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Jason ON
Plus, Spider-Man has a movie.
Lol. Saw Spidey last nite. Awsome. But I'm frothing, ticking, drooling, snarling and snaping for the BIG one next week. Oh I'm goin gold.
Poor comparison.
We can prove who wrote Spiderman!
Benjamin Andelin
There is beauty in faith that doesn't require proof.
Troy Cahill
Just have to have faith, then the proof will come
+Corey Hodges I don't think that's "making fun". In mathematics that's known is - "proof by induction".
wait... you mean to say there really isn't a web slinging super hero living in New York keeping the city safe? o_0
of course, i've had faith and last night spiderman came to me and said me "a great power comes with a great responsability" or something like
ray bueno
im not a religious person at all,i dont beleive in much but i dont think that making that comparison was smart at all,that tell a lot about u casey
there's a difference, atheist don't ask religious people to stop believing, religious are always trying to make people believe in their faith without thinking this could be disturbing, in fact religious are always trying to make other religions people change to theirs...
good christians will turn the other cheek to your insults. but im tempted to draw a comparison between atheists and westboro church as far as intolerance goes. enjoy your evening.
 you are right dario but i dont like that either but making fun of it is not right
we re not making fun, i didn't laught, i just think that this is a valid argument, how do u know that spiderman don't exist? what proof do u have?
Casey McKinnon
Gees, guys... it's not that offensive! It's HILARIOUS!
i can't probe that god doesn't exists, you can't proof "it" does
Personally, I agree with Casey's post. Also, they may be stories but, could have underlying themes or messages.
And the 'Big Stir Spoon' award goes to...

Don't tell anyone but I really love you right now. +Casey McKinnon 
one time someone said "tell a lie too many times and you will turn it into a truth, make many people keep telling it and you will turn it into a religion" i don't hate god, i hate it's fansclub
How is this making fun of it. It's a picture of two pieces of reading material. Make of it what you want. For me I stopped believing in invisible creatures when I reached the age of reason, about age 7
I believe in God and still think that was funny. You know God has a sense of humor, people...try to be more like Him!
I believe in Spider-Man.
Always have and always will.
No argument will sway me. I have seen the web!!
If only it was a stack of Spidey comics next to the Bible.
Lets be serious here, everyone knows that Spiderman stole his theme tune from Llama man.

Llama man
Llama man
Does everything that a Llama can
He can bleat
He can trot
He's got everything that a Llama's got
Look out, here come the Llama man.

Llama man is the real superhero, Spiderman is a fictional character
I don't find this post offensive, I'm so sorry for all of those who think that by doing this kind of things can do any harm to people who do believe in God. "Faith moves mountains" is said from where I am, and such a strong (insert word here) can not be disturbed by such a bullshit like this. My life is all the proof I need to believe in Him. :)
this so typical,I'm appalled. I mean making fun of a well established belief system based on long held tennants which is known to have positively affected millions of people is just wrong.  Oh yeah and the god thing is bad too...
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7
There is no proof of God's existance...

