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Looking for a new printer for the end of financial year? We stock all of the latest machines with great cash back promotions.

Visit to see all the latest deals on offer.
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Congratulations to everyone at CartridgesDirect for bringing home the 2015 HP Supplies Partner of the year.
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8 Office Perks to Make Your Employees Feel Special & Greener

You know happy employees equal a happy office. You want to offer special job perks for your employees to look forward to, and you want those company benefits to things everyone can enjoy.

By using little benefits and office perks it will make your employees feel more a part of the company and consequently be that little bit more productive. It will make them feel appreciated and in return will be more appreciative.

Game Room
Here’s an idea that can either be a simple fix or taken to the extreme, depending on your budget, office bandwidth, and space available. A unique employee benefit that has become quite popular, game rooms can wind up benefiting your employees work performance. The opportunity to let off steam and have some fun can boost their productivity. Games are also a great way to improve relationships between coworkers. This is an especially beneficial strategy to utilize when employees who do not usually interact are brought together for a work project. If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room for games, you can include board games, card games or a darts board in your office’s break room.

Encourage Personal Green Practices
You probably have a corporate Cartridges 4 Planet Ark Recycling bin. Encourage your staff to use this bin to ethically recycle their personal printer cartridges from home. As partners to Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, CartridgesDirect highly recommend that all avenues for the ethical recycling of printer cartridges be promoted. This will not just make your workforce greener, but reinforces that you are a Green Company. This is likely to lead them to follow more green practices around the workplace resulting in cost savings and a lower carbon footprint for your company.

Free Food
Who doesn’t love a free lunch? Your employees will always appreciate a break from their typical meals offered on the company’s dime. You can make this a weekly event or even just a special occasion celebration. Hosting catered lunches will make your employees feel that their work is appreciated. If you take a break out of the workday for these special lunches, it will also give employees a chance to bond with their coworkers. As an added bonus, this company benefit provides opportunities to support new restaurants in your area, which could potentially lead to a corporate partnership.

You never want the stress of the job to prevent your employees from productively accomplishing their work. Unfortunately, this can sometimes wind up happening. For this reason, providing office perks specifically designed to combat stress can go a long way. There are a number of options for what you might provide to promote a stress-free workplace. To start, you can keep little things around the office from day-to-day including stress release balls or herbal teas. You can also offer services such as free massages, spa services, or yoga classes, whether inside or outside the office. Many local spas can actually bring their specialists into the workplace for an afternoon of pampering and relaxation.

In addition to yoga, you can look into offering fitness classes for your employees. Once again, these can take place either inside or outside the office. A free or discounted gym membership will also help your personnel to feel not only valued, but also healthier. Another option would be to start up a running club or a cycling club within the office. Physical exercise will do wonders in boosting employee happiness!

Discounts and Rewards
Look to the other business in your network or local area to consider what they might be able to offer your employees, in terms of discounts or specials. This could include a one-day promotion, series of coupons or gift certificates, or a discount code specifically for employees that can be used at any time. Another option for employee perks is to use these discounts, or even free services, as rewards. These can be incentives for a job well done, for volunteering in the community, making strides to live more eco-friendly, or an abundance of other options.

The commute is an integral part of every employee’s workday. Unfortunately, between the cost, the time, and various elements outside of their control, it can often become a large stress. Creating a cycling friendly workplace will certainly ease your employees’ commute and effectively boost their happiness by the time they arrive at the office. This can include bus or train passes for those who take public transportation; discounts on car services including gas, washes, oil changes, and repairs; and bike racks, tire pumps or even showers for those who bike to work. You can also get your colleagues to consider more environmentally friendly options by setting up a carpool or encouraging a group to start cycling to work.

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We are excited to publish our very first guest post to our Green Tips for Business blog!

Ryan Collins, Project Manager of Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, talks about thinking "outside the box" - or rather, thinking outside the kerbside recycling bin - for proper cartridge disposal. Do you properly recycle your used printer ink and toner cartridges at home or at work?
#greenliving   #recycle   #recycling   #businesstips   #Australia  
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Why Buying Office Supplies in Bulk is Better than Single Packs

When running a business, one is always on the lookout for any small and simple steps that can be taken in order to save money, without making sacrifices to the quality or convenience of office life and operations. In their search, many companies have discovered the advantages of buying in bulk as a strategy to achieve this. Unlike some budgeting tactics, the decision to buy bulk office supplies actually makes things more convenient for the workplace, both in the short term and in the long run! Below we’ve outlined a quick list of the reasons why.

1. First and foremost, buying in bulk will help you to save on office supplies. This is because the price per unit when purchased in larger quantities is less than the cost of the units purchased separately. What’s more, if you are purchasing products online, buying in bulk often means you will be paying less in shipping fees. Of course, it is always wise to double check this is the case – occasionally bulk packaging is actually priced at a higher rate, so that’s something to keep an eye out for! Fortunately, no matter the price, the reduction in shipping containers used will be helpful to the environment.

