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Your expectations are exhausting.

A few weeks ago I did an AMA here. It was my latest effort at trying to reengage with Google+, a platform that I still believe to be incredibly valuable, powerful, and special. Dealing with my own life in more ways than one - from career decisions to relationships to everything in between - I hadn't been as active on the platform that catapulted me from the East Coast to the Best Coast as I felt I should have been. During that AMA, I realized exactly what it was that was keeping me away from Google+ in the first place. It was the expectations that strangers put on me that I've never agreed to.

I've blogged about those expectations before, but what's different now is that there isn't as much as a need for me to keep fighting on. I have a job. I speak at conferences. I'm tied into a close community of amazing people. My life is stable and going really well. I don't need to fight with people on the internet to make sure that I secure my financial and social security. Maybe that's why when I shared my biggest fear (being complacent) and someone replied with, "No. That's not your biggest fear. It's probably this instead," I didn't feel any need to come back to Google+ anytime soon. 

That may sound terribly blunt, but I think it's true. I don't necessarily think it's right, but I do think that my followers got the better of me. Priorities shifted. The LittleBigFund (which I'm still trying to perfect) took up a good portion of the energy I have to blog and working with gamers for a living is....sometimes intense. At the end of the day, I stopped seeing personal value in being the Google+ Personality that everyone expected me to be. It had always been an uphill battle against people who tried to define me without my consent (or input), but, over the past several months, I simply had to put my energy elsewhere. 

In my defense, I think I handled the transition from online nobody to 1million+ followers pretty smoothly. Sure, there were occasional tears as I figured out how awful trolls could be, but I never felt used by Google or anything like that - and I still don't. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity the likes of +Natalie Villalobos, +Jenna Montali, and +Vic Gundotra gave me. It was up to me to participate. It was up to me to leave. I forged my own path with the amazingness of +Daria Musk, +Amanda Blain, +Ryan Crowe, +Alida Brandenburg, and +Ryan Van Sickle (and so many more). But once I moved out to San Francisco, got a dream job in my dream industry, and began to make new friends, I felt that my path had brought me to my destination.

And then I didn't know how to use Google+ anymore.

I was removed from the Suggested User List. The hype around my baby, The LittleBigFund, had died down. I reached the end of a beautiful trail and I didn't know where to go. 

In retrospect, I'm glad that someone told me, straight up, that my biggest fear wasn't my biggest fear. After thinking on that comment for a few weeks, I felt like I could see a new path. It was just as shrouded in fog as the path I first journeyed on in Google+'s infancy, but it was a path. That path started with the realization that I need to find a way to dig myself out of a massive pile of expectations and bullshit. And trust me....people project a good amount of bullshit on you.

I'm not sure if I'm going to come prancing out of my cave of solitude immediately. But I do know is that I miss interacting with those of you I've spent time forming true relationships with and I miss how engaged I was in the LGBT community's quest for equality. Google+ was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me (and I really don't think I'm embellishing), and it kills me that I let it get the better of me when I was emotionally drained.

So how do I use it going forward? Hopefully in the personal, honest, transparent, therapeutic way I miss using it. One thing's for certain though - I'm going to do it on my own terms.
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You know, what got you here isn't just dumb luck. You're smart, you're capable and if you need to build up this aspect of your life, you'll be able to. What you need to do is develop the life you want to lead. The rest is easypeasy. Plus, firm buns and great calves. And chocolate.
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Carter Gibson

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Escape Velocity at Coachella

Coachella is just as much as a blast as I expected. This astronaut moves around the grounds exploring the land. At night, his sun shield comes up and his past travels are played in his helmet for everyone else to witness. 
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Oh man! Really?? +Carter Gibson I need Coachella stories!!! Dish!
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It looks like people are finally understanding the value of G+
In response to this +Mashable article:

What Google understands better than any social network is targeted marketing, data, and search. That might sounds scary or foreign (or evil) to the average user, but really it comes down to community. Google+ was always about communities coming together thanks to the help of Google search. Google helped by using what it knew about you to help match you to people it thought you would find interesting. Now, when Google+ first launched, it tried to make it all about friends and coworkers, but has since changed its tune to be more about topics than contrived social circles. It's not surprising to me that brands take advantage of thought leaders in topics to post to because Google+ makes who those people are very visible. Look at Communities. Look at Hashtags. Look at Shared Circles. 

