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A painful truth.
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 Up is down and black is white. Sad but true.
There is some truth to that! Fortunately not all . So we stand a chance. 
In a systemic crisis that now plagues the world, this us inevitable.
"we've always lived in a world where you can say 3 true things and 2 false or untrue things and the whole will be taken as true."  -me
Science degrees out there haven't been compromised at university institutions, thankfully.

I'm referring directly to chemistry, engineering, physics, biology...the scientific method kind of hinders the educational process from being altered to wash out information. Coincidentally, they are also some of the hardest bits of education to grasp. As an engineering student, I known. :)

Totally agree with everything else though.
The worst part is the rest of us, the 99%... well all we can do is just hang on and hope the next day goes okay.
this country has gone to hell in a chicken shit basket.i cant wait til dec 21st,2012.hope it all ends there.
+Sean Bradshaw , you honestly believe that? Without the 99%, doctors wouldn't have patience, lawyers wouldn't clients, there wouldn't be as many universities, the government would exist and banks would (like the government) be broke. Unfortunately the press and religion would endure. 
If you honestly think that being part of the 99% means you are powerless then i would have to say "Sheeple" to you. The 99% is what gave all of above that power and it is the 99% that can take it away. FACT: people only think that because they don't want to get up off their butts and do something about it.
Yeah, except I have to be at work so I can pay the 1% for the privilege of not being on the street. Maybe you have lots of free time to shed your fear of freezing to death, however for most of us it's just enough to keep going. We're at a point where the top 1% has all the money, all the power, and all the choice, and they aren't choosing to create jobs, instead of taking their last 12 years of record corporate profits and hiring, companies are hoarding their cash because it's more profitable to keep it than to grow the business.
but we still belive
I didn't say anything like quitting your job, did i? NO. The point I'm making is that 99% has more power than they are willing to admit. It is just that they choose the "easy" road of obeying their master. 
But then Russia came along, and China Ruined them while physically destroying America
Agree 100% with the comment on doctors, lawyers, governments, and banks.
Do universities destroy knowledge by making education expensive? Because that may not be entirely their fault.
Religion? Not a big fan, but the average folk, the follower, is trying to do the best he/she can (as far as my eyes can see) The leaders of religion? Those can now be classify under governments. 
I think you need to replace the word "destroys" to "define".
You Know....if you can find a better place to live in all the world then why don't you move your a..s there...thanks
As a generalization...sadly accurate
Wow this so true and so painful
Since when does being a reporter make you an expert on anything other than reporting?
would Hedge's quote powerful enough to convince those who agree with him to not to see DR when you are sick, not to seek lawyer when you run into trouble, not to let your children attending college.?
+Alex Bynum  it doesn't, but since when does it limit you to only reporting. Chris Hedges is a very clever man, check out some of his interviews on youtube.
Even after spending 24 years in the Navy and traveling the world, I still say there is no place like America. Sure we need to change alot but America is still #1. God bless the USA!!
Kenny K
There's some truth in there. With a hell of a lot of hyperbole.
I just can't agree.  Sure, it happens some.  With change and progress come mistakes.  But this isn't the norm.
Petition government to limit the mortgage rate to max 1% over base then we could spend our way out of recession and not fatten up the banks so they can pay silly bonuses. I have so search gov web site.
And this is the nation which destroyed many small nation
has anyone noticed his last name is a bush
Though there may be an element of truth in nearly everything - I COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE!!!!!
well thats the end of the news now for the weather
actually, it's the Socialistic Obamanistic government that destroys the economy.  Just saying. 
You forgot how young americans have sense of entitlement the size of the grand canyon.
We now live in a world where Chris Hedges destroys hope.
Unfortunately, I have to agree with his list. I think it's more obvious if you're older.
Hyperbole for sure but there is some element of truth to each...
I don't know what "religion" he believes in, but I can't say that mine destroys morals.
"Socialistic Obamanistic" government?  What the fu*ck is that? Are you living in some alternative universe?  Get your head out of your ass and start thinking with your brain, not your pocketbook.

