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You know you live in San Francisco when....

Usually I hate these little family stickers on cars, but this one I approve of. They're raising their kids right ;)
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I wonder which one is Apple.. Mom or Dad?
That's adorable. I hope more people learn from this and get creative! 
I think it should be an all Apple family :-)
I live in the United Kingdom , London , GB , England my home !!! Lol
I would assume mom is Apple, but this is San Francisco so maybe there are two moms, or two dads, or mom comes first....But I think it's mom who's Apple haha
But the big mama iOS is about to eat the little Androids, and the big daddy Android looks oblivious (lol)!
Two small Androids could TOTALLY take on one big Apple :P
+Ron Villejo I think she's telling them to clean their desktop. Dadroid wishes to stay out of this, as he doesn't want to be viewed as a bad apple.
Nah my mum , dad , bros and sisters are Africa Americas but I was born in London lol
No I'm British and always wil be mate !! Lol
I love these family stickers!! Why do you hate them!?!? Lol. This is one is ultimate genius!! 
Haha I like THIS one but not most. Like the cartoon ones? No thanks. haha
So in case of an accident, only three should be rescued?

I want those! That's what my family is gunna be!!
I don't really care for them, sort of along the lines of "I don't give a rats ass what your family make up is, and don't want to know". The same with those signs that say "baby on board", that's your problem, not mine. Especially when they then drive like lunatics. I was t-boned by one such vehicle a few years back. She "didn't see me", then I was speeding, and it's all my fault, and when that didn't work she got the baby out of its seat as if to say you can't be giving me the blame because I have a baby on board!   :)
Loving the Stickers Carter!!!!?, 
James, yield to that Man's tastes,it's nothing like "Baby on Board!",chill man, CARTER'S A cool Guy!
Hope there's pressure from above to buy an android device. Lol
Raising their kids right?
One of them will turn... HELL, a big one already has...
It's California, they can't stop eating the apple! 
My brother has them. He had Darth Vader, Padme and Luke. Then included R2D2 and C3PO as their two dogs.
Haha, whenever I fly out of SF I see WAY more Androids on the plane than I do Apple devices. It's pretty great.
Is it just sexist of me to assume that the Apple sticker represents the mom?
Interesting how +Android, the beefier and more complex operating system, is perceived to be the dad while Apple, the more lavish and exclusive, is first thought of to be the mom.

I'm not criticizing, I saw it that way too, but it could be interesting to explore the gender norms still present in everyone's subconscious.
What would we have assumed if the first sticker had been a Windows logo, +Alex Ander ? That the vehicle was going to crash?
Tony S
We have those in Kentucky but the two big ones are brother and sister, nobody has any teeth, and they're all stupid. They are also biggots, religious zealots, and gun freaks!
lol..I'm guessing dad has Android..or would that be sexist?? haha
no way tony ban assault rifles in your next post go
Big Droid got with an Apple and had to have two mini Droids show him what to do with it..
Dad is always Apple...cause only idiots and women think android is good!
Apple's i-phone is as Exclusive as a Primark T-shirt!!!
Jeff W
At least the kids are smart 
we two n our two....
What a awesome family....
God, I wish I never got an iPhone. I could have but now I'm just stuck with this Crapple product in my pocket. At least I have my Android tablet and use it a lot more that my phone...
+Andrew Maiato , I don't think so and shouting won't make it so either. * joking* It just makes it obvious that it's a family with two boys.
Bart G
See all this is just that the Android going to fix that apple. Lol
Mark Girls are super irrational 
Just like apple so no wonder they are guys
In our family it is the opposite.  Three Apple, one Android
* wicked and still joking* Well, buck up +Rick Massuch, maybe you'll have a boy one day, if you keep trying ;)
I once saw a car with a bunch of those 'people' stickers on the back window with an "X" thru them. It was as if he was a WWII flying ace listing all his enemy kills. Lmao
Father, Mother, child, child.
For those that don't know, that's the order. People here in the states put small window decals on their vehicles back window to show their family. I have seen a vehicle showing 2 mommies. It was cute. 
mom is apple? wouldn't be surprised at all
Screw apple though android is killin it, Sony Xperia Z just killed iPhone 6 at CES 2013
Where do you buy these family stickers! I've been looking for an entire family of Android people 
the android got some explain to do!
Jimmy L
WOW, just WOW. 2 small Androids, 1 big Android and a Big Apple. I don't even
The two little r gingerbreads, then ios n thn JEllY BEAN... hahaha
What's not to like about Patrick Stewart. 
Mr.Ivan yudhi,I think mom is the one using an apple,because mom is 2nd in the row. ;-)
Apple's for people who are basic to the bone. The computers are great but the phones suck so bad.
+Ron Whitmire if the first logo was Apple then the car would crash (iOS maps vs blue screen)
Mom is the apple in his eye however the offspring dominance is Android. Remember the Dads contribution determines the OS. HeHeHe 
Who's the white sheep of the family?
This show you what the family thinks about all the time........ it sad you go into a restaurant now a days and you see the whole family on there phones. 
Android dad + Apple mom = identical twin boys :) Saw a funny alternative to the whole "baby on board" thing, bumper sticker said "larvae on board"
A need a full android family
Apple+Android=Linux not Android.
How about a family that actually does shit instead of being tied to a stupid piece of shit electronic devices.
So it's a mix race same sex couple with two apoted Asian kid's? 
One of the thing i don't get is why people think that SF is an apple city. 

