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I would scream my brains out if someone did this to me! This guy is AWESOME.
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Oh man, he's doing the fast Zombie. Better hope there aren't any people with guns.

Rule #25 & Rule #2
That chick laying down that stops to grab her magazine and stuff cracks me up.  "I can't leave my things!!"
this is really a zombie.. awesome
It's all fun and games until someone gets shot in the head... 0_0
Rule #2: The Double Tap
I love to see the outakes of when they tell the victims what happened and it was a gag. Dont know if they would ever catch that lady on the bike though. She was bookin'
I see two problems with this.  First, he'd apparently already been shot in the head.  Second, I saw at least three opportunities for people to have done some serious damage to him.  As plenty of YouTube videos can attest, some people lean strongly toward "fight" when confronted with a fight or flight situation. 
If a zombie jumped out at me this very moment, he'd likely find himself getting bashed in the head with a laptop battery.  I'm not a fast runner.
let me be do not"s horrible.....the exact meaning of psychosis
Ken S
This is rubbish. Nothing to do with zombies. If a daft #twat covered in blood, fake or otherwise, starts running after you you're either going to run or smash his brains in.

I'm guessing from the accents that this on the stupid continent anyway.
is this the guy that ate this guys eyeball cuz he was drunk or something. im afraid to watch it.
LMAO, this was one of the funniest hidden cameras I've ever seen LOL
This is a funny prank, but you need guts to be the guy doing that. Even in countries where guns aren't licensed to be carried It only take scaring the wrong random person who may be a bit nuts or criminal for this prank to end poorly and turn into a 'news at 11' tale.
i watched it it is funy but reallllllllyyyyy gross
not funny or gross to me. I was angry.
waaaw~ it's awesome..scaryyyy n eeeuuuwwwww~!
This guy is an idiot, chasing after schoolgirls. If he tried that where I live he would have got his @ss kicked. Child abduction is NOT funny.
The Zombie Apocalypse starts
hha loser that guy
could have been armed 
zombies are a fantasy why even go after making pranks, anyway this is not something to even think is cool showing everybody, fear is not going to help them.
Canadian football rukes the summer
Did you guys see what he did at the beginning? I think that was a real baby in that carriage....the fucking asshole man, Someone should find him and just kick his ass.
in my country , he gonna be shot instantly. NO KIDDING
well if you want free stuff dress as a zombie and scare people.
This shit is funny now. But when the real zombies come and people don't run cause they think it's a prank, then what? =P
thta was actually hilarious u no thta the fella that through the book at him epic lol :O
Omg I was crying my tail off laughing. This was too funny.
I am so not even clicking play. That static image alone is creeping me out!
I'm surprised he hasn't been shot at. How long will he get away with this? GOD BLESS...
it was freaky when he was eating his brain
well, David I guess England and em oferes  (who don't have em)
will need to invent the bring out the S.W.A.T.S eh?
Loved the book throwing ... yeah, the ultimate Zombie weapon of choice. LOL
I'm not surprised by how people acted. A lot of people are unprepared and do not know what to do in case of a zombie attack.
It's a very important thing to learn.
Very funny!
+Doug Keaty yeah 'cept for the one time he meets somebody that DOES know what to do... #oops   #seemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime  
You mean the guy who said to stay back and threatened with a book?
Funny, but good thing he really didnt get hurt!
i wonder if any type of doctor actully sawa real life brain before?hmmmmmm.......
If that ever happened to me I would scream bloody murder nd run!! But unless they told the people afterwards that it is fake then I would laugh it off 
Iris W
Not funny, I want my living daylights thank you! 
Me on the phone as I see the guy approaching:
"Oh shit. It's begun. I gotta call you back." grabs heavy object Bring it on.

