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Carts Vermont
Home of the original “made in Vermont” garden cart and multi-purpose hauler.
Home of the original “made in Vermont” garden cart and multi-purpose hauler.

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To celebrate the season, we have discounted our unique fire rings and charcoal starters! Enjoy Labor Day in style around a custom designed Fire Ring!

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We haven't shared with all of you in a while a lot has happened!
First we have added products to our growing line of garden and outdoor recreation.
We also partnered with a local New Hampshire company to now offer a line of Driveway Groomers!
Please check them out and let us know what you think!!! 

The weather has been crazy, last week snow in Vermont and now this week in the high 80's! Glad we didn't put our garden in but we sure will be busy this week planting. Hope all cold weather is gone for the season!

With all the rain we have been having it is beginning to be high time for those nasty mosquitoes. I hate using the harsh chemicals but up here its hard to keep the buggers away! I found this recipe and it is nontoxic and works pretty well though you may have to repeat application a bit more than traditional but don't worry it smells good!
How about you what repellants homemade or otherwise do you think work best?

Natural home made mosquito spray


12 oz bottle witch hazel (mine was lavender infused and had no alcohol or parabens)
15 drops citronella essential oil (I use a bit more)
15 drops lemon grass oil (I use a bit more)
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops tea tree oil (optional, but it works againts ticks)
A funnel
An empty spray container

Mix all ingredients and pour into your spray bottle using your funnel. Apply generously and as often as needed.

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Waste nothing, plus they taste great!

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Weather forecast says the weather lows will be in the low 50s at night for the remainder of the week which means that we can put our tomatoes in the ground. In preparation here is a great article about pruning your plants to get the yield the most fruit!

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Living and working in Northern Vermont a few things are expected.
1) You love the outdoors [PERIOD] And this includes all 4 seasons!
2) You value and respect the environment around you.
3) You have appropriate outside seating to properly enjoy 1 & 2!
Nestled between the Green and Adirondack Mountains Adirondack chairs are a no brainer for 3, but they can get pricey. Here is are several DIY Adirondack Plans to get the ball rolling. Enjoy and Relax :)

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We love to garden, work outside, and enjoy nature!

We have our seedlings all ready to go. Just waiting for the warmer nights to come so we can plant our gardens. How about all of you, are you set for garden season?
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