I can say there is a lot that I disliked about Christianity as an outsider looking in. Speaking as one who has taken the time to start reading the bible and go to church there is something to be said for actually going and listening and not hardening ones heart.
+Trey Corple Out of curiosity, what were those prophecies? And how many translations are there of it? Do you believe every word in the bible?
never ever mock god or thou who mock will pay the price
actually, I do believe that is a reference to the many pagan Gods that were worshipped by a majority of the worlds population at the time. Btw philosoraptor is probably the reason that dinosaurs were obliterated from the face of the earth. ;P
@Keenan Casey How might I be "hardening my heart"?

@Emm ily If you're speaking of me, I am not mocking any god, simply questioning, and if that's not allowed, well that sucks then.
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+Jacob Sears they make up a large portion (if not all) of Isiah. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the original documents that were discovered a few years ago. There are as many translations of it as there are of the bible and when matched up to the originals it is evident that translation did not misrepresent them. And yes, I believe every word in the Bible is true.
+Vera Wolf agreed, probably just shortly before they started to change and manipulate the pagan holidays into their own.
Hey everybody, let's take what a talking dinosaur says literally and analyze it like a bunch of morons. It's a joke! Laugh!
+Trey Corple But what do the translations say? And you think the ark, the garden of eden, and the virgin conception are all true then?
+Jacob Sears I did not say that you were. I will say your argument or perspective depending on how we want to term it are from one who either has not or does not go to church. I'm guessing since they sound like arguments I have used in the past. As for hardening ones heart it is a reference to turn a blind eye and not listening to the meaning of what is said. There is much translations change as far as verbiage but the meanings of what is said in the messages remain the same.

Do not misunderstand my me for taking everything the Bible says to heart though. If you read most of the Old testament it is bloody and brutal and God is not all nice and wonderful. God is very Wrathful during the Old Testament. Also the answer to most crimes was stoning to death or burning. I don't honor those laws I'm sorry. Not to mention Slavery is not condemned by God.
+Bobby Hughes Two questions. First, how is faith "free thinking"? Most I've seen and heard of are quite oppressive of free thought. Second, Faith by definition is "belief that is not based on proof". So, how does fear hold us back from accepting a notion without a base in reality?
+Keenan Casey Well, I respect your beliefs (I hope you see and believe that), and am glad you do not turn a blind eye to the spiteful and bloody parts of "the good book". If it guides you well, so be it.
+Jacob Sears The translations are large portions of the Bible. Psalms, Isaiah, and Deuteronomy (spelling?). What is written on them in the same thing in the Bible today, and they predate the birth of Christ which is particularly important because he fulfills prophecies written in them. I cant sit here and list them off for you, but 2000 of roughly 2500 prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled to the letter. Also, yes I believe the ark, the garden of eden, and virgin conception all happened
Phiosoraptorism...sweeping the nation.
With no other gods he meant like false gods. Look at other Ancient religions. They had a bunch of false gods. That's what he meant. So yes there are other gods... Money could be a god if you put money before God.
Yup, Agreed Rachel Turman... He is the only true god...!
If you choose God of heaven and earth He must be the center of your faith not to other gods made by men on this earth.
The Bible was kinda boring, I preferred Lord of the Rings in terms of raw fictional enjoyment.
i agree with rachel
The Old Testament is to Lord of the Rings as New Testament is to Harry Potter.
Psalm 33:12.. Says Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,
the people he chose for his inheritance.. but only one is LORD =]
thats freaking taking it out of context when he said that he meant that nothing in your life should take the place of him or should be more important than him..God created us and we should all give our lives to God because he loved us so much that he sent his Son to die for our sins read John 3;16...get a clue and all of you who reject God and make fun of God are goin to get their just punishment when he comes back cant wait to see all of you none believers burning in hell well see whos laughing then so id repent before that happens
Yes, God is admitting that he is not the only god in the eyes of humans. This does not mean that there are other true gods.

Humans, as a fallen race, dislike being contradicted and told that we are wrong. Because of this fact, we don't want to believe in the God of the Bible, as the Bible is a mirror and points out our own flaws. However, God created a void in the human soul which only he can fill, and this places us in an awkward position.

We don't want to believe, but we almost have too. So what do we do? We create false gods.

