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This blew my mind! Ancient Egyptian math vs. computers!!! (via +Rick Rey)
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Very cool, now I am off to view the second part about using fractions and decimals.
I never learned any of this in Egyptian math! Where is he getting that from?
It's very cool, but I don't think the Ancients knew more than we could ever remember. We have electronic machines to do the arithmetic for us, they didn't.
I'm totally gonna go build a pyramid in my backyard. find some rocks..
Pretty cool, but it's still easier and faster to do it this way:
+Joshua Griffin For multiplication yes - IF you know your multiplication tables. For division the binary system is much easier than long division
Why did they waste so much time teaching us a harder system in school? This could be taught to a child much easier than multiplication tables.

The US education is quickly becoming know for it's "long way around" approach to learning, when the answers existed in Ancient Egypt all along.
This is fantastic. I would love to be able to use this myself.
It's the look up of the binary and the multiplied that you need to be able to do.
Thanks for sharing
wow, thats cool. mine was and is awesome:)
It is interesting, however I don't totally agree with the claim you don't need to know multiplication tables, to do the doubling you need to know the 2 times table, unless you want to have to keep adding the number to itself.

Also, using base 10 instead of base 2 makes our numbers shorter and easier to write down. The working for long multiplication and division takes up less space.
we had to study maths like forever:)
Wow, I wish I had learned this long ago.
thank you, that was really cool.
Very cool and amazing. Great Egyptians as usual. Thanks for sharing.
Unbelievable!!! It's that simple. I could have used this method in high school math, 100 years ago. OMG!!
Hi +Casey McKinnon ,
Thanks for sharing the video.
Montessori schooling teaches math in a similar way with the use of manipulatives.
BTW, I was totally annoyed by the sound of the marker on the paper, but I liked his voice and his stylish hair.
"If I am given a formula, and I am ignorant of its meaning, it cannot teach me anything, but if I already know it what does the formula teach me?" - St. Augustine (354-430), De Magistro ch X, 23.
Very cool ;-) Now to show my 10 year old, maybe she will do something in math, like a better grade.
I'm with +Rupert Stechman, III A+ on the hair... and I love the casual brush back of the hair in the end... as if, my work here is now done...
Definitely passing this on to the kids... Awesome!
And of course, the Egyptians would have expressed 1075 in hieroglyphics as owl, skinny dog, eyeball, and scarab beetle. It's obvious.
that marker gave me that scratching a chalk board feeling
wow this is really mind boggling. It so cool how numbers fit like that.
Seems like the past generations was a lot more clever than we are...
...Egypt *was a great nation....
that was cool i never knew that
Wow I swear egyption is totally genius, invent easy math ever.
they had help from other worlds.
X- Dale
Logic can be manifest in so many ways. It's harmony is so beautiful. Logic lies at the foundation of ALL.
This is truly wonderful. Thank you so much Michael S. Schneider for sharing such powerful knowledge. You are an excellent educator!!!
Love it, looking mathematics at another angles! My lady, great discovery.
The Assyrian and Babylonians were even more advanced in their usage of mathematics, but you hardly ever hear about it. It is always the Egyptians that take the lead and credit. This is what happens when an ancient civilization no longer has a country to call its own (Assyrians no longer have a country, they live mainly in Iraq)
wait are u telling me I'm smart
X- Dale
This language of Egyptian math has it's own logic. It is a powerful language that can express many outcomes. Music has it's logic too. And so does Nature have a logic that causes it. The Cosmos is composed of Logic. Logic is the raw material just waiting to be manipulated like silly putty.Isn't that amazing?
Primitive and creative, isn't it? No actual multiplication needed, just repetitive addition. Can see why it would be the method used by computers. Very simple conceptually.
Daaaaaaaaaamn! Too strong Mr #MichealSchneider . Indeed really interesting :) The Ancients had it all figured it out. Thanx for sharing
Just got to know your two times tables!
yeah its amazing stuff...ancient aliensa and all :) if getting to go up in a spaceship with other life forms and seeing earth and the planets from space meant copping an anal probe then to hell with it i worth the it for the experience...of meeting aliensa i meant! lol
We stand on the shoulders of giants..
WOW!! That was simple and amazing!
He failed to bridge the gap. Which is to say he is doing the exact same thing we do in base 10 in base 2. There is no difference. In all honesty he's not even really using base 2 just talking about it.

He's claiming it's how computers do things when it's not really while throwing conversion from base 2 to base 10 by addition into the mix. What he's using is the distributive property to find another way to solve a problem.

Let me show you...

