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This is brilliant!
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Full of imagination. Where is this place?
M.C. Escher showing his influence in practical ways. Bravo
Practical design is a huge win in my mind.
Amazing talent and creativity. It reminds me of a Shakespearean stage or perhaps the stairs of a roman palace. Awesome in every way. Thank you, +Casey McKinnon via +Chanchal Bhatia for this share. Group Hug.
No rail indeed, so not entirely friendly to 100% of the users, but as explained above, there are other entrances. There are bits of curbs along the sides for each stair (providing some guidance to stay on the ramp), and a railing along the stairs for folks who just need some upper extremity support. The new/weak/unaccompanied/confused ramp user who needs a ramp & D railing should use one of the other entrances, but everyone else (including folks with strollers and hand trucks who can manage) are welcome.

Also, retrofitting buildings that were built in a time when taking these things into account (and incorporating them in the original design) can be really tricky. This is a beautiful and functional solution!
Friendlier than most...
Great idea!
It looks great in the digitized world, but the tripping. Hey Lady!
new methods of doing things..... ..innovation.
Great ideas....hope it can be use in my country.
when you need you will creat a great things ..
Excellent, but I think it will look like ordinary stairs if approached from the front. If you are lying on the ground.. No.. These stairs are great!
That's a fantastic bit of design
that looks really uncomfortable to walk on. it's still neat though
Parabéns aos arquitecto e ao fotógrafo!
Nice and good for retardet people good work
Which is better - the design of the staircase or the photograph of it? Both are great! Thanks +Steven Horvath for the google link.
+Enno Gra... handicapped people are unfortunate to be in a wheel chair. What's your excuse?
I have seen this before. I think by Melanie Hascoet. It is very ingenious.
Disastrous for heels, I could imagine.
I could imagine some hotrod of a granny losing control, and accidentally ramming someone walking up or down... ow.
Beautiful but not the safest. Many people go down staircases without continuously looking at each step. It is easy navigation because the height of steps and width of the staircase is pretty static. This design changes that equation and will force people to pay attention at almost every step or they risk losing control. Goes double for wheelchairs.
its weary great for people with walking problem
Great idea but I can see this being a problem for those in wheel chairs. All it takes is for one of the wheels to hit the stair instead of the ramp and you have an over turned wheel chair.
BONUS: the ankle-breaking end pieces ensure a continuous supply of freshly handicapped people.
Yes, please tag your picture and give credit where credit is due.
Great, for the Disabled I hope they have a motor.....
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love that but where is the dang ZIPLINE!
muy original asi queremos una en ecuador
as a student architecture i think this wonderful.
Hello Casey,code word is lemon:)Do i pass the test?:)How are you?
That is Cool talk about thinking outside the box. LC#3
it is a trip hazard for the non wheelchaired. cool, but seriously, a trip hazard.
I think its pretty beautiful as well as functional. and if you are still tripping on stairs try a wheelchair :)
Thanks for recognizing some Vancouver design! FYI: Security is terrible there! They kick you out if you appear to loiter for any amount of time.
oh wow amazing fantastic
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