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My Journey to San Francisco Starts Tomorrow!
And I have something big to tell you....

So here's the deal guys! Tomorrow I go to DC, grab my U-Haul, pack up, and begin my journey to SF to begin a new chapter of my life! The picture shows all the clothes I own [except for that first big pile, that's for charity ;) ] because I suck at packing up early.

I'm going to be doing something really cool for my drive out there that I will announce tomorrow! Stay tuned for that as I think it's going to be something very exciting that will lead to another piece of big news further down the line. Can't wait to tell you what my project is ;)
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We're beyond happy for you, +Carter Gibson. You're living the dream and there are few places on the planet as overwhelmingly beautiful as The City, and the Bay Area. Go West, young man! :-)
You're driving? Yay! Cheers to avoiding airplanes :P Hopefully it's not as bumpy as a rollercoaster ride (we all know how much you love those coasters). Better get ready for some ding dong ditch games once you arrive :D Muahahahah
Look forward to seeing ya out safe!!
Also, I'm packing too and ugh, I just wanna give everything away. Moving always reminds me of how people don't need all the crap they've got. It also makes me regret being a gamer/collector. >_<
Awww, thanks +Sean Cowen. You have no idea how appreciative I am of that and of my situation :)

+Kenneth Campbell - Airplanes are creepy. That being said I have a Virgin Airlines credit card haha

+Kimberly Hurlbut - Bwahaha, I know. It's all part of my master place ;)
Whatever is in store, it will no doubt be epic...
.... wants to come visit +Carter Gibson and eat some crab on the coast! Be safe on the way out bro!
I hope you enjoy the is monotonous and boring regardless of whether you have a friend along. Remember to stop and walk around every couple of hours. You are not too young for an embolism.
Have a safe and fun trip. Keep us posted...but not while driving of course. :-)
Yeah, please don't plus and drive... ;+)
MY NEWS IS THAT I'M GOING TO SEE +Stacy Frazer! jk. That's only part of it ;)

+Paul Spoerry - Whenever you want ;)

+Pam Adger - I actually love driving. And I definitely will. You know me.I have to move around. Yay ADD!

+Melody Migas - Hmmm....I'll try, but no promises....
best of luck. Curious what this announcement is ...
Oh my god....that is freaking amazing +Alida Brandenburg. And you are the closest so far. I can't wait to meet up with you in SF!
enjoy the trip and please do tell us about your wonderful adventures :)
I don't like suspense. Can't wait to hear about it.
If you are going to see +Stacy Frazer that means you are coming through Spokane. Hopefully you can stop long enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or whatever. One of the most beautiful places is Coeur d'Alene lake and the resort and you'll be passing right by. The offer of a place to stay is still available also. Spokane to Seattle - 5 hours.
No worries. +Carter Gibson You have a safe trip. Stop by Mountain View if you have time. :-)
oh, be forewarned though, I have 3 girls which means a house full of naked barbies.
Have a good drive!

Glad you won't send those red short to charity! :-P
Yes, lots to do over there, I envy you that at times, just not the rain and traffic.
+Stacy Frazer needs to take me to at least two freaking awesome places as well as hug me dearly.

+Jared Hundrup - Awesome! I already have my hotels booked for the journey! But let's do food! I don't know when I'll be running through your area time wise but I'll let you know :D

+Jerry Wang - Anytime! Just waiting for my invite ;)
I got most huggable in high school senior superlatives +Joe Bolin. Prepare yourself.
+Carter Gibson Sounds great. I am wishing you well on this journey and I am very excited about your project. I can't wait to hear more about it. Feel free to direct message me the details so I can help !
HIRL across America!

PS Kindly leave a bit of +Klout in each state you pass through so I can finally out-Klout you.....
Haha my Klout score nose dived after I didn't post for a week
Have a great road-trip and best wishes as you embark on a new journey in life!

[Mystery project: Turning up at Plussers homes (those located along the road-trip) unannounced and surprise them when you knock on their door with a HUGE G+ sign!]
First cross country hangout door to door. Google Plus will be moving with you. Just a guess.
Hahaha as they say "how did you find my address....."
Yours nosedived after not posting for a week, imagine not posting for a month !
I am still in Virginia Beach, leaving for DC now :)
Bwahaha, my Klout score nose dives when I don't post.
Ah well. Too bad it doesn't matter at all :)
Will Latitude will be able to track you while you're on your way there!?! "+Carter Gibson spy with his little eye....."
+La Vergne Lestermeringolo Thatch indeed Klout is a joke. Arbitrary nonsense which calls for an equally arbitrary goal. Where would Superman be without Lex? Wolverine without Sabertooth? Hence I have the arbitrary goal of out-Klouting +Carter Gibson, not even sure why I picked long ago.
+La Vergne Lestermeringolo Thatch that doesn't seem to help my score at all. No discernable difference other than the amount of +Ks I get for showing up. The Ks themselves don't appear to affect the score either. The only thing I have noticed that does affect it is lots of reshares or a few by more influential people than yourself. Nonsense the whole thing.
Squirming with anticipation!!!!! :D
Have fun packing/giving stuff away and travel safe! We need you to get to Cali in one piece.
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