Google is just as much part of  SF as Apple is.

Regardless. SF rocks. 
Wait, those cartoon figures are supposed to be family members? I just thought they were just really morbid drivers that chalked up how many people they ran over.
yeah, let us bring the next generation to an even more useless point of verbal communication.
I need to do this! Im gonna be the only android tho.
It's the same as my family. My wife is the only one using an iPhone. My two kids are using Samsung products. Im using an HTC one x and a Nexus 7. Haha!
Conflicting parenting strategy...
When an apple and android mate they produce fruit juice. 
obviously, Android is the dominant gene.
Looks like father and kids who just took a bite out of the Apple
Matches my family mostly. Except Mom is iOS and I am both. I will never be limited to one OS! 
I'm the proud owner of two android offspring stickers myself.
My family is Android, Android, Android. It's pretty great ;)
Apple= legacy phone Lil they always get stuff a year or 2 later top os in the world belongs to yours truly android baby weep I sheep really you sit there argue because of price sounds like isheeps are fools spend more for generic phone
They want their kids to eat the apple and become an-DROID? 
There should be a little Linux penguin in this shot!
I would put my own android sticker over their apple if I saw that car. 
we like apPle my frnds, and relatives
but also we luv galaxy 3
I used to hate the family stickers but now we have the star wars ones from thinkgeek love those
Ryan R.
Definitely Dad's Android blood is strong! :D
the children made the right decision
android the best-

apple is in with the androids, i'm disappointed
Android doesn't crash as much as iOS, its also harder to hack
Ye Wang
PacMan style...
Looks like dad and the two kids have Android, and mom has the Apple! And you know what Daddy & the kids are saying... mine can do this and yours can't! Hahaha! :-P

Queen that is typical apple, they dont care about the customers, only money. that is why soooooo many people prefer linux and android, even microsoft(they try but arent as good about putting customers first)
Lol! You know that #aapl is just waiting for its upgrade credit and a gs3 or note! Great share, ty!
+Robert Crissman, Apple doesn't care about its customers?  Is that why BusinessWeek ranked them 3rd in customer service behind USAA and LL Bean?  Is that why the American Customer Satisfaction Index gives them an 83 out of 100, while the industry average is 74?  Is that why, after dropping my iPhone 4 and cracking the back glass two weeks after purchasing it, I was able to go to an Apple Store and have it replaced at no charge without having purchased any sort of insurance?
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Great stickers next we will see McDonalds and Burger King families.
I must agree. It is likely that Apple is Mum. A) next to the kids and yes B) this is how I remember through family stickers. Also, is it more likely that the Mum would use the easier system? No offense...
I actually thought the clever dude who set this up was depicting the software war - that Apple & Android indeed lead to more and better Android devices. Cute...
It's nice to see someone who doesn't let their wife make them use Apple products.
You can tell which one's the woman.
Ben, they bought off those companies. Apple will put out a product only to make money, they dont give a shit about their customers, otherwise they wouldnt make their shitty products soooooo expensive when they make an iPhone 5 for less than $50
+Julie Greenwood this is too funny. Your family Android, Android, Little Android, Little Apple. I'm sure Steve will do his best to have two little androids but I reckon I'm going to stay with apple :)
So the Android spawned the Apple (or married?) that ate the Android children.  Lovely.  I don't want to read 203 comments.  That's not really how things played out.  Great for a hot post here on g+ though!
I saw it as there's one bad apple in every family.
I guess this proves Android is a dominant trait when having kids.
Their names are Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel.
No rainbow on the apple?
I guess that's gay nowadays. 
These "family" stickers on cars usually make me cringe but this one made me smile.
Well one parent is, the other needs a kick to the head!!
+Alex Brover oh drat, here we go again.

