Say hello to the first ad on Google+

Last night I was shocked to see not a suggestion to join a community or attend an event, but an ad for a product. +Guy Kawasaki's What the Plus book was suggested to me so I would "get the most out of Google+." Helpful? I'm sure it is. But it's a product that competes with other books and how to guides for navigating here. While Guy may be a Google+ evangelist, that book is his product and by downloading it, free or not, it benefits him directly. It's marketing plain and simple. Placing it on my home stream where I'm not supposed to receive any ads is not my cup of tea. Actually, it's fucking bullshit.

This is coming right off the heels of me receiving an email from Guy asking me to download his APE book for $9.99 as a "one time, non-EvanG+ email" because I signed up for his EvanG+ mailing list. Was I promised that a message like that wouldn't happen? Yes. Was I marketed to anyway? Yes. I made a post right after signing up about how there appeared to be a financial motive behind this mailing list as it drove traffic to his site, but he assured me that he it wasn't him promoting himself, just Google+. Yeahhh....

Listen, I'm sure that book is helpful, but I'm finding this whole evangelist thing to be more and more disingenuous. It's not #TheEndOfTheWorld , but Google+ advertising a product definitely brings us a step closer.
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