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Best thing I've seen all day! Nichelle Nichols meets President Obama:
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Who knew Obama is a Trekkie!
all ..en . 还蛮不错.
And he's giving the Vulcan salute! Awwwwww... :)
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please what is the meaning of the that palm gesture?
cool i never thought obama would do the alien sign
See, he wasnt born here. He's a Vulcan! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
Relax people its a joke.
If this is your best you have seen, you must lead a really POOR life. Get real.
beautiful smile mr.president......
Empowering those hung up on the birth certificate? 
It was a joke ligthen up.
+John Davidson you could start then by not labeling everyone else a racist ;)

Cool picture, and she looks great.
First, I dont think I was addressing you. Second, if I offened you, AWESOME! My work here is done (See that is another joke). Third, I dont believe I did anything of the sort, I said he was a Vulcan. A fictional race from a TV show set in the future in outer space. If you take offence at that, then you sir need to really lighten up, or stay off the interwebs. You might want to go get a helmet.
Mr. Obama is one of the best presidents that we have had in a long time, considering the absolute mess he was stepping into, I'm proud to have him as my Commander and Chief.
Apparently, the reason we haven't seen President Obama's birth certificate yet is because the real name on it reads "Tuvok".
Pssst folks, I doubt this was meant to be a thread about politics and policies. Just a cool pic of a woman who's pretty famous with a lot of us and the President.

Carry on.
Pretty sure Big O has the geek vote sewn up. Now what are the odds he'll replace his American flag lapel pin with a communicator badge...
Chris E
Very cool! ;)
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