I think what this really means is Android + Apple parents produces nice little Androids.  I guess those genes are obsessive.  Meanwhile in real land, most of the Google employees use Mac Book "Pro" Apples instead of you name it.  Good times!
Good news, the guy who is driving has goggle maps.
Googles mantra is don't be evil, this sticker here is against that...yikes...
You mean HE's raising the kids right! SHE obviously has no clue!
Guys( ppl who hate apple) pls dont insult apple in front of me ciz right now im using my ipad! It will get hurt 😥📲📱
Yeah sometimes I question the idea of keeping the name Android.......i think some day Android will become like the Cybermen from Doctor Who. And it will come down to apple's 1984 ad all over again. Apple comes to the rescue to save us from the malevolent Android take over. Hey it happened to IBM and Windows and I dont doubt it will happen again. 
Aw, I like the name Android. I don't think it's going anywhere :)
android is the father and apple is the mother, android ate apple :p
I'm glad the kids are being taught to think for themselves :)
All of you placing these stickers on your shitty vehicles; please stop your religious bullshit and get a clue.
+Art Silva that only happens when they've been beaten round the head and are deemed retarded then they don't have a choice but to use apple 
They are iSheep, they are probably too stupid to even know what Linux is, no to mention how to modify it...
atleast this meks some sense unlike other stkrz...
People should not make assumptions of where boys go android and girls go apple. My wife may sport an iPhone 5, but my daughter is packing a Droid DNA, and while I have a GNex my son has an iPhone 5. We have Macs across the board, but have a Sony Blueray player with Google TV. MS even gets some love in the form of an XBox.
Love it! Finally, a clever approach to car stickers.
steven,you must make a ton of money,to spend it on such frivilous stuff.
And my mom and Granny both have iPhones. Mom know how to use it a little. But Granny. Uses me for tech support but hers what makes it funny I use an android.
Sigh, when did Operating Systems become a religion? 
Since iPhone sucks Droid does what iPhone can't
alex v
looks like that apple is about to eat them little droids pac man style
The outcome should be Android Apple Pie 4.3
Looks like the Apple is PacMan eating the Androids
It reads like this we were followers now you follow signs. Andy
+Jeremy Frady agreed. i would get rid of my apple iphone, expect that i wouldn't get enough out of it to buy a comparable android. if you know anyone dumb enough to buy a used iphone 4, please have them contact me. i just need a google nexus 4 :-(
Why hate them? Android is better and apple never invented anything themselves...
Hmmm....maybe apple is the mom because...ANDROID LOOKS LIKE A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes apple is awesome when it comes to the price and thats sony xperia z will eat that apple in any way
+Jen Smith you can buy them at shopping malls, the isle retailers that cut decals (vinyl stickers). Almost every mall I've been too here in SoCal has decal cutters that have them in stock or can custom cut them on request.
Nice! Android is definitely going to win in that family. If everyone has iPhones, then it would have costed more than the car they are driving in! ;-)
This is the longest I had ever waited 4 bud
ty' apple its more of it..i thnk he's the father.
it looks like the Apple is about to eat the kids :O
There is way too much apple on that window. Someone please fix it.
I have used both; given the choice it is apple all the way!
I think there should be more apples. Don't hate on apple to seem legit -.-
iFans are hilarious, it's like listening to the G.O.P.....dumb and clueless! :-D 
Android and apple i think android took a bite an apple.
Hey I hate iPhones, but don't hate on apple. 
I agree +Art Silva apple creates, then everyone else steals 
Android is a robot. It's stronger and it must be the Dad in that family. Apple is the Mom because it cries all the time and even sues the Dad of his superiority. So Android rules in that family, even the kids are like their Dad:-)
^libtards are funny...because they are ignorant and clueless! But I digress...... Android beats Apple hands down! No comparison! Call quality, features, better design....when was the last time you exchanged files, photos or music by taping another iphone???
Tapping another phone is wat he means.. It's the only thing droid has ever invented and a 4 year old could've come up with the idea
These Apple/Android conversations remind me of the old PC vs Mac conversations of yesterday. Of course those you had to have face to face I might be getting older but they seemed a lot more civilized then the comments I see here.

