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A hilarious blog post pointing out the dozens of times marketing has used these backside shots of their stars in posters and ads. Ironically, it's had an opposite effect on me and now I want to take a cliché photo for fun! (via +Mia von Doom)
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I think some people see a woman in a "sexy" pose (ie one that's meant to show off her "assets") and just immediately think "SEXISM!" And everything that's wrong with that gets projected onto the image.

I'm not saying sexism or being sexist isn't a bad thing. I think people just tend to go there more than they should. People also do this a lot for racism too.
Really, I think backside shots may have a very long history in Hollywood. Betty Grable's famous pin up as done from the back (although that was partly because she was pregnant at the time) and I seem to recall a large number of those old pinup shots were from the back!
There is nothing wrong with showing off a well defined posterior! Its hard work to keep it like that!
Amy Pond is forgiven I think :)
+Casey McKinnon has anyone already pointed out that your profile pic looks like it may be the very top of one of these photos?
I guess the proposal is that all movie posters should show women only from the front. Maybe there should be a law?
+Casey McKinnon I do hate when media objectifies all women the same. It really ignores each woman's ability to be objectified in her own special way. You're just seeing all women as identical things, not as people, and that's just wrong.
disclaimer that was heavily laced with sarcasm
+Pierce Arner I'm glad there isn't! I can't stand Hawkeye! Disclaimer: I have the right to retract this statement after seeing The Avengers! ;)

+Justin McGuire That is AWESOME!!! Thanks!
I would love to agree... except... there's some really nice buttocks on display!!!
If it wasn't a great pose, it wouldn't be used
Crazy how a marketing company would use the best photo of a product to sell it. Simply crazy.
Honestly, seeing a girls backside in tight clothing never gets old ... or at least hasn't despite the many decades that have passed sense my voice dropped and I started appreciating it.

I'll likely be perfectly happy to see what designer style is the posterior rage when I'm 90 at this rate ...
This is wonderful and unimaginable April 24 2012
Nice post, takes a lot of practicing, hey anybody knows about Adobe Illustrator?
+Casey McKinnon re: "awesomely reused poster pose". I actually think that one is more demeaning to women than the back shot. At least a woman can look strong and confident while showing off her backside. But to have the woman groveling at the male hero's feet? Really?

+Pierce Arner The difference is that the men's backsides are generally covered. I suppose you could say that it's still a bit of fanservice to women by showing off the man's broad shoulders, but it's a bit of a stretch.

That said, I don't mind the "looking over my shoulder while showing you my ass" shot, though it is overused. This one is the shot I can't stand...
Great bunns love it if one is offended by such then don't know where you're from???!!!
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