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Google's Project Glass Makes Life Cooler
I want a pair.

Say hello to the future of augmented reality. This concept isn't a joke. It isn't a hypothetical. It's one of Google's next projects that envision a futuristic integration of Google products into our daily life...and it's probably coming sooner than you think.

See a picture of the glasses here:
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Looks cool, but let's see how the device works in practice first. :)
...and this is exactly why I will never get lazik...
lasers shootin' in my EYEBALLS!! no thanks ;) besides, i like my glasses
I was just having a conversation with my boss about how these destroy our humanity. I was arguing that looking down at our cell phones is more a hinderance than these. Thoughts?
"Destroy our humanity"?
I would say a runaway capitalist system that values profit over social wellbeing destroys our humanity, or that deriving one's moral code from 1000-year old texts written by racist nomads destroys our humanity, but an AR interface?
+Carter Gibson I'm not sure they destroy or enhance it. You're completely right about the cell phone and I'll have to wait to make a decision on this product, but it's all on how you use them.

As with cellphones, I couldn't imagine wearing one of these while dinning with someone or something similar
So it's more a question of being polite and civilized and respecting the person you talk to, more than of technology crushing the human soul?
That said, this could save lives when talking about cell phone use and there is definitely just a really big coolness factor lol
That's about it +Juan Ochoa... but don't quote me on that in case it starts crushing souls later in the testing process.
Don't worry, it's all safe till +Google acquires +Roomba iRobot ... then all bets are off.
I completely agree with you +John Larson. Personally, i wish the dark ages never happened and I had a robot arm right now.
i hope live to see this project in our daily lives, amazing! totally!
It will probly take years before people start using this thing. I dont think it will be affordable anyways probly cost more than youre average cellphone or tv.
i like this concept...BUT....i think the idea of lots of people walking around and talking to themselves is kind of one will ever stop and talk to other people that are standing right in front of them if social media is right infront of their eyeballs
I'm with Chad. Also, if everything you need pops up in real time in front of your eyeballs, why would you need to share photos with FB/G+/whatever - no one will bother reading a streaming screen of posts anymore anyway...
If it really that different than what we do now? ;)
Based on their prototype/concept, sure it is. He's not getting that full page we usually interact with via Twitter feeds, FB apps, or G+ pages. It's a vamped up version of our (well, y'all's, I don't carry a widget) text msgs. What Google's proposing is a peer-to-peer style data conveyance, which eliminates most of the browsing and revenue generating portions of social media.
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