Mac user since 1989, if you were using Photoshop you had to have a Mac 
Cu Lu
+Art Silva must be old! It's okay for old people to use iPhones. Well, looks like Apple will be doing the coping from now on...they started with the Pull-Down notification bar, the smaller iPad and 2014 next year the iPhone will have 4.5" - 5" screen to play catch up.
What I see is: Three coloured persons, one non-coloured Person. 
hahahahahahahahahahahaha naci
So much for raising kids right; the stickers convey the idea of Racism?
If there's an "accident", +Greg Copeland only 3 can be rescued since the one just has to be ditched for a new version :P
android mommy
AA x aa --> Aa, Aa . They are carriers!!!! about 'peaceful co-existence' that is beneficial to the entire humanity....
Yep, never get tired of the fanboi nerdfight over phones. 
You know you live in San Francisco when.... gay people.
Kids learn fast, they're already creative,see. They need someone to appreciate and guide them, they may do it
couple play and catch the adults too fast
developing young to imitate adults too fast
Oop, life is full of misery

The two Kid Droid just had a bite of the Big Apple. Papa DROID is looking on.
Be carefull, apples eat little androids ;-)
Ha ha eat up little androids an apple a day keeps the virus away
android grow up before the apple eats you...noo
OK looks fair a nice way of saying I have a family.
Nb Lall
lining up for follow.
android + apple ???
Does is mean Android gene creates more population than apple gene?
It's a disgrace to put the Apple logo next to the bloody #undroid crap.
However it makes sense to have Samsuck toys for kids. After all undroid can't be used seriously by children older than 3y.

might be might be , who knows that, :))) then kids will have two phones each, android and apple, but in this case they support more father than Mom :D
wonderful picture. what u said is really correct. But if tree grows as it wish, but humanity need not be like that. thanks.
Genetically speaking, could this suggest that apple is the recessive gene and android the dominant? ;-)
Thanks for the note,Patrick
!,I'm huge fan of 'Droid!!!
All this says to me is that when you compare Droid to Mac, you find that mac is bigger and you need two droids to = 1 mac. I hate both by the way.
Carter you opened up an enormous "Bag of Worms"yesterday!!!!
Me encanta! Yo también odio los sticker clásicos que pegan en los autos...estos son innovadores!!
Darwin I reads: the hungry Apple pacman, mouth open eats 2 little beanie Droids, then pops out 1 full grown Android the 'other end'...

Darwin II reads: mAndroid impregnates ma-Apple who delivers twin beanie Droids.
good idea, i also would want to have these stickers.
I've got an 'Ex' who lives in Frisco,her name's Charity,say Hi,should you happen to bump into her!!!!?
I hate these posts where people are all like awwww
TJ Shaw
Now that is a did functional family!
Samsung Rules! Android is better! I had an iphone which I really liked but then swapped to android!
lol these r my minions 
Is Apple yelling at those kids or is she/he going to eat them? 
There's always one black sheep in the family.
Yeah SF is Android territory, especially extending into Silicon Valley. I hope to see new stickers showing the Apple being eaten by the Droids 
+Richard Oswalt oh my god... GS1 is an awesome phone... I use one right now and I given 3 to my family members... 0 problems and my mobile is sitting at 30% and has been on for 23hours
please give me !!!! cellphone coz.,., i lost my cp!!!
Ryan Ng
Looks like a mom and dad with two sons.

(What's with the looks? I think the Apple logo looks like a mom.)
Someone is trying to imitate you,be careful buddy!??? 
What a contradiction!!!! The androids beats the apple?
Good to see a family believe in old fashioned values. 
Apple is recessive and Android in DOMINANT.
Time to get a new mommy :P
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