Everyday thousands of aftermarket vehicle parts are manufactured in countries such as China and India in cost effective ways to satisfy the demand to keep our cars on the road in a cost effective way. Of course it takes massive energy to power the factories and the regulations for Co2 gasses is not as strict as in some countries. The impact on the world is yet to be fully realized. Most people just want to visit a shop or website to order direct, and delivery must be quick as every day with a car can be costly, or extremely inconvenient.

The ironic aspect to all this, is that every year millions of vehicles are scrapped and with it even more millions of perfectly usable car parts. The UK alone disposes of around 2 million cars every year, multiply that by how many re-usable components on each vehicle and you see the issue. These parts are likely to cost less than new aftermarket copies and in most cases could be the original O.E.M. version to the standard set by the manufacturer. Meaning a used version cold last as long as the cheaper newer version.

In retail though, there is a saying or “right place right time” and unfortunately there is no sequence to scrapping vehicles. It could happen at anytime in any place and pretty likely not where the buyer is at the time the buyer wants to purchase. The logistics of having parts in the right place doesn’t work very well.

So it is not surprising that websites such as CarSparefinder have tried to create a solution to this. ref http://www.carsparefinder.com/parts/. A search facility that allows you to request the car part you need and have breaker yards quote for it and deliver it to you. The process helps save the buyer money as well as cutting down on the manufacturing of vehicle parts.

There are still some issues, though. The labour cost to remove and clean parts can be higher than its actual worth and postage for heavy items can also make this process more expensive that new. But at least it can add a dent to the process and will work for many.
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