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Awesome DIY Magneto helmet!
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Ann Ly
The helmet will protect him from all of the girls he won't be talking to.
Side effects may include:
a desire to wear this helmet around telepaths in wheelchairs, uncontrollable urges to rule over the human race (rare instances may include referring to yourself as a new species of human named 'homo-superior'), and the need to have metal around you at all times....please contact your local mutant registration agency if you find yourself plotting to take control of a military installation or kidnapping people in an attempt to convert humans into mutants.
I need to go buy a sand bucket now!
And it actually gave him the power to levitate an iron!
it looks like a do it yourself eye stabber
wow too funny!! hmm…does that really work??  =)
I want that helmet. . . I gotta use my magic powers to get it.
I still cant get over this. I have to get at least one for this weekend.
hahaha hybrid magneto and buckedhead
please contcat me iam mahdi ali hassan
yo yo yo thanks but its not mine but i wish it was!! :)
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