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Carter Dotson
App enthusiast & reviewer; man of the internet.
App enthusiast & reviewer; man of the internet.

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Anyone in Chicago have some NYE plans I can crash?

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One of the big things that I've wanted to see a lot more of is iCloud support for games: it seems like issues with instability in the early run hurt its support, but I'd love to see it get to a point where it's standard. Skee-Ball 2 does it really well.

I bought a Galaxy S III today, and while I know #BoycottApple  is big on here, let me just say: Samsung REALLY feels like they're trying ape what Apple does. S Voice feels like Siri's non-union Mexican equivalent. And the headphones that are included are REALLY similar, though the volume buttons are laid out differently. (A welcome addition, though)

Still, I really like the hardware so far. However, I really think that all the TouchWiz additions are just ugly, especially compared to stock Android 4.x. Need to get a custom ROM going on this thing. And to also get it unlocked!

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I need to try this with my Nook Simple Touch. Not because this is the best way to emulate PS1 games, but because it'd be cool to mess with. And hey, would work pretty well with Game Boy games!

I'm packing for a move to Chicago, which means that it's time for me to go through all my crap and just ditch whatever I don't need. Of course, this usually means there's all kinds of random cables and stuff that I do not have any need for now, or ever.

Except tonight I found I had one random cable around that I needed to make sure my Nexus 7 could charge off of my big-ass external USB charger. So, I'm conflicted about the whole "getting rid of stuff" concept.

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From the comments: "The UN has a track record of sending peace-keepers to God-forsaken places with horrible living conditions; can't blame Sheriff Lobo for assuming Lubbock is at the top of their list."
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