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Ever wondered what it looks like to travel cross-country?

Tomorrow I'm going to be launching the video of my 3,740mile cross-country road trip! It came together really nicely and features roller coasters, Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, The Badlands, original music by +Daria Musk / +RAM Rich and so, so much more. America is huge and beautiful. Hopefully it will inspire you to take an adventure! Look for it tomorrow! I can't wait for you to see it and will share in the AM :)
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I'm surprised at how direct that route appears.
Starting in New Jersey would look better on the map.
O.O!! You were in Portland and I missed it!! :(     But yes looking forward to the video. :) 
Are you hitting Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH?  Love that place!
If you had just headed straight south (and a little to the west) you might have ended up here.

Have fun.  Write a book.
Fantastic. Can't wait to see the final cut. You Da Man  :+)
You mean this post is about THAT trip and not an upcoming one? :(

My bad, I read it too fast.
So thrilled to have been a part of the making of this brilliant video +Carter Gibson! What a journey!! Love ya man!
This was my roadtrip to San Francisco that I document the shit out of +Bobbi Jo Woods! Come on now! :P 

+Michelle Mariea - I spent my 21st birthday there. I definitely want to go back! On this trip I visited Six Flags Great America
If I read the post closer +Carter Gibson , I would have realized the trip already  Can't wait to see the video!
If you leave Yellowstone, and head towards Sheridan, WY, you will pass through Cody, Wy and follow Hwy 14 to the red cliffs and mountains of Bighorn National Forest before dropping down into Sheridan. What a beautiful drive.
That's AWESOME!!!!   :-D  I've been meaning to do the same thing forever, for now I just drive up and down the east coast, that way I can make it a "weekend thing" and be back to work by Mon
About 2 years ago a friend and I drove from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  We took more of a middle course through the country (shortest route) and its certainly a long, long way even so.  Some interesting observations... I dubbed Columbia, Missouri the whitest place in the country, Kansas as the most boring, and noted that there are 80MPH speed limit signs in Utah.
+Kevin R Foote - You know, and I know this sounds bizzare, but I didn't meet up with a single person on my drive out. I moved from Virginia to San Francisco, took my time, visited everything I could and treated it like an introspective spiritual journey. I don't think I've ever been alone for two and a half weeks, but I don't regret it for a second :)
Really looking forward to it :)
+Carter Gibson on the way back take a route that moves you through  Denver/Aspen to Vegas.  It has to be the best stretch of driving in the US hands down. 
The Dinosaur National Monument in Utah is an awesome site. Incredible to see the fossils still imprisoned in the rock.
+Carter Gibson you should have planed to stop at the Woodard Dream Cruise in Michigan.

Anyway I'm looking forward to the video.
Me being a direct person(from Ohio) when going to LA went right through Utah when it was on fire! I took the southern route back and it was much more fun! (And less stress on my heart!)
Well at least we have a release date for +Carter Gibson's latest creation....unlike the two other things we are still waiting for...
+Pam Adger What are you waiting for ?  I hope it's not something I forgot about. 
Thanks +Bushra Abdi! It's going to be a lot to start sharing with you guys on Youtube too :)
Carter, I am doing the same, can we join up somewhere?
Haha, Montana is....sadly....not represented in this version +Wayne Johnson ;( but if it makes you feel better there may be a B roll second video :)
It's still pretty cool if I don't say so myself haha
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