That was what God was speaking of in that passage. He was speaking of the artificial gods which humans create.
go hug a tree and die from some vine on that tree
interesting.....consider the preceding statement, "I am a jealous God" ,(then) "you will have no other gods before me". Jealous of whom? If, therefore, you worship Jesus as "god", your ass is in a sling...
Wow, that's so far off, I don't even know where to start.....
Your God = Your Mother + your Father
I serve seafood at a restaurant. So gulf shrimp are gods?
We are talking here about the false gods we make
we think will make us happy
God says let them go
They will never bring you peace
or happiness...
There's no hate. I would rather each of us to keep our beliefs to ourselves due to the fact others have so much passion in their own belief. I have my own personal belief, and just started reading the Bible. I have my own ideas on it. We could get into a massive fight on the most public social network on the internet, or we could just discuss philosophy.
Genesis mentions other gods as well in the second creation story.
nice picture.........but,from where you get it,because it is not available now......
religion makes my head spin..
Of course those who practice Judaism would sharply disagree with a Christian claiming that their god was created at the same time the Judaic one was or that they have anything to do with each other beyond Christianity claiming to be rooted in Judaism!
i'v not read the comments and i'm not sure if someone said this statement before me , i've never heard god says "there is no god before me" but may be there is something like "there is no god before and after me".there are too many paradigm says : "I am unique forever."
the whole old testament acknowledges many gods
Mo Mo
Hey...The quote , I believe, is: "Thou shalt not have any false Gods before me" or something like that. Have to agree with Maggie about context. Philosoraptor is a pretty smart dinosaur, but he got this commandment very wrong - just sayin'
theres the sun god the rainbow god the earth god the sky god. there are tons
jk lol
You are right Casey, this statement is one among the ten commandment of moses in the bible. this show clearly that the author of the pre-fabricated god want people to believe only on his invention,
God Bless the soul..................only one god lives.....!!
I wonder if this post is just a joke or an atack to judiasm & cristianity, but if you don't know the roots of the lenguage in which the Old Testament was written ; you will never understend it
Of course he wasn't the only god around--the bible itself is full of stories and mentions of other gods (or other beings or objects worshiped as gods). That's not at issue (i.e., Philosoraptor isn't providing any new info). Also, "before" isn't the best translation; a better one is "besides," meaning "in addition to."
so much for a lizard having a brain size of a pea to ponder unto such things.. tsk tsk..
Well Said!!! something to ponder on..
It always is disturbing when someone considers a question to be an attack. Too many people have died over the years because of this delusion. Just sayin'.....
Mary M
No it means the people should not make up "gods" or other things to worship other than the Creator of the Universe.
Are you admitting there is a God, you cheeky monkey?
If you aren't going to take time to educate yourself about that thing you are criticizing, why waste the time to criticize it?
be·fore /biˈfôr/ Preposition:

1) During the period of time preceding (a particular event, date, or time): "she had to rest before dinner".

2) In front of: "the patterns swam before her eyes"; "trotting through the city with guards running before and behind".

I look at the word "before" in this passage as having the second meaning, referring to the creation of man made gods that would be placed before the true god. I am not taking sides, just trying to find an unbiased translation of that passage. :)
He is the supreme, Almight, above all other gods. All other gods know that He is the GOD that created them.
So this omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent "God" dude somehow:
1) Can't choose his words clearly
2) Can't influence translations so they are unambiguous
3) Can't structure our languages so they clearly express the concept of a singular, exclusive, deity.

It sounds like he just doesn't care what we think. He made an entire universe in seven days and can't get these trivial details right? Why not?
I'm very happy to see so many non instigating individuals. Peoples views should be respected and they are.
Politics, religion, and "which is better?" posts.... All three instantly transform the internetz in to rabid hamsters. With that said, the correct answer to philosoraptor's question is 42.
this creates a deeper cracks in my brain.. good point indeed.
So, you have to choose.. You cannot worship more than two gods, coz you're gonna rank them and at the end you're gonna hate one of them.. " there is only one almighty god " .. If I'm your father, I don't want you to have another father before me. 
Read the rule book a bit, you'll see! 
If you read the Old Testament, you soon see that there is no mention of an aferlife, no mention of hell (punishment is always in the form of toroture and/or death), and that the fact that other gods and demons exist is taken for granted.
Anything someone places in a roll of worship or control in their life is a god, ie. TV, tobacco, internet, etc, therefore there can be many gods in one's life but there is only one GOD.
God made me an atheist.
It's amazing how clueless some religious people are about the roots of their own religion. The commandment "Thou shall have no other gods before me" does acknowledge the existence of other gods. As somebody else here said: Jews were not entirely monotheistic in practice before the Babylonian exile period. For hundreds of years, Jews worshipped other gods in their homes, in private, or in business. They probably were not supposed to, but we know that they did. We find statues of other gods by the dozens in Jewish homes pre-Babylonian exile. In fact, they were Canaanite gods, which was what most Jews were by origin and not outsiders coming in with Moses, conquering a land. They were local, indigenous, lower class Canaanites who probably rebelled against the upper classes, but still retained the culture for a long time. Only during the exile did they start to consolidate it into a real monotheistic religion.