Edit: no proof != false
yeah like that evolution thing, that's knowledge, right?
Terry Mun
Religion is just borrowed myths. This photo just lends so much more truth to that statement hah.
And if we switched the bible with a book about physics would your satirical logic still stand up? It's easy to make fun of things when you misrepresent them
Both are entertaining.
That's not proof, that's belief.
The book about physics doesn't claim to be the proof that physics exists. The book about physics describes experiments you can go and do to check the book. The book about god tells you that it's true because it tells you that it's true. See the difference?
Awesome! Keep 'em coming!
Come on dude, I disagree with this but a threat of the Lord's anger? That's hurting your position more than helping
"I believe there's a hero in all of us that keeps us honest, noble and finally allows us to die with pride. Even though sometimes we have to be steady and give up the things we want the most. Even our dreams." - Peter Parker (Spider-Man 2 - 2004).
The book never claims to be proof of God. Nothing does. You know, that's the whole faith thing they keep talking about..
Its a sad place to not know nor ask why and why me? I think that's fair. But to look, search, and comprise the best reasoning u can. Because its yours. Or careless, question not, worthless nonsensical universe of never ending non events leading to a accidental meeting with existance and seemingly accidental nonexistance. Seems all intelligent and unworthy of a quizical thought.
Now we delve into my world of order, chaos, mythilogical, prehistoric, ancient linguistics and communication origin, point of sentient arrival, chronologie, astronomy, matter dimesions, planes of existance. Nothing moves unless it is moved. Philosophy from sanskipts to the Magi.....that's a swgment of my dwelling into probalble to possible. These and other subjects lead me to my focus and contributions unseen and obvious. Whatever your thoughts on thoughts you have a core belief. Don't change it, research it.
read the big Book,follow the rules. treat others......
Do you ever go outside. look around it changes every day
One man's proof is not necessarily proof for every man. Some people think man has never set foot on the moon. No matter how much evidence there is, they cannot be persuaded otherwise. You need proof of God's existence? Seek Him. BTW, He's not gonna open up the clouds and give you a miracle to prove He's there. If He did that why would we need faith? 
If lost, the book about physics could be re-written because it contains observations of the physical world.
So many religions, yet only one science. Interesting, no?
Seriously +Tristan Meeks? Next you'll be telling us there is no Superman or that Iron-Man is all special effect trickery!
Straw man much. Funny how atheists these days have become more intolerant and bigoted than Christians, mocking and laughing and then pretending they meant no offence. Reminds me of school bullies who punch you in the face and then talk about how they were 'only joking around'. Except this time it's a self proclaimed 'intellectual elite' group of people who are the bullies.
the spiderman comic has the power of spider man AND stan lee behind it.
Josephus a first century historian even wrote and documented Jesus' existence and even the records of Pontius Pilate say that he had long chestnut colored hair. That's documented proof by two historical figures that we can all agree existed whether you're an atheist or not. I'm not pushing religion here I'm just stating the fact that there is proof Jesus walked the earth. For those of you who still take comic books over the Bible let me ask you this, can Spidey turn water into wine? Hell no! Party on Jesus!
So your explanation is that all experts in physics agree? Seriously? I guess you didn't read the higgs particle news
the thing is the post shared might be intended for humor but the subjects used are not appropriate. people of the faith will find this offensive in that it is basically degrading/mocking their faith; while the other camp would be surprised that those who find it offensive don't have a sense of humor. in which case no one wins
Good thing the wrath of god is about as scary or likely to affect a real person as the wrath of spider-man.
la comparación mas estupida y pendeja que he leído hasta ahora en esta mierda
Sam Jodie
I'm all about living and let live... But whenever a comment worthy amusing picture and caption about the God delusion come up (very amusing, Casey, BTW) - I wonder to myself... WHY do people choose to BELIEVE that God exists?  (Does it give them someone to blame when things go wrong, someone to congratulate when things go right and a blind faith that things will turn out for the best when life's a little up in the air? - I suppose it must)... And WHY do SOME religious folk CHOOSE to hate or look down upon or feel sorry for others who don't share the same beliefs?  I think it must be the 'belonging to a club' feeling.  Safety in numbers and all that.  Oh - and the fact that most people need to be lead... There's only a small percentage of human leaders in the world and we're mostly disenchanted with them, so - it makes sense, I guess.....  I like to answer my own questions - I'm always happy with the conclusion!  ;-{D
all fun and games aside, there are MANY interpretations to the "spiritual side" and the "greater being." we will never know until death. personally, all of these doctrines, books, and glyphs represent how we, as humans living together in a society, SHOULD react and live. a set of guidelines made by humans who can see beyond primitive thinking.
awesome... If good exists because the bible says so, so Gandalf exists because The Lord of Rings said
This is enough! To all of you people who are offended by this image and the jokes...what's it to you? What has this comment and discussion changed about your beliefs about God and religion? Nothing...just who are you trying to convince of his existence, the atheists or yourselves?
Casey you really are the most stupid person to put this kind of shhit maybe you only beleave in devyl
LMAO that's great! Some people need to freakin lighten up and live, find your humor. Geez
+Dario David Dimaro. I follow and learn the teachings and core beliefs in all and any faith I come across. I amy be the only one who thinks they are all correct and all incorrect. (Can of worms). Study sociology at times in history then lookmat the spoken word and its: eaning from moment to moment, grom person to person, dilects to heirachy of language in cultures based on respeted standing in the community, cross that into hybrid lingo and time lapse misiterpretation of a:word:here and there. Putem all together and you have versions of he said she said but......
I can prove one superheroes full cababilities. So that would make him real if there was ever a person like that.
you can hang w/ comic book fans, make a joke about god, them 'believers' want to send you to hell. (Carlin: god is all loving etc, but he has a place to punish your soul forever -- "hell")
Retarded argument. Spiderman never told you very specific details of events that would occur thousands of years in the future. 
I personally find it funny how religion throughout time has victimized, judged, and persecuted anyone who is different from them. Anyone who doesn't "believe" in their magical imaginary friends. But make a small joke at their expense and they all cry like you've just slapped them. Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, all just stories written to lay out rules for those who won't think for themselves. Written to make people fearful so they can be controlled or exploited. All built on blood, money, corruption and suffering. Stop being hypocrites!!!
You guys..............tht is really offensive to us Christians. Did you really even have to post tht??? I believe in christianity and I will yell it loud and clear!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you realize that if this 1 universe we live in expanded at a rate 1 quadrillionth faster than it is right now, the entire universe could not, and would not support life, and more than that, it couldn't exist at all. If you counted every grain of sand of all the beaches of all the earth, that would be one quadrillion. If you simply took 1 grain of sand away, that would be equivalent to how much change in the expansion of the universe would have destroyed the whole thing. 
+Casey McKinnon I respect that you had the temerity to walk into a crowded church and fart loudly. Good on ya!
The difference is that much of the events described in the bible are historical fact, not fiction. Unfortunately some people make decisions without doing research.
7 The apostle Paul spoke of “the god of this system of things.” ... He went on to say that this one “has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.”
w02 3/1 pp. 8-13 - The Watchtower—2002

