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Aspiring Maker in the Cincinnati area.
Aspiring Maker in the Cincinnati area.
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So there's a new mobile Social Media available, and it's pretty cool- it's called Treem, and it's similar to Google+, but even nicer because the ONLY posts you'll see are the ones your friends post. It's completely ad-free too.

And to convince users to come over to their platform, they're offering a special incentive- if you get 6500 points (earned by being active in the app) by Dec. 31, 2017, you're eligible for a share of 20% of their company's net worth. (Translation: $$$)

So if I convinced you, download Treem from your respective App Store and give it a shot. You just need a username, phone number, and your email, and you're good to go! Oh, and if you do sign up, please mention PixelateVision as the referral 😉.

(Sounds like I'm running an ad for them now.)

You can find me on Treem as either Carter Schaap or PixelateVision! Hope to see you there!

I'm sorry for being so quiet lately- I just feel so alone and unmotivated right now, and it makes it harder for me to write every day.

I'm trying to pray and give all my fears and uncertainty to God right now. It isn't easy, but I'm trying my hardest.

I miss you terribly much. You're in my thoughts and prayers every day, and I hope you know how much I still care for you, even from far away.

Good night and sweet dreams, Child. = )

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Melodies of a Madman - 12/3/16

Well, we're definitely in December now, with freezing cold weather to boot. Tomorrow'll be three weeks until Christmas. Just three weeks! Crazy when you think about it.

I feel like I had a very ungrateful week. That doesn't mean I was angry about not having enough, but I didn't really stop and think and be thankful for the many blessings God has given me. I'm going to muster my gratitude and humility and try to list of some of them.

I'm thankful for indoor heating. It's dropping below freezing at night now, and I'm quite grateful for the warmth that keeps my toes from falling off.

For the Internet's ability to make purchases so quick and easy. For everything bad on the internet (and there is plenty of it) Amazon and other stores are a huge blessing and convenience.

For compliments. It's always nice to hear people compliment you (who doesn't like it?) but it's not something I hear that often, so I especially appreciate those kind people.

For library book sales. I went to one today, (and, ironically, couldn't find a single good book) but I got a nice copy of The Giver on DVD, so that was nice.

And, as I always am grateful for, the friends who pray for me even though they cannot see me in person. I'm praying for you too, and you have no idea how much I miss you.

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Melodies of a Madman - 11/30/16

Another month, gone in a flash. It's crazy how fast time is flying by at this point of my life.

I'm sure it's because my future is uncertain and because of it I get nervous the closer it comes to the point where I'm an adult.

But I need to keep in mind that God is in control. He planned every moment of our lives before we were ever conceived and will never let us stray from the path He's laid out for us. We have no need to fear the future and its uncertainty.

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Melodies of a Madman - 11/29/16

Today I had a moment of panic: One of my few friends at my school decided that they were going to switch schools at the end of the year (for personal reasons). This always make me upset, because I hate the feeling of loneliness that follows when people are brought into your life and then soon after pulled away.

I know it's all part of God's plan. That doesn't mean I'm always the most accepting of it, but I'm trying to understand better and trust God when it comes to this.

Later in the day the same friend decided to stay at my school, which I was very grateful for. So maybe, in a way, God was testing me, seeing how I'd react to the scenario.

I'm learning. God has taught me so much spiritually in the past couple months, and I'm so grateful for it.

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Melodies of a Madman - 11/28/16

It's always interesting, interacting with the "world" as I call it. I'm a fairly good gauge of peoples' character (and very humble, too. ;) So whenever I'm out in public, be it school or shopping or etc., I like to study those around me and usually I can fairly accurately paint a basic description of their lifestyle.

And while I know it's not fair to generalize and/or stereotype people based on what you see and hear externally, the "world" has done it to themselves by dressing, talking and acting in ways that fit those stereotypes.

And yet I feel that at the same time, it makes it easier for me to interact with that person, because I can adjust my attitude to better converse with them, and, if it reaches that point, share God and Christianity with them. So in a way, it's both a blessing and a curse.

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Melodies of a Madman - 11/27/16

I suppose a list of what I'm grateful for over the past week is especially fitting, considering the holiday of thankfulness we just celebrated. So what am I grateful for? So many things. And I'm probably not even grateful for everything I ought to be. But these blessings especially stuck out to me over the past week:

I'm grateful for God giving me a dad who cares immensely for me and does his best to show me how to handle myself in a crazy, chaotic world.

For a mother who loves me and taught me the skills to be a good parent around the house someday.

For my many siblings. They're all a challenge, but I love 'em all.

For friends who help lift me up and laugh with me. Thank you. I know it's a challenge putting up with me.

For friends who cannot laugh with me, but pray for me and care about me from far away. Thank you even more. I know it's not easy, being far apart.

For the wonderful opportunity God has given me at my school, to teach me how to work in my chosen field, deal with public schoolers, and spread the Christian faith.

And for being placed upon the earth in the time that I have been. I know that may sound silly, but I'm so grateful that I've been put into a time period where I can express and use my specifically-wired brain in a way that can help shape those around me.

What are you grateful for?

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Melodies of a Madman - 11/25/16


I'm sorry. I haven't posted anything to Google+ (or to anywhere) for a while now.

See, I've been dealing with a lot of emotions lately- anger, loneliness, temptation. And I thought that if I just buried my emotions in my daily life and tried to keep myself busy, it would help.

But it didn't. Life cannot completely smother our emotions. Nor can filling the emptiness with desires or things of the world, something I'm learning the hard way. Only God can help us. Only He can take those emotions and help guide us toward peace and, ultimately, Him.

So I'm sorry. For being silent. I don't know why it took me so long to realize that, but I'm trying to pray and give it all to him.

...OK Go is one of my favorite bands, and every single one of their songs is worth listening to (and watching the music video of. This one is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Melodies of a Madman - 11/20/16

Today we greened the church for the Advent season. Crazy to think that we've reached that part of the year now. Time is passing by quicker each day for me.

Time is one of God's most precious gifts. He gave it to us as a marker and system to base our past on, even God Himself has no need for time. We need to value the time He has given us (without becoming obsessed about it) and remember to use the little time with have on this earth to glorify God to the best of our abilities.

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That moment when Google+ pukes on you and doesn't post what you wrote...

Melodies of a Madman - 11/19/16

Another week past. We're heading straight into the winter season now. Crazy how time flies.

This week, I'm grateful for the last bit of warm weather we had and were able to enjoy. It was rather off putting- but nice- to be outside and be in 70 degree temperatures.

I'm grateful for the patience God gave me to put up with individually removing and replacing every dead bulb on the Christmas lights.

I'm grateful for music. Yeah, if you follow me, that's probably pretty obvious, but I'm just so thankful that God created this mathematical, melodic system of musical harmony for humans. It's something that'll never cease to amaze me.

I'm grateful for all the friends who put up with my ADD nature. Yeah, I may be scatterbrained and forget your name : S but you don't hold it against me.

And lastly, I'm thankful that God has given me a mind that's so inclined toward and grasping of electronics and technology. And that He's also shown me that technology isn't everything in life and that I can enjoy the wonderful creation of His.

What are you thankful for?
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