A brief note about What's Hot
You are not banned.

I used to get onto What's Hot about once or twice a week for a couple of months. It was pretty sick. Fellow plussers who are a part of the community first and foremost also got on there relatively frequently. I hate that I have to post about this, and I'm only going to do it once, but I just had to get it off my chest:

The algorithm changed. You are not banned.

Do you know how I know? Because I looked. Every single person on What's Hot up to the 3rd page has a verified account. A lot of them are on the Suggested User List. And this makes business sense. Say what you will about highlighting community members over celebrities, but these people were just like you. They had relatively small followings in other places and have since made a name for themselves. They just did it extremely well. To be honest, we're seeing those people there more than Ashley Tisdale. What's Hot was never meant to be your stepping stone to thousands of followers. It was meant to make Google+ mainstream to audiences who don't understand it. And to be the public face of Google+'s accessibility it makes sense for those ambassadors to be verified accounts and of relative fame.

Saying that you have been banned comes off as extremely bitter. I was on What's Hot more than most and yet haven't hit the top8 of What's Hot since the algorithm changed either. I've been on it, just not 1,000+ shares like I used to. And I'm perfectly okay with that. There's so much irony that the same people who call What's Hot lame and useless and tout community engagement over everything else are the same people who are complaining that their shit isn't highlighted. If your content is good your community will highlight it for you.

I'm sorry I had to bring this up as I'm sure everyone is tired of talking about it, but let's remain rational and ask ourselves why we really care about being on What's Hot. Personally, I care way more about engaging with my community. My content drives my follower count upwards, not an algorithm.
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