1 (1) 25 X1
1 (16) 25x16=400

He also makes you do 25x2 25x4 and 25x8 which isn't necessary. If you are good at doubling numbers then using his method is nice cause you can quickly get to 25x16 which you might find difficult to remember. (Of course if you pulled 16 quarters out of your pocket I bet you would instantly know you had $4)

When we look at what he's really doing, we should realize it's nothing new... this is the distributive property...


We could do it base 10...


Heck we could even do it like this...

That's easy because 25 multiplies so easily and nicely with 4.

It's not what computers do it's an over simplification of what computers do. Because he didn't convert 25 to base 2 and then make use both in base 2. Probably because this would be MORE difficult. As to whether the Egyptians understood this, of course they did, they were well versed in the distributive property as should be anyone who's gone beyond algebra today. However, it's not some mystery we've forgotten.

That isn't too say that this isn't cool. It is. It's very cool. But I feel like he's cheating people by not telling them... LOOK how cool the distributive property is and what you can do with it. When we do regular multiplication we use the distributive property to solve these problems in base 10. But if multiplying by large numbers is difficult for some because they just can't remember that 7*8 is 56 by ALL MEANS break it into something something smaller you can remember. Just KNOW it's going to take you MORE steps to solve the problem.


mind blowing simplicity, thanks a lot for sharing...
I always knew those Egyptians were smarter then they seemed : )
Could they find the phase angle of sine waves produced from an RLC circuit???
Nico, now I can get my degree finally 
Fast exponentiation saves time :)
caroline you did it in your class but yoou did not shaer with poeples we thankful for shraing it
Wow!! I could really get into this. I used to teach math, probably not very well. This would really get young students attention.
great gud thinking.....casey mckinnon
Facinating! Never knew about this before. Should introduce this into the 9th grade cirriculum.
Outstanding! Thank you for this post.
If I was just a little younger...would re-learn the whole darn thing...seems so much simpler. Could have been out of school years ago....
Wow, math would have been a lot easier and I would have known binary early on.
What just happened?! That's brilliant. I shouldn't be so impressed, but I am.
OMG!!! This soooooo works! It is so convinient.
I don't like the marker scratching sound. Can't this guy afford a whiteboard?
Where was this when I was learning math?
That's epic! I'm gonna go home a try that with like 5000 different numbers! 
I wish I learned that in school! D:
thats's one of the first civiilizations ancient egypt my favorite subject and math is the science that explains the world's position in the universre.most only applie math to reassure their greed for money
Awesome .. Makes me feel sorry for my math teacher for not sharing my love to binary at school :/
grandpo am i not alod on this place
mathematics cn drive me craizy,i lyk it so much
Umm not impressive. Its called binary, 1 is on 0 is off. Anyone who learns anything about computers and mainly networking knows this.
Love this guy's relaxed presentation style.
Jack D
really interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .i should tell my teacher. she will think im a crazy math matition.
that's easy for numbers that work in multiples of 25 but it would be much harder with disorderly numbers like 13.
That is brilliant yet simple.
Smart people get Smart phones. Dumb sheep get iphone. its simple logic.
It's amazing that we are still discovering things that the Egyptians did 3000+ years ago 
Lame? It's fucking amazing.
this was confusing a 1 then it just got boring but i payed attenion and its pretty cool
No One
I remember doing this in one of my computer classes a few years ago...
This division is with multiples of 5. How about some division that has remainders and/or decimals? Solve that and I'll be impressed.
It kills me how, in a scientifically enlightened age, the ancients are described as unintelligent.
Cool! I was surprised that that didn't bore me. Now 20 years after my digital electronics training in the Navy, I finally understand how the 1's and 0's work. Thanks for sharing +Casey McKinnon !
This is so much easier to understand, why don't they teach this to kids instead of having them memorize a times table that only works up to 12.
Metrology, geomatria, geology. Gods work.
break down to 10:sthats how a compter works!But i still can't spell .HA HA
The comments on this post are almost better than the video itself
I really enjoyed that. So simply explained.
Khaled abdel hakim ههههههههههه
Being in IT I already knew, or rather understood, binary but I did not know about the ancient Egyptians using it in that way. Mind blown!
Ugh, sometimes I can hate math so much, but doing cool stuff like this makes me love math.
Cano Jc
Egyptian arithmatic you just became my best friend! College physics is based on the doubling of two numbers and the variables of which they are calculated.CollegeBoySwagg:)
Unbelievable and completely genius our most sophisticated technology has the same math as some of the first inhabitants of earth.
