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Interesting marketing for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, but the TED connection kind of freaks me out. This guy comes out looking like such a corporate dick, but aren't TED speakers usually inspirational and kind? Also, he's introducing himself in his speech... shouldn't everyone already know who he is if he's speaking at TED?!

Sorry, I'll stop being a troll now! :P
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Does the average person now what a TED TALK IS? This probably for us geeks!

Also the movie talks place in 2023? a lot of shit happened by then!
As a huge TED fan and looking forward to Prometheus I approve. So awesome.
In 2023, TED speakers are all dicks. ;)
But where the TED talks happen, and the exclusivity of the attendees give it very Bilderberg feel, even if they talk about snuggles and puppies, it's cabalish snuggles and puppies.
Oh, this is some interesting marketing.
you lose some insight +Casey McKinnon by watching the youtube version.
if you go to the Weyland Industries site ( you get a little back story on the clip Considered a seminal moment in the career of our founder Peter Weyland, this 2023 TED Talk launched Weyland Corp into the international spotlight. To honor this historic event, Weyland Corp is planning to offer a new round of investment soon. Interested parties can expect to find out more within the next few days

and the Ted site gives a little more to explain why he would be giving a TED talk. In less than a decade, Weyland Corporation became a worldwide leader in emerging technologies and launched the first privatized industrial mission to leave the planet Earth. “There are other worlds than this one,” Sir Peter boldly declared, “And if there is no air to breathe, we will simply have to make it.”
Where's Yutani's TED talk? lol
The bit toward the end about "this makes us gods" reminds me of +David Brin's remarks at the Singularity Summit.
The Weyland character comes from the Aliens comic series, so in that sense his character is correct as you described him.
Hmmm so he's Peter here, and Charles in the other movies. Wonder how that works. lol
Here's what I got out of watching it. We see him launch into his talk and give a background, overview of how he feels and then he introduces himself. Sometimes I see a bio on TED and have never heard of the person before and then I get blown away by someone. I see it as in a good place in the monolog.
I would consider this "An Idea Worth Spreading" ;)
That was one hell of a creepy "TED talk"....................smells like Tron, anyone?
Between this video and the Facebook ID website, I am a little freaked out today.
Matt C
One helleva sci-fi story setup. His delivery was a little too breathy, but not melodramatic, even though I don't know anything about the character or scope of the company's capabilities.
Okay, I'm notorious for picking movie plots from previews, so here's this one:
This is not Peter Weyland, it is his Prometheus.
I love Guy, but he's channeling Mr. Smith from 'Matrix' here. Did you note the message on the lightboard behind him?

Seems to lead to a trailer, so I'm going there now...
Sounds more like the anti-christ to me
What an awful ted talk. Where's the powerpoint?
It's in 2023, artistic projection of the future? Perhaps that's what you're getting hung up on.
Well, it's Ridley Scott. He's kind of in to the whole Dystopian future deal. But yeah, hopefully this isn't how things turn out going forward.
Yup Bob Gag, She is HOT
Yes, the self-introduction is clearly rhetorical. I also find Weyland to be very reminiscent of some of the futurists who appear on TED, e.g. this one guy arguing for a single universal language, or Ray Kurzweil talking almost religiously about Moore's Law. This is actually pretty good in my opining, whoever I am.
He comes off like a Citizen united behind corp greedy control freakism and will never die for anything...not even a buck....your basic lying pr man.
Jimmy B
Real TED speeches are way better than this crap.
We have always been the Gods. Human ingenuity rules! Religion is just in the way. Always has and will always be as long as we allow it to retard the minds of people.
that was fun, thanks for the share, I just spent my last hour looking up all things Prometheus and TED. Huge Alien fan, waiting avidly for June 8th now. LOLZ to all the serious takes on TED for the trailer.
By 2023, shouldn't actors be able to keep the same accent during an entire three-minute monologue??
+Gary Stock, in the future, he's trying to piss as many people off as he can, since he's a dick. Looks like his time travel powers worked on you. ;)
its kinda rude to say that on da intanet plz watch ur self and launguage no1 wants 2 hea dat 9-10 clock at nite!
Yang Yu
中国人 的板凳
Unfortunately I don't believe the cybernetic organisms in 11 years technology leap. That's a bit of a stretch. I know that he needed a year not too far in the future, but yet also believable, but seriously Ridley Scott should have know better than to choose a year too close.

To give a bit of perspective, the attacks on September 11th, 2001 were not so long ago. In fact, this September will be the 11 year anniversary which is the same amount of time from today until March of 2023.

Technology has changed in the last 11 years, but it hasn't changed THAT much! Even if the pace of progress were to be supposedly exponentially accelerate from now until 2023 that amount of time is far too little and too soon. I'd buy an earnest 25 years as a low-ball estimate even at an egregiously, exponentially accelerated pace, but definitely not 11 years. The complexities abound in the leaps that are needed to accelerate technology to the level of cybernetic organisms and the like. That's a huge, huge, huge leap that I'm having a lot of trouble getting over.

The real estimate that I'd give is about 25 to 100 years at an exponentially accelerated pace of progress and if the pace were linearly accelerated, then I'd choose about 50 to 150 years and at least 100 to 500 years at a present day's snail's pace.

This year that's spelled out gives this movie only a shy 11 years to bankroll the excitement of what might or might not be. Blade Runner had a good 30 years or so and probably started to look outdated only in the mid-90's when the various GUI operating systems became more widespread in our culture.
Well, +Steve Tsuida, I never mentioned the killing that religion caused. If you payed attention, you would've noticed that I made reference to the hindrance it has been on technological advances. But you are right we have committed senseless, violent acts against one another for food, sex and greed. But the percentage of those killings (taken over your 4.4999999 billion years) has decreased tremendously. Why? Because of education and advances in technology. Not sitting in a temple and waiting for some made up deity to show up and make all ok again. No! Humans, us we thought our way around our issues and challenges! So, yes the killing will still happen because we're human and have emotions. But with more focus on Earth and not some made up poet's vision of a segregated after life, we can greatly minimize the senseless deaths of many for some invisible promise. Think, question, learn!...^_^. M.Cooks
'Troll', 'Troller' , 'Trollest' - lol....stop being a troll if you can..........
+Jason Samfield, the 1st Alien movie is set in 2122. Weyland said they were close to a lot of new tech, but we don't find out when the breakthroughs actually are.
Behind him on the screen @ 0:52 looks like a live twitter feed going.

"Where's Weyland going with this? Thought fire was for all man kind. He's probably franchised using it now."

Can't make out the web address due to my crap screen.

So in this universe Weyland industries is Apple?
Thanks friends me barha hi bhagyashali hu jo aap logo se bat karane ka mouka mila ab kuchh bhi huaa ho mere liye to yahi sahi rahega ki sab bhool jau 
im so stoked for this movie!!! thanks for sharing
There are a lot of very crap TED talks. Some are just plain marketing crap, others all totally corporate shills. There are few good inspirational, but it is not really the rule.
That seemed strangely familiar with something that's gonna happen in 2023. Oh wait, it was taking place then.

PS: Of course I know this. I'm from the future!
Corporate dick? To me he looks like a guy who bathes, shaves and knows how to dress. And probably earned the space he occupies.
Can't wait to see the movie.
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