ben frankilin said that beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. :)
Patrick K
Such oversimplification (without consideration to factors that actually matter) and the fact the people here think this picture is sufficient reason to believe the Bible is bunk is very disappointing. You can take a text like the Book of Mormon and consider it as bunk because its historical claims are not anywhere close to provable (the agriculture, resources, and names of major cities claimed to have existed in the Americas pre-colonization to name a few). It just doesn't have an ounce of historicity, whereas the Bible has thousands of scholars, archaeologist, and historians labor and succeed in giving it more credibility.

Of course, this doesn't mean that there aren't legitimate scientists and historians who are doing the opposite. I would have been more satisfied with your gimmick if you pointed out the existence of dinosaurs, the age of the earth, theory of evolution, seeming inconsistencies of Old Testament stories, etc etc etc. I would be more intrigued if you could legitimately call to question the validity of the mountains of manuscripts that exist for the Bible and the closeness of the earliest manuscripts to the estimated time of their origination. I would be even more interested if you could give conclusive evidence that disproved the existence of a historical Jesus or Yeshua.

But, people like to jump on the bandwagon because of a witty but unintelligent picture on the internet.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem, spider man is fiction. I used to think you were smart I guess were both wrong.
This whole argument is thing is going nowhere. You people should know by now that religious people by their very nature don't listen to facts and logic otherwise there wouldn't be quite so many. I might want to state that I have no problem with what people believe in and I was brought up in a Christian family but there is no need to try and force those beliefs on others just because that is what happened to you and you've stuck with it.
I really hope for your sake that this is not an attempt to make fun of GOD.
Because you will end up calling his name for help one day. and wouldnt it be sad if at that time he made fun of you. :-)
Dear all, not need to proof, God's is real in your life and my life. Just believe and pray (prayer is communicate with him). You don't try you don't no, if you try you'll in love with him:-) Jesus Love you!
Proof that retarded hipsters think they're clever. I am sorry. I forgot you can only make fun of people of faith now a days. #richmormansareevil
Spiderman 2099 told me specific events in the future like cellfones .... I don't believe that the Bible are specific in events in the future, did it predict CERN finding the Higgs Boson?, did it predict who would win the 2016 elections? .. also I agree with some of the folks here, this is just for some fun Humor (hello 21st Century?) ... also I agree with +Steven Tanguay about a small joke and people would bitchslapped you just because .... but in my POV Islam wasn't written down it was orally taught until hundreds of years later, same with Christianity .... but I do admit in later years Religion was used to control and exploit the people just to have a "civilized" country, it has ups and downs but sometimes we need to find some Humor, we are no better than those that came before us if we started to go Incredible HULK on people who makes fun of Religion
People who force christian beliefs onto others don't understand the bible at all.
Wow, what's funny is that someone took the time (which you can't get back) to share this....if you don't believe, ok....but why fight something if you don't believe it exists....wouldn't that be ummmm, impossible. Sooooo could your "joke" imply that you really do believe?

Spider man exists and why didnt he get invited to the avengers
The first one wants all of your money, the second one only rips you off for $20.
Spider-Man is misspelled. It's hyphenated, just like on that cover.
Why do religious people think others should tolerate their beliefs? I only have to tolerate your right and freedom to have them... even if they offend my sensibilities.
Stupid post !! What the meaning of it what dump subject !!
If you do not believe that GOD exists, what do you see when you look in the mirror?
Nick Legg
I would like to know how a bronze age book is proof that anything exists.  You're saying "The bible is true and holy, because it tells me so in the bible".  I'm pretty sure that's bad logic...
Yes. I believe in Spiderman. Nothing you can say will shake my faith.
wait for the stephen hawking reply he is in his way to prove these two matters 

In the thread:
Atheists and agnostic atheists get to laugh while theists and agnostic theists continue to use the very argument that is obviously false in order to assert its truth. 

