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This is horrible. I was considered weird in high school for my clothes and hair choices, and this news upsets me greatly. Stoning teens to death for their youthful expression is shocking and wrong.
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Iraq's Moral Police has released a statement condemning the 'emo phenomenon' among Iraqi youth, declaring its intent to 'eliminate' the trend.
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i +1'd it for the informational value. this is disturbing, for a country we supposedly helped change
Ten years of war to free this nation and it seems like the only ones that have freedom are the extremist. Will the U.S. government address this?
Whatever gave you the idea that what we did there was all good? No matter how bad Sadam Hussein was, the downfall created a power vacuum that was filled by radicals. Just like in Afghanistan.
It's all really sad and horrifying.
Der Krieg löscht jegliche Moral,es wird so leicht, nach den ersten Toten, gibt es keinen Anstand und kein Schamgefühl mehr. Gedankenlose, herzlose, Irre ohne Unrechtsbewußtsein.

All we did in Iraq was replace a Sunni Dictator with a Shiite Dictator at the sacrifice of 4,500 of our Soldiers; tens of thousands with life time injuries with the loss of legs, arms and other body parts; 30 thousand plus with severe mental problems; and all of this at the cost of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and counting.

This all came at the hands of a Republican President; a Republican controlled House of Representatives and a Republican controlled Senate, and the three Republican Presidential Candidates seeking their Party’s nomination to become President in this 2012 election cycle, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are beating the war drums to start more wars with Iran and Syria. [These imbeciles have never worn the Uniform and it is never and would never be their children that would be maimed or dead in their promulgation of phantasmagoric rationales and internecine policies.]

The fool-hearted American people who votes for these derelicts should realize that every time they install a Republican President, we end up with Wars and an almost bankrupt country.

The absolute sad part about this is; Polls show that many Americans believe that President Obama initiated the Afghan and Iraq Wars. Imagine how deep our heads are buried in the sand and up so far up the rear-ends of the lying, cheating, hypocrites, that call themselves “conservatives.”

Sheriff Ali
America achieved great things with their war!!!
i find the story difficult to believe
Krieg sollte immer die letzte Option sein, aber was in Syrien zur Zeit abläuft, ist durch Diplomatie nicht zu stoppen, noch nicht. Es liegt auch an den arabischen Ländern, den Rückhalt dieser Despoten zu beenden, was sie ja auch schon gezeigt haben. Ich finde es gut, wie eigenverantwortlich Sie im letzten Jahr gezeigt haben, das Sie Ihre Despoten auch selbst vom Thron holen können, ohne Eingriffe, vielleicht mit Unterstützung, aber nur im angeforderten Rahmen. Eigenbestimmung, Respekt vor der Macht des Volkes das aufsteht und ein stückweit Rückendeckung durch Flugverbotszonen Logistik und humanitärer Hilfe. Bei Adolf Hitler, hat Diplomatie auch nichts gebracht, jeder der sich geduckt und gehofft hat das es den anderen erwischt, hat sich mit seinem Zögern mitschuldig gemacht; und das waren Millionen Tote, also sagen wir auch mal deutlich DANKE AMERIKA ,Ihr habt dem Leid ein Ende gesetzt, auch für uns Deutschen. Ihr habt nicht nur Reparaturkosten verlangt, Ihr habt vielmehr uns ein menschenwürdiges Leben ermöglicht uns beim Aufbau geholfen, so das wir heute in der angenehmen Lage sind, auch als Stütze, etwas davon zurückzugeben. Unseren Eltern und Großeltern die die Zeichen der Zeit als Chance sahen, Männlein wie Weiblein zugepackt haben, haben wir es zu verdanken, wo wir heute stehen. Es wäre auch für Sie einfacher gewesen zu schreien, Ami raus aus Deutschland, aber Sie haben sich die Hände gereicht und gemeinsam, nicht zu vergessen mit der Hilfe abertausender Gastarbeiter. Das ist Kultur, vor allem als Kind habe ich sehr viele Kinder aus Gastarbeiterfamilien kennengelernt, in Wohnungen, wo wir nie einziehen wollten, mit Jobs, die wir nicht machen wollten. Wir haben es all diesen Händen zu verdanken, die nie gestreikt haben. Wir haben es aber auch den sozial verantwortlichen Arbeitgebern von damals zu verdanken. Heuschrecken gehören genauso ausgemärzt, wie jegliche Art von Fanatikern, sei es religiöse, Rechte oder Linke. Das Extrem ist, was den eigentlich richtigen Weg zerstört. Lernt Euch wieder die Hände zu reichen, in vielem wollt Ihr doch das selbe, aber jeder will als Sieger auftreten. Lernt wieder Demut, Respekt und was Gastfreundschaft bedeutet, ich habe sie hauptsächlich bei Gastarbeiterfamilien kennen gelernt und bin dankbar für diese Erfahrung.
It's the Daily Mail...any other source available?
Wow. This is absolutely deplorable. :-(
Good going everyone for getting rid of Saddam. Sounds like things have really improved over there.
Thanks Michael Daoust - so it's been called out by the gov. - meaning part of the gov. and executed by religious fanatics. And they counted "at least" 14 dead. That is first of all a different amount. Nonetheless it's disgusting.
so 90 is the sum of those actually killed (14, not 90) + those on a list + some rounding up???
Stoned to death. For a fashion statement. Remember kids, Islam is the religion of peace & tolerance...
well im from iraq and but i dont live there anymore, i know this issue of emo took a place even in the iraq Parliament meeting, every politician and main religion figures are talking about Emo and the young guys who imitate them, i've heard that the number reached 100 guys stoned (by stoned i mean the killer used a big stone and hit the head once) but after asking friends who live in iraq at the moment they responded and told me that they've heard the exact same thing but no one of them saw or knew any of these guys, so i cant tell if it is only media hoax or it is for real happening.
I left Iraq 14 years ago , in that time it looks like the Iraqi society has gone back 600 years , such a shame.