8ck is that? are yiu living in some
Paula G
i so agree !!
Blaming is dead weight. You're pointing out the pitifully obvious. How about thinking "What Now" instead of 'ain't that shame.
The veracity of this statement its absolute in truth, we have decayed in every aspect of what once exalted us as the most prominent  country in the world.
+Bill Wehnert perhaps he's referring to the ones that feel compelled by contemporary political culture to accept homosexuality. 
Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil. Hard times ahead, no doubt about it.
to quote a certain popular musical group that went on a litigious rampage, alienating their fanbase, "Sad, but true...."
I don't get it..all nations go through cycles..we are just in the dumps right now but it's necessary to refresh and become prosperous again
Lets be more specific which Religion destroys morals...?That's a blatant lie..if not Prove which one does.
and chris hedges destroys meaningful quotations
Cults of hypocrisy none one its left behind...
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As a journalist Chris Hedges is destroying the information. How can we trust him?
we have to make sure we don't destroy ourselves....
Can anyone tell sincerely which Religion Destroys morals...or does everybody believe that..yea I'll wait.
You are what you believe, and that my friend I dont.
How do we correct this without throwing the baby out with the bathwater? We know what we need to do, but we hold tight to what little comfort we still have as justification for submission. Because rebellion is the most costly path of last resort and the new way is seldom the best way... Perhaps this sad truth of it all is that this might be the ultimate destination no matter what one does.
Forgot to add where children hold influence over their parents...
Wow, those are strong words......I have to think about it
Put the word "some" in front of each of those and I'll buy it.  Otherwise its broad-stroke fear-mongering FUD.
Sorry, that's such hackneyed, platitudinous dross.
This is purely focusing on the negative attributes of our modern age, a lot of people are focusing on the positive changes in our world just as much - it's just a lot more common to complain about what's wrong than to appreciate what is right.
Amir, as far as the religion stuff goes, the self indoctrination of a set of moral principles based on dated theological scripture can lead to fervent and isolationist behaviors given the proper climate to develop. For example, a catholic priest, hell bent on christian morality, is just as susceptible to moral infractions as you or I, if not more so because of the repressed lifestyle they lead which tends to boil over from time to time. Another example is radical Islam, which claims to preach morality but is often used as an argument for aggressive behavior in order to enforce an ancient set of social customs and principles. Another keen example is the position of the Israeli military towards the Palestinians, their theological history, bloody as it is, has developed a deep rooted protectionist and defensive mentality which has caused some moral missteps over the past few decades when it comes to maintaining and respecting the basic human rights of their neighbors. Sadly, nearly all major religions have become a pulpit for bullies and genocidal xenophobes and because of their utilization as a political control mechanism in the past, we can only assume that at the core, below the level of the weekend practitioners who would like to defend their faith, lies a much older, much more calculated and controlled form of social engineering that at one point served a purpose as humanity began to familiarize themselves with manners, but over time has fermented, in its inability to adapt to modern issues and has probably causes more harm than good. Unless your in a 12 step program... even though jesus was a drunk.

and as far as paths go, my degree in theological philosophy has gotten me further than any piece of scripture i've encountered
And on that happy note..........Don't forget to smile :)
The point is that "people" can and will destroy things. It doesn't matter what your profession.  I'm not a fan of this blanket statement, but I agree with the point he's trying to get across.  Religions themselves do not destroy morals, it's the people that choose to go against them that do.  Universities don't destroy knowledge, it's the teachers who choose to do so.  Now lawyers....they are just evil ; )  
A painful truth that will never be accepted as fact therefore change is unlikely to happen because you cannot change what you cannot accept. If you cannot accept painful truths then you cannot muster the will to even address them. Putting solving the problem beyond the reach of a solution. But all things have their moment and then they decay such is the natural order of things. The intelligent thing to do is to find the thing on the rising part of the curve rather than lament or deny things on the falling part of the curve. 
execpt one RELIGION DESTROYS MORALS  im ok with ALL 