Also, that verse is not the only one in the bible which mentions the existence of other gods. It occurs in several other passages in the older writings from the first and second writers of the bible.
What God is saying is "Man and Woman have the tenacity to put others things before him, therefore, making those other things a God. You have only to think about the deception of Satan (who happens to be very popular these days, as seen in the acceptance in our culture of Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transgenders, etc) and all others who care to be deceived.
If you think a bit deeper it means that All other (so called) gods are false.....
If this jealous god wanted man to worship him and only him, why didn't he just create him wired to worship him and only him? That could have solved the problem quite easily, right? It would have saved this god the trouble of killing innocent children, smiting unbelievers to death, creating hell for such unbelievers as Gandhi and worst of all sending his "only son" to be gorily tortured and killed. This god must be really crazy.
People who are strong Christians or just believe in god: you don't need to hate her! It was just a funny post and she didn't make it! I understand that you feel strongly about your religion but you have got to acknowledge other religions as well! 
Godly folks sure are uptight! Makes me super glad I worship Ice Giants. (Note the capital "I" in "Ice". That means it's the real ice giants, not the pretend ones)
"gods we make up"
see: God

That's my personal opinion, I'm not saying anyone is wrong. But that means you can't tell me I'm wrong. ;-)
Look, God likes the smiting. That's why we have such a crappy, randomized OS that won't compile the same way twice. We're the NPC's on his Sega and it's no fun if we're too predictable.
+Jacob Sears where do you get 2000 years from ? around 4500 years or so if I have it right ? The Book of Job ...
go look up the hebrew smart one. whatever is taking taking your top priority in life other than God than that is your "god"
+Casey McKinnon that's what happens when you post something funny about bible. Is their faith so weak that they can't handle any criticisms?
Oscar: Is there something wrong with responding to criticisms? I'm not sure what your point is...
Mark 12:33 "To love Him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices"
there are many gods Hindu Asian orthodox unorthodox seems they all share one common goal lol
I think i will be writing my own bible, hopefully sells billions.
Wow someones getting all angry about it.... just calm down, its only a joke. Jeez.
Funny according to the last point gods we make up (imaginary friends for adults) qualify as gods and if God uses the same traits to be called God then he must also then be imaginary.
And frankly having god pissed of that people have an imaginary friend is like a parent pissed of when their kid says their imaginary friend is their best friend in the world forever.
There is no god like unto the God of the Universe. He is before all things and in Him all things have their being. Other gods that men have are god of the imagination. Man maketh unto himself a god. But the God of gods alone is the most high...
sometimes creatures create there own gods, but there is only one god
I thought the wording was to have false Gods before me
Stop wasting time with your 'crazy' little religious mind games, beleive what you want, love who you want, and just enjoy life for ahem, gods sake...
Then, if it's a sin to have idols. Hell must be full of idiotic teenagers! Oh God... I should start to behave
that means christianity is not right with the whole jesus son of god, and the idols of saints.. Islam though is. we believe jesus is a prophet just like mohammed and was born from a virgin mother as a miracle..
anyway, can you just put this kind of topic out from your post?
it's not funny ..... at all
Why the anger, we all need an outlet for expressing our thoughts. The faithful tend to be the most extreme with hatred and threats. Why is that? If people are so comfortable with their faith shouldn't they exemplify a more altruistic attitude. If you believe in God then you realize God has an amazing sense of humor because anyone who is all powerful and wise would. Relax, and enjoy the ride.
not really God never intended us to worship other gods by this he knew that men can choose to worship idols or creatures on their own.for those who recognise him as their God there z no confusion for the word z straight forwad for thoz "other gods are not gods at all" but idols.
Old people do not belive that the earth is round until the columbus discovery. There so many things we still dont know about the universe mystery include God
Anything can be a "god" (something/someone you worship) - money, your job, your car.
Not funny, not clever. The answer is no. Anyone with a mental age of 5 or over should find the question full of fail. Whoever thought that was a good idea must have a very limited brain, (and no, the raptor didn't post the damned thing.) Is this what 'pop philosophy' has come to these days?
Too bad those people didn't read Bible for it describes in Isaiah 40:22, the earth being round and that was written before Columbus did his thing.
Agreed. He should also be reported to the Monopolies Commission.
