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Carter Gibson

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When your family is attacked, you hug them closer.

Make no mistake: we encourage actions like the terror in Orlando when we name call, demonize gay people, spread misinformation, or otherwise create situations to make a certain group feel unsafe. Our own prejudice validates those who want to harm others and gives them confidence. We need to think, every moment, about how we can bring more people closer together; not about how we can elevate ourselves above at-risk groups. My advice? Go online and search. Read people's stories. But, above all, ask questions. Be curious, not afraid.

My heart, my tears, and my thoughts go out to everyone directly affected. And a special thought for every single gay man, woman, or kid, every trans person or open-minded experiencer out there - This man wanted people like us to feel afraid. He targeted all of us last night. But, instead of fear, we hold each other and stand defiant, queer, and undeterred.
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Wouldn't it be great if that link got looked at. :-(
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Carter Gibson

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Absolutely thrilled to announce that I've been brought onto the board for the nonprofit Center for New Music in downtown San Francisco! It's a huge honor and I look forward to applying my passion for bringing likeminded people together, helping them create amazing stuff (in this case contemporary music). Huge thanks to C4NM founder Adam Fong, board member Bea Dominguez, and the rest of the crew for trusting me to find ways for these amazing creators to collaborate and communicate.

If you're unclear with the Center for New Music, they "foster contemporary music’s growth by giving practicing artists access to professional resources and expertise, and by providing them with opportunities for sharing knowledge and exploring new ideas." With an inspiring performance space right off of Market St, the Center for New Music has been a staple for enabling experimentation in sound. Founded in 2012, the center has been growing rapidly thanks the value it places on diversity, exploration, collaboration, and incubation of developing artists.

So... anyways... SUPER STOKED! 
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Carter Gibson

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Black Lives Matter isn't about exclusion. It isn't saying that one group of people is more important than another. Rather, it's about focus. It is saying that one group of people needs to be talked about, specifically, and addressed, specifically.

I'm uninterested in fighting against certain people. I'm fascinated by how we can work together to fight ideas. Exclusion. Discrimination. Hate. Prejudice. These are all concepts that we, as human beings, can fight every day, no matter our physical strength or access to tools.

Let's use this wonderful tool called the Internet to explore each other's interests, passions, fears, and insecurities - just for a little bit - instead of trying to prove someone wrong. I think it's high time we refocus on learning from each other again.
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Happy birthday carter.
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Carter Gibson

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Taron is a new coaster in Germany that proves rides can be intense, thrilling, and exciting without inversions. Built by Intamin AG, Taron is a double launching sit down coaster, complete with Intamin's signature "twisty-ness" and sharp directional changes.

What makes Taron really special, however, is its theming. Phantasialand is known for creating intricately themed rides and Taron is no exception. Because of height restrictions in Europe, you won't always find the biggest rides in the world, but parks like Phantasialand succeed when they come up with creative tactics to make their comparatively smaller rides some of the baddest.
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Hell no!
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Carter Gibson

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Pride's here in San Francisco and I stand with my people and our devotion to progress. The last thing we need is a prayer or pity.

Dance hard this weekend, my gays, my queers, my Queens, my allies, and my future husbands. 
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Here is more proof that nothing at all has changed. <sarcastic eyereoll>
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Carter Gibson

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From last night's gorgeous summer sunset.
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This is beautiful!!!!!
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Carter Gibson

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See you soon, Google+! I'm off on a trip to Iceland until August 8th and will do my best to share some shots along the way.
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Have a nice trip. Take plenty of photos.
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Carter Gibson

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Where my photographers at? :)
Featured Photos Priority Access
It's been great watching the Google+ Create program we announced 4 months ago grow. And today we're expanding Create further by introducing a new perk: Featured Photos Priority Access.

Members of Google+ Create can now have their photos boosted to the top of our review queue for being featured on over 25 million Chromecast devices, Google Fiber screens, phone/tablet wallpapers, and other surfaces (more to come!).

This perk is a great way for creators to have their photos enjoyed by millions of people around the World. If you're interested, apply to Google+ Create today:
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Carter Gibson

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Hello, Nougat. Welcome to the family. :)

#Android #AndroidN #Google
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I was unaware that we could vote. Idk how I missed that. But Nutella is sooooo good. I'll have to Google what a Nougat is. 
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Carter Gibson

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Today is Google+'s 5th birthday. If you had told me five years ago that I would be the Program Manager for the Community Management Team behind this product, I wouldn't have believed you. That'd be wayyyy too full circle. But... here I am! I was a power user of Google+ towards the end of my college tenure and it's the reason why I have the career I do in the city I do. This product has taught me so, so much (professionally and personally) and I'm just so stupidly grateful to the teams who made Google+ possible. I, sincerely, owe so much to those people.

Thing is, I'm just one of the many millions of people who have had their lives changed (or at least positively impacted) by Google+. I know so many stories of people who have also started careers there, become amazing photographers or writers, created long-lasting friendships, dealt with hardship, found their passions, or otherwise found meaning (or themselves) through the connections they made on Google+. There's so much emotional capital invested into this product and it's a legitimate dream come to true to use my career to foster that.

As Google+ continues its transition away from the social fabric that connects all of Google's service together and into an interests-based network, I couldn't be more excited about the future of this product. Five years is a long time and there's been a lot of change - and I couldn't be more ready to help make this product the very best it can be.

Big shout outs to +Stacy Frazer +Amanda Blain +Alida Brandenburg +Ryan Crowe +Daria Musk +Natalie Villalobos +Tiffany Henry +Tom Moncho +Andy Bohm in particular for everything.

Happy birthday, Google+! You still look great. #GPlus5
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Carter Gibson

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Oh, you know... Just your average, terrifyingly decayed hole in the middle of an abandoned school with Angel Island in the background. 
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It was a courtyard. 
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Carter Gibson

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Nothing wrong with a little trespassing on Treasure Island ;] 
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Haha, given the construction there right now, I can see why you'd think that :P
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Incredible, experimental place for the arts with incredible, curated shows and art in a top notch theater space. If you ever hear of a party they're throwing, make it out. Trust me.
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Very nice rooms, great location!
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
My roommate had her credit card stolen and there was a $795 charge at this place. Upon calling and asking if they remembered someone making that change they hung up. I'm confident this entire establishment is a complete scam. The police need to look into it.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Delicious. Small. Friendly.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
38 reviews
By far the best Bikram Yoga in the city. Clean everything (even the carpet), awesome instructors, and really great deals for your first month or your first month back after six months.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Extremely expensive for something very average. There's literally nothing special about this place other than its atmosphere and that's not worth a $16 burger. It may be charming, but ignore this place until its ego (and prices) deflate.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
A prefect addition to the neighborhood and a much needed outdoor beer garden. This place is a blast. They'll give you a full other pitcher if they run out of your beer and they have quite the selection to try. Go with a group of friends and bring cash.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 3 years ago