Also, the denial of the responsibility to provide a posteriori evidence for one's a priori claims does not seem sufficient to necessitate the continued willful ignorance thus implied.
i agree with Dwayne. im christian and i cant stand people who try to force christianity on other people. they have to accept and believe it on their own, you cant force thwm to. if thats what God wanted he wouldnt have given us free will to begin with.
+Casey McKinnon is most definately not a hater as quoted by some whoa that has grasped nothing here but putting up a dodgey name and disrespecting others by verbal degradation. Calling someone a hater makes you a grade a first class straight jacket or struggles with a humerous thing +Casey McKinnon put up for topical joke. Id reread and or have a clue and a apology for your mistaken use of verbal defamatory. +Manolo De la Garza .
I think its trying to show that they exist on paper and an idea is completely real, but this is what i am incorporating its probably not what the poster meant.
Don't make fun of God.
so it DOES have an end! Well that's comforting :D
Wait, you don't believe in Spiderman?
That's just amazing. Its so rare that I just bust out laughing over something so simple.
In offended by the fact that this is true
1 spiderman exists 2 thstbis not the only proof of God there are many more than just the Bible if that was it know one would believe it also since most of the world is theist your insulting most of the world by insulting theism.
@Dario David Dimaro Atheists don't have Good News to share with people they care about.
PROOF THAT A COPY EDITOR DOES NOT EXIST: The lack of the ability to spell "Spider-Man" correctly even when looking at an image of the words themselves
Atheist have to spend all their time developing their disbelief in a Higher Power because His existence continues to be affirmed in everything that is.  It really takes "work" not to believe.
To the initiated no explanation is necessary, to the uninitiated no explanation will suffice. 
I saw this somewhere. "Debating religion with a christian is like playing chess with a pigeon, they will walk with their chests out, shit all over the board, and knock all of the pieces over"
I believe they would claim that God created Spider Man in his own image.  God wears tights?
There is no absolute proof that God exists. There is no absolute proof that he does not exist. Neither is there proof that what we see was accidental, or designed. Such ridicule in this post indicates the author is betting on chance. Based on what?  Ridicule is like gambling that you wont look like a fool when you find out more about life.  On the other hand, hedging your bet, is less haughty, and more humble about what you think you know. 
Imagine the reaction to this if it was comparing Allah to Spidey instead!
Very true, but something tells me that no one will be reading spiderman 1000+ years from now, yet alone even know who spiderman is.  but rest assure, all will know who God is and what the bible is. After all, alot of the bible made it well past 3000 years.  Whats a couple more.........
I sincerely pray for His mercy upon you all....
As an atheist, I have nothing against religion (my wife and family are Catholic); however, some of you just sound crazy on here. The stuff that you spew is ridiculous.
It's "Spider-Man" not "Spiderman"
I doubt +Casey McKinnon meant to insult anyone by this....I can see the humor in this being a Christian that doesnt mean I believe it nor does it mean that everyone should just take it as a chance to post their concerns about it
A lot of atheists on G+ pushing their lack of religion on everyone else these days; hmmm. Wait...isn' of their gripes with religion?
J Krah
So God and Spiderman exist...... but only 1 can save you. 
+Layba Zaman I could say "God is fake. There's no real God".
I'm sure many protesters like yourself would exclaim that I am being offensive. But here's the issue. Just as a comic book is no proof of the existence of Spider-Man, nor is The Bible proof of the existence of God.
It is only those who believe that The Bible contains divine words passed from God to Man, that see what they claim is evidence.
There is no intrinsic proof or evidence provided by the book in of itself.
Rapture? Haha. I'm gonna piss myself laughing.
+Nicholas Venditti - earlier there was proof that two of you existed.  But something bad happened to one of you.  I hope it wasn't you.
+Jason ON Jesus has a movie too. It's just that he gets the shit beat out of him. 
Why I wonder what all these comments are about?  This discourse has probably never been had before.
Yeah, but God doesn't have a film coming out. If God bothered to dictate his every thought to prophets (get a journal man!) surely he would be at it with some Hollywood film execs and script writers today. Where's the film franchise?
All you have to do is look around you and you can see that god is evident in everything that you can see around you and if you don't think god doesn't exist then you need to wake up and look around you again.
+Layba Zaman I'll take the theist approach for a moment. "Prove that there's no spiderman! He's real and I have the faith to prove it!" Sounds silly when I say it doesn't it? How do you think it sounds when theists use that explanation for why they believe god exists? It sounds just silly is how it sounds.
Strawman. I can just replace the Bible in the picture with the Origin of Species and I bet I'd get a lot of hate mail, but the point is the same. God exists whether there's a Bible or not, the same as evolution would still be happening if Darwin never made his observations. I'm continuously amazed that it's usually the atheists who are the more self-righteous in these discussions.
+Dario David Dimaro actually, atheists are just as bad as religious people. Why do you think we say happy holidays now. Why do you think the American pledge of allegiance lost the term under God? Because some atheists cried about it. I'm not absolving religious people though. Both sides have their people who will push either their beliefs or lack there of on to others. Also, Islamists believe in God, they just have a different name.
Excuse me +Layba Zaman? "This is called a debate" you say?
No shit!?! Really?
Don't be so f*cking rude!!
I expressed my opinion and you didn't like it. So you turn to snide sarcasm. How very sophisticated of you. Thanks for educating me.
Stick it!!
+Anderson Cardoso , did you know the creator of Gandalf and LOTR believed in the Creator?  Tolkien was a Christian.  Oops!
so we're playing the 'hypotheticals' ? Nice :D
guys im new on google+ plz be my frnd nd help me to know it
I think the book on the left has had a longer run.  Yeah,  first book in print if I'm not mistaken, but books over twenty pages aren't for everyone.  
hey twat get off my g+ page i dont give a fuck if your whats hott on google your whats fugly inside 
When my dad was dying he was baptised and started reading the bible. I didn't really understand at the time, since he was never a church goer. I myself am Pagan. But at the very end when he was feeling his body die from cancer, he told me having faith in something helps him feel more at ease when dying. In that respect I hold all people's religions as a thing of beauty. Be it the bible that comforts you or a kick ass issue of the spectacular spiderman..( I prefer the X-Men comics better.) In the end All the fighting over who's wrong and who's right about what God is real. None if it will make any difference I don't believe. :)
Funny, ... people have been referencing Scripture for centuries have found it comforting, educational, enlightening, profound, dealing with everything from emotional, financial,  legal, moral, and physical problems..

