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Dear everyone who ever told anyone like me that we can't marry who we please, that our nation is against us, that they love us but not our sin, that America is a "Christian nation", that marriage is about procreation, or that we are "already equal" with civil unions...

Dear everyone who ever told a child to be disgusted by a same sex couple, to not be themselves, to "not think that way", or who repressed or punished them for being different...

Dear everyone who ever worked against this day...

Dear everyone who ever called me a faggot...

#MarriageEquality   #LoveWins   #SCOTUS   #GayMarriage   #YayGay  
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We love you , but sincerely sorry that you are mistaken in the concept of love . Think if it were the first man in the world has said he wants to be a woman ?You and I now would simply not exist
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Carter Gibson

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On narrative devices...

Everything should be used a narrative device. Murder. Love. Rape. Torture. Luck. Violence. Compassion. Magic. Everything.

There aren't certain topics that are off limits because they upset you and saying, "It's been done before!" is, under no circumstance, a valid criticism of these tropes. There are only so many things a person can do to another person. The real joy and intrigue is watching how different characters with different experiences react to them. Every depiction of anything can be justified. To say that it can't puts unfair, subjective limitations on artistic expression that push your personal agenda.

We shouldn't judge television, movies, or books on which narrative devices they use, but rather how they justify characters reactions to them. We should be bored by seeing the same thing over and over again, but not outraged. Our outrage should be directed at media that doesn't justify the use of their narrative devices by using them for exploitative purposes that don't move the plot forward or challenge characters.

Moreover, characters do not earn strength once or earn their status of a villain with one act. To say that someone was challenged once and doesn't "deserve" to be challenged again discredits that character's arc and purpose.

And that, my friends, is why the rape in Game of Thrones is nothing that should upset you deeply until you see a few more episodes.

Just my thoughts :)
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Going to vote No in the marriage referendum. Andree
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Carter Gibson

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A week with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: A Review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most surprising phone released within the past year. Why? Because I didn't think Samsung could make something this good. Usually tied up in figuring out how to add every feature under the sun, Samsung's "selling points" were quickly becoming annoyances. The S5 was waterproof - but you had to pry off a protective cover every time you wanted to charge it. It had a micro SD slot - but holy god was it slow when loading your gallery. It had facial recognition, eye tracking, tilt scrolling, and some gestures I've long forgotten to ignore calls - but none of them made the phone easier to use. All of it made for great commercials, but none of it made for a good user experience.

This year, Samsung went back to the drawing board, isolated a few nerds, and created the best Android phone that has ever been made. Period.

Hardware and Design
When HTC, maker of the elegantly manufactured M8, was facing off against Samsung at Mobile World Congress, no one could have expected that Samsung, maker of cheap feeling plastic phones, would be the one getting all the praise for exceptional hardware. But man, does Samsung deserve that praise.

What I like most about Samsung, as a brand, is that they've been able to swallow their pride. While HTC rests on its laurels with a three-year-old design, Samsung said, "Hey. You're right. Our flagship line does feel a little cheap. Let's spend the cash to improve that experience for you." And it did. The S6's Gorilla Glass 4 back replaces the S5's removable, BandAid-textured plastic back and real aluminum replaces last year cheap, chrome-painted plastic rim. The metal rim has the volume and power buttons at EXACTLY the right place. Seriously. It's magical. They are perfect. Now, hearing about the glass back may sound like the phone is more fragile than previous iterations and conjure horror stories of the iPhone 4 and Nexus 4, but it shouldn't. Corning's Gorilla Glass has been massively improved and a few drops from yours truly can confirm that it holds up. More thorough drop tests on YouTube confirm that the phone is exceptionally tough.

The front of the phone is made from the same glass. It's just as tough. On the front you'll find a physical home key with a fingerprint reader a la iPhone 6 and capacitive buttons for back and multitasking in lieu of on screen buttons. I actually prefer this approach to on screen buttons, but wish the back button was swapped with the multitasking button since I have large, scary, manly hands. (Or just relatively large, very normal hands. You know, whatever....)

The headphone jack is on the bottom (thank god) and the micro usb charging port faces the right way with the longer end on the bottom and the shorter end on top (THANK GOD). Why manufacturers ever swapped this is a mystery to me. The bottom is also where you'll find the lone, stereo speaker. The bottom is also where you'll see every tech site ever compare the S6 to the iPhone. They'd be right. But I don't care. Android steals from Apple. Apple steals from Android (cough notification bar cough). Everything copies everything. Get over it.

I've heard some criticize the S6 for having a flat back and feeling slippery to hold, but I couldn't disagree more. The back has a good grip on your hands and the flatness of it makes the phone feel especially premium. That doesn't mean the phone lays flat however. Man, there is quite the camera bump on this device (about 1/4th the thickness of the entire phone), but it's not a deal breaker - even if I have to be a little more thoughtful about making sure none of my phone overhangs off the table when I put it down. More on the camera later. Also on the back is a heart rate scanner I will never use next to the flash. 

Waterproofing, Removable Battery, and Micro SD
All three are gone. Why? Because most people don't use that shit and Samsung wants this to be the best selling Android phone in the world. Don't like it? Sorry. Samsung has decided to focus on the mass market and, thankfully, that includes increasing the quality of the hardware at the expense of some geeky features (and the expense of your wallet if you want the 64GB or 128GB version). That may sound abrasive, but ask yourself.... Did you REALLY use any of those that often? 

Thankfully, fast charging is here and it works like a dream. "But I don't WANT to carry around a fast charger! I want to carry around my batteries and always wonder which ones are charged and which ones aren't and the special battery charger for my spare batteries!" Shut. Up.

The Screen
I bet you want to hear what I think about the edge part of the Edge. It's coming. But as for the screen? Fucking. Shit. This is the best smartphone display out there - and I'll tell you why: OLED. OLED displays have come so far in the last couple of years, with Samsung's investment in them clearly paying off. If you didn't know, OLED displays are different than LCD displays (like the one found in the iPhone) because they can light up individual pixels to use less power. Black or dark colors use less power than whites or bright colors. The colors on the S6 absolutely dazzle, but, if the saturation is too much for you, you can change the screen calibration in settings. 

Now, let's talk about that resolution: 2560x1440 with 577pixels-per-inch. You can't see a pixel on this phone, no matter how close you look. While this would normally be a huge battery drain, Samsung's AMOLED technology makes sure the screen is uber-power efficient - and it is. Is this resolution necessary? Who the fuck cares what's necessary? Half the shit you own isn't necessary. What's true is that it's awesome, crystal clear, and makes my friends say, "Wow." Mission. Accomplished.