I like to think that Americans as a culture have become desensitized to violence to the point where going around full zombie like this guy could result in some VERY serious injuries.
will you really do such, just for this
id go all jackie chan on that guy
He should have thrown the brain at someone :P
Here hoping he doing this in a area where people are not allowed to carry firearms.
a chinese delicacy is chilled monkey brain(usually 4 special occasions or royalty) had it once, 30 yrs ago
"stay back!"
"stay back!" (or I'll throw my trusty paperback at you)
Moral: never leave home unless your fully armed with a good book!
I am just worried about the actor - suppose if someone out of insecurity and self-defense shoots or throws objects... Do you first observe the "target" and then go after??? But a freaking idea....
When I was a kid I used to have pigs brains on toast. Wouldn't want it now though.
I don't think it is that cool, you may notice that someone could have run into the street just as a car went speeding by.
In England he would simply be called a cunt..
That woman needed to shift into a higher gear on that She was pedalling and not going anywhere.
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i would've punched this guy, but he was doing this to someone else i probably would've been laffing
Cool~!  Reminds me of “Scare Tactics” :)  Some good fx & make-up too!  
Ha! Don't remember a Rule # for "Stay back!" (last guy)
Not as good as "The Easter Bunny Hates You"...that is classic....this is tiresome.
What sucks is that now that I watches this vid. When there is a real zombie attack. I will think its a prank and I will be zombie lunch 
Ino Ke
i was lmao the whole time haha genius
just like the zombie prankster in Miami. sooner or later, someone is gonna get hurt real bad.
To funny lol Idc if it's fake or real these seemed like ordinary people all I wish they'd have done is actual show there faces for the epic reaction to being chase by a zombie lol
Yeah...We'd put a clip in is head....Really. Question. What is up with the new reemerging love for Vampires and Zombies and Werewolf's. I just don't understand...? Please ,explain,if you can. To me it's a female,Freudian think...I don't know!
In some parts of the US chasing after a stranger aggressively like that could get you shot....
What's funny is that, if had the time........I'd probably do that.
I'm surprise people get scared, could say that the fear for zombies is real ...Thumbs up
Hahaha... That's awesome....!!! I think I would go all Shaun of the dead on the guy!
Wow. Such a dramatic scene. Something to think about fr sure. With all the craziness going on in the world. It's a mess to think about
Sick, but funny. Someone might just shoot him by accident!!!
So somebody shoots him- HE'S A ZOMBIE- you know garlic, stake in the heart, living dead, etc.  I think more may be required.
Its kewl . The brain eating part made me llok twice :P
I am suprised no one just kicked his ass. 
+Michael Maschine: "It's amazing and sick how ppl love this stuff and anticipate z-day... Yea let's see you sing the same tune if/when this really happens."

It's not like we're looking forward to the zombie apocalypse.  Well, not much really.  But the world is full of scary stuff... earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, bath salts...  And preparing for things that actually are fairly likely to happen and may kill you and everyone you know, well... that's not fun.  That's not fun at all.

But preparing for the zombie apocalypse?  Hells yeah!  Even if a zombie apocalypse is getting more likely all of the time -- see the previous mention of bath salts, as well as the scientists who made an even more deadly bird flu and published how they did it -- preparing for something like the zombie apocalypse can be fun.  If you're prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you're prepared for anything.  The CDC even publishes information based on that idea..

And as for when/if z-day finally happens?  No, I most certainly won't be happy that everyone I know is turning into monstrous flesh-eating ghouls.  But at least I'll be prepared for it.  Or for a hurricane, tornado, or tsunami.  What about you?
+Justin Cope Unless the government/media tries to spin the reports to prevent panic.  If you see lots of reports about riots and "isolated oubreaks" of known diseases, start watching the blogs... #newsflesh #feed #MiraGrant  
please put my brain back hurtssss....!!! me....!!!...
i'm guessing one of this days, someone will get shoot in the head for playing like this!
Canibalism or bath salts in a nutshell , nonsensical !
hahahahahaha #screammybrainsout  !!!! but seriously, that's kinda freaky.
That had to be the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I am sat hear laughing so hard about that clip. French Connection Hilarious.
thats a good way to get hit in the head with a sledgehammer where I come from
It's all fun and games until a phony zombie gets shot in the face playing Russian roulette. 
If that Guy tries that in Texas he might get shot. He would scare the shit out of me. And I would probably shot him
This would be commonplace in florida.
That is hysterical! Not a single person tried to defend themselves
Owen C
I love the chick who picked up her book and ran away...I would of chucked it at the zombie and kept running..
I'm too scared to press play. Sorry :-(
funny but hopefully no one beats his brains out like sean of the dead zombieland
I wouldn't try that in my neck of the woods.  Funny as it is the natives are armed around here.
jerry z
That's some funny stuff lol
Ok.... "What if" an armed citizen shoots at him?? I know I would. There are some "kind of jokes" potencially dangerous, the kind of jokes that no one should ever make. Just a thought...
Proper funny but if he ran school girls or children on swings in my neighbourhood i think he'd end up getting lynched löl 
No way this is real, those have to all be actors.
Brains for those who have none, LOL. This zombie thing is getting out of hand. Even on TV!!!!....(Smile)
Bloody funny. Reading the comments on youtube is even funnier the amount of trigger happy yanks is unbelievable.
Somebody is going to pull out a gun and pop him twice in the head one of these days. What then?
J Krah
I'd like to see him pull this on George Zimmerman.
I'm surprised this guy didn't get beat up. Funny video
haha I love the guy at 2:00 in haha
i agree w/ this person /\
If they do that to me. I'll go taekwondo an them. Haha!
That is too funny
If that was me i would be gone and screaming like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so cool!!!!!!
Going to run into someone with a concealed-carry permit, then mean zombie tricks are over.
Zombie wanting brains. Can't wait for cowboys vs zombies.
Long die the White Walkers!
Um i would stop or sum one is goona pull a gun out on u i will of course