I think it's safe to say that (intelligent) people don't reference much less approach (bad) literature like marvel/dc comics they way the do the Bible.  Suffice to say .. when's the last time you saw intelligent or educated person referencing a comic book to resolve a spiritual issue ? 

Hard to imagine these people using a comic book to make a point... 

“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” -  *George Washington*

“I am sorry for men who do not read the Bible every day. I wonder why they deprive themselves of the strength and pleasure.”  – Woodrow Wilson

“Hold fast to the Bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties, write its precepts on your hearts and practice them in your lives.” -  *Ulysses S. Grant*

“The Bible is a book in comparison with which all others are of minor importance, and which in all my perplexities and distresses has never failed to give me light and strength.”  – Robert E. Lee

“If we will not be governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants.”  – William Penn

“The more profoundly we study this wonderful book [the Bible], and the more closely we observe its divine precepts, the better citizens we will become and the higher will be our destiny as a nation.”  – William McKinley

“Education is useless without the Bible.”  – Daniel Webster

“A thorough understanding of the Bible is better than a college education.”  – Theodore Roosevelt
wang just saw the spider whiteman on movie screen visual proof spider whiteman is real. any visual proof God real? from this wang concludes spiderman real and God is undetermined.
Faith is believing in something that doesn't and will never exist.
The Bible is not proof that God exists.  The Creation and God's presence lighting every person who comes into the world is proof that God exists.  Atheists don't exist.  We only have their word that they don't believe that God exists, but God is obvious to them.  They would need to supply proof that they don't believe that God exists and that proof would need to go far beyond just their word since they are not unbiased.  Skeptics wish that God didn't exist.
ബാലമംഗളം കയ്യിലുള്ളവര്‍ ഉടന്‍ അപ്ലോഡു  !!! ഡിങ്കഭഗവാന്റെ ഭക്തരും ഭക്തി സാഗരത്തില്‍ ആറാടട്ടെ !!! 
+Casey McKinnon Really classy... way to make fun of peoples belief system.  In that case, you should put a poster of one of your movies next to these pictures with the caption  "Proof I can act and produce."
Don't judge a book by its cover. How many people have actually read either the Bible or spiderman comics? I find that far too many people who tell me that the bible is "just a book of myths", have never once even read a single page of the Bible. If you serious about disproving it or even commenting on it, read it first. To use the catchphrase of today, you sound "intolerant" if you haven't. 
+Andrew Cowley I was looking through the comments just to see who would mention him! Just saw Religulous this morning.
People with schizophrenia could have seen or heard angels or devils. Not all of them became prophets.
That is not right to put god and spiderman who ever did this that is wrong what is wrong whith u
i think tht wat u  posted shows ALOT about u. tht was not funny or hilarious AT ALL.
As a christian i am honest enough to say that the idea portray here is a very valid one.

As christian's we must be honest with ourselves and try to understand why so many people are skeptical about christanity and religion as a whole.

It makes things worse if we continue to bury our heads in the sand and not seeing reason and reality while still preaching from our high horse.

If any christian is offended by this then they have a very weak base to begin with.

As for the subject matter. While the idea is valid. One has history and the other dosen't. One was written by many people thought the ages and the other only existed since last century.

