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A brief note about What's Hot
You are not banned.

I used to get onto What's Hot about once or twice a week for a couple of months. It was pretty sick. Fellow plussers who are a part of the community first and foremost also got on there relatively frequently. I hate that I have to post about this, and I'm only going to do it once, but I just had to get it off my chest:

The algorithm changed. You are not banned.

Do you know how I know? Because I looked. Every single person on What's Hot up to the 3rd page has a verified account. A lot of them are on the Suggested User List. And this makes business sense. Say what you will about highlighting community members over celebrities, but these people were just like you. They had relatively small followings in other places and have since made a name for themselves. They just did it extremely well. To be honest, we're seeing those people there more than Ashley Tisdale. What's Hot was never meant to be your stepping stone to thousands of followers. It was meant to make Google+ mainstream to audiences who don't understand it. And to be the public face of Google+'s accessibility it makes sense for those ambassadors to be verified accounts and of relative fame.

Saying that you have been banned comes off as extremely bitter. I was on What's Hot more than most and yet haven't hit the top8 of What's Hot since the algorithm changed either. I've been on it, just not 1,000+ shares like I used to. And I'm perfectly okay with that. There's so much irony that the same people who call What's Hot lame and useless and tout community engagement over everything else are the same people who are complaining that their shit isn't highlighted. If your content is good your community will highlight it for you.

I'm sorry I had to bring this up as I'm sure everyone is tired of talking about it, but let's remain rational and ask ourselves why we really care about being on What's Hot. Personally, I care way more about engaging with my community. My content drives my follower count upwards, not an algorithm.
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Pfft. I am already what's hot. Fuck a list.
Actually, there have been quite a few algorithm changes. You no longer need to be in the top 8 to show up in people's streams -- anyone in the top 1,000 is eligible for that.
I had a post make it to What's Hot a couple of weeks ago and I'm not verified. I did not like making the list as it attracted trolls and weirdos, some of whom are still seriously debating the existence or not of god. Or something. I'm not sure I stopped reading their ramblings a week ago.

So did the formula change very recently? I've actually been quite curious to learn how the heck I ended up on there when it only had about 100 +1s and a handful of comments at the time.
Exactly Steve. People still get on it. It's just way harder. I get it on it too, just not top8.
I have had three trips on the What's Hot wheel, apparently. I was a little shocked this last time because the post was actually marginally substantive and I'm by no means a "power user" or whateverwecallthemnow.
Send these people a whaaaaaaaambulance. SRSLY.
Thanks for the clarification +Yonatan Zunger . I personally like the changes and am happy to do my thing here. You're doing a great job :)
What's Hot is not what it used to be, or maybe G+ is not. The first month of What's Hot I spent 12 hours in the number 1 slot. I gained about 1500 followers during that time. This week I spent 8 hours at number 4. I gained about 10 followers during that time.

Not worried about the followers but I think it shows an interesting trend of how things are going.
haha wouldn't care about whats hot even if I was getting paid 19.95
+Cam Meadows, I think it shows that people are settling into a niche they enjoy and are less interested in following the pack compared to before. It used to be a scramble to find content that was worth having around. I've added almost no one to my circles in the last couple of months because I want to keep up with who I have now. I also am rarely interested in the What's Hot stream, so I keep it throttled out. What's popular is rarely what interests me.
Nice read Carter, I was thinking about this the other day when someone made a post about the need of a SUL category for "engagers." I haven't made it on the What's Hot area, but I've seen stuff I share get shared by someone else more popular later and they make it on there. I never get upset about it, I'm usually glad more people got to see it whether it was through me or someone with a bigger following. I didn't know the algorithm changed, but I always expected verified users and celebrities to eventually be the majority on it. I have a feeling I may have gone off topic a little, sorry for the mini rant.
Haha good +Rory Swan. I do what I can.

And +Bobbi Jo Woods is right. Send the WAAAAAbulance their way.