Isaiah 40:22, the circle is a round disc. LOL. Like a table. Some used to think of it as square as in the 4 corners of the Earth. But that was probably a misinterpretation of 4 quarters like a pizza. Mmmm, pizza.
@ Jacob Sears, i 100% agree with you, it was not just for the image, it was just in general i just think and believe that thou who mock god will pay the price
Exactly. We as weak humans make gods of many things. Moses' people made one out of gold. None of these, according to the commandment, should be placed in our lives more prominently than the one true God. Would you rather doubt that and spend an eternity regretting it - or hedge your bet with at least a 50% better chance? I've met many intelligent atheists, but never one who knew how to use their intelligence wisely rather than selfishly.
if there is a god how do you know te christian one is the right one?
If the apologists are admitting that there can be false gods then they need some very good evidence that their own god is not a false god too. "Someone said he made the universe, and the universe exists," or claims like that, are not sufficient evidence, because anyone can make the same claim about any god and you have no way to decide who's right. If you want to decide that one tale of gods is true and another false then you cannot decide based on the stories alone.
This really shouldn't be controversial. The old testament goes from "YHVH is the only god for Israel" to "YHVH is the most powerful god" to eventually, "YHVH is the only real god". The transition from polytheism to monotheism is quite obvious if you read the books in chronological order.
Rob Bob
I always took it to mean god did not want to be a sloppy second ;)
Given religions interest in Virgins, it's the only logical answer!
no he or she admitting that you where directly mad by the same as stend befor you.
Rob Bob
@Clayton Vandiver
50% chance!
Know something no one else does?
A future Nobel Prize winner in our midst, who'da thunk it!
6000 years ago? If god created heaven and earth, then he created dinosaurs which did out millions of years ago.
Dem gui's who wrote that book forgot to plan ahead for when dem poor gui's will have kids that understand the phrasing of there words ---added internet version of words to be taken less seriously by ppl who need it to never change their minds
One meaning is to not worship false gods, or idols, only the one true creator of all.
This means that there are other gods, but they are false gods of man's creation.
if they are of mans creation then they wouldn't be "gods"
Perhaps a sign of insecurity and effectively a thinly veiled threat?
It is our perspective of God that the writer was referring to. Not God's. We commonly put "gods" before (in front of) our relationship with God. Material possessions, thoughts and people. This is the quintessential problem from the Garden and forward; we seek to be god of our lives and vainly try to achieve the best when instead God has the very best for our lives if we will seek it and Him instead.
Have you ever noticed that there are more post about Christians proving there is a god, than there is others trying to disprove it. Just saying.
Food for thought........but no.
if you say your son that you r not my son does it meant he is not your son ? then who is his father tell me.if you have common sense you never think about loneliness of God never means never understand
No cause people set themself as god and creategod to fit their needs
thats churchist (i have no idea what that means)
+Matthew Couto I just suggested on another thread that we come up with a hashtag for overuse of controversial content to get a spot on G+. All that comes to mind is #AttentionWhore
GOD is the only GOD and nothing will ever change that!
yes there is only one god and that is god our father jesus christ
There are and always have been other gods. This one-god thing was a new idea.
Of all the fake GODS I'll take Zeus over J.C. any day. Dude can throw frickin lightning bolts and check out his pecs... coolest thing J.C. did was turn water to wine and wears a bath robe. PASS.
really to me there is one god only because he is the go d that made me and you me and you
people make a god out of anything, for some people it's fame, some it's beauty, some it's money. People worship at the altar of all sorts of things. Doesn't mean there are multiple deities, means nothing should be worshiped before God.
Shhh..., you are going to confuse the Christians
You have all caps locks on.. "gods" has a lower case "g" in the Bible, actually. Before trying to be all smart, read up and understand what it means in the context.. not the verse on its own..
You can make an idol (god) of whatever you choose. Or Not.
<Also in the commandments>
Philosoraptor is right. People also tend to create gods of their own understanding, idols, etc...
Surely the American delusion of a 6000 year old earth means philosoraptor could never have existed?
ok Mr.philosoraptor ...if someone likes michael jackson sooooooo much...He becomes god to him/her....does it mean "He" is really one??!!! gimme a break...
+Maik Katko If god created adam and then eve, who in turn had 2 sons, where did their wives come from? Also if god cleansed the earth during Noahs flood how could even a large family group say 30-50 members provide enough genetic diversity to account for the whole human population now?
don h
Psalm 14:1 KJV