TouchWiz and Performance
I don't care if my phone can run Grand Theft Auto while updating all of its apps while accessing the Pentagon. I care about my phone feeling fast when I'm doing day to day things like opening photos, switching apps, loading webpages, and won't buckle while multitasking. The S6 completely succeeds at this. To get geeky, the S6 uses Samsung's own 14 nanometer Exynos Octo-core chip clocked at - ugh. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that Samsung packed a hugely powerful chip that they've been able to easily optimize. It shows.

After I halved all of Android Lollipop's animations in developer settings, the phone flies. Switching apps is seamless. Editing photos is quick and easy. WiFi is super speedy. The download booster that downloads files using 4G and WiFi actually works. The camera opens in just over one second with a double tap of the home button NO MATTER WHAT. Navigating menus never stutters. It's seriously impressive. Despite all that awesomeness, sometimes my widgets take an extra second to load, but it's nowhere near as show stopping as with my past Android devices. 

Samsung's TouchWiz is..... generally annoying, too bubbly, and difficult to navigate. This time though? Not so much. I barely notice it. The settings menus still isn't perfect and having to press 'Sort A-Z' after installing every app is mind-numbingly stupid, but other than that? It's fine. Very close to stock Android with some genuinely useful tricks, like that double tap of the home button to open the camera. I don't have much else to say about TouchWiz. It will probably anger some people more than it does me and other people won't notice it at all. For me, it's good enough in the most polite way possible.   

The Camera
That bump in the back is worth it. This camera is the best camera on an Android phone. Ever. Photos are always crisp, saturated, in focus, and beautiful. The 16MP rear shooter is a camera you can feel confident about whipping out. It will stand toe-to-toe with the iPhone 6 and, in low-light situations, it will beat the iPhone 6 (albeit with some warmer tones). The interface is dialed back (just like TouchWiz) and the shutter is snappy. 

The 5MP front camera was a surprise. It's.... really good. Like, almost better than my M8's main camera. That's not saying much for the M8, but the point here is that this front camera is stellar. Subjects look far enough away that selfies are beginning to look like someone else took the photo for you.

There isn't much else to say about the camera. Sure, it can shoot 4K video, has auto-focus tracking, and can take slow-mo videos, but the coolest thing about this camera is that you don't really have to think much about it. If you've owned an Android (or considered switching from iPhone), I'm sure you've asked yourself whether it was worth the sacrifice in the camera departure, both in regards to features and quality. Worry no longer. The S6 delivers.

Battery Life
I use my phone. A lot. Here's my day: unplug phone, go to work, use phone, charge phone before leaving work at work, use phone, go to bed, and charge phone. That's been my routine for the past four years. It continues to be my routine. The S6 doesn't have out of this world battery life. In fact, some days I've wondered how it got so low so fast. But I've wondered that with my iPhone 6 too. Bottom line is that fast charging really is your best friend and that this won't won't disappoint, but also won't wow, in the battery life department.

If you're in a jam, power saving and ultra power saving modes are available. And they kick ass. Use in dire situations. 

I don't know who these people are that want surround sound on their phones and who are willing to make the design sacrifices for giant, front-facing speakers and a big black bar (zing to HTC. Again.). Honestly, 90% of the time, my phone's audio is coming out of headphones or my car or a Jambox or my sound bar. The other 10% of the time, I just want it to be loud enough to hear my podcasts in the shower. The S6 is loud. That's for sure. The audio is not the best quality, but it's not noticeably bad. It IS noticeably loud. This was the right call for Samsung to make and I no complaints in the sound department. This includes call quality. 

The Edge
And now for the part you've been waiting for: the edge of the Edge. The Edge does not have a killer "feature" or functionality to revolutionize the way we interact with our phones. You may hear a lot of criticism about for the phone for those reasons. But here's the deal.... Those people don't know what they're talking about. The Edge is awesome because it looks (and feels) awesome. That's why it exists and that's a good enough reason.

Because the screen tapers off, the metal sides are thinner. I don't feel like this makes the phone feel too sharp or slippery, but I can see how certain hands could feel that way. To me, the thinner metal sides let the screen's bezels melt away and the curved glass makes video / images more immersive than ever. Hey! Maybe that is a feature! Again, who cares. It looks and feels awesome, but I recommend playing around with it before dropping the extra $100 for something that looks cooler. This decision totally depends on your situation.

As for me? I made the right choice. I like new and different things. I want my phones to be eye-catching and interesting. The S6 Edge is both. 

There are some features I didn't go into (like wireless charging or the still annoying Verizon bloat or the Edge's my favorite 5 people feature I use more often than I thought I would), but the bottom line is that all of the main criteria that should decide whether or not you should buy a phone are met - and not just for Android, but for every phone out there. Snappy performance. Worry free camera that produces striking shots. A screen that wows (and can be easily seen in broad daylight). The Samsung Galaxy S6 literally has it all. Phones aren't perfect yet, but man. This phone comes damn close.

I was fully expecting to get the M9 this cycle (thanks, in large part, to leaks that ended up being fabricated), but Samsung has won me back. Here's to hoping this is the start of a most customer-centric company that continues to push boundaries in both hardware and performance. I like this new Samsung - and I love my S6.

#Android   #Samsung   #S6   #S6Edge   #Google   #Apple   #iPhone  
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Um.. do you know about us new S6 Edge owners with broken phones and Samsung not anxious to support. Wait for a fix to screen rotation fail before you buy S6 Edge.
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There's something about casually dating on Tinder or Grindr or OkCupid that completely numbs you to people that would otherwise be incredible. "Oh, you're a so-and-so too? So was that last dude I went on a date with...." I had been doing that so long that I was beginning to think that I was permanently degrading my ability to be intimately attached to someone. Dating was so casual and easy that it started to feel routine. That's, admittedly, how it felt when I first matched with Shane on Tinder. "Oh, he's cute.... Yeah, I can do a date," I thought as I sat cross-legged on by bed in my underwear eating Indian food, recovering from Coachella (minus the Tinder-ing, this is now a tradition I continued this year as well).

Somehow, Shane gets me to agree to go to the Embarcadero for a drink instead of the Mission where I'd usually take my dates so I could at least take them back to my place to find out what they were packing if the date wasn't going well. Seriously. That's the chore dating had become to me, but it wouldn't be that way with Shane. Instead, we talked. And we talked. And we talked. My fears of never being able to be attached slowly drifted away and I found myself thinking about this curly-headed, broad-shouldered man constantly. "Ugh. Feelings. The worst."

A year later, I'm so much happier than I was. Frankly, dating Shane fucking rocks and I'm having a hard time imagining my life without having started doing so. I'm not sure when people exactly start dating anymore. Is it on the first Tinder match? Is it when I make my date-ee Facebook official without asking him first? (oops) But what I do know is that I "met" Shane a year ago. Ever the balancing force in my day-to-day, ever the challenger of my outbursts, ever the supportive boyfriend, ever the person to enjoy any moment with, ever the wonderfully thoughtful and driven human being - Shane has been with me (for some reason...) since.