Lmao, good stuff where can I see the other parts
Zombies are so cool, no. They are trendy and lame. This video is boring.
No CCW license holders out there?
That one guy ran but continued to talk on his phone, what a moron! If this ever truly happened there would be a thinning of the herd and the cell phone zombies would be the first to go, such easy prey.
if that hapend to me id screem my head off.
a brain in the hand,is worth two in the that right...???...
This is stupid can someone make this guy a real zombie
yes,i know that sasha,i was just being ignorant, but knowingly stupid ect.......
I don't think you would be doing much of anything.
So.. Kinda wanna do this around my town XD
It's funny but you never know when some one take a gun and make xplode the head of the fake zombie like on the walking dead series.
He ain't heavy. He's my zombie.
That skit was so outrageous do more LOL
What if that one guy ran onto the highway and got hit by a car?
I'd love to see a clip of someone trying to kill him so he has to be like "dude it's a joke!!! Don't hurt me!!!" that would be hilarious xD
was that a real guy was he like drunk
some time these kind of joke could make big acciedent , some people cant stand kind these jokes
Just hope the cops aren't around or hell definitely be a zombie.. lol
ROFL! that's classic.. that location it's filmed in looks so familiar. anyone know where it is? I'm thinking Northern subs of Melb Aust.
Fight or flight, cool.  I'm glad someone didn't pull out a gun and shoot him!
Send him to SC. Within the time of that clip someone would have snapped a cap on him.
Lila S
HUH? Im not used to this little google plus... butum yea?
that is freaking awesome. i would scream while running away if i didnt hit him with something
ok i lookied atg the picture and im not even going to bother looking at the vidoe
zombie:nice pet brain nice me:O_o zombie: time for brain to go in tummy arghhh.
3 rounds to center mass if he came towards me.
lol old lady @ .36 sec. UHHH, UHHHH. this guy is a total stalker, I'm just glad he's not my doctor...
As a CCW permit holder this person would had a 45 pulled on him, this kind of thing has no business out in the public.
Awesome, best prank ever just hope he doesn't get shot!
Clearly this was not shot in Los Angeles.
Hahaha oh my gosh i was laughing so hard! i would probably pee my pants if that happened to me though
poor guy... he just wanted a friend XD
....this is dangerous! He is gonna run 'cross an individual...the wrong person with access to...a knife, machete, a bat/club/plank/steel pipe,brick, pistol (w or w/o permit),chainsaw, chain, folding chair, taser, shotgun in the trunk, "a two by 'foe", a lighter and an accelerant, a ball peen hammer, a big f***ing wrench, or Bruce Lee type fighting skills(Kung fu sound effect )....etc! 
...damn @ my own post! "You could have a really good time with all those things"!
These zombie acting people probaly acting out their fantasy ,as most everyone knows,acting your fantesis to much,it becomes reality to them and we all know the rest.
He's lucky it's not a "conceal carry" state or someone would try to "kill the brain, kill the ghoul..."
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! that pic looks NASTY!
i think everyone was scared because there was a ho bo that ate a face :OP
EWWWWWWWWW........................................ brains are............o.k.... ..want you... come with me.. please come to me...julian...@ .
IF you want to see full movie see the wrong turn they have 3 parts its very scaru
Awesome for u? 
+Mita Lopez It seems that people in this world are stupid as hell, thinking that zombies are
I can sceam your brain if you need
haha yo this guy is a fool i would beat that zombies ass
beuhhh.... zombies dont run. fail!
Sorry i love zombies but if that guy did that here in Ohio I would excercise my carry and conceal right.
Hopefully one or two of these guys gets beat up before one of them gets shot.
Sirius where are'we zombie land lol I guess no sleep for me tonight not to mansion the therapy
this is somewhat gruesome, my hair  is standing seeing the zombie eating his brain that came out of his head...what a scene!!!
People are scared of zombies more now then ever before!!! Awesome timing!
willy m
OMG is great!!!
hey! gramma! i didnt know you modled! (couldve used some make up though..
if that happend 2 me i.....well idk cause i would have no brain
He got all his vaccinations and now he is autism victim
It reminds me of myself after piss up over weekend.
How well I like how people still believe in zombies very real good mind that short.! jejjjjjeejejejjej
Man..that stupid things might kill the actor if he scares someone who had spontanious emotion..
id prolly laugh my ass of if it happened to you and then id shoot the fucker:)
zombie eating brain...
guy walks up
sees zombie
guy runs away
lovely video..........................!
Oh my gosh, that was hilarious! That definitely gave me a good laugh for the day... and now I kinda want to do that. Throw some good zombie makeup on me or a friend and go chase random people.
I guess my 44 in a head did not do to good .putting that mother down
Ben k
lol I like how that guy is like stay back hahaha
HAHAHAHA, funniest thing i've seen this year!
Hooo... Really.Really soo..scare... If this really
Happen we all die....
honestly it was more funny than scarey
i would do this with my friends
but how wd u scream them out when they are already out?
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