More than 4 billion dead and alive Christians through the ages believe in the Bible. That must count for something in skeptics books.       
Don't argue with a fool? Why not? Why not argue with a fool if you think you have a better point?
I totally agree! with the concept that the Bible proves no existence of God. However, as a person with my own opinion and observation, the Bible does prove through documentation  the existence of Jesus and his supernatural abilities. Which really is the focal point of the Bible.  The question I have is: Why does Jesus matter? What the heck does he have to do with anything. Not only does the bible demonstrate with examples that Jesus possessed supernatural strength and skill, there are other accounts of writers in other cities in Jesus time, who also wrote and said he was a person with Divine characteristics. Documentation that, he lived, died and rose again. Demonstrating his ability to control the physical processes of cellular activity.  The point I am trying to make is  I understand religion's role to play a part in maintaining and keeping a society together. But Jesus demonstrated control over human behavior.  Which by nature is divine. CONCLUSION:  If Jesus demonstrated God LIKE behavior, then it would stand to reason that Jesus would also know if God is real. And by his own account, since we have never had a true life super human being on the earth before or since,  his testimony would have to be entered in as credible evidence that supports the case that God is real.    
The Bible isn't proof of anything.  It's prophecy and instruction.  Human consciousness is the proof that God exists.
+Layba Zaman I appreciate your banter. I don't believe in God. Actually I should say - I believe there is no god! 
That still is a wrong statement actually...
I believe we created the idea of God to fill a gap in our knowledge of how things came to be.
Sigh.. if only we'd all just meet at the point where we say..."So.. things happen.. this is how they happen.. but the fact that this IS how they happen - is God"!

And God stops being this illusion! This deity or commodity. Stops being a man in the sky. An idol... a book... a anything.. and actually becomes everything.. without being..God!
Religion scares people with stories of brimstone and fire, demons and mad gods like "zues" . But just as you laugh at those who used to believe in the old God. The free thinkrs laugh at you.
If any of you have observed posts by Casey Mckinnon, you'll notice that she likes to drop little bombs of debatable issues and stir the pot of differences. She'll usually make a few comments then back out and watch everyone slug it out for awhile. Last one or few standing wins...I guess.  So, controversy is journalism and publicity too. What's the old saying, If you go to a bar and want to start a fight or don't want to start a fight; Just talk about religion, sports or politics, mix in some nerd and geek and you will get some opinionated results. She's in the spotlight and her post has gotten lots of public results. So I would say that she won the attention spotlight. Good for her, Casey rules again.
Spider is real (animal)and man is real ( Human), But spider + Man is not real ( it is a story or Comic ). Wake up man don't be spiderman or Grasshopperman or Tigerman or any-man? We can be woman or man in this world... Ha:-)
Was going to state something, but instead I will let you guys continue to look like idiots.

I would like to state that all the cursing Christians might want to go back and read the Bible. You missed the part about love, and be not easily offended. Who are you to defend God? He's a big boy. He can do it himself.
But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding.(JOB 32:8)
God's proof will appear when we come across the tribulation period.
On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."(Mark 2:17)
May God ,Jesus bless you and me in time.Amen.
I don't believe in you but your still here. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. I still love you Casey and all that have commented thanks for giving us of faith you people to pray for
Well, so far I've seen a lot of posts on here with hash slinging and rock throwing concerning religion/atheism as well as the ever so popular apple vs the world. From Not so nice comments all the way to trolling. G+ has started its downhill slide as we speak. Saddens me to think that the one place I thought I could go to get away from the hatred has began to change in this manner. :(
Be careful Casey. God is not mocked. He will judge those who do. Be weary of things like this.
+Armando Orta so what you're saying is Spiderman is real? and Harry Potter and Narnia.. same logic
+Nomeneta Saili very well put. Though I still find the argument that just because an idea has existed for centuries and has been adopted by millions/billions of people .. means that it is true.
A thinking mind says - question the statement. Test the evidence. Reality is nothing but what we perceive.
Even the Old Testament is a rewrite of older texts.  The whole concept of god is a mistake of translation.
Comparing the Holy Bible to a Comic Book....Seriously??? If you did half of what the Bible commands you will know the difference the real and fantasy. Another somebody trying to create chaos! Be for REAL!!!
i get it but still slightly  offended
I believe everyone should be allowed to express their views, but we should all be respectful even if they don't align with our opinions. Personally I think the post isn't very tasteful but it doesn't shatter my religion or hurt me in any way. So no reason for me to bash.
whether one believes in God or not is irrelevent in this matter, wang personally believe in God both books are books of bullshit nonsense. the bible was written by old rascist whiteman who encourage slavery and mistreatment of woman. wang does not understand why so many whiteman and whiteman woman so upset over this. it is all said in jest. stop being over sensitive to everything. wang been called chinc and gook and he just keep rhyming!
Actually gods are not the same that's why they have different names. The true God is the God of Israel, Spiderman is the god of Athe, Satan is the god of Moh.
So Google allows bigots into their What's Hot stream? Seems legit. 
+Layba Zaman Are you the moderator here? I'm sure you're very nice but that fence you're sitting on must be painful.
Spiderman is written for entertainment and is written as fiction, unlike the bible
Apples and oranges. The bible had hundreds of of years to allow for compilation, whereas Spiderman is a newly forming construct. Who knows, our annular timeline could be eventually changed to reflect an AS (after Spiderman) point of calendrical reference if the Spiderman Chronicles are nurtured through thru the coming centuries.