2. Buying in bulk also saves you time. Whether purchasing online or in person, compiling the list of necessities, adding them to your bin, and proceeding through checkout can take away from other, more time-sensitive responsibilities. Your employees will need to refill orders far less frequently if you are to buy supplies in bulk for the office, instead of on an as-need basis.

3. In an office setting, it is usually wise to have backups of various supplies to ensure total preparedness in the event that something were to malfunction, gets lost or become used up too quickly. Sometimes not having backup for the smallest items on hand – printer cartridges, paper, USB drives, etc. – can derail an entire workday. Using large capacity inkjet cartridges in your printers not only increases their lifespan but also significantly reduces the cost per print of your output. You can buy almost any type of office supply in bulk, from bundle ink and toner cartridge packs to desk accessories, so stock up on whatever supplies your office uses most often!

4. For businesses looking for tips for going green, bulk items are also the more environmentally-friendly option. Because there is less packaging used, your office supplies and equipment will produce far less waste purchased in bundles than if they were wrapped and delivered separately. Think of all the boxes, tape, cardboard, packing peanuts or bubbles, and plastic wrap that get utilized when items are shipped; plus the product containers and plastic bags that are used with items purchased in store. Try buying in bulk and just see how less you’ll have in your recycling and trash bins! This, of course, leads to less material ending up in landfills. Because bulk buying also reduces transportation – whether that means less car trips to a store or less shipments from the manufacturers – this type of purchasing also winds up saving both energy and gas.

Of course, there are some things you should consider before jumping on board with this green business initiative. Before you buy office supplies in bulk, make sure that the items you are choosing multiples of are supplies that get regular use; and test out new brands to ensure they are well-received before filling your office with a lot of product your employees don’t want. Also, make sure you have a place to store the additional items, and if not, determine whether or not it is possible to make that space. Finally, while bulk buying is already a great way to save money for the office, it never hurts to double check if there are any additional offers or sales at stores or online retailers! #businesstips #greenbusiness #officesupplies #officehacks
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How to Create a Cycling Friendly Workplace for Employees 

Cycling to work is a great way to exercise: the bike doesn’t take up much space, it’s a fun and inexpensive activity, and it provides a boost in mood, energy, and productivity levels. Cycling is also, of course, an eco-friendly alternative to commuting in a motor vehicle or through public transport. A trend has started amongst workplaces to adopt practices that are more beneficial for employees who regularly take advantage of the benefits that cycling offers. Here are some ways you can make riding a bike to work easier for your workplace:

- Before making any major changes, first get feedback from your employees. Ask who of your colleagues is already riding a bike to work and what accommodations they would like to have made available to them. For those employees who are not using a bike, ask them how and what accommodations at might convince them to start.
- Provide safe and convenient bicycle parking. Employees can’t leave their bikes in any old place, and you probably don’t want them sitting around the office! Designate a specific secure area to their storage, and consider putting up some sort of sign to indicate it is reserved for employee’s bicycles. Try to set up this parking as close to the building’s entrance as possible. You can either designate a special locked room, or put out bike racks in a sheltered area and provide bike locks. Try to get an idea of just how much space you are going to need before setting this up – it is probably wise to reserve a little extra space, just in case more employees start cycling to work!
- If possible, set up a shower and/or changing facility in the building. Again, the closer it is to the entrance, the more comfortable your employees will feel. The ability to get changed and clean up before the workday will be a huge asset to workers, and gives them the space needed to make themselves presentable before important meetings. This convenience will be greatly appreciated!
- To truly enhance your appeal as a cycling-friendly business, keep extra tools such as bike pumps, locks, and helmets on hand for your employees to use as needed.
- Especially if you want to encourage more employees to join in, promote the culture by getting your office involved in cycling related events, activities, and races. This could include forming a cycling club or starting an office-wide contest. You can even co-ordinate your workplace’s happenings with larger scale events, holidays, and nationwide initiatives. For instance, Western Australia has an annual Bike Week, and Cycling Australia has a number of events throughout the calendar year.

It would be wise to make sure employees receive education on cycling benefits, safety tips, and the best routes to take when biking to and from work. This can be done through a cycling club or by an appointed workplace cycling coordinator, and can be as simple as sending out an office-wide email. To further the promotion of cycling to and from work when it’s nice out, you may suggest the beginning of a periodical cycling newsletter.

Consider all these tips and remember the benefits that forming a cycling-friendly work environment will provide your employees. These initiatives could wind up saving you space, since parking a bicycle takes up less room than a car, and will give your employees a common activity to talk about and bond over. By encouraging more and more workers to ride a bike, your business will be doing its part to help Australia’s environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and because of how cycling benefits mood, productivity, and the immune system, you will have a healthier, happier workplace! 

#greenbusiness #biking #commute #9to5 #goinggreen
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Tips for Reducing the Environmental Impact of Office Equipment

Your office wants to start with the noble goal of becoming more eco-friendly. But this may seem difficult to do when your day-to-day operations require lots of electricity, paper, and ink cartridges to be used! Here are some green business tips for how to reduce the environmental impact of the electronic supplies your office needs.

#greenliving   #environment   #Australia   #goinggreen  
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