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. 
islam is the real deal.
All logical evidences that there's only one God is in Coran.
+Tori Price take a starting population of just 8 individuals as you state and within a few generations genetic abnormalities and copying errors during reproduction will result in a horribly disfigured and eventually infertile population. Therefore if the Bible is true human kind became extinct soon after.
Just means not to put anything over God, TV can be your god if you let it.
+Abdollah Afdel Islam is no wiser. If we stopped telling people to have faith in god they might start to fix the worlds problems on their own
Tori god is a myth created to bring comfort to people to weak to deal with the world on their own
his best so far- if a guy from Iceland was to marry a girl from Cuba, would their baby be name "Ice Cube"?
Such a benevolent being would not allow HIV babies in Africa to die constantly. Your god is a toxic individual who preaches forgiveness then threatens eternal damnation in the fires of hell?!? Give me a logical and well constructed theory such as ' The Big Bang that can be proved or disputed with physical evidence
+Matt McAleavy Islam never said believe in God and he will fix all your problem just like that. God in Coran and his prophet told us to work an work hard to make the world a better place , work to spread good and fight evil and then depend on God to see the results. Faith alone will never solve anything I agree with you in that and so Islam.
Nope. I'm not a Bible scholar, nor do I even follow any religion, but not the point of that passage at all.
he does not mean it a literal sence... instead of being trolls and judging ones religion - try opening a bible and looking for answers
I do believe I endured 4 yrs of Sunday school where to quote the local priest " those who turn their back on god are damned to the fires of hell" now I'm no scholar but that doesn't fit well with forgiveness neither does wiping out the whole world with a flood or the destruction of sodom and gomorrah! +Abdollah Afdel I haven't ever read the Koran but my comment was pointing to the futility of faith as a way of dealing with life's problems so I stand corrected.
Now this has been fun but I must leave my phone (created by physics) and return to the real world (also created through physics) and leave you to theology (created by a man) if your god IS real I'm sure as I am made in his image and he is omnicogniscent, he saw this conversation coming and accepts my disbelief as a reflection of his own cynicism many gods and many as we want! We can choose any or One! ;) God bless
+Tori Price Aren't you supposed to stop believing in imaginary friends at age ~10?

If believing in god gets you through your day, more power to you, but keep the preaching in the churches please.
some people just dont ever grow up
Love the commentary more than the picture too day. 
no it means don't make up any false gods, DUH!!!
yeah duh, there are no other gods
Question for those of faith: how does one go about verifying that the old testament is the word of God?
+Kevin Burger Faith. How does one go about verifying that George Washington was the first president short of looking in a book?
+Simon Cass How does one verify the validity of said book... My bible will always be Terry Pratchett's 'Colour of Magic'. :o)
Just like "...and he saw it was good." implies that he was just fumbling around.
Silly little god, just human after all.
This is why people should speak math... so much confusion with english :/
+Simon Cass You truly can't All you can do is take someone else's word for it, and hope they're not lying to you.
hehehe ............................ nice
No, he is not admitting that. He knows people are capable of making up Gods to adore. Just study history. Kings and rulers have been put on pedestals, etc. Wealth is a big one. Fame is a close runner up.
God has never said anything of that sort.It is silly to believe that this all powerful person has to block others from being duplicate gods. It is only that somebody wrote that way. How can god say that, or write that? In what language did he write? Is there a single god, or many gods as the hindu philosophy says?And again, , above that, which says" Aham Brahmasmi" which means you are the universe.
God is all powerful. But u are also part of God.When u are confident, does not do bad things,helps others, and is powerful enough to suffer life the way it is, and tries to overcome obstacles the way god would have done, then, U are the part of God, which makes the great god.
No. people create false Gods all the time. We place so much value in our cars, homes jobs etc...that we give them more importance than the creator
No. He was warning against idol worship.
just keep it simple just think about you being DAD and your son is giving credit to your neibord what or how would you feel.
Once you have a personal relationship with him you will know what I am talking about sorry for the interruption,.
The jealous god was powerless to stop the human open mindedness to worship other gods/ idols so like an impotent psycho riling against fornicators he lamented, cursed and went berserk whenever he found anyone freely worshipping other gods or idols. what a complete jerk!
"if you don't accept my supremacy and submit to me and obey my orders and satisfy my whims and fancies, I will punish you"
- idi amin, stalin, mao, pol pot, biblical god.
This opens up a massive philosophical can of worms -- the Judaic argument as it was taught to me is, plainly, thou shalt, meaning you, shall place nothing above The Lord. That's the Judaic argument, mind.

