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Announcing my nonprofit, +The LittleBigFund
Launching Summer. Subscribe to updates here:

Today I'm literally ecstatic to announce my nonprofit, The LittleBigFund. I've been extremely lucky that I've been able to accomplish what I have here through hard work, but I felt the need to do more. My words weren't enough. I had to take my constant commitment to do good to the next level. So, with all of your support, I founded a nonprofit to empower community organizations and charitable passions.

With so much buzz surrounding huge, administration-heavy nonprofits and one-time projects, I created The LittleBigFund to bring the neighborly feeling of accomplishment back to charitable giving. It will empower donors to feel that they can make a meaningful impact within their means through collective action. I'm sick of marketing stunts people forget about, people disengaging immediately after a donation, and large organizations with huge amounts of overhead and unachievable goals. Donations need to mean something more than a tote bag or water bottel. I want to reward people for donating within their means by telling the stories of community based organizations with reasonable goals fighting to be noticed. People are good. If we work together we can be great.

It works in the following way: The LittleBigFund facilitates a process that is mutually beneficial for donors and nonprofits. It will collect little charitable donations to form a big fund. At the end of every month, donor vote determines which of three pre-curated nonprofits the fund is given to. Each month will be dedicated to a humanitarian topic featuring three nonprofits preselected by The LittleBigFund. The stories of each will be told throughout the month while donors vote on which nonprofit they feel would best benefit from the donation. A commitment to storytelling before and after voting rewards passion while keeping donors engaged month to month. While only one nonprofit receives the fund in an effort to assure that the donation making the overwhelming impact it should, all three receive exposure to a wider online audience and a heartfelt tale of their journey and goals (can't wait for the fund to be big enough to give to more organizations!). Donors are able to support a cause in a much larger capacity than they would have alone. 

From now until the launch I'll be building trust with you all. I'm not going to rush into this. Asking for money is a big deal and through The LittleBigBlog ( ) I'll be explaining the processes, values (including transparency, humanity, storytelling, & more), and structure of the organization. I want you to feel confident recommending this organization to your friends. I have a fantastic board of 11 featuring many prominent member of the Google+ community here to help guide this process. Additionally I'm honored to have the assistance of +Brian Tomlinson as my lead developer and +Alexander Parker to design the website (more on that soon).

I owe literally everything to every one of you who have every trusted me. I refuse to let you down. My history of working at nonprofits (Ad Council, Helpsgood) led me here, but without everything you all have taught me, this wouldn't be a reality. I am the CEO of my own state-recognized nonprofit and I plan to use Google+ as the primary force behind building community. With that said...

Circle The LittleBigFund here:

This is the start of what will prove to be an exceptional journey. I couldn't think of a better group of people to start it with. Thank you in advance for you support and know that you don't go under appreciated. #LittleBigFund  


Read the full press release:

If you have questions or would like to interview me, feel free to let me know or reach me at or 757.339.2410
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Did I ever tell you I work in the charity sector? We help connect game developers with charities here in a London startup. I don't want to spam, so I won't detract from your announcement by mentioning them here, just figured you might find that interesting.
I was about to post to you last night after midnight EST and say "It's the 21st in your home town, so Cough it up mister!" :)

Very nice! Glad to see this baby up and running. and proud. Let me know if I can help of course!
Very cool. Running out-well, really walking-to work but I can't wait to learn more.
Sorry. I'm just evil!
Congratulations +Carter Gibson! I'll read through more closely a bit later, and circle for sure. Looks like a worthwhile and exciting venture though, all the best! :D
I see a problem with this lol.  Whenever you signup for updates, there are no Google+ buttons!
Congrats on finally announcing this though!!!  You have been keeping us all on the edge of our seats for too long. 
Well it is good to put it here on Google+ lol, but that doesn't help the masses that go to your page :P
Once again,Carter,you've hit the nail on That Head!???

I'm involved with a publisher that does something similar.  The profits from all books are put into a fund and the members of the group (and the authors, editors, graphic artists who receive no payment for their work) vote on what charitable project to give the funds to.  Each time the proceeds from the books hit a certain amount, it triggers suggestions and then a vote, followed by a funds disbursement.  

Donors don't donate cash, they donate their writing and publishing talents.  Each book continues to generate revenue for years.
I am quite surprised, however, that given the support of the G+ community, your link to your page shows "find us on FB and Twitter". No G+ link?????
+Carter Gibson I know it is a launch page.  I just saw the Twitter and Facebook icons and had to give you a hard time.  
Ohhhhh! Hahaha, yell at LaunchRock ;)
Congratulations +Carter Gibson!  Will be bookmarking the new blog to keep up.  As always, if you need any assistance, I am just a DM away :D 
Great concept +Carter Gibson I wish you and all the recipients of this fund all the best and would be happy to help in any way I can.
I like the philosophy (vision statement, 2nd paragraph from your post) behind this non-profit. 
Congratulations on your first step and best wishes for the actual working ahead.
I like it, it's fresh and original :) Now you're gonna have to feature the GiveToIsaac foundation as one of your charities ;) It's real... promise.
dat's cool, u did it after all corgrat's 
Thanks +P E Sharpe. If LBF expands past the US, Canda will be first :) I know you have a ton of passion about this sort of thing and, even though it might not be in Canada, LBF will focus heavily on the arts.
So much more work to do! But excited for now :)
Can I also give it +5 #Cute points for the name since it reminds me of a cute game (LittleBigPlanet)?
Very proud of you, my dear!
Nice work carterpants! bought time it launched
+Carter Gibson I'm here if you need me and I have an idea that could be helpful that I'll PM you when I get a minute. <3
Totally looking forward to submitting our org for donations! Yay!!
+Carter Gibson, incredible idea!  Jealous I didn't think of it first :-P  Already signed up for updates.  Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
The message and goal of the +The LittleBigFund is really intriguing and I wish you luck, +Carter Gibson! Great to see fellow youth making such a big impact and working to achieve full potential. Your family must be proud. Looking forward to seeing which organizations are first highlighted by the Little Big Fund.
(Side note: brilliant logo! Especially like the G+ pic for the LBF!) 
is this a nonprofit? (forgive me if i missed it in the comment thread or elsewhere)
1) Announcement
2) ???
3) No profits!
Oh god damn it. i should have known that +Joost Schuur!!! ((dies))

And +Karen Shackles I'm glad you think so! I value your opinion a ton. You're just such a genuine person and I appreciate everything :)

Bwahaha, the irony being that I did a project about just that for my boss like, a few months ago ((dies again))
Awesome sauce! Thanks for being so gnarly +Leah Droske :) I'm excited for whatever it is you have planned. Feel free to shoot me a PM sometime if you want to chat about it!
Go small to go big! Thanks for making altruism accessible!
Mom. You are literally the greatest. :D
Yeah! More Carter Gibsons! I could probably date one of them...
What a wonderful idea. Congratulations Carter!
I have more to discuss/share, but later on.  Thanks Carter!
Mr. Gibson-I am new to the want to be blogger world.  I read a lot of your post, can you give me some insight on getting mine out there?  perhaps you can read some of my post.  I would certainly appreciate it.  Thanks, Paula Miller
Are you going to make a #community as well to share with even more people out there in google+ 
That is my plan.  I am so brand new to this which is why I am open to any ideas, criticism and advice out there in hopes of it being a successful one.  Today, I am posting a story about being falsely accused and jailed too.  I hope you will check it out and help me at your leisure.  Thanks for responding and have a wonderful day
Good for you.  Let me know how I can help!!!!!
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