Except then, there's the Batman variable. 
Very inaccurate, misleading image. May God have mercy on the author.
Less death, rape, murder, enslavement, destruction of culture, and lies fall at spider-mans feet... Just sayin
+Phil Edge are you comparing "believing in god" to "being prepared for teh worst thing that can happen to you"?? Because that's what it sounds like.
@ Dario David Dimaro on may 21 2003 it was just another day for me ? came back to work watch some law and order then go to sleep for the next day of work but it just happen that, that night i had a stroke at 27 years old  the next 21 days i was in a coma beleive me u see ur all life past by u i had 20% change of survivor in the process i die but i came back after it i was in a wheelchair  my dr. told my fiancee i will walk again in about a year well by the time i left the hospital 3 month after all start i came out walking !, keep in mind that at the time i was a atheist, now my dr. at the time told me he never thought that i would make it,well it beening almost 10 years im still here i thank first Stan  Lee for giving me this gift and a second chance back no! every religious islam that have a god not like u said  in a msg earlier  his name is allah budaism,christianity,hinduism all they want you is to be a better person,fyi before christianity  there was no mercy  and that is just 1 u dont need to be a religious  to be a  spiritual person !
Scott Pierson is stupid!! He should marry a male ape!!
The proof god exists is the the universe exists. That said my interpretation of god is that "god" is the collection of rules that govern how reality function, it's OS if you will.
+Brandon Monroe "The bible was written by the government to tame civilization." <- That is by far one of the more ignorant statements I ever read. You have obviously have not read any religious history and it would be instructive fro you to do so. 

The Bible is not a single "book" it is a compilation of (books) written over several thousand years by individuals who were intimately familiar with Tyranny and Oppression .. is it safe to say you've probably not read the Bible either ? I wouldn't be surprised. 
Our abilities grow nearer each day to allowing us to create by gene modification hybrid people with genuine super powers.
Cybernetics and bio-engineering are a reality today.
Don't be so sure that Spider-Man is not (already or soon to be) a reality.
A creature that exists outside of space (and) time, with the ability to create existence (whilst standing on what?). Well that's really pushing the bounds of possibility.
If however one doesn't feel uncomfortable with the notion of Simulation Theory, one might find it quite easy to find credit in the idea of a creator. What's more: we may very well soon be creators ourselves.
Now that would really make a mess of this ancient debate.
The Bible isn't intended to be proof.
I believe that Heinz ketchup tastes better than Hunts ketchup, and further, if what you use is spelled c-a-t-s-u-p, I believe I will have nothing to do with you since you obviously have no appreciation for the products of a more advanced culture. Oh, since it is my belief, you have neither grounds, authority, nor voice to utter protest. Good day, sir.
My friend in believe in god until we were riding motorcycles in the wire almost cut his head off then he cried out oh God don't let me die, hopefully the nonbelievers don't have to find out that he exists that way
The people hating on this post need to pray for better writing skills. Posting mangled responses in third grade scrawl really drives the backwoods religious nutcase stereotype home. I'm not seeing what there is to get offended by here, as written words aren't proof of anything. Unless you believe that one guy who wrote down that Jesus had chestnut colored hair. That's obviously proof since brown hair is so...rare and spiritual?
Spiderman has more pictures. And he never fed any teenagers to bears.
Well if you allow me a few words about faith and why some people go to the words like in politics where people believe only what is being said and vote not knowing that most of the promises are founded on just faith, unlike the bible which was not one book but many books of eye witnesses, which I can share in seeing, if you could believe my words. So who or what do you believe in Casey? That is the real question. Hello Casey? Or are you just a shadow of people hating God and all who believe in His true being. I know cause I have seen. What have you seen? Or are you evolved? Into that very gay mentality?
I find all this incorrect spelling and grammar offensive.
You people are stupider than a lamp post!! You know whose smarter than all of you is Kindergardeners!!
God is the same and the only one : The creator. The vision of God of the people of different, religions, regions, thinking and mentality is different. What the people of Israel did in the life of their prophet Moses. In his absence they started worshipping the sacred cow (The Satan) and they are doing that even today: worshipping Satan.
hope is where one finds it. But, yes... witty 
anyone who was or is offended by this is a pussy in wang's book. better be careful or chinaman wang will eat all the pussys spread on this post
Wow, never realized how many Christians were on G+.

