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Hopefully, people will actually know the difference between this Slash and a backSlash.
Thank you for using the punctuation mark vs a photo for the colon.
Creative Casey, cool. Maybe a dot and three pictures of Bush Jr.
Colin Powell should come before Slash.
This picture is a nightmare for those who see double!
Love this pic. love for this man for a long time!!! Love the lay out!!!
Chris L
Slash, a great guitar player.
should redirect to paradise city ... two axls will take you to the days of whine and roses
I typed that into my browser but nothing happened.
Thanks.  Took me a sec, but then I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Slash is a god. Used to get him mixed up with Howard Stern.....
ohhhhhhhhh lol. thnks!
If he were facing the other way it would be backSLASH backSlash and would generate a 404?
Conan (Team Coco) has been using it for some time now.
lol... really?..  say the letters out loud then say his name.... 
Look everyone! I just found this pic on the internet! Look how new it is! I'm soooooo metal!  666 hail satan \m/

(I consider myself an actual metal head, and I despise GnR, btw.  Along with most other actual people that listen to actual metal.)
Audrey: It's the rock-n-roll "devil" horns. 
OHHHHHHH! I hate rock and roll but my 9 year old brother and dad r obsessed with led zeppelin and the who and all those other peeps who like to make noise. Grrrr some music makes me mad
Audrey Carlson put one of your hands (closed) in front of you and open your little- and forefinger
Ok that makes sense... i am so behind on these things. except i do know a few things about the marx brothers
+Audrey Carlson It's a hand gesture: bend your middle and ring finger and hold them down with your thumb (leaving the other two fingers up). That's basically it.
i am lmao right now so funny and i get it
Now THAT is some funny shit right there.
troy d's comedy relief teaser and five other videos,, check em out lol
hell yeah guns n roses, velvet revolver, and he got his own cds out now, fuckin awsum
I wonder where you can find that on a keyboard.
Now where are the Guns & and the Roses :-)
Is that clever? Or, is this just really good scotch?
yeah i get it now too.. haha rotflmao
I think it should be followed by \m/\m/\m/
I see what you did there... BAD ASS!!!  \m/
Clever! Not sure most people will get it though. Maybe that's the whole point of why it's so funny.
Why is he holding an Epiphone and not a Gibson Guitar.. ?
definitively Conan started this.
tip one in comedy: dont reference D list rock stars that no really even knew existed at the time of their career when they were known... let alone 25 years later
okay maybe that's because you're like 8. the guitar player's name is Slash. therefore 2 slashes come after http:

for example...look in your address box
Shouldn't they be faced the other way?
Give credit where CONAN is due. Agree with the others who called it out above.
^   the guitarists name is slash
Great Mnemonic for those that still doesn't remember how to type from scratch a url adress. 
I actually read it as http:// in the first place. I'm smart like that.
Very cool. Thanks for sharing this!
Now Mac it and turn around and sue Conan for using your joke. :-P
Always good to see someone stealing Conan's ideas.
Slash always the coolest guitarist ever.
It refers to an old Wrigley commercial ...double your pleasure double fun.....
Lol! for the longest time i didn't get it until now. Nice!
someone help me....i don't get it
Team Coco has been doing this, and the people who can't stop pointing that out on this thread have been doing that just as long apparently.
Thievery! Conan's show uses a picture of slash every time they give their web address and have for years.
exacatly their funny they make me not breath cause they funny
Slash's new CD is amazing.  He seems to be getting better and better.
yes can't get it, whats the point? some one help
OMG, glad I wasn't drinking or eating anything.
he is known as SLASH so http://
totally. if only it actually showed up like that...
You could also replace the tt with 2 Ice-T's and the p with George Clinton (P-Funk)
Slash is the man!!! After jimi Hendrix though. But Angus Young rules
slash rocks i no how to play the first part of sweet child of mine
I love it. Oddly enough, I type http:// before every single URL I type into the Address Bar... I'm weird...
if you want secured connection, u need to cute (|) after p
Wouldn't it be the back of slash?
Took a second to realize that was slash and not Howard stern lol.
They all guitar greats. What else can be said??
omg thats hilarious and i love slash!!!!! ^-^
We are conducting a research study and your opinion would matter. Romney or Obama? Please reply. 
+Marilyn Decker http: slash slash (http://)

Two meanings:
1: Slash the guitarist appears twice
2: It's the beginning of every URL that goes into your browser's address bar
That guitarist is Slash if I remember correctly (know him from Guitar Hero ^^)
So Unoriginal. Bored from watching daily theft. I'm going ahead and blocking.
know him through Guitar Hero?? A sad day it is...
lol .. is https Slash in handcuffs?
How do we know if that's forward slash or backward slash though?  Does one vote progressive and the other conservative?
John O
I'm just glad they used images for the slashes and not the colon!
say... Isn't that the guy, Howard from America's Got Talent??
Slash was my idle growing up!! He one of the best guitarist ever!!!!
it took me like 3 seconds but i got it. lolz :)
now I'll never forget whether it is a forward or backward slash after "http:"!!!! :)
Took me a minute. Y hasn't someone come up w/that before? Clever.
I saw Ozzy and Slash live-in-concert on Febraury 1st,2011 in Los Angeles.
one of the best posts i'll ever see :D .... awesome
What happened to his band after Guns n Roses?
I just knew that he is so important in internet world LOL
m rose is adouble windups popon radio play s nvibrate s were barby n slash n possis gun s roseis ehehe
cool double take were Gi joe n Barby ken s off spring why thy didnt hav childen they com u their own boxs didnt hav toys to bk up the play ask matel .
Got it read instantly at first, http: slash slash. But didn't picture it as http://. Creative!!

And oh yeah you forgotten this 🚬🚬🚬. Loads of it. 
Hahaha Good one! If you get an error, remove the Guitar and the Hat and it should work.
Just for the record Slash is from the 90's and one of the best guitarist around!!!! BTW
hello sir how are you? my name is usman sami
lin tun
thank you for using the colon on the keyboard ;o)
Yeah, he's definitely not an https:
Can't believe I laughed at this as hard as I did.  :-)
total bad ass! 
brilliant idea : ) but where are "www"s   :P
hi Casey . how r u ? thanks for pic its nice ...
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