My argument has always been much more direct: As long as I don't TELL ANYONE that I love medium rare steak and a nice red to levels of gastronomic extremism akin to religious fervor, then no one can punish me for it. >^_^<
+David McGuire sorry to disappoint you but you should go spread the message that medium rare is the only true food and everything else is false food, and insult other food, and if necessary coerce, kill, burn or convert the eaters of the other food so kingdom of medium rare can be established, otherwise you can't escape punishment by medium rare. Beware- Saloman the wise ruled well, imparted justice well, spread peace etc- Wise he may be but he allowed people to eat any food they like, not just medium rare so medium rare got mouth-frothingly angry and cursed him and his successors so you have to be careful with this medium rare.
My God. Why did I not see it before now?

Medium Rare is the TRUE LAW. All other consumers of all other meat temperatures must be destroyed! Chicken? MEDIUM RARE!!

[But... that'll kill us!]


At this rate, we'll soon develop two extremist sub cults, one who believes that "medium" is actually an error of the era, and that the true temperature is 'rare,' and another who insists it should be medium. Soon, we'll have rebellion among raw foodists and the hyper conscious who want their meat so well done its inedible.

And it's only what? 9?

NO He is saying not to put anything else we desire before him the reason is we all die and go to him....
He is saying to make sure you choose life not death because to choose God is life to choose sin is death ...
yah there is only one GOD without him there is no life at all. dont let Satan to be ur god
Wow - seriously people?  The very concept of time itself is wibbly-wobbly, a 'god' is purely a linguistic and anthropological construct.  In 'The Bible', the nature of Yahway is described quite clearly as unfathomable, and you're arguing over a bunch of linguistic constructs and a stupid cartoon trying to prove what exactly?  That you're devout?  Only God knows your heart truly if you believe in the good book, and you're saved by your faith, not by your words, so I really don't get what the fuss is about.
Shut the fuck up people. It's only a picture of a joke. The whole point of the Philosoraptor is it's joking, not for you to ACTUALLY get philisophical.
Hi Nick being a born again christain and a believer in God i understand how you feel
christains forget also to be a little more understanding and should search out peoples reasons before commenting on what we know about God if only we ourselves would be more willing to learn trully who God is . We forget to humouress . I understand where you came from with your comment an picture  so please do not get upset okay ... Your friend Michael
lol. How am i upset? I'm just pointing out a fact that people are getting philisophical over a joke picture because it has the subject of God and people get into religion. I'm all for anyone believing in God but don't mention religion. It only sparks stupid debate on who's right or wrong. Which is actually arrogant!  Human beings have different opinions. If someone says they don't believe in God to say they're wrong is arrogant, because it is only your opinion from your human mind that you are correct. That is logical thinking rather than saying something is fact because you believe that to be true unequivocally.  #agnostic  
I have elected to take this entire thread and file it under "you are all taking yourselves way too fucking seriously." 
Hi Nick real Believers of God should know that the Bible says every man is right in his own eyes , in other words your allowed to believe whatever you like . its a shame christains even forget to smile or aknowledge each other today ..
After reading all comments i believe we have all forgotten  we are sharing what we all think about the photo and the impact it has on peoples view about what we all believe Christain or not . Imagine if God was in the room while comments were being made , how do you  think he would have reacted , i believe he would have walked out with a smile on his face because he had nothing prove .
+arunagiri a That plus one came super late, I didn't even see that comment before today, so please accept my apologies for the delay. You are officially exempted from the statement regarding people taking themselves too fucking seriously.
And my closing comment comes from a bumper sticker my wife and I saw, which read:

"Militant Agnostic: I don't know and you don't either." Immediately thought of this post. Heh. 
+Michael Perez There's your problem your looking at God as if he's a person. Bet if he did exist he wouldn't walk away with a smile on his face coz he wouldn't have a mouth.  -,-
It means in the right contexts you can not serve two masters  GOD OR MAMMON  .....GOOD OR EVIL .....
it's more like humans made that shit up and gullible people bought it.
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