I feel better already! There are exceptions to each of those groups as well...probably more accurate to add "most" in front of each.
chris hedges needs to see a head dr.he is nuts
I think he forget one -
   The stock market destroys one wealth
Mike, I believe the sense of entitlement has run amok in all age groups in the United States. Its silly actually. I think the biggest problem facing us is that no one is willing to sacrifice anything themselves but rather everyone besides them sacrifice. I think that may be the very definition of selfishness.
haha nah sorry Dave, im afraid that if I choose one I might make some of the older, much scarier and more powerful gods a little jealous. They're known to be kinda petty at times.  
Not so much a painful truth as a retarded generalisation.
little extreme but partially true
What a sad, jaded view of things. you have to wonder what would motivate someone to make such sweepingly negative generalizations.
This guy is really stupid.
Uy Tran
Its not a nation, its the whole world.
He sounds like a lot of fun, dosent he?!?
:Life and soul of the party.
About time for that etch-a-sketch action, peeps. Delete and redraw over this mess.
...and idiots who post untruths like this make an ever increasingly larger percentage of our population just a little bit more stupid.
Some of these have always been true.  Some of them are blatantly false, and banks really are a problem now, but mostly... [citation needed].
"*The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug*" Chris Hedges.
Although it's tempting to give-in to ravanous hyperbole, he may have given-in to flushing "the baby with the bath water". I wonder if Mr Hedges has noticed -- we live in a time of relative peace (historically), albeit turbulent and of our own doing.
I disagree with every statement in this quotation. Doctors do their best to help people. We, the electorate, elect politicians who create the kind of governmental healthcare policies we have to live (and die) with. That's not the doctors' fault. I think a similar argument applies to each of the other statements.
Put thought into why I +1 my own post... uh huh... wait for it +Casey Head .... yep! Its so that in long posts where there are a bazillion comments, I can easily scroll down when I come back to pinpoint my own comment. Not very toll like is is? No, its not. My comment was not an ad hominem either. For it to be that, you would have actually had to back your claim up with evidence supporting your claim. But you didn't, you just posting a nice little picture with an opinion in it. Nice try anyway :)
Data to support his statement or just new age, existential non-sense?
yup it's called human greed and selfishness, men must change before kingdoms can.
This reminded me of this song:

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are diseased
And the preachers all are sinners
And police just take the grease
All you judges, you are guilty
All the bosses, I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians, all the liars

- Rev Theory, Voices
so what in the world do you believe in chris? are you a nihilist? or a narcissist?
And Bill O'Reilly had the nerve to call him a "left-wing nutbar"
"People are problems" There, I saved you like 40 characters.  It is actually starting to boggle me that people think our society's brokenness is news somehow.  That guy looks 50, he's just coming to this conclusion?
Says you.

1. My doctor is great.
2. I got good help from a lawyer when my father-in-law died.
3. I got my degree at a great school and had an excellent relationship with the professors in my program.
4. I take for granted personal freedoms that most people today and throughout human history simply don't have.
5. There are plenty of great newspapers if you bother to look beyond USA Today and your local Gannett rag.
6. I'm no fan of religion, but I know many people whose deep moral convictions spring from their faith. They seem like good enough folks to me.
7. I could quibble with this one too, but whatever. Banks suck, alright.

IN CONCLUSION: God I hate these stupid fucking quote-image-thingies. So simplistic. So empty of content. Why do you people waste your time on them? This isn't discourse. It isn't even interesting.
Partially Incorrect. The optimism is solely based on the person reading this. The fact that issues are being identified in actuality can breed optimism and motivate the recently unaware. 