And yes. Feelings are still the worst. They are gross and they are icky and they make you weak and when you have someone like Shane they're too god damn strong and that's terrible. What? Me, deflecting? Definitely not. Well, actually... Yes. And this the only time I'll admit it. 
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Met my fiancé on Grindr. Going on 3 years strong.
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Carter Gibson

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"What sets the Apple Watch Edition apart from your average Rolex is the everyone knows exactly how much it costs. People will be like, "Ho. Ly. Shit. Doesn't that thing cost like $10,000?" Then people will know you have that much money."

I honestly, sincerely, 100% believe that this is the worst thing Apple has made within the last decade. Apple has always been uncomfortable close to having their products be status symbols over functional technology. With the Apple Watch Edition, Apple is basically saying, "Fuck you. You'll buy it because you care about asserting your status. We're motherfucking Apple." And THAT is what bothers me the most about this watch and the people who buy it. San Francisco tech culture already has a serious perception issue with copious consumption and Apple isn't doing its community any favors.
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+Carter Gibson Same with seattle. But you'd sooner catch me wearing google glasses than a fucking apple watch.
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Carter Gibson

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Talk about a thread-killer! +Denis Labelle is a badass who has created the end all be all of Google+ how-to and best practices. There's a little something in here for everyone - especially if you're new.
How To Google And Google Plus
First, Take a Tour of Google+ ->
I. 50 Google+ Tips
50. Create A Killer Hovercard:
49. Sharing to Circles vs. Publicly:
48. Google+ Communities:
47. Share Your G+ Posts on Other SM :
46. Report Issues With G+ or Suggest Ideas:

45. Create A "Save For Later" Circle:
44. Add A Large Image To Your Post:
43. The Various G+ Keyboard Shortcuts :
42. Share Someone Else's G+ Post :
41. Create A Mini Blog on G+:

40. Host A Google+ Hangout:
39. Leave A Wake of Value-Add In Your Path:
38. Take Control Of Your G+ Notifications:
37. SEO Your Google+ Posts:
36. How To Find Things On G+:

35. Formatting For Beautiful, Engaging Posts:
34. How To Disable Comments & Shares:
33. Attract More Comments With Gifs & Image Posts:
32. Start A Conversation With Someone :
31. Create An Event Using G+:

30. Enable Automatic Hash-tagging:
29. Don’t Give Up At The First Hurdle:
28. The Benefits of Link Shorteners:
27. Understanding Ripples & Using Them To Your Advantage:
26. What Not To Do On G+ (Part 1):

25. Edit Posts - Did You Know You Could Do That?:
24. Choose The Best Link Thumbnail For Your Post:
23. Start Building Your Author Rank:
22. Link G+ To Your Content With Authorship Tags:
21. Curate & Streamline Circles for Awesome News Streams:

20. Use Eye-Grabbing Headlines:
19. Use Google Drive With Google+:
18. Track Circle Shares With CircleCount:
17. Be Awesome With AutoAwesome:
16. Build Your Following By Watching Hangouts:

15. Overcome Difficulties With Plus-Mentioning People:
14. Write Posts That People Are Actually Looking For:
13. Use ‘The Google+ Effect’ To Improve Your Twitter Experience:
12. Learn How To Use Images Appropriately & Legally:
11. Learn To Schedule Posts With +Do Share:

10. Build A Community Around Your Passion:
9. Optimise Your Profile/Page/Community For Search:
8. Share Beyond Your Circles & GPlussers:
7. Blocking & Muting People - As Simple As It Sounds?:
6. Extend The Life Of Your Best Posts:

5. Merge Multiple Google+ Profiles Together:
4. Using Your About Tab More Effectively:
3. Posting Multiple Photos Per Post:
2. Use Google+ ...Every Day:
1. What Not To Do On Google+ (Part 2):
by +Rick Eliason

(More: Discover Google(+) -> )

II. New to Google+? Don't know where to start?
. Take a Tour on Google+:
. Google+ best practices for beginners:
. Choose what you share on your profile:
. Who can send you notifications:
. Don't just drop links:
. Share Google+ posts on Facebook:
. Hide your circles and followers:
. Control what you see from your communities:
. Create a private community for yourself:
. Change the cover photo on Android:
. Tips for sharing on Google+:
. Tips for building relationships:
. Tips for community members:
. Tips about Google+ Photos:
. Tips for using hashtags:
. Tips for blocking someone:
. The official Google+ Help Center:
. Set up recovery options for your Google account:
. Switch between Google accounts:
. Account permissions and apps:
. All your Google+ statistics:
. Deleting a Google+ profile / Page: What happens to YouTube:
. Who owns your business page and YouTube channel:
. Google+ Partner Playbook for businesses:
. Promote your business on Google+:
. Video: Google+ tips
via +Google+ Top Contributors 

III. Google+ Infographics
. How To Improve Engagement on Google Plus: . How To Get More Interaction On Google+:
by +Irfan Ahmad / +Digital Information World
. The Beginner’s Guide to Google+:
by +Mervik Haums 
. Amplifying B2B Marketing Content with Google+:
by +Ivan Serrano 

IV. Google+ Help Communities in
. English:
. Portuguese:
. Turkish:
. German:
. Spanish:
. Italian:
. Indonesia:
. Japanese:
. Russian:
. French:
. Finnish:
via +Google+ Top Contributors
V. 136 Google+ Help Tips
136. All About Google+ Communities:

135. Unknown People Circling You on Google+? :
134. How to Be a Good G+ Community Moderator
133. Hitting Limits Adding People to Your Circles:
132. Get a custom URL for your YouTube channel (and Google+):
131. Controlling your privacy on Google+:

130. Troubleshooting your G+ Business Pages:
129. How to use Google+ polls:
128. Posting, Handling fake accounts and switching pages on Google+ or YouTube:
127. Basic guide to Google+ Circles:
126. Everything you wanted to know about Google+ Photos on your phone:

125. Everything you’ll want to know about Google Pages but were afraid to ask: 124. Changing Names, Clash of Clans, Auto Enhance:
123. Communities, Circles, Posts:
122. How to Remove Yourself from Someone's Google+ Circles
121. Comments, Community, Circles and Google+ Album:

120. People You Meet in G+ Communities:
119. Profile, Photos, Auto Backup:
118. Whom Should You Circle?:
117. Make use of Google+ tours:
116. Photos:

115. Save posts, articles and ideas on G+:
114. 3 steps to more privacy on your G+ profile:
113. Actively managing your community membership:
112. How to explore and join Communities:
111. How to send feedback on G+: 

110. Make Your G+ Photos “Auto Awesome”:
109. Automatically share your blog posts to Google+:
108. Ways to use Google+ photo editing:
107. Let hashtags find fun posts for you:
106. Make your Communities happier and healthier:

105. Do More with Your Photos From Auto Backup:
104. Search your own photos ->
103. How to delete your Auto Backup photos ->
102. Google Photos app is one-tap access to your Google+ Photos:
101. How to post publicly, to your circles, or to a community:

100. Share an album with someone not yet on G+:
99. How to restore photos from Trash:
98. How to adjust the mix of posts in your Home stream:
97. Follow your favorite YouTube channel on Google+:
96. Assign a G+ Page Manager:

95. Getting started on Google+:
94. Turning on Auto Backup on Android:
93. Formatting a Google+ Post:
92. Start a scheduled Hangout on Air:
91. Grow your following on G+:

90. Use Q&A in your Hangout:
89. Select your stream based on your circles:
88. Produce your Hangout with Control Room:
87. Article Rendering:
86. See more posts from your favorite communities:

85. Mastering the art of Hangouts on Air:
84. How to leave a Google+ community:
83. How to Get Rid of Junk in Your G+ Home Stream:
82. Seeing Junk in What's Hot?  Clean Up Your Circles!:
81. Why Your Community Posts Might Be Flagged As Spam:

80. Why Are My Private Posts in Google Search Results?:
79. How to Set Your Profile Picture:
78. How to add text to an image already in a G+ album:
77. Ensure Images from Your Website "Full Bleed":
76. To Mute or To Block? That is the Question!:

75. Dealing with Google+ Notification Overload:
74. Why You Can Only Post to One Google+ Community at a Time:
73. Circles, Your Circles, and Extended Circles: How Sharing and Notifications Work:
72. Google+ Tips Collection: What's Hot and  Recommended: How Posts Get Selected:
71. Using Photo Sphere on your device:

70. Deleting Business Pages, How "Google feedback" works, Transferring to another Google Account:
69. Public view of profile, Updating page information and Managing circles:
68. Lost in Translation, 2 Many Accounts, Added You Back:
67. Focus on Communities and a Google+ Update:
66. Deleting Google+ Photos, Who Follows You On Google+, Hangout Invitations:

65. Profiles & Pages, Public posts to Communities, Private Communities:
64. Photos, Profile, Custom URL:
63. Frozen Auto Backup, Auto Backup on Multiple Devices, and Changing Cover Photos:
62. Auto-Backup and Page Ownership:
61. Connect G+ page to website, Retrieving deleted pics and videos, Add links to G+ business page:

60. Spam, Stories, Profiles: 
59. Pages and Communities:
58. Page Managers, Duplicate account, Hangouts Help:
57. HOA invites, Autobackup management, YouTube Migration to Brand Page:
56. Communities, Pages, and Photos:

55. Community sharing preferences, reporting spammers and mobile stream not loading:
54. Followers, Cover Banner, Brand Pages:
53. Getting more followers, deleting an old local page:
52. Autobackups, Custom URL’s and +1’s and viewcounts:
51. Pages, Names, and Photos:

50. How To Get Help, Stories privacy, Google+ Page:
49. Photo Privacy, Finding All Your +1s, and Pages Without Profiles:
48. Profile/Page Clarification, Google+ Auto-backup,  Circling Limits:
47. Circles, Google maps listing for business, different types of Hangouts:
46. Google+ Posts notification emails , “Avis” tap , Merge G+ local page with G+ business page:

45. Engagement, Photos to albums, Larger images in posts:
44. Creating Community From Mobile, Upgrading To Full Size Auto Backup:
43. Page views, Hoffsome photos, Home page filters:
42. Apps, Extended Circles, and Hashtags:
41. Profile Verification, What’s Hot list, Access Auto Backup photos:

40. Page ownership, Privacy, Personalized URLs:
39. Community Pinned Posts, Preventing Circle Adds, Images in Web Shares:
38. Ignore/Mute a conversation, Commenting on YouTube, Google+ Hashtags:
37. Gmail notices, Circles, and Photo AutoBackUp: 
36. Google Plus pages, Using A Business page to +1 and share from the web, Formatting GPlus posts:

35. Visibility of private posts, Merging profile with Google Apps, Deleting Google Local photos:
34. Public posts, picture tagging, and privacy:
33. Managing Google+ Business Page, Google+ backing up pictures, Transferring Google+ custom URLs:
32. Restore, Backup, and Business:
31. Your Posts and Membership in a Community, Turning Off Community Posts in Profile, Vanity URLs:

30. Contacts, YouTube, and Auto Awesome Movies:
29. Pages, pages, and more pages:
28. Photos, Videos: 
27. Downloading your photos, Google+ Local Pages, Authorship:
26. Migrating to a new account, Post visibility, Profiles & Pages:

25. Auto Backup, E-mail notification, Change E-mail Account:
24. Custom URL Changes, YouTube Comments Explained, Managing a Business Page:
23. Random People, Cover Photos, That’s My Face:
22. Custom URLs, Photo upload settings: 
21. Images, Blogger Comments, Archived Hangouts: 

20. Names, endorsements, newbies:
19. Community Abandonment, Business Pages,  Notification Exhaustion: 
18. Getting noticed, protecting youth, & photo editing: 
17. Adblock Plus, Google Places, G+ Page/YouTube:
16. Hangouts without webcams, local business listings, and resharing posts:

15. Events, Communities, and Monetization: 
14. Upload videos from Google+ straight into YouTube, Auto Backup of pictures from mobile:
13. Recover pictures back to my phone or tablet, change the privacy settings on old posts, search the posts for a single community:
12. Post to Circles and to a community at the same time, Who can see my post when I make them Public: 
11. Google+ Support Firefox, What time zone shows up on Events, Can non-Gmail users become G+ users: 

10. Faces, Photos, and Plusses:
9. Notifying circles, Google+ training resources, Finding hangouts, Securing your Google+:
8. Communitues, Commenting, Hangout Request, and Email Notifications:
7. Webmasters, Geotags , Notifications , and +1's: 
6. +1 activity posts, Why can’t I post to Communities and Circles/Public at the same time, Why can't I add more people to my circles: 

5. Searching, Filtering, Boxes, and Histories:
4. Photo and video privacy, removing yourself from circles, migrating circles from Profile to Page:
3. How to Choose Photos When Sharing Links:
2. See your Google+ stream in chronological order:
1. 11 Useful Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts:
by +Google+ Help

(More: Discover Google(+) -> )

