New year, new challenge.

Announcing the   #FiveDaysBokehChallenge

Well, I am not sure, whether my footprint on G+ is large enough to launch such a challenge successfully, but let's try. I hope you are motivated to join another challenge after the #FiveDaysBlackAndWhiteChallenge  and the #SplitToneFiveDayChallenge .


(1) When invited join the fun and participate in the challenge or feel free to simply ignore it.
(2) On five subsequent days post a picture containing significant parts of blur/bokeh.
(3) In the text write the following (see below for an easy to use copy/paste template)
(3a) Mention the person, who invited you to the challenge.
(3b) Mention these rules. You may either write them down or simply use the URL to link back to this post here.
(3c) Invite someone to continue the challenge.

To make it easier for you, here is a template, that you can copy and paste into the text box of your post:

===== Snip =====
Day <X>/5 of my #FiveDaysBokehChallenge  initiated by +Carsten Schlipf​​​ to which I was invited by +<G+ USER WHO INVITED ME>. The simple rules are:
- On five subsequent days post a picture containing significant parts of blur.
- Mention the person who invited you.
- Invite another person to join the challenge.
For tips and the rules of this challenge go to

I invite +<G+ USER TO INVITE> to join the challenge.
===== Snip =====


Level 1 tips:
- The wider your aperture the more background blur.
- The closer the subject and the farer away the background the more background blur.
- The longer the focal length and the further away the background the more background blur.
- Get low and play with the depth of field.
- You do not need to take the pictures each day. Feel free to post older pictures from your archive.

Level 2 tips:
- Try free-lensing using a prime lense. +Victor Bezrukov​​​ shows some outstanding examples here:
- Use a special lense like a tilt-shift lense or +Lensbaby​​​ (as shown in the image below) to create blurry parts.
- Switch to manual focus and look for high-contrast scenes and de-focus by intention. Example:
- Increase exposure time and move your camera while shooting.

Level 3 Tip:
- Take the picture on the same day you post it for the challenge ;-)

Have fun!
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