I am sooooo showing my mathcounts teacher! Oh, did you know, Arabs invented Algrebra?
I learn that a long time ago. Problem is that I never used it.
I got bored too fast to finish the video and see the amazing part. What? Can't someone just tell me. I promise I'll finish reading the entire comment without getting bored and.........what was I saying?
Egyptians were not muslims. One Islam did not exist at that time. Math is not religiion. Math is one of the languages to interperet science. Nothing more......
Awesome video :)
Kurby dance for the video <[ - -<] [> - -]>
Brilliant! Very cool :) I love stuff like this.
LOL dont worry your not alone, i felt bored and decided to stop too.
Sometimes i get lost in marveling at our own current technology and confuse that with intelligence. The ancients, as we call them, were equally as intelligent(mentally capable) as we are today. The major dividing factor is simple quality of life, better known as life expectancy.. Hail Ra! :,)
Cool indeed, but it doesn't really explain how non-zero-remainder division is done, i.e. 200/17.
just amazing.... doing things now using computers or calculators, and finding out ancient Egyptians and others during that time did that without any such tools is just mind blowing!! Mankind!!
And people think I be talking off the side of my head, now look! 1169 +1's
he does the doubling of the second column thorugh memorization, so invalid reasoning... it is not a radically different way, its just a shortcut...
this is awesome, I'm totally teaching this trick to my students!
No seriously, where did this whole "Egyptian" thing come from? Is this accurate or is he just trying to sound cool?
I use to get in terrible trouble when I didn't follow the American Standard. My elementary teachers would "talk" to my mom about how I needed to follow the program. Lol, the program. But not like computer program.
As an Indian I contest the claims made in this video .. just to annoy people
my no 03158087194+5
This is very cool. Love it!
After this video i when straight to bed...thanks casey..
Excellent share. Excellent way to teach binary and mathematics together.
So Casey, thanks for the hot head shot and then a solid I am disapoint. Problem, kleenex?
Most excellent, thanks for this :)
Such versions of better mathematical methods exist in many parts of the world. Vedic maths of ancient Indian is another excellent one. Next generations of Computing experts should devise ASIC programing using these methods. This can take computing to great levels with minimal HW requirement
Non-zero-remainder division is possible with this method, just cumbersome. For the example 200/17, write out the numbers as he shows (17, 34, 68, 136) next to your answer column (1, 2, 4, 8 16), you'll find you can only add up to 187. So put a decimal place above the 17, then keep reducing by factors of 2 (8.5, 4.25, 2.125) until you get the number of decimal places you want to round to. Do the same in the answer column, above where you have written "1, 2, 4, 8", put a decimal point and write "1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/64, etc". All of the math works out the same.
So would this be easier or harder to do in your head?
there's a mistake on math part 2at time 6:06,the total of 1032+2064+4182 should be 7224 not 7424
Something I'd definitely would like to look into.
I love this I study the Egyptian culture along with everything the did on a day to day, so this just makes what I learn more coherent.. Awesome!!
I tried 2347 by 62 and couldn't figure it out. I had to guess which numbers in my 62 column might add up to 2347. That's the same thing I do in long division, guess.
lol april!!! working on chinese arithmetic...its real hard!
Egyptian method of fractions is much more crazy and impressive. The only fractions they wrote down were one over something (with one or two exceptions) and if they needed something else they would express it as a sum of one or more fractions. I seem to remember they never wrote down more than four.

As an example if they wanted to write down 5/6 they would write 1/2 + 1/3 and so on.

2/7 would be written as 1/4 + 1/28.

I seem to remember they had lookup tables for fractions multiplied by 2 so they could be used in the multiplications shown here...
2347----------- 62
1 ----------- 62
2 --------- 124
*4 ----------- *248
8 ----------- 496
16 ---------- 992
*32 --------- *1984

2347 / 62 = 36.xx (32 + 4)
Except that the answer is wrong! 2347 / 62 = 37.85
I had an algebra professor who had us use an abacus in class to solve problems, it was really cool, we learned a lot
no calculator here maths for geeks get a life
this is neat..but it takes longer.. try 13 x 36 by the time you double 36 4 times and then add it up you could easily do the normal method. It looks real easy when you are doubling something obvious like 25
haha its all fun and numbers! do the math.....:)
I learned this in Intro to Computer Programming back in 1982. Come to think of it...I think my professor was an Egyptian. :P
Awesome, Calculations look so simple this way.
I wonder how many people would love maths if this was at elementary school.
no carrying.... no borrowing... ;)
this is what I kept saying in elementary school and no one believed me.
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