It's important to remember that Google+ is so much more than "The Stream." People who like the stream will use it. People who don't won't, but they'll still benefit from it. Google Now, personalized search results, and even Youtube comments (yes, that comment section is better, more relevant, and approachable than it used to be). The bottom line is that Google+ does a fantastic job of connecting people to the content they think is interesting even if they're not in the stream. It's a less annoying experience wherein a person is more likely to peer at a company's post because the expectation's been set that it's at least somewhat relevant. On top of all that, look at the tools G+ gives brands! Hangouts. Giant images. Auto-Hashtags. Circles curated by real users, not an algorithm. Communities.

People need to get over the fact that Google didn't conquer Facebook in two years. I know I know. It's Google, and we expect a lot from Google, but the fact of the matter is that Google just keeps making G+ more and more appealing to brands.
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Yes this is true, +Google+ offers a lot and they have surpassed Facebook and other search engine sites....Go +Google!!
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Carter Gibson changed his profile photo.

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Decided to greet you all with a smiling face instead of a skeptical one.

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Haha, I'm really, really not, but thank you! :P
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Carter Gibson

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I've been taking a lot of pause lately. Overwhelmed and feeling under appreciated all while struggling with my carnal desire to be successful, I sought this tree to clear my mind. 

Looking forward to telling you all a little more about my discoveries. One of them was to never get so busy that I forgot to do what keeps me grounded - writing and sharing. :)
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+Carter Gibson I feel you brother! Me too! The recharge feels soooo good. It's so nice to be able to bring fresh energy back with you too. xoxoxo
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Carter Gibson

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Coachella dust storm yesterday. Was absolutely incredible. 
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Carter, somebody is impersonating me on my google account. Can you send me an email on how to handle this? Thank you. 
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I'm off to party with this snail.

It's Coachella time again :) Time for some MUCH needed vacation. Hope to run into any of you that are there!
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Carter Gibson

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Everyone's lying today, so I'll be honest. Ask me anything!

It's no secret that I haven't been very active on Google+ lately or blogging how I normally do. There's no one reason for that other than the fact that I ran out of emotional energy and needed to recharge. I've truly missed you all and hope that I'm back in the swing of things now.

To help make up for not being around much on this #AprilFools  day, I'm going to let you ask me anything you'd like to. The only things I won't reveal are 1) financial information that you could abuse and 2) information that someone else has trusted me not to share. Other than that, anything goes. 

So. Go for it. 
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Really crazy! But good I think :)
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Carter Gibson

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Damn. My content's been viewed over 47million times?

Follower numbers are so passe. Google, over every other social network, has just figured out to immediately sell the value of a profile to its users. 

Google+ has always had a messaging problem, especially around selling the value of Google+. Ultimately, it's a perception problem. Despite G+ being a highly engaging network for the people that use it and having more active users each month than Twitter or Pinterest, people just assume Google should immediately dominate everything it touches. When it doesn't people love to lambast it and when it does Google is the bully. I don't concern myself with whether or not G+ is succeeding (spoiler: it totally is, especially w/ Hangouts and giving their most passionate communities a place to communicate), but rather with how Google approaching fixing that perception issue. Showing how many views profiles' content receives is a genius step in differentiating itself from other networks and readily giving away valuable data (which is all the rage with marketers). So A+ to Google for seamlessly giving highly visible value to Google+ profiles!

How many views do you have? What do you make of all this?
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+Andrij Harasewych and a very smart move I believe it was.  We all have to view this environment as an opportunity to build something bigger than just ourselves, otherwise what we have for ourselves is meaningless.

The sense of community has to come first.  It is one of those great life ironies:

"The more we focus on growing the broader community, and the less we focus on gathering things for ourselves, the more we get for ourselves"  ;->
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Carter Gibson

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Guys. I made the ultimate Coachella Roadtrip Mix.

It's what's going to get me there. ENJOY! :D

Also, who else is going to be there weekend one?!
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STILL!? Shit yo.
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