Community matters more than What's lot more.
So if it isn't just "verified" and SUL, then what exactly is it that causes some people to not be on there? I've seen some posts that are quite popular — more popular than the ones on What's Hot — and they didn't show up. I know there's more factors than just the post's stats and time, but I'm curious as to what the other factors are that actually push it onto the list. I'm just really curious how it works.
+Dan Leveille "Lots of them." The exact formula is fairly confidential for the same sort of reasons that search is -- it's an SEO magnet -- but it tries to take a lot of signals into account, and figure out which posts are most likely to get more engagement. The algo is also under constant revision; there's a team that works on tuning it. The ultimate goal would be for everyone to have a personal set of recommendations of Stuff They'd Like.
+Dan Leveille I've noticed that happen a couple of times. The post didn't even make it to the the bottom page.
Exactly +Dan fact I'd be more inclined to move the slider for it back up from zero if it was more open about how its calculated.
Well, I'll take you to JR's or Cobalt (17th St.) and really show ya what's hot +Carter Gibson! BTW, what are the odds this post get's on What's Hot? Hmmm...
+Yonatan Zunger Ah yeah, I was thinking personalization would be the future of What's Hot. Thanks for the information!
That's exactly where I see it headed too +Yonatan Zunger. The more things I +1 across the web make me a more relevant match to people interested in those topics. Eventually I see the What's Hot list and even the SUL change to accommodate that and be far more personalized. Google says itself that Google+ brings people into search. To that end +Dan Leveille I didn't mean to suggest that only verified profiles make WH. Just that it's a new beast now and like Yonatan I won't suspect we'll be learning about exactly how or why it works anytime soon. My best guess is that their post didn't match the requirements of the algo despite appearing popular (ie. not enough interaction in the right amount of time, etc)
Don't really care about what's hot. I never look at it, never post things to it. Most of what I post isn't some crazy image I've taken or an image macro that's been around forever. I prefer to discuss stuff.
hahaha, if I disclose that amount it will become and SEO nightmare
If only there were some way to communicate privately on Google... >.>
+Michael Baker I think it's more the cockies and less the cookies that he requires for it...
rofl.. I'm pretty sure if mine would get the job done I'd be there already, +Logan Cate. Hence, I offer the next best thing. ;)
Haha exactly +Brandi Bull. I feel your frustrations. I just can't believe people who tout community over everything else are so upset about a popularity contest. ;)
+Carter Gibson I've made the what's hot list quite a few times since the algorithm changed. I think way more than before. :) Even made it up to number 3 a week ago.
That's awesome +Euro Maestro! Kinda goes back to content rules. People want to blame everything on something else when really the content is to blame.
+Carter Gibson I definitely think it's about content. Seems like the quality of the posts are a little bit better since the algorithm was changed. I had a post hitting the what's hot list the first 3 or 4 days in a row since the change. But I think you're right, it's all about Google finding a way to put the best light on its service and we should all encourage that.
Like in college and in high school and in the work place, I don't belong to a clique. I don't like to. I enjoy hanging with all kinds of different people and while I may be aware of the groups that form, I don't necessarily associate myself with any one
What's interesting to me is that I've noticed far more items with lower share counts on the list. I actually really like this, because I was tired of seeing just an image with several hundred shares. I found it boring. Today I made it to the What's Hot list for the third time - I guess I'm finally at a point where I have enough people reading my content to hit critical mass. It's exciting for me to see 96 people share my post. Two of my posts that made it were articles I shared about the dangerous trend of privacy loss on the internet and a third was about Battlestar Galactica. I never really cared too much about following the list, but if I'm going to make it on - I'm glad it's for something I'm passionate about and that it's quite nerdy. :)
+Cam Meadows I never saw it yesterday - if so I would have shared from you. I found it in my Reader today. We can come across the same information from different places you know.
+Cam Meadows You posted that bad boy after I went to bed! I don't check my stream during the day so didn't see your post at all.
I know, I know. Giving ya a hard time. You are definitely hotter than me.
+Cam Meadows I just don't want you all #butthurt over this. Wouldn't want to lose one of my favorite Hangout peeps. ;)
+Bobbie Today I just post what amuses me or interests me. People like it or they don't....but I LOVE when I get a good comment chain happening. Discuss, argue, debate! Entertain!
+Pam Adger I loved the hangout that I was in with you the other day. Not only did I love what you said but the cat image you spoke with was killer. 
+Euro Maestro I didn't even have my hair brushed and kept focusing on that rather than the conversation. Switching to the cat allowed me to focus on what was important which was what was being said. I enjoyed it as well. For some reason I am comfortable with Dan and his group. It is the only hangout I participate in on a regular basis.
Looks like another algorithm change took effect today.
I'm on the What's Hot page with a cute kitten post. I despair of that considering that most of my posts are about left wing politics and civil rights. They never get on the What's Hot page. I banned What's Hot from my stream ages ago. Tested the waters today. Heh.
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