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Wow! Awesome kid is AWESOME! (via +Dee M)
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The Little Drummer Boy. Adorable and Delightful.
Well, there go the drummer jokes.... This kid keeps time better than most gigging drummers in Toronto!
Ta Too
very good...
You can hear some accompanying drums in the background (ie when he is not hitting the snare) but STILL its PRETTY AMAZING JOB!
Amazing. It's not possible that this video is a fake.
Wow! He could actually join a rock band at this age. Well, as long as it's not Spinal Tap. I guess he could join Spinal Tap, but his life expectancy would drop drastically...
can't be his got to be at least 2
This kid is going to be one of the army that is made up of talented and gifted youngsters that will rule the world someday.
Crazy and amazing!

I was eating breakfast a month or so ago when a gay couple that had adopted a baby were sitting next to us. I noticed the one year old making gestures when I realized that they had taught her sign language. You know the weird commercials that you see teaching babies how to sign yet you never really believe. I asked them about it and they said that they've been doing it for about 2 months. It was amazing to watch her interact with them.

You could tell she was a happy baby because she could communicate better. Babies are so much brighter than we give them credit for.
Has more talent than OTHER kids given there fame through YouTube... I'm not naming any names...
+Casey Rhodes no I'm not a musician. Maybe that's why I'm docking him (JEALOUSY!). No I agree regardless it's amazing!
we taught both our daughters. Our now 5 year old easily knew 50 signs before here first real words. Our now almost 1 year old knows about 10. They're int here for sure, speaking is complex and requires intense dexterity and those connections and neurons develop over the first 2-3 years. However your hands are ready from about 6 months on really getting going at about 10 months.
who said we stopped evolving positively pssshhhhhh
Assuming this is real (accompaniment or not), that amount of rhythmic coordination in a kid that young is amazing.
amazing! wish i was that good at playing the drums! eh...dancing is better anyways
he is gonna be a problem once he hitz middle school...young drum prodigy i see...keep it up lil man
Totally awsomeeeee..... speachless...:)
Impressive to say the least but listen 58 seconds there is a snare roll that he never quite caught up to. Obviously he is playing but he is embellishing on an existing drum track.....Like I said...f'n amazing...can't wait to see this prodigy by the age of 10, he'll be phenominal!!!
Fake, pero muy divertido de ver!
I don't think he's 1 either but still. He's pretty amazing.
omg. cool. but how dus such a little kid have that much energy. ????
I've seen way better drummers
Aww wht a hot shot he will make it big some day
If that's real...that's crazy! He's great.
Tapping music potential at a very young age!
and jb was supposed to be a good drummer when he was little...
I'm not sure that's actually him playing, the sound is off.
wheres the cowbell? i wanted some cowbell in there.
Nice video, but wrong title. If u got a child, u should see, he is not 1 year old. He must be 4 or 5 years old.
Holy mother of god, how the heck can a little kid do that
Must have been practicing all of his life!!
Wow kid you keep doing that and you will be a rock star
L Derby
Fake but funny
lol nice wow music play it drumn funny!
He is very good for a one year old!
One more of many stories of one year old.I too did many things at my age of one year Ha Ha Ha Ha.
believe the most beautiful the skill, instinct is a skill, such as breastfeeding the child. really nice
Let's face it, guys: if a 1 year old kid can play the drums, we kids, teenagers and adults can definitely learn to play an instrument.
I imagined 14 year old groupies screaming and swooning around him, almost old enough to be his mother.
that's so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
He's holding the sticks all wrong.
I've seen thi before and I'm sure they said child was 2 then... Still bloody awesome though!
oh my god what chip off the old block
ten points for cuteness :D
I know! Isn't it amazing that he can do this? The son of a friend of mine was a child prodigy drummer, just like this kid. He's a dad now, but does a lot of professional studio work and has toured with everyone, from Chaka to the Stevie, and Anita Baker. And, the list goes on and on. I think these people were here before! :-)
we have lift off on a new star
wow i want to meet that kid!!!
Not impressed. The kid is slightly out of time. ಠ_ಠ
How talented i bet i couldn't do that!!
One day I hope to be as good as that kid!
he is so adorable and it is hard to teach children like that
That is just... unbelievable. But I will have to believe it.
He's awesome. (please email me at
Not unbelievable. But kinda cool and makes me want to start playing again. Aww
even if it is fake he has the potential to become a good drummer
You can see the fishing line tied to his wrists... not really, but if this is real it's awesome!
is it possible without a divine power? ? ? i am being an indian who believe in god will say its an indication there is someone whom we call krishna means all attractive. hare krishna.
Idk bro... Even if it is fake, the kid faked it like a boss
hes gonna be a drummer, adn if hes not thats a waste of god given talent
Hi Gianna Montalto, You are very beauty! Really!
Wow when did they start teaching him? 2 months?
That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooool!!!!!!!!!
OMG .....!!!!!!
No way ..... ?!?!?
WHAT!!!! He's like a freaking pro! :o
Kunal S
amazing i could never play drums like that. and he is not even a professional drummer!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome!!!!! Coolio. Keep goin in your career. 
wt that is amazing.... even i cant play that well
ah ha!i mean the avengers;the kid shout be 1 of them
No way! HAHAHAHA that is incredible! I don't think I would be able to play the drums at that age. Shit, I don't think I could have coloured within the lines of the colouring book. lol. Amazing. Thanks for sharing +Casey McKinnon :)
Max Lam
follow your dreams kid
he is holding the sticks wrong and the set is too big for his size.
so adorable ! quite talented I must say ....
I wonder what he charges for lessons........
This video has been removed by the user. ?! 0_o
The owner removed it before I could watch it.
Nevahhh mind yeahh tru der
Umm, whyed you remove the video idiot!!!!!!!!!I'm NOT going to subscribe!!!!!!!!
shit you why did you remove it
You should edit the post with the updated link
why is the video removed >_<
This is silly came here to see the vid not see " This video has been removed by this user!"
I get "this video has been removed by the user"
^I think that means.. The video has been removed by the user. Just a guess.
I tried opening and it said video's been removed by the user. :(
That kid gets so laid after a performance!
awesome kid, though I wish many young children became just as talented as this child.
Resharing because this is so badass.... lol
video has been removed by user?
You should look up Jonah rocks, that kid is amazing!
R U a Droid? Your beautiful eyes give U away. Someone as beautiful as u cannot be human. lol
'This video has been removed by the user' that's what i see..
Incredible so many of you can write but not read. +Casey McKinnon posted a new link above.

Also to note this thread has made it to Googles What's Hot list.
Hey can I ask what your name is
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