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This is pretty hilarious, but there is a cure for Timeline that they didn't take into account: Google+. ;) (via +Enric Teller)
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Freaking hilarious Casey...thanks for sharing
That was actually pretty funny!
I didnt watch the video... but I know the cure is drugs
Casey you are an really post some interesting stuff on G+...
Funny! I'm glad my FB profile has somehow been resistant to Timeline. +Casey McKinnon , when did your followers get so ... spammy?!
Casey if you are ever in the Bahamas for a movie shoot or anything like that let me and your fans/followers know...where I live in the Bahamas, UFO hunters actually did a show about this place, you are into Sci Fi might be up your alley
I have time line but ever since I join Google+, I've lost track of time. Thank you, +Casey McKinnon for the funny share. Group Hug!
Just Ed
What are you typing?
Real life? Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.
oh that was a creative way to show of "How bad Timeline is", I think I've only met One person who likes it!..
Normally I ask this as a joke but...what's Timeline?
F*** Real life! Worst Video game ever!

you only get 1UP!
I was tricked into activating facebooks timeline but couldnt find anyway to turn it off again?
haha there is no way to turn it off for good
facebook lies and they thank they are something be they are not more
popel need to stand up to them like us and let them know we ant going
to take it
...and herpes.

Haha, hilarious.

I didn't think timeline was that bad. I added fake events to my timeline. If you ever find yourself on my timeline you'll notice I helped uncover the titanic. Quite an accomplishment for a 4 month old.
hi sean - facebook they are just to big for there own good and they
just don't know how to run it google knows what they are doing here
I love Google + . .I always post this kind of stuff on Facebook.. DRIVES my friends NUTS
There is a 'Uggcitrin' version for this...
I have timeline....but I am not ashamed to admit it. But with Google+ I know I can fight back and take control of my life.
Thanks Google+!
I don't see what the big deal is. I signed up for a developer account to get timeline early. Is the problem that it's a big change from the standard facebook layout? It doesn't even affect more than your front Page. what's the big deal? I know this video is a joke but imo its not funny.
Dang...I get the parody but not what they're talking about. I guess it has something to do with tweeter people, huh? I'm a noob. ๏_๏
Timeline is bad. I lost family members to timeline. Like if you hate timeline.
Haha! I love timeline, but this made me think of all the complaints I've seen on my fb. :P
am I ok with timeline? naaaah.... LOL
#1:14 "...and herpes..." made me lol
Lools I delete my own comment 
i was skepticle at first, but now I really like it.
Funny video... Timeline is the latest Socially Transmitted Display. 8^)
Never had Timelininitis and doubt I ever will haha
Time line? Well I Don't know about that. but here's something that may help. The human mind does not handle rational or ea-rational thinking well but it remembers humor forever. Try it you'l like it.
i got timeline , and am glad it doesn't weep.
I'm glad I am now using protection. (google+)
Oh dear, this bullshit about "real life" again... FFS go back to the 70's

I lived through the 70's, we had four TV stations, our TV was B&W and we had AM radio. We had heaps of real life and were often stuck inside on a rainy weekend with nothing to do. while some awful movie went for three hours on our TVs.

Real life is great if there's actually something to do, but when there isn't, oh dear.
I am all for the RealLife Solution.
Because Google Plus fucking sucks.
I sent warnings to FB that I would dump it if I was "upgraded". I told all my friends I would quit FB if I was "upgraded". I was already ready to go full time to this wonderful new social network called G+. Then I was upgraded, I was actually upset for a moment. I left a message on my wall for my friends with a link to my G+ account, I deleted everything on my FB account(took me 2 days), now I live on G+ only. I live a better life now!
Pretty Hilarious but I have to admit timeline is non curable. 
That is why I own a Delorean DMC-12 Car so that I can go back in time and Alter my Timeline EveryTime.
So funny, it really does bother everyone over the age of 12. There was a change from fun tool to intrusive news!
cute casey...!!! out for you in future....!!!..........
That sporty-spice-work-out girl at the park stretching: Phwoar, just beautiful.
dorio x
New update. Google plus time machine.
I dont belive in timeline.i belive in hardwork and selfconfidence.
Timeline: The Reason I Choose Plus
Hi Im Clinton and I'm a timeline addict. Got my 6 month chip today:) I'm just so much happier
I don't even have facebook. Personally, I think it is pointless.
Great that's a cure. People do have a choice. :-) ......
Hahaha nice, FB can F -off
hahahahah !! a hit.. a must re-share
Took a while top load up. Was kinda hoping it would say "but now I have Google plus"
Chuckle chuckle chuckle - especially like that this is posted on google+ :)
I never got Timeline. Seems they were right about abstinence, don't Facebook, don't get Timeline.
i ave time line HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have facebook but not used it since i have been on google + say it all really
i completely deleted my facebook account after plus was public
clever :-) I had a facebook account and got rid of it. Glad i wasn't around for timeline crap! Also, FB started to get annoying when they'd change the look of the site every month or so!
I deleted my FB account as well when plus came to be public
Time Line of what? Physical destruction or Spiritual mortality.
She's "Devons' Norse". Not surprised. By here mom and dad, she's really perfectly designed. Also, her clothing is well designed.
lmfao...catch-up here is always worth it. upgrades =]
I am happy that Casey McKinnon is a Freedom Person. By Creating the Truth, and managing it; she has developed to be the first and best girl {child of her own Granny girl's} to say: "It's the business.". Causing strength, and health, for each of us in need.
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Timeline today is something difficult, but is important try to have it, thanks
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