I know that this is going on a tangent a little bit but wrt to the whole "Liberation" of Iraq thing , the idea of force feeding democracy to a country that doesn't know the meaning of the word simply doesn't work.

It would've been much better if the country was put in the hands of someone who knew how to keep monsters like those (The Moral police that is) in check, I'd dare say someone who is more of a dictator than anything else.

I hope the world will learn from the failed "Iraqi liberation experiment" and a mistake like that will never ever be repeated again.
Its disappointing that a nation we have invested so much in is going to abuse the freedoms of its youngsters in such flagrant fashion. I can understand a strict dress code in a nation this conservative...but KILLING them over it? They have no concept of freedom. Nation building has failed. Only more evidence that America's interventionist foreign policies do more harm then good.
Diese Billion Dollar Rüstungsausgaben, werden doch sowieso wieder durch Öl - und Waffengeschäfte kompensiert. Die "Sieger" sind wieder einmal Waffenschieber und Lobbyisten. Ausgetragen auf dem Rücken des Volkes und nicht zu vergessen der gefallenen Soldaten auf beiden Seiten. Die Drahtzieher in Nadelstreifen sowie der Clan hinter Saddam hat sich doch schon längst bedient und nur einzelne Randfiguren außer Saddam wurden ergriffen. Die mächtigen in Washington hatten nicht umsonst falsche Informationen. Die Kriegstreiber im Hintergrund sahen wieder einmal nur das lohnende Geschäft. Die Masse, der Staat muß Zahlen, das am Ende die Kriegstreiber wie Geier zuerst an der Zerstörung mit Ihren Waffen verdienen und nachher die neuen Machthaber mit neuen Waffen ausrüsten. Nicht zu vergessen wie viele Waffen und Munition auf der Rechnung stehen, die man ansonsten altersbedingt teuer entsorgen hätte müssen
Jesus this is sad. I just don't understand how people of faith can do this.
You dont got a problem like that in Iran Contrary to what alot of people in the USA believe and perceive it as.
I agree with you 100%, Casey. Stoning kids to death is wrong & totally UNACCEPTABLE!
These 3rd world country need to get wipe out off on earth ! 
This is what will happen if the world becomes muslim
+anant kandpal you are wrong - you cannot blame this on a faith, you cannot blame this on a segment of society, it is only to blame, the people who did it. Extremism is the enemy here, not islam, not religion, extremists that invade lives every day, and hurt people by enforcing rules that were meant as guides, loosely written

