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Casey Labatt-Simon
Hi, I'm Casey!
Hi, I'm Casey!


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We're organizing a collective of experts in Material Design that will make wonderful stuff with you. Let us know how we can help by taking this quick survey.
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I wrote this article on redesigning yik yak for android, and other cool stuff I did as an intern :)
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Hey yall. I'd like to create a list of designers who do Material icons for clients or who are aiming to.

Sometimes I can't get to an icon job in time, or the budget is too small for me.

I'm looking for people who are interested in both paid and free work. Not free work for me, for app developers, if you were interested.

I've also been considering the idea of mentoring/facilitating icon design jobs between aspiring icon designers and clients. No idea if/when I'll do that.

Your contact info will not be shared with anyone unless it's because you've agreed to do a job with them.
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I made the mistake of telling Facebook Messenger to auto download photos from chats, and then made the mistake of telling Google Photos to auto backup those photos. 

Now my Google Photos is filled with thousands of useless gifs, since Messenger auto downloads gifs sent in conversations too.

If anyone knows of a way to delete only uploads from a specific folder PLEASE PLEASE let me know.
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So this is pretty cool... sketch+git. Could be really useful for maintaining open source sketch files!
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Finally got back into some UI stuff again :)

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Inspired by +Michael Cook's post, I just want to start off the new year by thanking the material design/design community here on Google+. You guys are truly great and helpful, and while there can be a bit of drama sometimes, I'm glad for each and every one of you I've had the pleasure of talking with over the past year or so. 

Lets make 2016 an awesome year for design 😊
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So, I think that this is incredibly interesting. I've had a similar idea for a bit that kind of coincides with this, and after seeing this writeup I think I'll finally take the time to expand upon it in a medium article later.

I think design should be contextual. This is essentially what Liam has said with his post as well. Things need to change based on you. Where you are. Your mood. Your activities. Your interests. See a few movies? Your device should be notifying you of when new movies in similar genres are being released. Google Now already does this, to an extent. But I really think it could be pushed further. There could be more.

Really, really incredible concept +Liam Spradlin. You're really taking things to the next level.

Meet Project Phoebe: A moonshot concept for mutative design

Design shouldn’t just adapt to screen size.

Context isn’t all about adding more information.

I'm super excited to finally show off something I've been thinking about, talking about (offline), and working on for a long while now - Project Phoebe.

Phoebe represents an effort to explore a new design methodology that for now I'm calling mutative design, one that is born, lives, and evolves with the user's reality. The current method of creating one (adaptive) interface for all users and all screens seems unsustainable. That approach is a good starting point, but not a good finishing point. It leaves too many people behind.

So what if interfaces and experiences had a life of their own? In the post linked above, I walk through two example designs - aptly named Asteria and Leto - to see how mutative design would play out for a variety of randomized users, and take a look at some of the questions, challenges, and solutions Phoebe raises.

Oh, and the designs are open source too! (1)

The goal with Phoebe is to get a conversation started. I firmly believe that something like this is the future of mobile interface, and I hope others will join me in exploring the possibilities and seeing what exactly we can accomplish right now and in the future.

To keep the conversation going, I'll be presenting Project Phoebe at the NYC Android Developers meetup this week. Join us if you're in town. (2) Also check out the Google+ community for Mutative Design (3).

Special thanks to +Roman Nurik +Kevin Barry +Francisco Franco +Ron Amadeo and everyone else who helped me think through this and put up with my constant excited ramblings :)


#projectphoebe #design #uiux #interface #mobile #mutatemore #android #materialdesign
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Anyone kinda feel like Google+ is like impossible to use since the latest update? Everything is slow and nothing like... makes sense anymore.
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movin on up!
Lightning Browser v4.2.3 - rolling out to all users over the next few hours ⚡

The story of this update:
This update has been a long time coming. The last big update to the free version was in April, so this is a culmination of all the changes since then. Paid version was updated later than that but still it hasn't seen these changes yet.

Summer went by fast... basically, as you might know, I got a job as a software engineer working on Android apps at Ask Partner Network in New York City a couple blocks from the Google building. It's been a big adjustment as I moved out of my parents' house in upstate NY where I lived most of my life (and throughout college) down to NYC. It's been challenging juggling work and personal life and trying keep going on Lightning and trying to survive in a big city by myself. It took a long time to get this update ready.

I should have released versions sooner, but my project management skills are nowhere what they need to be as I don't have a roadmap for features, don't really make any plans on what I'm adding, and so I don't ever feel that the browser is ready for a release. It all compounds, and eventually a lot of time has elapsed since I last published an update. There's lots of activity in the code, I'm just bad at releasing.

Hopefully the project management skills I'm learning on the job will help me in the future to be more prepared about what I'm releasing instead of just working on the code for a couple months and then tagging and throwing it up on the store.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy 😎

Mostly Complete Changelog:
* Tablet UI (can turn on for phones as well)
* Support for Marshmallow
* Improved Reading Mode
* Added bookmark folder support!
* Settings revamp (community effort!)
* Updated icons + UI cleanup
* Improved full-screen mode
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Added animations between screens
* Added actions to the bookmarks drawer
* More translations
* Performance and stability fixes
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