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Okay fine Google+..... #gingerthursday  :P
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I think my naturally straight hair's rolling into curls!
+Carter Gibson, I heard Carrot Tops Dad bought him a new laptop if he would stop making people laugh.

He took the laptop. He has not made a single person laugh since that day. 
+James Farris Good point - You would probably go blind staring at that pic for too long anyways... lol
Haha. That picture of Carrot Top haunts me....Also I haven't moved at work very much today
Oh, wait... I think Carrot Top is staring into your soul.  Better be careful!
Just for the record, while I support Ms. Aguilera's right to choose her 'looks', this latest one is just a bit disturbing.
I love how everyone on G+ slowly submits to #gingerthursday ... The plan is working...
Uh-Oh - I sense a #BlameMelissaBryan  hashtag taking root here.
I like gingers. Just not Carrot Top haha
we are the ginger, you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile Bwaahahahahahah!
not to mention vaguely scary #carrottopontheloose
He used to live here in Charlotte and I was in the Army/Navy store where his black and white head shot was on the wall behind the register.  He autographed and had written, "The Army/Navy store, much better than the Marine/Air Force Store".  
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