changed his profile photo.

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Great profile photo! I closed my Facebook account. That whole thing is weird to me, social butterfly that I am.
Too bad, Facebook was where all the action was yesterday, on my birthday. The picture is the front of one of the cards my sister sent me. Inside it said: This is my "I can't believe you're that old" face.
Well, happy birthday. Sorry I missed it. Having birthdays is the pits but it's mostly better than the alternative course. Right now, not having birthdays appears better than trying to close out the stupid 92-68 budget. Council's financial reports are just so HELPFUL!!
Agree on the birthdays. I initially read your comments about the financial reports as typical of what people say when they deal with the council on any event. Then I realized who the comment was coming from, and it brought on a whole new level of dread.
Cristi has been great. Dana and Amy both got busy with other things after the course was over, so they've been a little slow. I'm optimistic that I can close it out in the next 6 weeks or so but that's the best I can do. Of course, the previous 2 SM's were unable to close out before the end of the year the course was held. It's a real hassle. Next time I see you, I'll fill you in on the rest.
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