Question: Can you see destruction as an opportunity for creation?
Well, if we as Americans are fully aware of this, what and when are we gonna do something about it? Lets not sit back while others degrade us to a third world country.
We now live in a world where unicorns are eating our babies, aliens are taking our jobs, bears are invading our picnic areas, magic no longer exists, lies are taken for truth, and Chris Hedges can string together random opinions and get his portrait next to the quote on social media.
Come on man! take it easy ! You will make me hate my life!
There is only one reason for all of this.......GREED...............
Let's all change the world by giving a little more. 
How does that sound? Scary? 
Without God, there is NO morality. 
And without Man, there is no god (im looking for a response here that demonstrates animal worship of any deity other than man, come on people... anything)
What a pessimist. It's easy to point out faults but how about coming up with some constructive answers to the problems. If he's not looking for solutions then he's part of the problem.
We now live in an nation where pithy overgeneralizations posted on the internet pass as truth.
I agree with +Erueti Foster  it seems optimism is a hard thing to come by these days, it's always portrayed that we're either on the brink or already sunk. and +John Mahler not everyone believes in god,  morality doesn't have to stem from a spiritual center 
Don't know about the rest but the economy one is partly true, the people running the whole banking system and money printing have been too greedy too quick.
nice.  He'd probably get taken more seriously if his collar didn't make him look like he was trying to join the t-birds...
Not the real church, just the ones that have lost their way.
I already have Bro. But Wait! There's more! I understand your impeccably dressed outpouring of concern and pity,Chris, for all the "under 1%er's". Although we are All undeniably oppressed, we still strive to grow and succeed and treat each other fair. Why don't you do something positive instead of soiling your Armani with whining. Then maybe you could enlighten us with something we don't already know. Oh, by the way, it's raining here too!
And the Governed still keep on grazing like the sheepole they are...
so... do something!
Eat organic, Never vote straight party ticket, Check out an independent candidate, unsubscribe to newspapers, become less religious and more spiritual, leave your big bank and find a good local bank. 
Most of us are content with moaning about our situation, all the while we are spinning in this funnel,out of control just waiting to go down the drain so we have something else to talk and read about. I am absolutely sick of it. 
We need to live our lives by abiding to the meaning of this little phrase : If you are not part of the solution, you ARE the problem.
we will never solve our problems by using the same level of thought that created them. Create a movement that starts with you first, then your family, then neighbors, then ....
We are all personally responsible for the direction our nation takes, we just need to accept it and act on it.
And as always : well done is always better than well said.  
awh guys (gary), our constitution doesn't contain one instance of the word "god" nor do any of the amendments up until the mid 20th century. Our founding fathers were secularists who lived through the tyranny of a religious state (English Empire) and fought very hard to bring you a culture where it is an option to worship and protect the people from rulers who may use religion as a political or social weapon. Like when god told GB to invade Iraq, classic god right there. People now have a very twisted view on our founding fathers and depending on who you choose to get your news from,  you're likely to believe what you want. Read the constitution, and probably the bible "again" (cuz we've all read it right!) and you might see the difference

"Article VI Section (3) of the U.S. Constitution is the only reference to religion in the original Constitution and it says “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution: but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or Public Trust under the United States."

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: …” - First Amendment, US constitution

Christians have historically been attempting to undermine the neutral theological position of the US government for years, successfully with the addition of "under god" in the pledge of allegiance during the red scare: This is an attempt they made in the late 19th century:

“We, the people of the United States recognizing the being and attributes of Almighty God, the Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures, the law of God as the paramount rule, and Jesus, the Messiah, the Savior and Lord of all, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

A little wordy for my taste, but hey, this comment is like 5 paragraphs long!

Anybody wanna talk Gnostic texts?
I wasn't expecting this thread to gain the kind of traction it has. It seems like I'm not the only one dismayed at the state of our society.
All Dialogue. The rhetoric, the "how could this be". You can't kill a snake by chopping the tail off. What we do is live our own lives with honor and respect and, given the chance, weed out the Crap.
And we allow it. Spoiled and complacent that is our problem.
Great freaking quote. I'm stealing it. Sadly true.
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