VI. Google+ Management Tools
1. +Circloscope /
. Google+ Circles On Steroids:
. Removing No Follow Backs From Your G+ Circles:
. Removing Inactive Profiles From Your G+ Circles:
. Creating Blacklists Using Circloscope:
. Creating Whitelists Using Circloscope:
. Adding Engagers To Your Google Plus Circles:
. Remove Blue Heads (No Profile Photo) From Your G+ Circles:
. How To Create a Curated Circle to Share:
. How to Export G+ ID's for Plus Mentioning:
. Adding Other People's Followers to Your Circles:
. Adding People Who Attended a G+ Hangout On Air:
. Adding Community Members To Your G+ Circles:
. Find, Combine & Add Multiple Shared Circles:
. How To Update Circloscope:
. How To Find Your Google+ Profile ID:
. Send Multiple URLs to Circloscope:
. CircleCount & Circloscope Integration:
. Importing Facebook Friends to Google+:
. Finding YouTube Video Engagers To Add To Your G+ Circles:
. Importing LinkedIn Contacts to Google+:
2. +CircleCount /
. Getting Started with CircleCount:
. Explore CircleCount:
. Profile Overview on CircleCount:
. Shared Circles Including You on CircleCount:
. Follower Map/Demographics on CircleCount:
. Graphs & Charts on CircleCount:
. Adjusting Settings & Newsletter Sign-Up:

VII. Google & Google+ 160 How To's
First, have a look here ->
160. Google Plus Pages for business and brands:
159. A Complete Google+ User Guide: 158. How to make a custom Google Hangouts Lower Third:
157. How to send a private message on Google+:
156. The Anatomy of an Engaging G+ Post:

155. A Guide to HOA Event Notifications: 154. Google+ Posts - 10 Things You Should Know:
153. How to disable reshares or comments prior to posting on Google+:
152. How to change which YouTube channel connects to your Google+ account:
151. What are the best sized images to use on your Google+ profile?:

150. How to have a ‘Local Reviews Box’ as a landing page:
149. Can you change a Google Local Page to a Brand Page, or vice versa?:
148. Google+ Partner Playbook: Audio-Visual Guide:
147. How to manage two or more G+ profiles at the same time:
146. G+ comments generating suggestions on a mobile:

145. The Google Review Revolution:
144. Need help with a Google+ and YouTube account issue?:
143. How to ‘pin a post’ to a Profile or a Page on Google+:
142. Super Smart ‘Google Apps Management’ Tip:
141. How to change settings in a public Google+ community:

140. Who can comment on your Google+ posts?:
139. How to claim your Google+ custom URL:
138. What if you have an issue with ‘Google Local’ listing?:
137. Want more subscribers on your YouTube channel?:
136. A ‘Small Business’ guide to using Google+:

135. How “Keeping it Real” Became the Next Thing In Marketing:
134. How to filter a private Google+ community using Circloscope:
133. How to delete a circle on Google+:
132. How to create a custom ‘Google Map’:
131. How many businesses in your area are on Google Maps?:

130. Why use a URL shortener?:
129. How to find the embed code for a Business Listing on Google Maps:
128. How to find the URL for a Business Listing on Google Maps:
127. What do you need to claim a custom URL on YouTube?:
126. What pages are not eligible to be Google Local Pages?:

125. How to create a 24/7 Google Hangout:
124. How to cross connect between Gmail and Linkedin:
123. How to put a village on the map:
122. The Art of Managing a Google + Brand Page:
121. How to add in a shared circle on Google+:

120. How to change your cover photo on Google+:
119. How to change your profile picture on Google+:
118. How to find the 21 digit ID of a Google+ Profile or Page:
117. Socialize – adding and engaging with people from your area:
116. Optimize – helping people find your Google+ Page:

115. Localize – how to get yourself on the Map with Google:
114. How to reach more people with your Google+ content:
113. A Guide to Collaborative Working using Google software and tools:
112. Personal Branding using Google+, an A-Z Guide:
111. Want to add in a delivery radius to a ‘Storefront’ Business?:

110. Google Pages for Businesses who ‘deliver as well’:
109. How to Integrate Google+ into Your Editorial Calendar:
108. How to stop showing YouTube tab on your Profile:
107. Make your Google+ Page or Profile a Destination:
106. How to import your Linkedin Contacts to Google+:

105. How to rename a Google+ community:
104. Who can see your Google+ posts?:
103. How to use Google Plus Communities for outstanding Customer Service:
102. Can you turn off the plus ones on Google+?:
101. How to share circles between Profiles and Pages:

100. A Guide to Google Plus Polls:
99. Google Plus and Social SEO Facts and Evidence:
98. Google Plus Marketing Case Study Teaser:
97. How to share a blog post from a website as a Google Plus page, not a profile:
96. The value of using tools on Google Plus:

95. What are extended circles on Google+? And why should we care anyway:
94. How to delete a Google+ Business Page:
93. Anatomy of a Time Stamp Post:
92. The Power to ‘Recommend’ on Google Plus:
91. Google Business View: Step Inside the Sage Group Headquarters:

90. 10 brilliant things you can do with Circloscope:
89. How to Use Clean Google+ URLs & the Google+ Canonicals:
88. ‘Google+ for Business’ Presentation:
87. Discover Google Plus:
86. A Complete Guide to Google Pages:

85. Google Plus Marketing Stats:
84. Google Plus ‘Explore’ and Hangouts:
83. Google Plus Marketing Circles and Communities:
82. Google Plus Marketing Profile and Pages:
81. Google Plus Posts:

80. A Complete Guide to Google+ Marketing:
79. 10 brilliant things you can do with
78. Google Plus Analytics and Insights:
77. Google Plus SEO: Trust, Reputation and Authority:
76. How to create a ‘plus post ad’ within Google Adwords:

75. Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus:
74. How to REALLY build a community on Google Plus:
73. The ‘View Count’ Feature on Google Plus explained and explored:
72. Organizational Analysis on Google Plus:
71. Google Plus – Frequently Asked Questions:

70. Social, Search and Site – how to use Google+ to make it all work together:
69. Google Chrome Extensions – as Suggested by the Google+ Community:
68. Lights, Camera, Produced Hangouts:
67. A Guide to Google Maps Business View:
66. Complete Guide to Google Hangouts for Businesses and Individuals:

65. Content is King; Community is Kingdom:
64. Planning Your Social Media Marketing Strategy, using Google Plus:
63. Content Creation Tools:
62. Hashing Out Google Plus Hashtags: Uncover Their Hidden Powers:
61. Free Google Plus Training Materials:

60. A guide to Google Plus notifications:
59. Google Plus Coaching, Training, Consulting Directory:
58. How to create a private Google Hangout-on-Air (VIDEO):
57. Google Plus For Business and Individuals:
56. Getting your Google Plus Brand Page ready for +Post Ads:

55. How to build niche email lists using Google+:
54. What is Content Marketing? And how to use Google+ to do it brilliantly:
53. How to use content marketing for high visibility in Google Search:
52. 6 Circles every Google Plus business page should have:
51. How to create a Google+ Community:

50. Beginners Guide to Google Plus:
49. Google Plus Custom URLs:
48. How does Google Plus influence online behavior?:
47. How to use Google+ for Social SEO:
46. A Complete Guide to Google Pages:

45. Google+ and YouTube comment integration:
44. A Complete Guide to Google Helpouts:
43. How to make a Google Plus Page:
42. Should you choose a ‘Profile’ or a ‘Page’ on Google Plus?:
41. Google Plus Tips Guide:

40. Shortcuts:
39. How to resume from a position ‘down stream’ and receive more content too:
38. Viewing the profile as if from other’s perspectives:
37. Changing your profile circle settings:
36. How to filter searches on Google Plus:

35. How to subscribe and receive emails of new content:
34. Showing or hiding posts to communities on your Profile or Page:
33. How to submit feedback on Google+:
32. Where to mute or block a profile:
31. Customise your hangout settings (part 1):

30. Customise your hangout settings (part 2):
29. How to change the flow of content from communities in your stream:
28. Top fans on YouTube–circles:
27. How to turn notifications on or off:
26. How to change the flow of content from circles in your stream:

25. Adding people to circles from ripples:
24. Mute posts you no longer want to hear from:
23. Create a private community with categories for future posts:
22. How to find channel settings and monetization on Youtube:
21. Changing your photo settings:

20. Share public for maximum reach:
19. Change settings on who can interact with you:
18. Flipping the Google Plus cards:
17. Choosing to notify a circle by email:
16. How to create a new circle from activity on a post:

15. How to disable comments and reshares before you post:
14. How to open a new link by dragging and dropping:
13. How to embed a Google Plus post into a website:
12. Google+ Page Manager Circle Tip:
11. Using Google Plus communities to work on projects:

10. Analyzing your Google+ Page Content using SNA:
9. What is Google Drive? – a complete user guide:
8. Gain social reach by adding shared circles to
7. Refining Google Plus Search Using Filters:
6. Google Circles Management Tips:

5. Connect Google account to YouTube:
4. Add a thumbnail to your YouTube videos:
3. Google+ Plus Training Modules:
2. Google Apps for Business:
1. Google Plus Cover Photo and Design Tips:
by +Plus Your Business!

(More: Discover Google(+) ->

VIII. Google+ Hangouts
. Training You for Hangout Success: . Hangout on Air via YouTube Live Event Quickstart:
. Scheduled Hangout on Air Event Quickstart:
. Hangouts and Hangouts on Air Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid:
. New Account Setup for Hangouts and Hangouts on Air:
. What is a Hangout on Air Event:
(by +Ronnie Bincer)
More: HOA guides

IX. 21 Awesome Google Tips
21. Your Personal Google Search Trends History:

20. Google Chrome:
19. Search like a Pro:
18. Google Doodles:
17. Google Alerts:
16. Google Docs:

15. Shorten Your Links with Google:
14. Back in time with Google Maps:
13. Google Location History:
12. Google Dashboard:
11. YouTube Playlists:

10. Google Translate:
9. Google Calender:
8. Google Trends:
7. Secure your Google account:
6. Android Device Manager:

5. Make money with Google Adsense:
4. Advertising with Google Adwords:
3. Google Chrome & Search Tricks:
2. 15 Awesome Gmail Tricks:
1. Google Plus - Series Finale:
(by +Daniel Futerman)

X. A Guide to Google Tools:
(by +Ryan Dube)

XI. 10 reasons Businesses need to get started on Google Plus Now!:

XII. Google+ University:
(by +Mike Allton)

XIII. Google Support & Forums:

XIV. Google Blogs
News, features, tips, training and more
. YouTube Creator:
. YouTube: 
. Think With Google:
. Online Security:
. Work:
. Google:
. Gmail:
. Mobile Ads:
. Inside Search:
. Inside AdWords:
. Inside AdSense:
. Google+:
. Webmaster:
. Translate:
. Shopping:
. Google News:
. Earth & Maps:
. Nonprofits:
. Drive:
. Commerce:
. Cloud:
. Chrome:
. Google & Your Business:
. Analytics:
. Agency:
. Android:
. DoubleClick Advertiser:
. DoubleClick Publishers:
. DoubleClick Search:

XV. Google on YouTube
. Google:
. Google Help:
. Google Top Contributors:
. Google Security and Privacy:
. Google+:
. Google Chrome:
. Chrome Help Center:
. Google Webmasters:
. Google Maps:
. Google Earth:
. Google Android:
. Google Nexus:
. Google Play:
. Google Glass:
. Google for Entrepreneurs:
. Google and Your Business:
. Google Engage for Agencies:
. Google Mobile Ads:
. Google AdSense:
. Google AdWords:
. Google Analytics:
. DFP for Small Business: 
. DoubleClickBusiness:
. Google Consumer Surveys:
. Google Enterprise:
. Google Maps for Business:
. Google Watch this Space:
. Google Creative Sandbox:
. Learn with Google:
. Think with Google:
. Google Ventures:
. YouTube Creator Academy:
. YouTube Curriculum:
. YouTube Help:
. YouTube Advertise:
. YouTube Creators:
. YouTube Spotlight:
. YouTube Live:
. YouTube for Nonprofits:
. Google for Nonprofits:
. Google Art Project:
. Google Earth Outreach:
. Google in Education:
. Google Green:
. GoogleOrg:
. Google Cultural Institute:
. Google Idea:
. Google for Media:

XVI. Official Google Communities on G+
. Google+ Help ->
. Google+ Your Business ->
. Developing with Google+ ->
. Google TV ->
. Google Art Project ->
. Google Cultural Institute ->
. Google Drive Developers ->
. Learn with Google for Publishers ->
. Google+ YouTube Integration ->
. YouTube Creators ->
. YouTube Analytics -
. YouTube Google+ Integration -
. YouTube Creators -
. Google Play ->
. Life at Google ->
. Advanced Power Searching ->
. Mapping with Google ->
. Online Marketing 101 ->
. Nexus ->
. Google Giving ->
. Chrome Developers ->
. Android ->
. Android Developer Tools ->
. Android Development ->
. Android Design ->
. Google Science Fair ->
. Project Loon ->
. Google Government ->

XVII. Google on Google+: Circle (click ->) +Google+, +Google+ Help, +Google+ Your Business, +Google+ Top Contributors, +Google for Work, +Google for Entrepreneurs, +Think with Google, +Google Ads, +Google Analytics, +Google Partners, +Google AdSense, +YouTube Creators, +YouTube Advertisers, +Google Wallet, +Google Offers, +DoubleClick Digital Marketing+Google Creative Sandbox, +Google Consumer Surveys, +Google Maps, +Helpouts by Google, +Accelerate with Google, +Google Earth, +Google Ideas, +Google Web Designer, +Google Express+AdMob and +Google Design            
About +Denis Labelle:
(Image by +Rick Eliason

Google+: Discovering, Sharing and Socializing the Web with You.
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Again, thanks everyone and for the re-share, Carter. Feel free to share with new users in your circles.
More: Discover Google(+) ->
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Carter Gibson

Shared publicly  - 
*My mom's second book has been published!"
Find it here:

I am so proud of +Lindsay Gibson, author of _Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents._ She's taken such an interesting approach to bad parenting that isn't what we normally think of, but is still damaging. I couldn't be happier that I was raised by such a smart, caring, wonderful woman :)

"If you grew up with an emotionally immature, unavailable, or selfish parent, you may have lingering feelings of anger, loneliness, betrayal, or abandonment. You may recall your childhood as a time when your emotional needs were not met, when your feelings were dismissed, or when you took on adult levels of responsibility in an effort to compensate for your parent’s behavior. These wounds can be healed, and you can move forward in your life.

