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dear ROTFLMAO, please give me my ass back when you're done :/
Sean M
Lol indeed.
Sean M
Everyone who didn't say lol in the comments is a combo-breaker.

Oh wait..
That's fast, Carter!
LOL! Channeling Jimmy Fallon's Friday Thank You notes!
why do people type "LOOOOL"? Are they trying to say they are laughing out out out out out loud?
there was an lol in my post!! well a loooool anyway.
My daughter (aged 14) has criticised me for using LOL!!! I shall be replacing it with "he he" from now on. She doesn't think I am cool enough to use LOL apparently ...
but then, there's always LMAO....
Cool beans that you made it on what's hot with such a simple post +Carter Gibson Sometimes we have to keep things simple to achieve the best results! Oh I nearly forget to say LOL
hahaha yeah that's right thanks dear lol 2 make us do loooooool
"LOL" 's founder should got a noble prize for reducing the way we comment. :p
why is everyone sending Lots of Love to everyone?... must be nearly Christmas...
oh... its a so funny: nothing to share
Perfectly useful for those time when you have nothing to say...
Dear LOL,
Thank you for being there when I've said something too serious for the matter and I need to lighten the mood up.
Love, Georgia.
it seems like some ppl think that "lol" is actually a punctuation. Something like: "lol yeah lol it made me laugh haha lol would do it again lol"
giggles :-) ...or ... LOLMESS - for when I Laugh so hard that I make that embarrassing snort sound :-(
i clicked to say lol but them i realized i wasn't so clever
LOL is the best way to end a conversation. I never respond after a single LOL. It basically tells me you are out of ideas.
LOL~ hee hee hee~
apart from +1 I have nothing else to say....:-)
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