Why you guys so mad? It's just for a little giggle.

Kinda like how we giggled when that nut job in North Carolina was talking about putting all gays in an electrified fence.
That's so cool never thought of the bible in that way. Wow that puts another outlook on things!
The Bible doesn't prove anything.
non-religious = non-educated
religion != science

Why do you or anyone else need proof of something in order for you to believe in it? If you want to believe that Spiderman exists, or that the +Flying Spaghetti Monster exists, go ahead, nobody is stopping you. It's perfectly acceptable to state your own beliefs. Personally I believe in #God , but to make fun of someone's beliefs is not cool. It's on the same level as if you were to make fun of someone for their sexual orientation, race, or handicap. Tell me, would you tolerate that? Poor taste and choice in post +Casey McKinnon.
Don't you mean Kindergarteners?  Fellow stupid person :P
This is going to be the longest thread in Google history
Jo Jett
How can you compare the two???
I'll take the shorter read thank you!
But... but... Spiderman... does exist... D':
+Kip Kipper I don't believe the statement was to be taken 'literally'.
Religion appeared as a means to form rules and statements and definitions and explanations and to keep people in line. God was the principle in this class where the priest or shaman was basically the class monitor.
+Brian Ferrin Actually you'd be wrong .. the bible has proven what motivates human behavior, what causes people to lie cheat steal . and the consequences of doing such things .. it also proves that immoral or a-moral behavior leads to the decimation  of societies and civilizations it's also offers solutions to avoid such things. 
Its and athust thing basically staating that That in an athiast mind god is as real as spider man. btw im not an atist
Some people use voice text and it some times miss interpersonal what wad mentioned to be said. It rodent mean they can't spell
I am a atheist and I approve this message
The thing I find interesting is that it is perfectly acceptable for religious people to speak from their unique perspective and talk as if their "reality" is the correct point of view (even when they are speaking to people they know do not share their beliefs), but, when someone who does not believe in the supernatural speaks from their point of view in the same way, as if it was true, the skeptic is blamed for somehow being intolerant. 
There is no such thing as god. We all exist on a membrane of infinite universes. And in this universe we are still a primitive race that believe an invisible man in outer space watches over us. 
People believe what they want to believe, no matter the "proof"; what they perceive to be true must be true.
I had issues in my life that only GOD could fix.The power of prayer works.
I. For those with faith no explanation is needed. For those without it no explanation will suffice.

II. Is evolution and the belief in God (a God / Gods) mutually exclusive? 

III. If you can tell a lie about something does it prove that it doesn't exist?

IV. "I find your lack of faith disturbing." ~ Darth Vader
+Jeremy Romero how can creationism prove God exists if it's proven that creationism is not real?
It's a good thing we haven't met alien civilizations yet.
I'm not sure why Christians are offended by this. There is nothing in historical Christian doctrine that maintains that the Scriptures are "proof" of the existence of God. If this is a belief encountered in some circles, it is within marginal groups, which certainly do not represent the mainstream historical perspective of Christian teaching.

So then, rather than offensive, this post merely reveals the ignorance of the poster regarding the attempted object of ridicule. Honestly, that is the part I find humorous :)
No, you don't exist Layba Zaman.  Everything around you is an illusion... you're a figment of your own imagination.
Man, somebody pass the popcorn, this is great!  I'm not going to get involved, just sitting back and watching the whole mess unfold :D
I don't know about god, but you have no right to say that I don't exist!
I'm a Christian, too... but... I don't see why everyone is freaking out.  God is kind of like Mr. T... He pities the foo, lol. :D
+Jamol Farid I gladly flagged that racist idiot calling himself John Wayne, who insulted you. I hope others have the decency to do the same.
What a beautiful example of argument's fallacy!
Actually we have a bit of a problem here! The "Holy Scriptures" have been examined and some parts kept as true some designated apocryphal and cut out. Since we all know that this editing was done by holy men of god who we all are sure had NO hidden agendas, no political loyalties!!! Until some self appointed or comic book king appointed expert examines, edits and then tells us which parts Spider man told him were true....we will just have to accept the truth NOBODY KNOWS. (A heads up, be careful to stay far away from Spider Man fan clubs. They think they "know" and will go on crusades to kill all the I don't know people!!).
I pick spider man myself....
And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."(John 1:5)
The Bible*Jesus) said,"And you are the witness of these things."(Luke 24:48)
Always prove by the Word become flesh in our lowly body.This means glorify it again and born again.
May God, Jesus bless you and me.Amen.
Prove that the author of the book on the right hand side does not exist... so that i would be able to convince myself that the author of the universe does not exist.
Praise be to Allah.
Peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammed and his family and his companions.
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