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YES!!! +Game of Thrones King Joffrey gun range target! (via +Rudy Jahchan)
Gun range target: Joffrey Baratheon
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Best target practice ever. 
O MY GOSH!!! The Game of Thrones is the best show EVER! Ever since my uncle had me watch it I fell in love with it.
Now I need extra cash to go to the Gun Range and blow a few holes of my own into Joff. I look forward to the day the little weasel dies.

phew. that's that out of my system....

(troll mode activate!)
I hope this doesn't foreshadow Joffrey's early death.
I'm practicing with the wii games haha
Game of freakin Thrones!!! love it... and if u get the chance the books are awesome as well.
I need good targets to go, my Romanian AK47 has a 7.62 caliber that wants to rip through that target.
I'd like a similar target of the creator of the show since I hate it so much.
Books are much better :) I don't want to shoot Joff!!! I want to burn him....alive!
Love games of thrones. Working my way through the books aswell. I highly reccomnend to all game of thrones fans
Have to get this. I call every DB on tv Jeffery. 
I can't believe they killed the emp..
Winter is coming...and its gonna be a long Winter...
I couldn't think of a better target! Weapon of choice: why of course, Joffrey's own crossbow. By the way, tonight's episode was the best!
Oh come on !!!!! I should have known there would be spoilers fault
A true King never shouts.
I'm going with the fully automatic shit pistol!
nick t
That is awesome. I hope they have it at the gun range soon
Haven't watched tonights episode yet... Someone had spoiled it for me.... Sorry i paid it forward....
Gonna lay some lead through it next weekend. Nasty little fellow.
we gotta reckon it is a great performance by the actor of the caracter of Joffrey :)
I watched Batman Begins again yesterday. Joffrey is the little kid Batman bumps into...
Arya is going to ram her sword up the backside of this target.
at your target in front watch and shoot watch and shoot
off with his head for the sake of Ned Stark
nice pictrure and u polay the game of throne stalk to me so we can maybe play on the game and contact me at
He is a real swine+ his eyes are very disturbing into the bargain :-P
I wonder how much my local Kinkos is going to charge to blow this up to poster size?
Speaking out of ignorance but are the books full of sexual encounters as the hbo production. I have never read the books!
Im fine enjoying the good weather weather
Allyn E
just right for unlawful and egoist king!
nice! aim for the crown!
...or that dumb smirk he always seems to have on 
That is awesome! I need at least 1000 of those.
I like the real thing -- hitting a target at a thousand yards (3000) feet is for me practice.... But the ultimate was hitting the bulls eye ( two inch circle ) at 1.2 miles.........
Hysterical. Hate that character, too
thats awesome!!!!! i hate that little Pr**k!!! Can you get a Theon Grayjoy one as well?
I feel sorry for the real life actor. Imagine being so hated and having to pop down the road to get a Mcdonalds.
get me one with Justin Beiber
Now now nobody has to kill...he's still a kid
Game of thrones is a fun show in TV, I like spending time watching it.
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