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Let's be for real.....
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Put an iPad, Phone, and notebook in there and that's me
Ha, the squinty reading of the messages every morning +D. Square? I know how that is.
It forgot the part where you have to toss the cats aside so you can actually sit up.
Oooh, bad news for you. I always look like the people in commercials. :D
i'm surprised that you have the same nightgown as the people in commercials +Carter Gibson ;)
I've been at this computer for an hour and up for 4 hours. I'm still not awake. #COFFEE   por favor?
Haha, +Bok CHoy - I study the commercials and buy the exact same nightgowns. Kididng. I sleep in boxers.

+Rue Mara - I get a cup of coffee on my way to the subway. Yeah. ON THE WAY TO THE SUBWAY! Not after I get off the subway on my walk to work.
Like a boss. +Carter Gibson, like a boss. I eschewed coffee by walking into work because exercise would totally give me the boost without the caffeine and calories. Doctors. Are. Crazy. Time for emeffin' tea.
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