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Carsten Elton Sørensen
Generalist polyglot programmer
Generalist polyglot programmer

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Looking at building a MIDI cable for my ZX Spectrum +2, I just realised that the unconventional MIDI baud rate 31250 is exactly twice the number of scan lines per second (15625) in the PAL signal. Surely not a coincidence! I suspect this will make timing easier to implement somehow.

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"Improves dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution"

Beware of snake oil. Don't buy junk like this.

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Still rocking the original Kickstarter Pebble. After three years and a bit, the only problem was when the strap snapped without warning a week ago. Got a new one in the same style but with red stitching, which looks just as good on the Pebble as I hoped for. 
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The biggest problem facing an Android developer is not fragmentation. It's Samsung. I swear, whenever a user reports an oddball problem, it's always a Samsung device that needs some new special hack.

So I finally upgraded my aging graphics card to an MSI GTX 1070 Armor 8G OC. Who the hell comes up with these names?! They also have a Gaming X and Gaming Z edition. I have no idea what that means. Is Z better than X? Well, according to their product comparison page, yes it is. I had no idea.


So far I'm extremely pleased with it. Virtually silent, even when running full tilt in Witcher 3, so I haven't even added it to my water loop yet. I will eventually of course.

This card is supposed to have a boost clock of 1746 MHz, but it seems to reach (and sustain) 1848 MHz when stressed, which is almost as fast as the Gaming Z's 1860 (according to marketing material). Not sure what's going on there, but that's nearly 10% faster than the Founder's Edition cards, so I'm not complaining!

We'll see what it can do when I add it to the loop.

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This is what I've always argued. Policies that enforce frequent password changes DO NOT WORK.

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1. Attempt to order electronics from
2. "Sorry, item can't be shipped to your address" (Denmark)
3. Order same item from
4. Success!
5. Receive shipping notification. "Parcel left the carrier facility Weybridge, SURREY, GB" 


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It turns out that a $9 computer is a very capable Commodore 64. +Next Thing Co.

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One of the trickier gotchas of C (which also carries over to .NET and Java, only there the behaviour is actually well defined), I guess we've all been caught out by this one at some point. Also - sad how some people don't want to listen and learn.

(And no, the real answer is not a poll option)
Can you get the correct result?

int x=32;
printf("%d", x>>32);

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