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My old friend Ali Temple doing some really awesome sh!t with a Cyr wheel! Check it out!
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Never seen one of those before. Must be heavy to spin in that fashion. Bet it's great exercise once you learn to prevent it from tripping you up and crushing you!
So cool on so many levels. Major kudos!
No curse words lady!!! I am only 4!!
Ur old friend is really good at that
This looks like a guy version of a stripper pole. I bet a naked dude doing this would make tons of money at a bachelorette party.
Ali is really a very good demonstration. I wish you success.
I wonder if it would through the balance of the ring off to much, but adding some kind of handles to the inside of the ring might allow for better inverted positions without crushing his fingers. Either way this is pretty sweet stuff.
The whole time I was waiting for the hula hoop to go around his waist but NO... lol
Is it just me or did that look like a Slow Motion of dropping a quarter on the ground?

Cool stuff!
Incredible! I would perpetually be worried about losing my fingers... :(
Ok so what can she do cause I see a person but were is the so called awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Umm, seems a tad less nerdy than skateboarding? Could be all the rage in Paignton this summer...
My grandson is a boarder...nothing nerdy about it, gets gnarly out on the ramps
If he's not careful he's going to find himself projected in to the Phantom Zone. Ask Zod about how those rings work.
Really cool to see someone playing with a prop like that.
@Trenity Todd...did you try clicking on the picture??
I want to get one of these, do you know where I can?
Awesome... I kept thinking 'fingers!'
L Derby
Pretty damn cool
i dout its really your friend...u want attention from ur 'friend'
It is really awesome, but I would be sooooooo Dizzy!
Trey Cc
great background music
this should go viral if it is not cuz i didnt check
omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! You got some sick nasty skillage !!!!! ;)
Hey guys! My friend Ali saw all your comments and wanted me to pass on his thanks. He says he's still new to the Cyr wheel, so he has a long way to go! :)
well thats really amazing for being new! I'd like to see it when he is pro! lol
Mike G
awesome it looks so koooool!
I don't think we can appreciate it until we know how hard it is.
I would really like to try. despite being 45. There is a lot to say about balance,
i would really like to try . lots of fun lol
god i think it is rilly good
i love it
How does he know, I've never seen Casey post her measurements
He makes it look so easy. You have to be in great shape to do those things he did with that wheel. Awesome!
Is Cyr Wheel just another name for hula hoop?
That was awesome! I like the track, too...somehow, it seem fitting.
i can do that... here hold my beer lol
Looks like fun! Who needs six flags when you have a giant hula hoop?
Dylan g
the song is sail by AWOLNATION i think
Pretty cool.. But I'm more interested in the song.. :P
This was just plain okay, when I have already seen the: better edited, better crafted, and more skilled video with the same song.

Awolnation - Sail [HD] <----------------------Watch this instead!
where can i get one of those wheels!!! thats AWESOME...thx for sharing.
that is so cool but please dont post bad words
man girl. you and your friend is cute
how does he not spew all over!?
The tune is Awolnation - Sail. Thats really awesome video though
I bet he has to be extremely careful in finger placement . Spinning downward when the fingers are gripping = severed or crushed fingers! Pretty cool.
that's so beast how does he do that? hes amazing
This is nice! Reminds me of that yoga break dancing video. I'll look for the link and add it later if anyone wants it.
seriously a yoga break dancing video u watch that stuff
thats realy cool ^w^
hes a gravity defying ninja :O i knew it!
There's a new event for the Olympics. That was excellent.
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ansel k
kinda lame until 1:30, but 2:00 and on nicely done sir...
i wonder if u have to have a certen size to fit u
cool where do i get one of those hoops
Awolnation's "Sail". Very original song for a video on YouTube...
Very cool and so is the BG music. Anybody know what song that is playing?
Holy crap! how does he do it?
Pole Dancing For Guys :)
Add some LEDs to that thing... turn down the lights... holy crap that would be awesome!
... not that it ISN'T awesome already... just would add that much more awesomeness.
Holy crap! thats BAD A$$
Me gusta ke linda estas casey
must take a lot of practice to do something like that. either that or a ton of invisible strings.
wow da vincii still working after all these years :)
Boo Boo
Seriously Talented
Văn An
Does anyone know the song ?
i wish i could do that
but at the same time i like my face the way that it is now
That's really awesome! I would get sick trying to do this even if I could ..
hay...glad to see you
this my home address: Jakarta-Indonesia
It's great, Wonderful.
Makes you wish you had one your size to try it.
Along with a large indoor space to do so, privately!
hey u looks like chinees fello
Thanks for sharing, that's amazing.
we had a guy on britain's got talent doing that but he was much better.sorry but he just
cry wheel, I liked it better when it was called a hula-hoop, it wasn't so pretentious.
This is so cool. He is very gifted. It would be interesting to see it in different settings...
Nick W
Men's pole dancing? lol
What is a cyr wheel and where does a person get one? I wonder how long he had to practice to do that. I bet it's harder than it looks. I like it!
yeah, i loved it,very cool guy you have there and u look good yourself.
That was crazy Kool never seen or heard of such a thing looks like it takes lots of skill strength & practices, Mad props bro!!!
its really nice i wana do this .... really nice video also
its really great plz join me i am a stunt rider and i being single
its really heaven on Earth
its really nice and very heard also nice video
its amazing man you rock
Nice!Its all fun and game then you run your hand over!
it really looks simple. but the question is, can i manage that? am planing to try it one day. that is awesome.
very cool bet it would be a fun workout once you got the hang of it
shiz that would be a perfeshinal move like me i would be to scared to do that(:
byth please I can do it better than yo grany shyth
original or --------------------------------
this looks like the most fun ever
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