No, this is not what will happen if the world becomes muslim, this is what happens from years of war, and poverty, extremists
Maybe not proven yet but it wouldn't surprise me!
The link to the Reuters item is further up in the comments section, so it sounds legit. It was just published yesterday, so the German press may yet pick it up, once they've taken their mind off more important things like Wulff...
Seems I forgot to flag my comment as "irony"...
Again: this was published by Reuters, and that is a legitimate and credible news agency. The worldwide press uses Reuters as one of the most important sources.
To not believe this just because one country's press hasn't picked it up is a bit ridiculous, really.
If you need to read it in German, several Austrian papers have reported on this, just look out up in Google News.
That is horrifying how can they do that, just because of Western influence. That's just wrong. And I hope it gets stopped vrey soon.
the fact that we are even hearing about this shows how much this nation has progressed. It is disturbing that this goes on, but now that the world has eyes on them, hopefully they will have to stop doing such things!
you can't eliminate freedom of expression. people always find a way. i agree we should shine the spotlight on such matters. secrecy aids such misdeeds to continue.
Horrible, still...there's a certain irony in stoning someone to death for being too "emo".
And they are doing this is the name of God. Seriously?
just one thing to say about these people doing this nukem dano.
Lots more students in the USA got stoned to death in the 60s. Iraq is just expedient.
Wow... As an American, and a child of the 60s, so to say (born in 46), and a combat veteran, I could write a hundred essays just on what I have read in these comments. Even though mostly all legitimate comments posted I'd say, and with a certain air of validity to most of them. It was inconceivable to me from the very beginning of the removal & rebuilding war in Iraq that if we were to have a full circle positive influence on helping a nation just about as different from our own as there could possibly be in it's acceptable human interaction, tradition, and beliefs, to truly understand freedom as we generally conceive it to be, as well as our general concept as a Republic of what Democracy means, and most of all, for them to actually be able to embrace it for any great length of time, then we were going to have to flat take the place over, from there on continue to properly police it for many years to come, and likewise introduce a re-education process into this country that would have to last at least one full generation of people if not perhaps two. Iraq, like many other middle eastern countries have been pawns in the hands of the worlds super powers, my country included, for as long as there has been oil, various other commodities, strategics, and known super powers that wanted them. Although not completely by any means, it is almost as simple as that. Now... my country is guilty of many, many happenings, past and present, that I personally neither approve of, nor am proud of, and further more believe we, as a nation, should more than anything be very ashamed of. I have often said there are probably more things about this country I don't like than I do like, but what I do like, I like one hell of a lot. As far as American youth ever literally being "stoned to death", and in my lifetime as indicated, because of the way they dressed, or wore their hair, or music they listened to..... bull shit... ;) Now.... shot, hung, stabbed, raped, mutilated, imprisoned, denied equal rights, or in general slaughtered in bulk, or individually murdered because of their race, gender, and/or subsequent beliefs and/or non-beliefs as a result there of.... Yes, our American history is full of such atrocities, but "stoning".... No,not our style, that particular atrocity, much like beheading, is reserved for the more "godly" of us across the bog pond.. ;)
@Gideon Tanner. As a 'child of the 60's' you are certainly slow to pick up on the implied alternative meaning of 'stoned' here. Makes me think that perhaps you were.... alot. Also, when you say 'combat veteran' I presume you mean 'of administration' because I have my doubts that anyone chating as much as you could have survived an actual gunfight. On a more seriousnote, it's quite uncool what is happening over in Iraq. However, one has to keep in mind that these youths are going against their society. If we murdered and raped, there would be consequences. Their consequences are just far more severe and for things we considder rediculous. Apparently though, they seem to take bad hair seriously. But, all in all, they cant say they did not see it comming. I'm not an Iraqi, so it's likely that I (and everyone else) has a very one-sided view of this picture. However, stoning is uncool, getting stoned is un-smart.
and they all said the first world war was the war to end all wars =this planet is just good alien tv.
hey i will sell them cheap stones from my quarry=religion sucks big time=and if you shoot somebody make sure you is a good shot.
i have 99 virgins waiting for me.
this guy is not dead its just a media have reported fabricated news .....i live in iraq
Jean le Roux...
Gideon here.... Your a real funny man there Jeano. I see from your Twitter account your quite the world traveler, and from your combined Twitter, and Blog account your quite the joke. You know, it's been my life experience that most smart ass fucking assholes like you are usually cowards who try to hide that fact behind their big mouths. Are you a coward Jeano ? Even though I never have much cared for folks who try to make themselves look intelligent at another's expense I can forgive the unnecessary trash talk regards my failure to recognize your tongue in cheek humor, but on a more "serious" note, I cannot however accept your blatant disrespect regarding my service record and challenge you to at least have the courage to either apologize to me, or the courage to say what you said in here to me face to face. And yes, stoning is uncool, so is insulting a veteran, and this particular one takes your actions in doing so as seriously as murder or rape. If necessary you can Email me at so we can arrange to meet next time your in the country. Can hardly wait to see what your really made of because so far Jeano... trust me, it isn't very much.
but that's what peaceful muslim countries do""
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