In this breakthrough book, clinical psychologist Lindsay Gibson exposes the destructive nature of parents who are emotionally immature or unavailable. You will see how these parents create a sense of neglect, and discover ways to heal from the pain and confusion caused by your childhood. By freeing yourself from your parents’ emotional immaturity, you can recover your true nature, control how you react to them, and avoid disappointment. Finally, you’ll learn how to create positive, new relationships so you can build a better life."
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Silicon babys
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Carter Gibson

Shared publicly  - 
Behold. A True Patriot. /Sarcasm

This image about the Baltimore protests infuriates me. This is an 8th grade level argument (which, judging by looks, may be his education level to be fair.). The irony of the image, of course, being that this man is using free speech to be blatantly and offensively racist while protesters make similar imagery by burning the US flag to protest their status and exploitation in America. The flag stands for a certain set of ideals that a certain few people feel aren't being lived up to. It is 100% their choice to do so and I don't feel that it's un-American to do so. The Supreme Court agrees, which is why it's fucking. legal.

Sure, it can be offensive and it can send a message and upset you or whatever, but a reaction like this is disgusting. The same disrespect this well-to-do (mental note: do not say 'hick'...) hick feels about people burning the flag is far and away second to the disrespect black people feel from the force that's supposed to keep them safe. This reaction gets us no where and asks all the wrong questions. When your patriotism overpowers your love and protection of a nation's ideals, promises, and convictions you're no longer a true patriot.

Ugh. And to see some of my friends support this image. #Baltimore  
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Chicken does not belong to the black community. Known as Southern, yes, . Going to get racists on food now. ? Stupid
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Carter Gibson

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  - 
Take me back. I'm ready to go back.
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Carter Gibson

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Another year, another Coachella. :) 
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Love it
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Carter Gibson

Shared publicly  - 
Welp, after 11 years, my 52' Sony Bravia died. After months of flickering and negative images, it was time to replace it. Thanks TV. You were a good companion (and you somehow survived a cross-country trip in U-Haul).

After much debate, internal strife, researching, and acknowledgment of brand bias, I went out and acquired a 4k 65' Sony Bravia (X850B to be exact). After some fiddling, messing around, and finagling, my first impression is that I'm impressed. While I wish I could have waited until later this year or two for an OLED TV, this definitely feels like a future-proof, solid option. Because I love reviewing tech, I'll be sure to let you know what I think about it after some more time with it.

I can say, however, that I spent about 2hrs watching 4k nature.... moving images? I regret nothing. My favorite was desert.

The dead TV:
The new TV:
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It wasn't mine either now! LOL! I just started getting into shooters; and so far, I'm having a blast! 
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Carter Gibson

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I'm still obsessed with money-saving plan Digit
Check it out here:

Since writing about Digit a few weeks ago, I've only grown more enamored with it. My friends and I have started making saving a competition, I think about saving all the time, and I occasionally get GIF's sent to me by a robot. When I imagined the future, I never imagined one where I'd enjoy saving money. Oops.

For those of you who don't know, Digit isn't an app. It's a service that communicates with you through text messages only. Every morning I wake up a text that says, "Your balance is $X. Yesterday it was $X." I can text back to see what transactions I made or, if I got a direct deposit, I'll wake up to that good news instead. If I want to save money, I just text Digit an amount. Withdrawing works the same way.

Digit is like a poor friend I send money to on occasion.

So how does it all work? Digit will sync to your bank using your bank's API (for BoA all I had to do was sign in) and the money you save is held in a Digit account (like Venmo before cash out) that's FDIC insured. It's a super simple, painless setup process and the webpage you use to check transactions and savings is super simple as well. 

This is your, "Man, I'd do that if I had some extra cash," fund.

The question I get most often about Digit is whether or not your saved money earns interest. It doesn't - but that's not what Digit is supposed to be used for. I plan to spend my Digit money within a few months of accumulating it. I've got my savings account for longterm savings and I feel terrible about taking money out of it. Digit, on the other hand, is for saving up for trips, a gadget, or something else special. 

Saving is fun. And it shouldn't be.

At the end of day, I've never spent so much time thinking about saving money than I have after using Digit. That sounds stressful, but it isn't. Digit makes it fun. There's little to no pressure to save when you can't and the occasional celebratory GIF's don't hurt either. I know I've recommended Digit before, but it's because it's actually, 100% the coolest thing I've used in 2015. 

