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AWESOME!!! (via +Steve Niles)
PORTLAND, Maine — When Stephanie Fox went to see the puppy almost three years ago at New England Border Collie Rescue, she knew the breed didn’t always make the best pet. As an experienced owner of ot...
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That is totally cute, the wheels are a good idea! Ok someone has to say it. T-Rex dog.
This is so cool. I saw a similar story about a disabled cat who was given bionic legs a few weeks ago on Animal Planet. :-)
Sometimes we humans do pretty awesome things. It helps we have pets to inspire us. :)
Go Roosevelt! Thanks for the smile.
That is truly awesome. Kudos to you Stephanie Fox.
These carts are fairly expensive, created one on my own for my Pug, far cheaper and he is just as happy to be mobile again. Pics in my profile.
awwwwwwwwww i feel so bad for him but at the sme time glad
It's what Christ was talking about when he said (paraphrasing) "Look at the animals; no worry about tomorrow, no dwelling on yesterday, just living ONE DAY AT A TIME."

I've seen lots of animals, once the blood and pain subside, get up on that severed limb and just keep going - no crying about a football career, the loss of dancing...they just carry on. It's how we were designed to work...we just choose to fail instead: it's called sin. A design flaw. That's why we're here.
And you got all that from a dog with wheels?
"we can rebuild him... we have the technology..."
john mj
dats nice girl i want to know you better and i want us to be friends
dats nice girl i want to know you better and i want us to be friends
Yeah, he's probably happy because he's loved and isn't threatened with homelessness nd socially excluded like many of his human contemporaries here in Britain... ok, sorry - best stick to the trivial and make em laugh, on second thoughts...
it would be better to give him poison than to live like this
Love border collies, I have a border aussie, and even with slight hip dysplasia the only thing that could make her sad, is not getting to play frisbee. Here she is after I got my playbook, eventually I will post more videos of all of her tricks. Just Some Tricks
john mj
dat will b so harsh of you to give ur own dog poision so dat it may die
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