You can try it here:
Until recently, my savings consisted mostly of unexpected windfalls. A tax return here, a birthday check from Grandma there. Over time I’ve amassed enough that I can withstand the odd financial...
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Signed up today +Carter Gibson​ can't wait to get this rolling. Thanks so much for the invite!! 
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Sr. Community Manager, PicsArt | Founder, LittleBigFund
Community management, Nonprofit management, Event planning, Blogging
  • PicsArt
    Sr. Community Manager, 2015 - present
    • Show people off.
  • The LittleBigFund
    CEO & Founder, 2013 - present
    • Make everything happen
  • BIL Conference
    Google+ Community Manager, Organizer, 2012 - present
    • Create a presence for BIL on Google+, utilizing its unique tools to present ideas and host interviews with speakers • Grow the BIL Google+ page from zero followers to 2,400+ in 4months • Collaborate with the BIL community managers for Facebook and Twitter to create unique content strategies for each platform
  • Kixeye Inc.
    Community Manager, Mobile Games, 2013 - 2015
  • UserVoice
    Community Manager, 2012 - 2013
    • Represent user experience to the team to enhance product development and then communicate company positions back to our community • Improve our feedback product to help brands communicate with their users and users feel heard by their brands • Establish UserVoice as the thought leader in customer service by managing communication on Twitter, Facebook, and the UserVoice UserCentered blog through storytelling
  • HelpsGood
    Community Manager, 2012 - 2012
    • Unified the United Way's social media presence to create a stronger message while retaining a unique voice on various platforms • Consulted the United Way on how to successfully engage their audience both locally and nationally to assure an active, passionate, and reliable community • Reviewed analytical tools to best measure engagement on media platforms for the United Way and Bronx Zoo
  • Kogod Center for Career Development
    Peer Career Counselor, Marketing Intern, Coordinator, 2009 - 2012
    • Coached undergraduate business students to improve resumes and cover letters to propel career and personal development • Organized and executed various recruitment and networking events for 700+ graduate and undergraduate business students providing opportunities for employment resulting in favorable opinions from students and employers
  • The Ad Council
    Campaign Management Intern, 2011 - 2011
    • Simultaneously managed development stages of strategic creation, creative concepting, production, and promotion for the new Anti-Texting While Driving and Feed the Pig PSA’s in a team-oriented environment • Engaged agency creative directors and campaign sponsors directly to guide development of national campaigns • Created three campaign case studies to be featured on the new including the Smokey Bear, Buzzed Driving, and Adoption PSA campaigns to provide comprehensive insight from concepting to impact
  • RealEstate Business Intelligence
    Marketing Intern, 2011 - 2011
    • Created promotional material including publications, blog posts, website design, and newsletters highlighting product features • Produced four, 3 to 5 minute website tutorial videos using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Camptasia Studio for RBI's online platforms
  • American University
    Orientation Leader, 2009 - 2010
    • Facilitated honest, open discussions and activities for 2000 new freshman with a diverse team of 14 other leaders to address transitional issues, personally leading 500+ students over two years
  • Bean There Cafe
    Barista, Marketing and Events Coordinator, 2007 - 2009
    • Made delicious coffee for the amazing people who needed it • Coordinated special events and created a social media presence to represent Bean There's passionate community
  • YMCA
    Fitness Instructor, 2005 - 2007
    • My first, hellish job. Ask me about it!
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC - Virginia Beach, VA - Norfolk, VA
Contact Information
(757) 339-2410
CEO of The LittleBigFund | Community Manager | Accidental LGBT activist | Beer drinker | Dog lover | Gay techie
Hey! I'm Carter and I'm fascinated with how people interact with each other through technology. That fascination lead me to be a community manager and you all have empowered me to be an accidental LGBT activist and start a nonprofit. I'm not too much of any one thing and I promise to have fun.
American University
BS, Business Administration (Marketing)
BA, Film and Media Arts

I community manage...
Community Management - Career Development - Marketing - Campaign / Project Management - Event Planning - Blogging - Graphic Design

Interests / Possible Circles
Google - roller coasters - advertising - videogames - nonprofits - movies - beer - technology - music - marketing - social media - graphic design - art - LGBT - nonprofits - motion graphics

In summation
Meyers Briggs - ESTP
Enneagram - 2w3

And I'm gay. Google won't let me tell you any other way...

I'm not going to see every time you mention me. Don't be mad and keep bugging me if I don't respond :)

This account reflects only my personal thoughts and not that of my employers, clients, customers, or (most importantly) pets.
Bragging rights
Who I am here is who I am there, Top 150 (USA), Top 100 Men (USA)
  • American University
    Film & Media Arts, 2008 - 2012
  • American University
    Business Administration (Marketing), 2008 - 2012
  • Cape Henry Collegiate School
    2004 - 2008
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Dating, A relationship, Networking
July 11, 1990
Other names
Paul Randolph Carter Gibson, Carter Kel Gibson
Carter Gibson's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
VEGA Conflict

Боритесь за свои права, возьмите под командование мощный флот, ведите масштабные космические баталии, которые определят судьбу галактики. Ср

XCOM®: Enemy Unknown

The award-winning PC and console game of the year comes to Android devices!Threatened by an unknown enemy, Earth’s governments unite to form

Hunger Games - Panem Run

Corra através de Panem enquanto coleta chamas e recursos para fortalecer o seu Distrito. A tensão toma conta dos Distritos, e você está no m

American University. Listen to Me. Stop WONK. Stop WONK Now.

Editor's Note: This is an op-ed written by Carter Gibson, CEO and Founder of online nonprofit the LittleBigFund and...

The 22-Year-Old Nonprofit Founder With More Than 1 Million Followers on ...

Carter Gibson is a name worth remembering. He may be only 22-years-old, but he has never let his age interfere with...

Dots: A Game About Connecting

The beautiful and addictive hit game Dots is now available on Android phones and tablets! The task is simple; connect as many same-colored d

People Are Commemorating The Wrong Half Of The Bay Bridge

It's the old eastern span, folks. That's the only thing that's going away. But some of you are saying goodbye to the whole thing.

People That Said Goodbye To Wrong Side Of The Bay Bridge

Inspired by my roommate Hannah who is too busy to make this herself because of law school or some shit like that.


ActiveNotifications allows you to receive important notifications when your screen is off. When you miss a call or receive a new email/SMS,

About The LittleBigFund

The LittleBigFund is an online nonprofit organization that helps nonprofits in need and empowers donors to make a big bang with just a few b

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to

Elon Musk has 'no plans' to actually build his Hyperloop design

Elon Musk has promised to reveal preliminary plans for a super-fast "Hyperloop" transporter on August 12th — but don't expect him to actuall

The power of not very much | LittleBigBlog

When I was working at the Ad Council, we knew that our ads wouldn't suddenly make people save money or stop texting while driving. Instead,

Monthly Donation

We don't take a cut of this amount :) Remember, monthly donations recur. Make a one-time donation with the link below. Will you contribute t

Bright Funds

Easily invest in complete solutions to the causes you care about.

Google Pays $600K To Give Free Wi-Fi To 31 San Francisco Parks | TechCrunch

31 San Francisco playgrounds, plazas, recreation centers, and parks are getting two years of free Wi-Fi thanks to a $600,000 gift announced

Google Play Games

Google Play Games app is the easiest way for you to discover new games, track achievements and scores, and play with friends around the worl


If you're a theme park lover or enjoy the best thrill rides the world has to offer, you've found the right place. From new ride announcement

By far the best Bikram Yoga in the city. Clean everything (even the carpet), awesome instructors, and really great deals for your first month or your first month back after six months.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
My roommate had her credit card stolen and there was a $795 charge at this place. Upon calling and asking if they remembered someone making that change they hung up. I'm confident this entire establishment is a complete scam. The police need to look into it.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Delicious. Small. Friendly.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Conflicted about this place because I love the coffee shop much and can't stand the people who rudely serve it to me. If you can just go to Four Barrel where they're still hipster but will treat you nicely. Lines will be long at both anyway.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Poor - Fair
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
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Extremely expensive for something very average. There's literally nothing special about this place other than its atmosphere and that's not worth a $16 burger. It may be charming, but ignore this place until its ego (and prices) deflate.
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reviewed a year ago
A prefect addition to the neighborhood and a much needed outdoor beer garden. This place is a blast. They'll give you a full other pitcher if they run out of your beer and they have quite the selection to try. Go with a group of friends and bring cash.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago
It is perfect. Grasshopper pie is definitely the flavor to get at this local joint with the best ice cream in SF.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago